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How Star Vs the Forces of Evil Fell From Grace

How Star Vs the Forces of Evil Fell From Grace

In 2017, a lot of people had requested that
I react to a show called Star Vs the Forces of Evil.
A Disney XD cartoon created by Daron Nefcy and produced by Dominic Bisignano.
At the time, the show rivaled the likes of Steven Universe and Gravity Falls.
After slowly making my way through Season 1, I saw what the hype was all about.
This show was good. It passed Gravity Falls and Steven Universe
and became my top favorite show within the first season. And Season 2 only amplified my like for the
show x1000. But, as the show went on, something changed
for me. My appreciation for the show slowly started
to decline throughout Season 3. I started to raise an eyebrow at some of the
decisions the writers were making, until the inevitable crash and burn that was Season
4. So, what happened? How did a series that was
once my top favorite show by a long shot, eventually drop underneath my top 10?
Well to answer that, we’re gonna have to figure out what made this show great in the
first place. Right from the start, the premise of the show is set. Magic girl gets sent to Earth to train in
magic. She stays with a boy named Marco Diaz. Along with his henchmen, a little kappa named
Ludo will repeatedly throw themselves at her to try and steal her magic wand. Simple, but
strong. It immediately tells you, this ain’t your normal “princess protagonist” TV
show. Since story isn’t immediately introduced,
Season 1 keeps you watching through its comedy and sense of continuity.
It takes a few episodes for the story to start showing signs; Episode 8 introduces the true
“antagonist”, Toffee. The show doesn’t explain Toffee’s motives, or anything about him really. This gives a
sense of mystery that kept people interested. We see his plan slowly unfurl up until the Season
1 finale, where things get crazy. So many hints were dropped in this episode that the
story goes much deeper than it seems. Season 2 eventually starts off strong by immediately
suggesting it’s not over. The wand starts doing wacky shit, it’s missing a crystal, and
there’s also a demon horse in there. So that’s fun It also immediately covers what happened with
our puppet antagonist, Ludo. It’s done through a 1 episode story of him trying to survive
in the wild, which went better than it sounds. This was actually a really good way of changing
his character to make him an actual threat. The episode ends with Ludo finding the other
half of the wand. And if you weren’t convinced enough that the Toffee-story isn’t over,
the writers also throw in this hint by having the wand’s crystal being held by Toffee’s
right arm. Throughout Season 2, the writers swap between
Star’s point of view, and Ludo’s point of view. All while progressing Toffee’s
plan. Shows the effects of Toffee on the universe’s magic, and shows every bit of his plan carefully
unfurl. Honestly, seeing this Season was an amazing
experience. I had done an event in Summer 2017 where every weekday, I’d react to a new
episode of Star. And watching each episode, seeing all of the hints the writers dropped, and
getting very invested into the plot was incredible. As I said before, this season only amplified
my like for the show. We finally get to see Toffee return, using
Ludo as sort of a puppet, and this comes into play during the most epic Season finale I’ve
ever seen. This finale transitions right into their TV-Movie, The Battle for Mewni. Where they wrap up the overarching story from the past 2 seasons. Now, don’t get me wrong, Battle for Mewni does have some problems; but we’ll get into that much later into this video. The season had a pretty good balance of filler
and story. In total, the season had ~13 plot episodes,
and ~9 filler episodes. If we’re counting by the half-episode format
that the show uses, then there were ~24 filler episodes, and ~20 plot episodes I’m not using ‘filler’ as a bad term
either. All of them were enjoyable episodes, even featuring a lot of my favorite jokes
from the series. In most of them, it never felt like there was wasted time, as
the ‘lessons’ learned seemed to contribute and grow Star’s character. I’ll touch
more on this in a bit. Hmm hold on, I’m forgetting something. Oh yeah, LITERALLY THE BEST EPISODE IN THE SERIES. Bon Bon the Birthday Clown did everything
so well. It was a really heavy story episode, and continued the Shipping side plot in a
way that wasn’t intrusive. Literally the first minute of this episode
explains why it’s so good. I remember being pretty low on energy starting
out this reaction. Like I wasn’t fully awake. Then the clown fucking EXPLODED! THAT’S How you start an episode!
Just that woke me the hell up, and gave me energy for the rest of the reaction. This episode also perfectly continues the
Ludo/Toffee plot in a major way, with him stealing a precious family heirloom that could
easily help him become an unstoppable threat. The amount of fear that came from Ludo actually
succeeding was insane. He can learn any spell in the book and use it to do anything, such
as destroying the entire kingdom. And don’t even get me started on the absolutely
flawless buildup of fear for the attack through the use of RATS EeH there’s rats. There’s rats everywhere. “Get out of here you giant rats” [REALIZATION] I can guarantee you guys, I didn’t feel
that kind of REAL FEAR anywhere after Battle for Mewni. And I think Nicholas Devia kind of summed
up this episode very well. It had both normal problems that people could relate to, And Mewni related problems which progressed the story. And that’s really what it was all about.
It was a mix, a balance. The show kept a perfect harmony between filler
and story. Filler contained all of the fun episodes,
star’s school experiences, Marco’s karate and rivalry with Jeremy, and the shipping
subplot. And the story section contained– well, the
STORY. The mix of relatable Earth things, and an
interesting story was a huge part of what made this show great. And Bon Bon the Birthday Clown is the perfect
embodiment of this. In short, this story was the thing I loved
most about this show. A bit complex, but not difficult to keep track of. For both the viewers,
and the writers. Now, if you’ve watched my Star reactions,
you’ll know that I’m a pretty big fan of Toffee.
If you couldn’t already tell from my 3 framed pictures of him But why do I like this Raptor God Man so much? Introduced in Season 1 Episode 8, from the
first second Toffee is on screen, we can already tell he is completely different than what
we’ve seen for the past 7 episodes. The tone immediately shifts to serious and mysterious,
as opposed to the humorous tone we’d been used to. His deep, calm voice and professional
attire suggests that he is not at all like ludo And within the same episode, it’s hinted
that he has ulterior motives. Within his first encounter I already knew
he was going to be a big deal. Okay so this guy is absolute demon-lord and he has the potential to destroy everything, Got it I also really liked his unique design. The
whole “professional business man” look isn’t something you usually see every day.
Also, he’s a raptor. Raptors are c o o l But what I really liked about Toffee, was
how much potential he had for the story. It’s made clear that Toffee isn’t some
random raptor guy that crawled out of nowhere just to destroy everyone. He’s been shown
to have connections to Star and even Marco Having this hinted connection to the main
characters opened up for a lot of potential for plot points.
And in the official “Magic Book of Spells”, there were hints dropped of Toffee being connected
to a potential endgame villain. Which would’ve been an amazing finale. Overall, Toffee is shown to be a very big
threat to the entire universe, and is honestly one of my favorite antagonists. On the other hand, we have Ludo. Ludo was mainly just a puppet antagonist at first. Some little runt the writers kept bringing up until they eventually
went “Surprise! This is the actual big bad” However, in season 2, Ludo had one of the
most incredible character transformations ever.
Season 2 Premiere, we immediately see what happened with Ludo after he was thrown into
the V o i d
As a last minute gag. Through a single episode we get to see him
progressively learn how to fend for himself, as opposed to how he was in Season 1. Not
doing anything for himself and instead bossing around his henchmen to do so. By the end of the episode, he’s able to
conquer and tame two wild beasts that had given him trouble.
He eventually finds the other half of Star’s wand, which then puts him on a whole new level
of threat. Throughout the season we get to see him build
this whole giant army, 1 step at a time. The tone clearly shifted whenever he was on screen. Before, we got “haha funi green man get
annihilated xd” After, it’s more like
TO RUN” Like seriously, look at the REAL FEAR in my
eyes after I recognize the symbolism of rats. His transformation isn’t even unrealistic
and out of character. It was done really smoothly. The pacing wasn’t too fast, so nobody really
batted an eye when someone who was so useless in Season 1 suddenly becomes one of the biggest
threats ever. Parts of his season 1 self still shine through
at times. He’ll still blindly follow Toffee, albeit without knowing it’s actually him
that was in the wand. And he still shows signs of his immaturity from the first season. Certainly doesn’t make him any less of a
threat though. Let’s just take a moment and view what this little
man-man has accomplished. I MEAN LOOK AT THIS MAN, HE IS GOING TO KILL
YOU Seeing the point of view switch between Star
and Ludo throughout the season really solidified that this season and the story was important.
Like, THIS is the story of the show. The combination of Ludo and Toffee as a threat
really made Season 2 interesting to watch Remember how I said that pre-story Season 1 kept you watching with it’s comedy and
sense of continuity? Well this is what I mean. The way this show worked, never really felt like the filler was wasted time. As I said before, each “lesson”
that was taught seemed to have contributed to Star’s overall character growth. And even the little things in some of these
episodes would stick. Laser Puppies are spawned in as a joke, they
stay there throughout the series. Teacher is turned into a troll in 2A, stays
like that throughout the entire series Marco chucks some bubble gum into the– mouth
plant?… in 5A, the gum is shown again in the Season 2 finale. Marco breaks Jackie’s skateboard in S1,
this is mentioned on their first date. (in Bon Bon the Birthday Clown (S2E14)) Marco being 30 in the neverzone is mentioned
EPISODE IS BROUGHT UP AGAIN IN S2E16A I remember thinking throughout season 1 that
it’s nice how everything stays like that But one of the best displays of continuity,
and it’s one of the things I liked most about this show, is seeing how
Star grew as a person. As you may already know, Moon and River
sent Star to earth because she was too much of a menace to society, so they’d rather
send her off to train somewhere else. So THEY don’t get destroyed. Star actually shows signs of improvement when
she’s on earth. She literally learns more about being a decent person and grows from
it. And her knowledge of magic, and earth, grows as well. Seeing that improvement really
shows the continuity between episodes. And again, it makes every episode seem worth it. You see her turn into an actually decent person. The writers also usually made sure there was
a smooth introduction to various plot points. Glossaryck appears briefly in Season 1 episode
3A (when the book is first shown/used in general). He doesn’t say anything, just blips in as
Star is frantically sorting through the pages. But this shows they at least had a plan set
out, as they took the time to show his existence before his actual introduction. Tom is introduced during a joke where star
says “Call mom” and it ends up calling Tom. While it’s not completely clear, we
do get “ex boyfriend” vibes from the brief encounter.
Tom is later formally introduced in episode 8A: Blood Moon Ball St. Olgas is geniously set up through the
use of recurring jokes, as well as various characters on the run
from getting sent there. This leads up to Season 1 Episode 10, where they actually go there and tackle the problem head on. Eclipsa was hinted all throughout Season 2
before her actual debut in Season 3. The Magic High Commission members each had
their own separate episodes to introduce everyone before they started doing actually important shit. The Effects of Toffee are all hinted and demonstrated
before the reveal in Battle for Mewni. Even side characters like Jackie, Janna, Buff
Frog, Red Lobster, and River have clear introductions before they become relevant. And of course, the story has continuity. For
a lot of the stuff established outside of the main story, it definitely seemed like
they had plans for it. Various past queens
Monster arm Toffee’s ominous final message. Unfortunately, you’ll see how that turned
out in a little bit. The characters… MMMMM The characters. It’s insane how much charm these characters
added to the show They’re all so funny and unique. And the
main characters were pretty well written. Star started out as an ignorant schmuck, but
as I said before, we were able to see her growth as a character. We see her actually
become a better and more responsible person. Marco was one of the most relatable characters
in the first 2 seasons. And I don’t wanna be the corny “oMG SO #relatable!”
I mean, he was actually someone I could relate to. And I’ll explain that in more detail in
a little bit. He wasn’t some generic “BOY STUDENT PROTAGONIST”
He had personality traits, quirks, insecurities. Like a regular human person! Overall Marco was a really nice and likeable
character. And even the background characters are frickin
awesome. For starters, Here’s some background characters
that are recurring. They show up in multiple episodes. They’re not just some character
that the storyboarders coughed out after being told “gHA FiLL THE BACKGROUND WITH CHILDRENS”
They’re all surprisingly distinct and they give the show a lot of charm.
Guy that constantly says “Star Butterfly rules!” Nerdy manman. Guy who’s birthday happens to fall on random
days Skullnick
Principal Oskar
Ludo’s whole Army Starfan13
Beautiful Business Man Brittney
Random janitor that wants to burn shit Alfonso and Ferguson
And those are just the characters I wrote from the top of my head. As for Alfonso and Ferguson, they’re a special
case. Evidently Disney had butted in during the
writing process and said that Marco should have more male friends. While I’m not sure
why they had to specify male, they did end up saving Marco’s character a bit.
Think about it, what other friend would he have had in the beginning of the series if
Alfonso and Ferguson didn’t exist? Literally no one, except maybe Gustav. He would’ve
just been some alone kid chasing after a girl. Which is kinda sad. So I’m not sure what Daron’s plan was
for him there. Regardless if they were “forced” or not,
Alfonso and Ferguson were actually really funny and good characters. Likeable, and again,
added charm to the show during Season 1 However, I assume the producers only had their
voice actors be contracted for Season 1, because they don’t speak or do anything in Season
2. Their absence was even referenced as a joke
in S2E20A. That kinda sucked, you should really treat
your background characters with more respect, especially if they were the ONLY people close
to Marco before Star showed up. Really, you shouldn’t just drop characters out of nowhere like that- Moving away from the background characters
for a second, let’s talk about some people that’ll be very important later on.
The Magic High Commission. If you’ve watched the series already, you
already know how these guys turn out. Rhombulous was actually likeable when he was
introduced. He was flawed with trusting his gut, but he genuinely had good intentions.
Good guy overall, just bad judgement. Omnitraxus is similar to Rhombulous.
Again, was likeable in S2. He didn’t show much of a personality though. He certainly
wasn’t bad. Wasn’t much to go by character-wise outside of Mathmagic, which many consider
to be a generally forgettable episode. Hekapoo was probably given the most character out of the MHC. Also ended up being the most consistent
member throughout the series. And, like I said before, likeable in S2. And there’s also Lekmet, whiCH
Glossaryck didn’t have that big of a role in Season 1. He mainly just was shown as a
glossary. Hence, the name. In season 2, he got a bigger role that solidified
him as the “all-seeing mentor”. The idea of him being tied to the book was well executed.
And his death was pretty powerful. All of these characters just made the show
feel so, filling. Like you definitely see Echo Creek as some sort of “home”. And combined
with the good character-writing, it really felt like all these characters are people
you recognize and know. Well, everyone knows the shipping scene is
usually the most tame/calm part of any fandom, right? In all honesty though, the shipping subplot
was actually pretty good. And yes, I say subplot. Shipping is not the
story of the show. Apparently some people don’t get that- And if you genuinely believe that, let me ask you a question: What’s more creative? Raptor Man manipulates little green man leads up to him blowing up a castle, splitting one of the most powerful relics in all of the universe And then CONTINUES to manipulate said ‘little green man’ from beyond the grave. Leads him to complete all of the steps for him to return and grab his FINGER- Or, highschool romance drama… I think we know which one is more creative here. The shipping in this show was originally done
really well. For the first 2 seasons, the 2 primary ships were
limited mainly to Jarco
Starco Let’s go through each one. Although it was one of the oldest clichés in the book, that being of the ‘school crush’,
Jarco actually offered an incredibly unique and new take on this cliché that gave it
new life. Remember what I was saying before about Marco
being relatable? This is where that shines most. Now, the thing that sets this apart from the
regular “school crush” cliche, is how Marco went about the relationship.
Marco was shown to have a crush on Jackie Lynn Thomas for a long time in his life. He
wrote out a whole plan to eventually get with her. Now this is something that a lot of people,
myself included, can relate to. With me, I’ve liked someone for a few years now, and I also
had made up this whole great plan to eventually get with them. But just like Marco, I was unable
to actually progress with it. And each step in the ship’s progression
is surprisingly realistic for a show about a magic girl. Marco eventually having to confess his crush
on Jackie was a really intense moment, as this relationship has been building up since
episode 2. And the fact that Marco had to do this as well was a nice touch, because he would
never have been able to tell her that himself. Like, he wanted to, but he didn’t have the courage to do it. And this moment is especially powerful because of Marco’s little speech here: “I told you! I have a crush on Jackie. at least I think I do… but what does that really mean? I put her on this sort of pedestal. So, do I like the image of her– or for who she really is? I mean– I like her enough to know that she deserves someone who wants to get to know her, which is definitely me.” Seriously, everything is right about that
scene there. A lot of crushes form mainly with the want of getting to know the person
better. And the way Jackie responds to this is realistic,
she doesn’t immediately fall head over heels for him, and she doesn’t reject him
either. She feels unsure, a very realistic response in that situation and she’s respectful
to Marco about it as well by not making fun of him for it, their interactions are extremely
realistic and relatable. And every step afterwards feels very natural
and well-paced. When they finally get together, we see them genuinely happy as a couple. And in Jackie’s case, we started out not
knowing a lot about her personality. But as time went on, we see her develop character.
It seemed like her extroverted and casual personality was a perfect opposite to Marco’s
introverted and worried one. It’s like they kept each other centered. On the other end, we’ve got Starco. Fans started shipping this one since the very
start. Because y’know, B O Y protagonist and G I R L protagonist
need to get together. Being real for a second, the chemistry between
Star and Marco was written really well in the first 2 seasons, and they would have worked
as a couple. There are some problems though, and I’ll get into that mainly in the second
section of this video, but I’ll name a few that pertain to this section. This will DEFINITELY be brought up later. But even in the first 2 seasons, the Blood
Moon Curse caused problems. It directly interferes with Marco’s current
relationship with Jackie and it’s something that neither Star nor Marco actually wanted. Essentially, the “disqualification” factor
means that the Starco moments from when the curse was placed, to when it was broken, do
not count as actual– consensual starco moments because we’re unable to tell whether or
not the moment was caused by the moon’s manipulation. So essentially, there isn’t a lot of concrete
establishment for Starco that isn’t caused by the moon. For the first two seasons, I actually liked
the ship. But when I realized that the moon was forcing them to be together, that’s when
I kinda started to back away from the ship. I had shipped Starco during the first two
seasons, as well as Jarco, and… Tomco- Yeah I was kinda all over the place. I remember
thinking that I wished there was a way for all of them to happen. “Like again, it’s like you want both things to happen… but, the show forces you to take a side and– ugh god.” Now I regret that statement immensely. Out of all of them, I shipped Jarco the most
because it was something I could personally relate to. To conclude, Season 1 and 2’s shipping scene
was pretty good because of it’s realistic writing combined with well-written and relatable
characters. And that, ladies and gentlemen, are the various
reasons why Star Vs. the Forces of Evil used to be great. Now, I’m gonna pull an Emperor Lemon here,
and ask you to take a good long look at these reasons, while I carefully explain… how the
writers managed to fuck up every single one of them. Because Star vs. the Forces of Evil fell
from grace. So remember those strong starts to Season
1 and 2? Yeah… Well let’s take a look at Season 3 for a second. Battle for Mewni does not count as the Season 3 premiere, it was it’s own separate TV-movie that closed up the story from the past 2 seasons. So the actual Season 3 premiere is the episode
“Scent of a Hoodie” The episode starts out with Star and Marco
saying goodbye, and Star is grieving over this. Makes sense in context. But then we get these really long and awkward
sequences of her smelling marco’s dirty hoodie?? (what.jpg) The episode is solely dedicated to her not
wanting to wash it so she preserves marco’s scent??? (WHAT.JPG) LITERALLY IN THE LAST EPISODE THE KINGDOM
really good. We get a two-part special about what happened
to Moon, and we get her back. It gave me a lot of hope for the last season. The comedy (as usual) was spot on, it quickly
and swiftly wrapped up a plot point, and it even gave a little hint towards Toffee plot.
Something that– you’ll find out in a bit– is exceptionally rare in these latter 2 seasons.
But this is short lived because it’s immediately interrupted by the setup of a Starco moment. Oh yeah, for the last two seasons, the writers
decided to ditch the “Overarching Story” technique mid way in favor of a seasonal approach.
Essentially there will be a different “story” for each season. This… didn’t work out so well. You can’t
just swap that kinda thing out of nowhere. That’s literally the fundamental structure of your show, you can’t just change that midway. That isn’t what the audience is used to,
and it gives a lot less time to develop each story. During the overarching story, whenever something
important happened, it had much more of an impact rather than when something important
happens in the seasonal plot era. And really all the change did was confuse
people. In my case, I kept thinking that Toffee was going to return. Because we spent 2 full
seasons hyping him up to be the main-big-bad antagonist, only for it all to end with a
rushed, anticlimactic death that didn’t even make sense continuity wise.
Toffee himself even hinted that it isn’t over. You can’t just drop that. You can’t just leave a thing like that out there and not do anything with it- This also leads to my next point. Nearly everything
from the overarching story was forgotten, and was hardly ever mentioned again. Let’s go through a list of times Toffee
was mentioned since Battle for Mewni Dave of all people mention Toffee in Club
Snubbed Moon and Marco mention Toffee in Sweet Dreams And uh– those are all the mentions for Season 3… …Yikes. For season 4,
Toffee is mentioned again in the premiere by Star. Glossaryck suggests that defeating
him might of been a mistake. Leaves a megalodon hint that Toffee may not have actually been
evil. Moon references Ludo’s killing line to Toffee
in “Moon Remembers” Toffee appears briefly in “Meteora’s Lesson”
and it establishes what his motive was (war on magic)
Raised more questions than answered though. Toffee says his signature “Surprise!”
in Tavern at the End of the Multiverse. Last Toffee sighting or mention we ever get. But yeah. The biggest antagonist of the series
is hardly mentioned in the last two seasons. A lot of people got interested in Star because
of the story. I did as well. I remember when people were requesting the show, and while
I was reacting through it. A lot of the things that people would point out was specifically the story, and how good it was. You can’t take the story that got the majority
of the fans interested in the show, scrap it and do something completely different.
That’s just wack. By the way, there was a lot of important information
about Toffee that dropped in the M A G I C – B O O K – O F – S P E L L S
Information that DEFINITELY should’ve been introduced in the show. Like the fact that
Eclipsa knew, and used to know and DATE Toffee. Or that Toffee KILLED Queen Solaria. So they gave away a lot of information in the book, and what do they do with it? [N O T H I N G] Also, GOODBYE EARTH. Mewni’s the main setting
now! The audience is used to Earth, and that gets
abruptly ripped away and you’re thrown into the PERMANENT Mewni setting in the most not-smooth
way possible. We lost the charm that the various Earth background
characters brang. Janna was now a rarity, Jackie was completely written out of the show– she’s gone. The old intro and outro are gone. And despite the fact that Marco has dimensional
scissors and can visit at quite literally ANY TIME
We hardly see anything of Earth for 2 seasons straight
First Earth episode we see since “Sophomore Slump” is “Marco Jr.” The episode highlights how
little Marco’s parents really know about him. But yeah, this setting change really wasn’t a good idea… The atmosphere in Mewni is so much more…bland. Everything’s so dull-colored. There’s non-interesting background characters. Random
classical music that shows up with a lot of the royalty stuff (AKA, a lot of the time). And don’t get me wrong, I’m okay with classical music. I dabble a little in classical music, but right here it doesn’t work here in the context of the fun, bouncy atmosphere and music of
Season 1 and 2. For a lot of the first 2 seasons, when we
see Mewni, it’s a total shithole. It shows that things clearly aren’t run well here,
and it has a lot of fundamental problems. This is all mainly used as humor, but then
in Season 3 you’re thrown into this environment and they try to fix their societal
problems. And speaking of societal problems. OH BOY.
That is like, the main thing of this show for a long time. Essentially, the whole monster-mewman racism
plot had been hinted since Season 1 when Star realizes the Monsters had it really bad during
Mewnipendence Day Civilian monsters are first introduced in
S2E15A (Raid the Cave). When monsters start to live in Ludo’s abandoned hideout.
Even so, they’re introduced as “alternative monsters”, I don’t think they intended
for the monsters to be like regular citizens. But regardless, this certainly isn’t something
that came out of nowhere, And when it first really started to become a plot point in Season
3 Episode 9, I was all for it. I thought it’d be a really interesting plot point.
But the thing is, it went on for a REALLY long time. It carries out through Season 4 as well. It
literally worsens because of Eclipsa becoming queen So take all the stuff that Season 3 had- Nope! Now it’s worse. Nothing happened, really. I will say though, they did a good
job with showing things gradually changing. It started out with everyone being upset,
except the monsters, and eventually got to the point where everyone was just kinda all
good with each other. The racism plot felt realistically paced. But from a storytelling standpoint (and what people are watching), It’s not really a good thing to drag that kinda thing out. And again, a lot of the buildup to the plot was just thrown away at some points where it just gets worse. You thought the issue was fixed?
but oops no, more racists. Oh, but now Eclipsa is queen, maybe it’ll be better?- Oh no, everyone’s STILL racist. Oh look, everyone’s happy again– OH MORE RACISTS. And defeating them isn’t even gonna help because– the whole thing that happens at the end This thing went on for 2 full seasons. We
could’ve done with it being A LOT shorter. And the only thing that could even be considered
overarching from Season 2 is the Eclipsa plot. Honestly, out of everything in the past two seasons, I enjoyed the Eclipsa arc the
most. Seeing her being proven innocent and finding
out about the coverup was the most interesting part of all this, but I still don’t think
it quite lived up to the original story we had before. Even this kinda gets thrown away because after she’s proven innocent,
the writers go back and forth from hinting she’s evil or not evil. Like initially, she was hyped up a lot to be evil in
Season 2 and Season 3 But then it’s like, oh nah she’s just
a quirky lil gal who’s innocent and lost her daughter But maybe she’s evil??? Nahhh, don’t worry. She’s still good. M a y b e– Seriously they wasted so much time doing this.
Just pick one! Is she wack or not?? Any question really should’ve been eliminated
during the Butterfly Trap episode. Oh, and speaking of that episode, think about
this for a second: What if Eclipsa was actually all she was hyped
up to be? What if she was actually evil? Imagine in the Butterfly Trap episode, they
don’t use the box for the trial. Just basic questions. After Moon, Eclipsa, and Star confront
the Magic High Commission. They determine that they did– in fact get rid of Eclipsa’s
daughter. The MHC is placed under arrest, and Moon/Star hand Eclipsa the wand, and the
kingdom. Because y’know, she’s SUPPOSED to be queen. And neither Star nor Moon are actually royalty. But once everyone leaves the room, Eclipsa
smirks or some shit. And it’s confirmed that she faked the whole thing. Festivia WAS
her daughter, Meteora never existed, and now the entire kingdom is hers. This would’ve been a mind-shattering reveal. It would’ve perfectly lined up with
all the hinting of her being evil and “manipulative” And it would’ve actually handled the plotholes of the cheekmarks. And I’ll talk about those cheekmarks in a bit. Regarding the cheekmarks, that’s a big enough
thing that it’s gonna have it’s own mini section. But while we’re on the topic, it’s
also worth mentioning that they established that Marco could do magic, and has crescent
moon cheekmarks in Season 3. His cheekmarks are the exact same as Celena’s,
she was one of the queens that was specifically pointed out in S2E12 “Into the Wand” There could have been a lot of story potential
with this connection, like if Marco was actually part of the butterfly family, but instead
the writers ignored it and used it mainly as a Starco mechanic. Although, if this were the case, that would
make the whole blood moon thing and starco in general pretty weird.
Wouldn’t be the first time that kinda twist would be pulled though [O O P S] Oh yeah, speaking of the blood moon, it kinda
sucked as a writing decision in general. By the writers having a plot point like this,
it really only dug them into a rabbit hole. It prevented the two main characters from
being happy in their other relationships And it prevented the writers from establishing
Starco while the curse was still active because then it wouldn’t be a consensual relationship.
And that would be [an act of unconsent–which is illegal and frowned upon in most developed countries and is punishable in a court of law] In the end, it made the writers scramble to
A. Break the curse after it was almost completely ignored by the main characters for 4 seasons.
And B. Break up two perfectly healthy relationships And C. Rush their favorite ship getting together. To summarize. Season 3 and 4’s Seasonal
story approach really only led to undeveloped and uninteresting plot points, the setting
change really only made the show lose a big part of why people enjoyed it, and the complete
discardal of the previous story only caused confusion and disappointment. So remember all that stuff about how Seasonal
Plot structures causing underdeveloped stories and stuff? SURPRISE! Underdeveloped
stories means underdeveloped antagonists. Because now we get a new antagonist for each
season!! All the old antagonists? Nahhh, they literally
do not exist anymore. Remember how Ludo became a literal god and 100% actual threat in Season 2? Whoops! He gets jack shit after Battle for Mewni.
He’s seen briefly floating in the void in “Sweet Dreams”
And then eventually he finally gets an episode that solely follows him.
It highlighted more on Ludo’s family issues. How it affects Dennis. And also establishes
that Ludo is going through some mental problems. Even after we think we got a bit of closure,
they sneak in a little hint that he’s still insane, and he’s going to possibly attack
Star and Marco. Are the writers ever going to bring that up
again (No!) Eventually, after a LONG TIME, he gets a single
followup episode in Season 4. Which shows him trying to move away from his past. The
episode ends with him rekindling with his siblings to rebuild their family home. Honestly I wished they focused more on Ludo’s
arc here. Trust me when I say this would’ve been more interesting than a LARGE majority of
Season 3 and 4. With Toffee, you already heard me say that
they like NEVER mention him again. Which genuinely sucks. There were so many
things about him that still needed to be answered. They did pull something nice at the end
and confirmed that he was in the right all along… kind of- But even though he was right in the end, he
was the only antagonist that didn’t get “off the hook.” Meteora gets off the hook after killing the
ENTIRE KINGDOM because she was turned into a baaaaby Mina gets off the hook after threatening mass
genocide because of…. Why didn’t we just kill her again?? And… Moon gets off the hook because she’s
ma. And we can’t kill Ma. But not Toffee, nah he’s just d e a d. And it sucks, because Toffee had the most
potential, especially if you take into consideration his boss. Oh wait, you didn’t know? HUH, WHAT A CONCEPT! If you didn’t know already, in the official
Magic Book of Spells, a Septarian named “Seth” was depicted. He was revealed to be behind
the whole rebellion against the monster king, and he lead the war on magic and mewmans. Basically, Seth is the motivation for Toffee
to kill Queen Comet and Queen Solaria. Seth is behind all of this. He would have made a fantastic endgame villain. This is an absolutely crucial part of the
backstory, yet the show failed to mention Seth even once. Why would you give away such big information
in your book and then never do anything with it?? And no, this isn’t a simple “fun fact” The overlord behind Moon and Eclipsa’s mothers’
deaths is NOT A “FUN FACT.” This is serious shit, and plays directly into the overarching story we had. This would’ve been the best continuation
of the story, but they did NOTHING with it! And also, for a full half of Season 3, we go without
an antagonist. We have a running plot of Star trying to fix Mewni’s societal problems,
but that isn’t really all that interesting, and it ran for way longer
than it needed to. The other plot is Star opening up her portals
while she’s sleeping. In the end, we didn’t really even fully understand why that was happening. We never figured that out. And that plot didn’t continue after the midfinale. And same thing with Season 4. There was like no antagonist until midway. For both of these seasons, two halves went
antagonist-free. That’s literally a whole new full season where nothing happened. But as for the villains we DID get, here they
are She started out as a simple villain who aimed for Marco, much like how Ludo aimed for Star.
However, once she learned the dark truth of her past, she became a walking apocalypse. One thing I like about Meteora is how she
ties into the Eclipsa arc–again, one of the only interesting things about Season 3 and
4–, and how it cleared up stuff from the overarching story. However, looking at Meteora overall, she was
a really flat villain. Her primary motive was “Throne mine, I go get throne now” and she
essentially just killed everyone in her way to do that. Which is a complete 180 from Toffee. The thing about Toffee, is that his motives
were complex and interesting. He carefully planned out every single move he would make,
and he was a master of manipulation. And despite him having regenerative powers,
Toffee was just a guy. A semi-retired war general guy, but a guy nonetheless. He didn’t have some insane strength. Like, it seemed like he had some sort of power outside of regeneration, but the writers most likely forgot about that. And his arm gets blown off within a full 5 seconds
of Star entering the room. Not even any of Ludo’s army was ever hurt that bad. The most powerful part of Toffee was his 2
million IQ brain. Meteora was a brainless, powerhungry, monster.
She didn’t have a plan. This made her very uninteresting as a villain. And then in Season 4 we get… Mina. This is the decided “endgame villain”
not Seth, or even Toffee again, Mina. Mina Loveberry… I guess they did an okay job with tying it
back to the racism story that dragged on for 2 seasons. Her character was at least consistent. From the very beginning, she was always the mad
monster killer. But again, why is SHE the endgame villain?? To be fair there was definitely a lot of potential
for a redemption arc, as she was once a regular person. She only got corrupted due to the
Solarian magic. They could have played with this idea to make
the audience actually sympathize with Mina despite her radical views.
But they didn’t. they didn’t do that… And they definitely could’ve utilized the
demon bird more. That shit was terrifying and we really only saw it in action during
“Junkin Janna” But no, she ends up being a lackluster final
villain, topped with a shitty plot twist Oh, and about that plot twist, there’s actually
one more antagonist we didn’t cover yet. This plot twist was really dumb and makes
no sense, here’s why. Moon still distrusts Eclipsa, despite having
a gradual introduction to the new additions after losing her memory, bonding over various
activities, and after Eclipsa profusely and genuinely apologized for what happened. Moon even ACCEPTS THE APOLOGY WHOLEHEARTEDLY. Moon knew how much helping Eclipsa meant to
Star. Why would she A. Ruin that for her,
and B. Put her daughter in real mortal danger to the point where she and her friends literally
almost died. Moon claimed “she kept me away from my family”
to try and justify betraying her. Even though She was canonically completely
ignorant to it during that time, it would’ve made absolutely no difference.
And Eclipsa only wanted her daughter to not be killed.
Last time I recall, MOON was the one who opened up the portal and fled through there. Eclipsa had no
idea that would happen And you say that, but Eclipsa has been kept
away from her family literally for 300 years you asshole. Moon knew how bad the Solarian times were,
and literally explained that to Mina in “Ghost of Butterfly Castle”, which is the episode
that classifies Mina as an antagonist. She turned down her offer right then and there. Moon being fuckin’ lazy all this season contradicts
her overly-responsible nature that we’ve seen for the past 3 seasons.
Even River was confused as to why she was choosing not to stop her. And she could’ve at least told Star about it, KNOWING SHE’S LIVING IN THE CASTLE WHERE MINA IS PLANNING TO ATTACK T H A T ‘ S – Y O U R – D A U G H T E R ! And also Moon was talking about Mina like it was only her doing shit. There was no “we.” Moon harboring an army of racists (and doing
nothing about it) goes against her developments in Season 3, when she realized monsters are
regular people too. Moon WEAPONIZING an army of racists is even
worse in that context. Moon having her own little group where she
teaches people how to provide for themselves was actually a really good idea. For the entire
show now, we’ve always seen the citizens of Mewni just being dumb blockheads who can’t do
anything for themselves, so this idea would’ve worked. Instead it was used as a pawn in a shitty plot twist. In “Cornonation” Hekapoo and Omni are
pissed when Rhombulous confesses to breaking Globgor out, and they brought up logical reasons
why. They were also surprised when Eclipsa announced that Globgor escaped (minus Rhombulous) This wouldn’t have happened if they were
in cahoots with Moon. They would’ve already knew. And they wouldn’t still be talking about
Rhombulous going to jail even when no one else is watching. Even in “Doop Doop” she even says how she doesn’t want to change a single thing about life. She says there’s
a beautiful simplicity to living in a yurt. So why would she uproot everything to try
and take back the throne out of nowhere??? There’s no way they could’ve gotten all
that armor. That’s real, that’s not magic or anything. That’s real armor.
Seeing how long it took Mina to get her full set of armor, I highly doubt they just found a hundred pre-made sets lying around. And THIS ONE: Moon claims by doing this, she stopped Mina
from doing “far worse.” Like what, Moon? Genuinely I wanna know what
she fuckin meant by this. What could be so “worse” that you had to intervene by giving
her an entire ARMY OF RACISTS WITH GOD POWERS- Literally what could’ve Mina have done??
Eclipsa used the “darkest spell” and insta-killed Doug-Doug. What would’ve been the difference if Mina
was actually in there? The threat would be over like that! Moon has been shown to be one of the more
levelheaded characters throughout the show and she apparently wasn’t smart enough to
consider the possibility of the army with extremely racist beliefs turning against her
when she tells them to not be racist. Also, Moon didn’t even have the book of
spells, how did she know how to create the warriors?? Did her past self just decide to memorize a spell like that J U S T – I N – C A S E? So yeah, There’s our “antagonists” At this point, it literally would’ve just
been easier for them to just continue the overarching story and have Seth as the endgame
villain. But yeah. Now for the big category. Okay, I’m gonna level with you guys for
a second. I’m not even sure if all this can be
compiled into an actual structured thing… So I guess let’s just go down the line here… This is going to cover the entire show. Whether
it be stuff they forgot from the first 2 seasons, or just stuff that makes no sense in context. Essentially this category is a dump of problems with the show. HERE WE GOOOOO The monster arm had hinted he would never
be gone, Yet he never actually ends up returning. He was hinted again in the Season 1 and Season
3 finale, but again, he never returned Daron had said in the AMA that the Monster
Arm still lives inside of Marco, despite magic being destroyed at the end.
Like, fully, sentiently lives in there it’s not like Rhombulous or Omni or the puppies, it’s just regular monster arm in there. And that kinda makes no sense… River and Star didn’t know what a toilet
was. Normally that would imply they don’t have sewage systems in Mewni, but Star also
said “Humans put things in there.” Implying mewmans don’t even shit.
But toilets are shown to be existing things in Battle For Mewni (S3E3) Star’s family in Flag Day doesn’t align
with her family depicted in the Magic Book of Spells. Moon apparently has an aunt, so
why didn’t she become queen when Queen Comet was killed? Why did Moon automatically become queen? Speaking of the Book of Spells
it’s stated in there that the old Book of Spells was burned, that’s why all of the
past queens weren’t shown. So what happened to Glossaryck with that then??
And no, there aren’t two glossarycks. It was confirmed in Meteora’s lesson that Glossaryck
himself (the one that we know) gave the first wand to the first queen. In the book, it’s stated that he was “On vacation.” And that’s how he didn’t die. And that makes no sense– Glossaryck
is literally tied with the book, it doesn’t matter if you’re “on vacation” or not. If the book dies, you die. There’s no way around it. Buff Frog saying “Must Warn Star” was
used only as a joke in Raid the Cave. He is illiterate, so Star couldn’t read his letter.
But like, he has her number, and dimensional scissors. He literally could have told her in person
(especially considering the circumstances of Ludo ATTACKING AND TAKING OVER Butterfly Castle) Star’s spell book hardly is actually brought
up again, just kinda forgotten Hekapoo said that she forges all dimensional
scissors for those who earn them, so how does Ludo have them? Or Buff Frog? Or anyone? If Marco didn’t earn those scissors after like 10 days of trying in the Neverzone, how the hell did everyone else get them? He spent 16 years getting those! Moon is so hesitant to give Toffee his finger,
but it’s never shown why. It’s not like he gained some extreme power from it. He just
reformed from it, and walked away. Toffee’s knowledge of Star and the royal
family goes unexplained. Toffee was shown to have some emotional connection
to the great monster massacre, this was never covered or played with. Marco’s nightmare had no closure to it.
It seemed to foreshadow stuff about Toffee and the Blood moon. Nothing came of it. Father time warns about freezing time and
potentially breaking it. This either could’ve been a foreshadowing thing, or just an excuse
for Star to not use the spell to solve real problems later in the series. Never explained how Bird and Spider returned after being sent to Britta’s Tacos. They just kinda show up on Mewni without any question Eclipsa’s chapter was hinted to be really
serious and dangerous but later on they make it seem like it was just “controversial
magic” They completely forgot about the effects the
chapter had on both Marco and Ludo/Toffee And speaking of, they forgot about the hints that Toffee was connected to both Marco and Star
More about that is in my own separate theory video. Whispering spell is completely different in
Cleaved than it is everywhere else. Like seriously, the spell was only used 2 other times. You couldn’t have just looked up clips on YouTube of it (if you were too lazy to look back in the episode itself?) And yes, the old whispering spell had WORDS to it. And you were able to tell what it was saying. There’s really no reason to go and change it like that. It seems like more was going to be done with
the whole “moon” story arc. River’s staff in the intro is a crescent moon, Marco’s
cheekmarks are a moon. Combine this with Eclipsa’s dad telling
Marco to go to the ball. Queen Celena’s cheekmarks were crescent moons
Something was going to be done with it. Oh yeah. About Eclipsa’s dad:
In S1E8A, while sitting around in Star’s room, the painting of the sailor (who is revealed
in the BOOK to be Eclipsa’s dad) SPEAKS TO MARCO and advises him to go to the ball. Why though? No, like literally why?? That was never explained.
What was the reasoning behind Eclipsa’s dad telling Marco Diaz, a random schmuck from
Earth, to go to the blood moon ball so he can have his soul forcefully bound with his
friend which he had little to no romantic interest in? AND BEFORE YOU SAY “MARCO WAS JUST INTERESTED
IN STAR” LET ME TELL YOU WHY THAT’S BULLSHIT The only moments that can even remotely be
considered “Starco” are in 4A, with just a nice look
And in 6A (Marco and Star’s interactions during Mewberty.) Literally makes it indifferent though, because Star was attracted to anything
that had a d i c k. And Star’s “interest” in Marco ceased after that. And even after the Blood Moon, Marco didn’t
show any interest in Star until Season 3. AND ALLOW ME TO DEFINE A “STARCO MOMENT”
REAL QUICK A Starco moment does not count as “aaa they
talked and had a nice moment!” Friends can do Literally anyone can do that. It doesn’t mean they’re in love with each other. And their relationship for 90% of the show is under the context of being best friends.
A starco moment counts as either party showing romantic interest towards the other…
Like how it works anywhere else. That being said, here’s the Starco timeline until Marco started showing interest in her. S2E9A – Star’s crush is revealed. Doesn’t
seem like she fully even realizes it though. She seems happy for Marco that he progressed
his relationship with Jackie. The box was the one that confirmed it.
And how did we know that Marco didn’t have a crush on Star at this point? The box literally CONFIRMED that Marco was telling the truth when he said he had a crush on Jackie. He even gave him props for it. So we can confirm that Marco did, in fact, NOT have any romantic interest in Star, otherwise the Box would’ve
called him for it. Star begins to be jealous over Marco from
Bon Bon up to the season finale, where her crush is revealed to him, and she leaves earth. S3E8A Star whines about Marco’s hoodie losing
his scent, Marco gets the hoodie back and likes that it smells like Star And in “Sophomore Slump” – Marco becomes obsessed
with Star and Mewni, and gets dumped by Jackie. When he arrives in Mewni in Lint Catcher,
Star wants no part of him, as she is dating Tom now. Marco tries swoocing in,
but gets friendzoned. So Marco only showed romantic interest in “Lint Catcher” But yeah, moving on. Celena is the only queen shown in “Into
the Wand” that didn’t really get covered. What were her “secrets”? Glossaryck comes back to life after Star threw
a random piece of the book that she apparently had into the magic sanctuary.
Her having that piece of the book make no sense because the we saw the book be COMPLETELY burned on screen. There was no corner piece to that in sight. The only explanation to her having that thing is that “THEY found it when they were searching the remains of the Monster Temple” Even though the whole thing was burned ON SCREEN?? So yeah, Glossaryck returns.
But he can only say “Globgor.” [G L O B G O R] He says that for the Whole Fucking Season He’s done things like beat the shit out
of Star in “Nightlife” And destroyed her room in the same episode He acted like an actual animal for the whole
season And at the end, it’s played off as a punchline.
He had full mental capability all that time, he was just “trying to tell her for months” This is a huge fucking problem, don’t pull this shit with one of the most important characters in the show! Evidently, Glossaryck’s voice actor was
accused of getting all touchy-touchy, so they fired him real quick. But it seems like that
threw off some plans for Glossaryck’s character. So they must of stalled the situation by pulling
this stunt. Which kinda sucks, literally take all the
time you need to figure that out. Literally no one is rushing you, we’ll understand. Regarding the whole “Evil Eclipsa” tease,
here are some moments that show the writers were still hinting this In Eclipsa’s first real episode, Stranger Danger, Moon says “It’s complicated, Eclipsa can be very… convincing” when
Star asks why everyone’s against her. Moon recognizes that she thought the same way when she first met her That’s never explained, neither is this quote.
She also said “she can get in your head and make you do things you don’t want to
do” Again, nothing came of that. What did she do that– like, happened like that?? She had also gave seemingly shifty advice
to Star in “Sweet Dreams” And even after Season 3, they were still hinting this. In the Season 4 premiere, sinister sound effects play when you see the monster temple Eclipsa has the tendency to use her “controversial magic” to retrieve information / to get what she wants. This is used as a way to suspect she might be shifty But that never really got resolved. She stopped doing all that stuff when she got what she wanted (Globgor) Eclipsa completely dismisses the MHC’s warning about powerful magic being used in the Monster Temple
And that’s never actually covered again. We don’t know what was actually causing that- And Eclipsa does another shifty thing by stealing the book piece (uses mind spying to find it) Not to mention them teasing evil Globgor.
Glossaryck SCREAMS his name for an entire season
Sinister sound when his crystal is first seen. Star is hesitant and hell-bent on not telling
Moon about Globgor when she’s regaining her memory.
Star withholds the book piece in fear that Eclipsa will let Globgor out In “Surviving the Spiderbites”, the Spiderbites
describe the horrible things Globgor has done (like burning down their village
and eating their uncle). This is never brought up again, despite the Spiderbites being present there at the “Cornonation” And Eclipsa responds with “The truth is
a bit more complex than that… but yes” when confronted about Globgor eating her mewman
king. We never ended up knowing the truth, what actually happened?? OOPS, THEY FORGOT ABOUT IT. Eclipsa also reassures the Spiderbites that
Globgor cannot get out, and WILL not get out BUT THEN HE GETS OUT (while they’re at the event) during “Cornonation” Again, never mentioned afterward. The Whole Jarco Breakup was a continuity fluke.
(More on this later) Star makes Buff Frog the royal monster expert,
and we hear literally nothing of it for almost 10 episodes. Then Buff Frog just gets up and fully leaves Mewni for no reason. ‘Claimed that the racism problem is something that she ‘can’t fix’ Even though monsters have been oppressed for hundreds of years, Now the princess, someone with real power, is holding an active campaign to end the racism. So they just leave???
Would’ve made more sense if the episode was released closer to Monster Bash.
But in this context, it came out of literally nowhere, and I called this in my reaction too. And Buff Frog is not seen again until S4E10A(Cornball) So he’s just fuckin’ gone! Like a full season, gone for no reason. Ponyhead is still somehow able to fly when magic is gone in “cleaved” (there’s just no sparkles.)
I highly doubt that the only connection that magic had with her species floating was visual. River uses magic to attack Meteora, he apparently
has magic with his staff. (Conquer) This is quite literally shown nowhere else
in the series. Neither before, nor after. In fact, that’s like one of the only times we’ve ever seen his staff in general (outside of the old intro) Mina was defeated off-screen in the S3 finale
by Meteora. She used her “soul” succ powers and insta-killed her.
This could’ve been used in Season 4. It would’ve been so easy- we didn’t even
need to destroy magic, -assuming Moon wasn’t so stupid. And they even established that Meteora could still do it as a baby. Meteora gets defeated and turned into a baby
for no explained reason. This was something that really easily could’ve
been explained too. It could be tied back with her ability to create life in “Baby” But they didn’t, and they didn’t explain why Meteora just turns into a baby. In season 4, Star can suddenly do magic without
a wand, something that has been hinted/shown before with Moon, but requires years of experience.
(Star only had the wand for about 1-2 years now, as “Curse of the Blood Moon”, confirmed
that two years has passed since the curse was set on them (S1E8A)) Star calls King Pie a liar when he explains
that Moon is actually pie folk, and the whole deal with Festivia.
Even though she already knew that from the whole trial deal in Season 3???
Like, you heard this exact thing before- Why are you calling him a liar?- Rhombulous’s other nipple demon’s crystal
breaks after he is smacked against a wall in Swim Suit.
This literally does not make sense in context. Those demons were there before the fritz,
so it’s not even like the fritz caused the crystals to be weak or something And the whole conflict of this episode is
Eclipsa asking Rhombulous to decrystallize Globgor because physical force does not work
towards breaking the crystal So why the fuck does the nipple demon get
out?? Star is “confirmed as bi” in Ransomgram
because she blushed at a girl Even though by that logic she was already “confirmed” in Season 1 Yet, this is treated as the great-reveal.
Goes to show how little the shippers pay attention to the show- Janna specifically hypnotizes Marco for 14
hours to not have any feelings for Star, but the curse bypasses this.
So why does Marco still “have feelings for her” after the curse is broken?
Marco’s bullshit “the blood moon was bologna” comment directly contradicts this.
Marco still wouldn’t like Star if Janna hypnotized him and the Blood Moon truly was
“bologna” Star held an integrated match of Cornball
between monsters and mewmans, but for some reason, they were already color coordinated
to suggest they’d be versing each other. Yet she’s upset when they don’t shuffle
the teams. Like how didn’t you see that coming they’re literally color coordinated? The Meteora’s Lesson episode really ended
up just being pointless in the end Provided some backstory, albeit backstory
we didn’t really need because we already knew Toffee was at a war with magic. (besides the whole first Queen of Mewni thing. This is important, but it sets the foundation for the whole “magic exposure” explanation, which is actually
a plothole. Toffee is seen again (finally) in flashback
form. This is mainly to confirm he was at war with magic.
Which– again is something we could already tell before, so thanks for nothing- Toffee is seen as a loose-canon of sorts in
this episode, but we never end up seeing anything about his transition from arrogant general,
to professional general, to professional business raptor. Glossaryck says “I think magic’s gonna be in pretty good hands” implying that Meteora is gonna
be 200IQ magic user. But magic gets destroyed in the end, and Glossaryck
should know this, considering he knows everything. By– in canon, knows everything.
Unless they “planned” for the baby to dip down at complete will, obtain her butterfly
form without going through Mewberty (or becoming anything more than a toddler) and SAY the whispering spell. Which, sorry chief,
but I’m gonna call bullshit on that one. Marco says he’s been knighted ~9 times in
the Neverzone. So why was being vaguely knighted in Mewni the thing that causes him to go ape
shit and obsess over it?? I’ve said this before, but the MHC in “Junkin’ Janna” tell Eclipsa and Star that some powerful magic is coming from the Monster Temple
And like I said, this is never resolved. Mina isn’t in the Monster Temple, it would’ve made more sense for the magic to be coming
from Butterfly Castle. I believe this was an “evil eclipsa maybe”
moment, but they never did anything with it. And they forgot about it. Just like all of the other moments. Wasted time. When spells die in the spell-dimension, it’s
never shown how that actually affects the outside world. Can Eclipsa no longer do those
spells because they died? We have no idea, never explained. Marco breaking up with Kelly was also bullshit.
And just like the Jarco breakup, I’ll explain this later. In the “Monster and his Queen” episode, Eclipsa said Meteora “just learned how to
crawl on the ceiling, even though she’s shown doing that in the S4 premiere. Also, Rasticore regrew WITH his cybernetic arm???
And it’s never actually explained how he lost his original arm, wasn’t that supposed
to grow back? What happened?? The writers tried to be slick by having Marco
show up on Star’s doorstep, mirroring how Star came to Earth. But in context it doesn’t make any sense. They had each other’s numbers. they literally could have just called each
into another room! This kind of big change literally should not have happened. Oh, and Just a little note here:
Remember that intense fuckin theme that played that actually made
me scream in “Into the Wand?” The next time that theme plays is when they’re running away from pigeons that shit everywhere
after Marco breaks Rich Pigeon’s leg. I just found it interesting how the definition
of “conflict” changed. Throughout the last two seasons, there will
be these random moments where it seems like the writers are just stalling for time. Star smelling Marco’s dirty hoodie in “Scent
of a Hoodie” Ponymonium when Star tries talking to Ponyhead
but she’s ignoring her for like a full minute. Star describing the annoying noise she hears in “Deep
Dive” Star talking with the Ponyhead-sisters in
“Bam Un Pati” Star falling and it takes a FULL 20 SECONDS
TO GET BACK INTO THE ACTION KELLEHHH (interrupts the action in “Conquer”) Marco dances for a looooong time in “Out of Business” Sloth guy walkin’, slurpin for a looong time in “Out of Business” And AGAIN in “Out of Business” we got this really long awkward insisting that they’re not gonna get trapped there, no sir-ree, we’re better than that.
And there’s no punchline to this, they just leave. Why’d they spend so much time on that? Really long eating sequence in “Curse of the Blood Moon” Really insanely unnecessary conflict sequence in “Curse of the Blood Moon” that could’ve been easily used providing more closure to the ending. They really didn’t need to make the ending so vague. They could’ve saved 3 minutes by cutting that whole conflict sequence. The time where Eclipsa and Star are waiting for MHC in “Junkin’ Janna” and Shaun is
being a dickwad with his vegan artificially grown in a factory donuts. This time could’ve
been spent elaborating on what the MHC actually wanted to say and what was happening.
Star and Rhombulous’s fight in the same episode, and it is literally the most pointless and tedious thing ever. Again, time could’ve been used for elaboration. And regarding the comedy, I believe the comedy
is probably the category that stayed the most consistent throughout the show. The show stayed
pretty funny all the way through. Here’s a few of my favorites from each season “Yeah, we have something like
that on Mewni” [DEATH] “Hey everybody! It’s me Otis, I’m
back! hEHhe” “Otis! OTIS WE LOVE YOU-” “Don’t cry River… here.” “rAAAAH MARCO-” “I just knew we had a connection you little-” [SWIPE’D] But even in Season 3 and 4, they stooped kinda low. Fart joke when Ponyhead shits out treasure
she stole from the pigeons “Death Peck” Fart joke with Marco taunting Star in “Divide”
Fart joke with the Alligator in “Conquer” Fart joke with the mock play in “Butterfly
Follies” (S4 Premiere) Fart Joke when Marco’s on Nachos (literal
full fart though. Like why) Also don’t fart on Nachos, you asshole. And there’s Mina’s fart analogy in “Cleaved” Yeah I dunno why they got really into those types of jokes in the latter 2 seasons- Okay, back to the other stuff: Nachos is put through seemingly THOUSANDS
OF YEARS OF SUFFERING in the Neverzone. If 16 years in the Neverzone=~8 minutes on
Earth, and the Ransomgram girl said she was trying to deliver the message for “months”
For every earth-day, 180 years pass in the Neverzone 5580 years for every month.
She said “months” (plural) so at least 2 months 11160 years. AT-LEAST 11160 years Nachos spent there, freezing,
probably longer. In the S2 episode “Page Turners,” Glossaryck is real miffed at the MHC for pulling him away from his work But in the S4 episode “Swim Suit” it’s shown that he can apparently be in 2 places at once. Yeah they kinda put that in as a joke but didn’t consider how that’d affect the logic of the previous seasons- Marco claims it took him “months” to get
over Jackie BUT HMM, LET’S COUNT FOR A SECOND. “Stay amazing, okay?” [Tony Hawk Pro Relationship Troubles 3] [single tear] 7 Seconds it took for him to get the idea
to leave And here he is, parading a smile about it. Marco breaks his arm in the 3rd episode in
a realistic manner. 14 year old man-man probably would have a hard time breaking 3 pieces of wood and maybe the entire cinder block. However, we never see him get injured in general after that point. This leads into the next thing: It seems like the writers never really planned for Mewmans and Humans being the same thing One piece of evidence is Star constantly being surprised about regular human things during
her time on Earth. Even this movie scene suggests they’re different. And Marco was hinted a lot to be a mewman,
I mean, like A LOT He was hinted A LOT to be MEWMAN. Yet the writers just chuck in a confirmation
that “mewmans were actually humans the whole time!” This doesn’t line up with Marco’s strength
though. If he’s a regular human Why is he able to survive being thrown at
a rock with enough force to crack it? (Toffee) Why is he able to fight a giant, swole bird
guy with no problem? (Nightlife) Why is he able to kick a giant Meteora with
enough force to knock her down? (Divide/Conquer) And why is able to flip a horse? (Cleaved) Oh yeah, here’s just a little side note: By the end of the series, the cheekmarks were said to be caused by magic exposure. This is a plothole, here’s why: Heinous was shown to have cheekmarks, besides
her life having little to no magic exposure. I believe the writers were intending to limit
the cheekmarks to the royal family only. They’re shown again in the episode titled
“Heinous” S2E19A Again, literally no magic exposure at all
in this case. The first thing that suggested that Marco
was not human (besides his super-strength) was the fact that crescent moon cheekmarks
appeared when Marco used the wand for the first time.
His wand also had the same wings that are on the word “Evil” on the show’s logo. Which ties into how much foreshadowing there was that Marco would eventually become evil. This was before the “magic exposure” explanation, so it caused fans to theorize that Marco is
actually part of the butterfly family. Because even with Heinous, it was confirmed
she was part of the Butterfly family all along. But this is where it gets confusing though, because they also confirmed Star is not actually a Butterfly, So where do the cheekmarks come from then?
I wouldn’t say magic exposure, because again, that’s a plothole in itself.
It doesn’t line up with Meteora having them. Also, Janna and Marco were both standing in
pure liquid magic, so why wouldn’t both of them get cheekmarks in this case
Why didn’t all of the settlers of Mewni have cheekmarks when they were fuckin drenched
in it? Also, Janna clearly saw Marco with the cheekmarks,
it’s weird she never said anything about them. And his cheekmarks show up again in “Booth
Buddies” DOCUMENTED BY PICTURE, and Star never acknowledges it. And why would he have the exact same cheekmarks as Celena then?? In a lot of moments in Season 4, the writers will occasionally throw in some vague explanations to questions brought up. Questions that I know for a fact that a lot of people legitimately had. Marco and Kelly break up offscreen for no
explained reason. Instead of explaining why, Marco claims it was a unanimous decision (even though it wasn’t, and Kelly was upset about it) Manfred escapes being turned to stone. Eclipsa
established that he’d get out eventually, yet the writers still felt the need to have
him say “Ugh, I do not want to get into THAT” when asked how he got out.
Like, you didn’t have to do that here- Star declines Tom’s trip out of nowhere,
using the excuse “I need time to figure things out” / “ I’m free”
Despite showing no disinterest in Tom or the trip beforehand Tom justifies the breakup with “We’re
heading in different places” and never elaborates. Marco asks why they’re breaking up and Star
replies with “It’s complicated” No, really it’s not complicated. Daron wants Starco.
Dominic wants Starco. Everybody and their fuckin mother wants Starco. It’s not fucking rocket science. Moon claims she stopped Mina from doing “much
worse” in attempts to justify her betrayal, she never explains specifically what. hEy DiD yOu GuYs kNOW thAT iN thE oFFiciaL MaGiC BoOk oF SpELLs BOOK ThAt theRe’s A- One of the problems I’ve noticed throughout Season 4 is that the writers often bring in stuff that was only mentioned in the “Magic Book of Spells” book without any prior introduction to those who don’t have the book. The book itself is *15 dollars on amazon. Yet I can guarantee that the large majority of the fanbase doesn’t own the book, simply
because it costs money. First example of this happens in “Surviving
the Spiderbites” Star keeps the book piece a secret from Eclipsa,
I was initially confused as to why. As it turns out, there’s a spell in the
book that pulverizes Rhombulous’s crystals. This was never shown (or even mentioned) in
the show beforehand, yet it was used as a plot point suddenly. I still wouldn’t have known that if you guys in the comments hadn’t pointed it out to me. Next example is in the same episode. Glossaryck’s
silkbugs were shown and described in the book, never described in the show. Thankfully, this
one isn’t actually much of a problem because Eclipsa explains what they do before they’re
used. Then, in “Meteora’s Lesson” we get introduced to Reynaldo, someone who USED TO BE A MAGIC HIGH COMMISSION MEMBER. In the book, it’s said he once spoke normally, but a queen put a spell on him so he could only speak in riddles
This got him kicked out. This interaction confirms (again) that Glossaryck
is father to all of the MHC The original confirmation is said with two
lines when MHC is introduced in Season 2 These are kinda completely forgettable lines,
and considering how much screentime the MHC had overall, they definitely could’ve reinforced
this more. Again, Reynaldo was only shown in the book, yet he’s introduced like everyone knows who he is. Eclipsa uses the spell (the exact same one
from the book) to try and free globgor, without any prior introduction to those who don’t
IS THERE NO INTRODUCTION? The mark of the Solarian blade is only mentioned
in the book, and context is given after Globgor is already inflicted with it. But yeah. Moments like this really only confuse
the people who don’t have the book, which, again, is a LOT of the people that watch the
show. When the story starts to get unintentionally
confusing in a story-heavy show, THAT’S NOT GOOD. In “The Spell With No Name”, a skull-butterfly spell is being tracked down by the rest of Eclipsa’s spells The episode confirms that this spell is Eclipsa’s most powerful spell And it’s shown to be an insta-kill for
anything it touches So… what’s the deal with this then-
Is this different than the raptor killing spell then? Why couldn’t you just use this spell on Toffee then? Or vice-versa? Eclipsa claimed her mother started making the spell, and she(Eclipsa) she finished it after she(Solaria) died BUT THAT BACKSTORY IS THE EXACT SAME AS THE RAPTOR KILLING SPELL? AND IT’S CONFIRMED THIS ISN’T THE RAPTOR KILLING SPELL, THEY’RE DONE COMPLETELY DIFFERENTLY. So, what is this then?? *deep breath* Alright, so for ‘Continuity’ I think that covers it. Of course, the other problems are gonna be brought up in a little bit- But for now, let’s talk about characters: Let me start this section off by asking you
what is the difference is between these two intros? Ooo, uh. Did you notice that right there?
Well, if you didn’t, let me spell it out for you. Yeah- WHERE THE FUCK IS EVERYONE? Oh right, they’re GONE. As another side-effect of the setting change
to Mewni, we lost all of those various characters from Earth that we’ve known for 2 whole
seasons and gave the show it’s initial charm. Oh yeah, and while we’re talking about the
intros, take a look at this. In the first intro, they loosely tell the
whole story of the show. Magic Girl gets a magic wand, causes some
trouble, her parents send her off to Earth and she meets a boy named Marco, along the
way we got various notable characters, and Ludo’s army is runnin’ at them constantly. Boom. Geniuously set up. What the hell does the 2nd intro tell us?
What story is there here? It doesn’t show Marco coming to Mewni or
anything, they just slide down the castle and ruin dinner. Why are they fighting the goblin dog guy? The only parts that tell us anything about the story happen 30 seconds into the intro and they show up for 2 seconds.
There’s Meteora/Heinous Eclipsa
And Toffee/Ludo And the ending part is so sad. In the first
intro, we had a shit ton of these characters. And I COULD NAME ALL OF THEM FROM MEMORY!
They were all so distinct and memorable. In the second intro, we’ve only got 6 characters.
Because… That’s pretty much the bulk of it! That’s the bulk of the characters
we see in the Mewni Setting. For main characters, we’ve got Star, her
parents, Marco, Eclipsa, Pony Head, Janna, Tom, and Kelly
Secondary characters could count as Seahorse, Ruberiot, and Foolduke, And of course… MONKEY. Seriously the monkey was fuckin hilarious,
I loved the monkey in season 4. Aside from these characters, who else is there?? We’ve got guys like the laundry dude, Manfred…
this family…. Polite giant monster person And… whoever else I actually can’t think of anyone there- And regarding Manfred, his literal character design is to be annoying. He’s a nuisance whenever
he’s on screen. I mean just look at his face! What an asshole! And a lot of the unnamed background characters are just plain annoying because all of the background characters in Mewni were only used for the racism plot and nothing else. The most memorable background character for
me was the fuckin’ lady raptor because I screamed their name every time they were on
screen! “RAPTORS??” “RAPTOR!” “They made my Genie thro-” “R A P T O R.” Honestly, who do we have?? If you guys can
point out some memorable background characters in Season 3 and 4, point that out in the comments. I genuinely want to know, I can’t think of any. Oh wait, we still got the Magic High Commission! Oh wait, the writers turned them into… complete assholes, despite the various episodes in
Season 2 showing they were decent people… Oh! But we still have Star and Marco. O H W A I T- Marco goes away from being quirky and relatable
and becomes annoying with his obsession of Star and Mewni, that happened in Sophomore Slump, this is where his character takes a turn for the worse.
He tells off Sensei for trying to be like him He completely screws up his whole relationship with Jackie (Something that, for him, had
AN ACTUAL DECADE OF BUILDUP) All because he wouldn’t take off his fuckin cape. He is a dick when Star puts him as a squire
to the laundry guy He’s an asshole to the rich pigeons and
breaks the prince’s leg. And he makes various wisecracks after that even though he’s the one that caused this! He puts several dimensions in danger by not
telling Hekapoo that it’s actually Star opening the portals in “Night Life”. Put
Star in danger for the same reason. He kept it a secret for his own personal entertainment
because he liked working with Hekapoo so much. He never talked with his parents after he
left. Didn’t even know he was getting a baby brother because he’s too “busy”
And the parents even mention “Visit any time, those scissors work both ways”
And he hardly ever does, despite saying that he will. He completely doesn’t care about Star’s problem when her mom goes missing His giant ego in the Neverzone / NEGLECTING NACHOS FOR 11K YEARS AT LEAST-
Breaking up with Kelly for no explained reason even though Kelly’s side of the “getting
over someone” thing isn’t at all complete. And he knows she’s been going through some
tough times. That’s all Marco, in Star’s case… Star is seen becoming more responsible and
princess-like in Season 3. That’s her reasoning for not going back to Earth, That’s why she’s staying on Mewni
But she still will randomly do completely irresponsible things. Her personality has
split and is going back and forth like a metronome. Overly responsible to the point where it’s annoying in “Princess Turdina” Adopts the idea of “I’m a teenager, I don’t have to worry about shit” in “Swim Suit” and she leaves Eclipsa and
Rhombulous alone. Despite it’s clear they’re trying to kill each other.
Acts completely childish in “Ransomgram” Childish schmuck in “Lake House Fever”
Unnecessarily mean to Rasticore in “Yada Yada Berries” Makes constant short jokes at him “Thanks, LITTLE GUY.” [slap] “I’M NOT TINY I’M COMPACT” Irresponsible in “Surviving the Spiderbites” by not looking at simple shit that’s part
of the tour. ON A WHOLE ‘NOTHER LEVEL OF BRAT IN “Junkin
Janna” Plain dumb and rude in “Curse of the Blood
Moon” And straight up asshole in “Doop Doop” Not to mention Cleaved! And Star is shown downplaying Marco’s time in the Neverzone. She ignores the fact that he spent 16 years there trying to get “her” scissors back. He did it for Star, and she never said thank you. She only uses him as eye-candy in that dimension DESPITE HER ALREADY HAVING A BOYFRIEND! All the buildup of seeing Star become a better person in Seasons 1 and 2 gets fuckin thrown out of the window! We can’t even pinpoint her personality at this point, she’s all over the place! But THAT’S OKAY, because after all, SHE’S JUST A TEENAGER!! TEENAGERS ARE DUMBBBB RIGHT?? God is there any genuinely good characters
in this shit anymore?? (TOM COMES IN) TOOOOM!! MIO BELLISSIMO TOM!!!! I commonly say that Tom was the best part
of the latter 2 seasons. His character arc was amazing! Starts out with him getting back together with Star (by her want specifically). This is after he came to realize that she wasn’t interested, so he backed off for a while. Got a demoncism and decides to become better for Star. His “schmuck” side still shines through in some places, so it’s not like he unrealistically
changed over night. “Monster Bash” when he only looks for
time with Star, ignoring how important the event is to her and for Mewni
“Is Another Mystery” when he tries to pull Star away from finding Buff Frog
He apologises to Marco for treating him badly, and later calls him his best friend in “Divide”
Sacrifices his life for Marco even after he said he kissed his girlfriend.
Fully recognizes how screwed up the Blood Moon actually was, regrets trying to take
Star to it, and felt so much guilt about Marco and Star being chosen. This kinda continuity is similar to Star in Seasons 1-2. When we see her legitimately grow as a person. It’s nice to see that kinda thing again. And there’s Eclipsa and Globgor too. Now, some people are happy that Eclipsa turned
out to be good, while others would have preferred to see her as evil. However you feel, it’s
indisputable that a large part of her character was the uncertainty of whether or not she’s good or not. Season 3 really nailed this with the constant kindness of Eclipsa, contrasted
by the beliefs of the MHC. The main deciding point seemed to be Butterfly Trap, when it
is revealed that Meteora was switched out with Festivia., leading the viewers to see
things weren’t clear-cut. If not here, it would be set in stone in Conquer, where she was willing to kill her own daughter to save Mewni. However, for some reason, the back and forth of good and evil continues in season 4, despite
it seeming resolved. It was shown as the foreshadowing that Globgor was actually the evil one. This
plot line, while less developed, mimics that of season 3. – while you could argue that
it’s different, Eclipsa is in love with Globgor and thus making Globgor evil would
likely make Eclipsa evil too. Situations such as the Spiderbites painting Globgor as evil
are never touched upon again; leaving these moments to have no impact. Really it was just the same arc used twice. Eclipsa also has a very realistic personality
– her flaws are openly acknowledged, and they aren’t all gotten rid of, but they don’t
get in the way of her being an enjoyable character, unlike others. Along with Tom’s change, another arc that
had similar growths that Season 1-2 had was with Eclipsa trying to get the public on her
side. While this–again– went on longer than it needed to,
I will say they did a pretty good job showing things gradually changing.
And as utterly annoying as the Ponyhead Show was, it did do a good job of showing the progress
towards getting the public on her side. Right up until Cornonation, when the public is seen
being near-100% on her side. Let’s get through the last of these characters: Ponyhead
Widely considered to be greatly annoying. I hadn’t really minded her, until Flanderization
kinda amplified that annoying side of her in Season 3 and 4. Janna
Same as always Thank you, Janna for staying consistent. Nachos: [PRECIOUS] Kelly…
Oh boy, this one’s… a real tragedy. Okay, so this will be covered more in a second,
but I just want to point out that 90% of Kelly’s screentime is her dealing with some relationship problems. Like constantly, she’s shown to be upset about it too Tad constantly keeps calling her to nag about how well he’s doing without her. And on top of that she gets wrestling ruined for her. As an extra kick in the face. She’s shown to literally be depressed over it. It sucks that the writers only decided
to use a character like this for relationship drama. Okay, so that about wraps it up for Characters.
But wait a minute, I’m missing something. What was the thing I talked about last time,
that I didn’t talk about this time- Y’know, the tamest part of any fandom, right? So, remember how the shipping scene was actually GOOD in Seasons 1 and 2? NOT ANYMORE.mp4 Alright, let’s take a moment and go through each ship. Whether you like it or not, this ship had the most establishment throughout the entire series. The Jarco buildup went on for so long. Marco was shown to like Jackie for whole life. It made so much sense for Marco to eventually get with her. Most, if not all of the “shipping” episodes
in S2 was based on Marco getting with Jackie. The ship had been set up since Season 1 Episode 2. And it’s not a fan-establishment, a canon one I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW IMPORTANT IT IS THAT IT WAS A “CANON” ESTABLISHMENT AND NOT A FAN ESTABLISHMENT. They literally CANONICALLY SAID TO OUR FACE “Marco likes this girl. Jackie’s character started out pretty flat, but moments like Naysaya and Marco’s blunder in Bon Bon gives her character.
Oh and one thing I found interesting, the Naysaya curse was said to prevent the host
from asking out his “one true love”. SO WHAT HAPPENED THEN-
Why would it appear when he’s asking out Jackie then? Wouldn’t it be S T A A A R ??? Overall, Jarco was a really solid ship with
a lot of establishment. CANON establishment. The chemistry between Jackie and Marco worked surprisingly well, and their relationship helped contribute to the “relatable” feeling to the
show. That all changed though, in one fateful episode… Sophomore Slump:
If you didn’t know already, this episode is centered around Marco annoying everyone
with his obsession with Star, Mewni, and his stupid cape, a problem that was introduced
only in that episode. When Jackie tried to talk some sense into
Marco, it seemed to work, Marco agreed to be better for her. And again, it seemed to be working. But he apparently just kept the cape in his hoodie, which causes her to break up with him.
Only hint of this obsession is him wearing the cape for a brief scene in S3E8B. Nowhere
else could we have possibly ever have guessed this would’ve been a problem. Jackie and Marco had been together for 3 months
but a lot of it was spent “long distance”. It is now also nearing the new school year.
Evidently Marco had spent more time in Mewni than we thought And Sophomore Slump was actually a fun episode right until the ending. Episodes like that is what Season 3 lacked (minus the breakup) This episode gave Jackie so much more character,
it’s a shame to see it actually thrown away like that. By the way, the “You’re my best friend,
Jackie” line is bullshit and throws away all of the previous establishment to the ship.
Again, this ship has been building up for nearly a decade in canon.
And then Marco IMMEDIATELY leaves, like the day after kind of immediately. Like, he got
the idea right seven seconds after she broke up with him. AND THAT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE- This single episode completely throws away REAL buildup over the course of many episodes since Season
1. THIS SINGLE EPISODE The cape obsession was a problem that was introduced, and “resolved” in the same episode. It was resolved with him going to Mewni. Also, not sure what was so great about Mewni that caused him to go apeshit. Literally the moment he arrived it was a dump in shambles,
then Ludo took over, which only amplified that negative aspect.
The only possible likeable factor is Star. This way, it can be inferred that the moon
has caused this newfound “obsession” It wouldn’t be the first time the moon interfered with their relationship. And this problem is immediately diffused,
and marco’s ego is put in check when he is laughed at by real knights in the following
episode. Turns out, he was never actually a knight, and the cape didn’t mean shit
We don’t even see the cape again until S4E11A “Knight-Shift” when Marco gets actually
knighted Doesn’t do much anyway. We don’t see the
cape again, and Marco turns down being knighted after learning about the commitment required. W O W – G O O D – J O B – M A R C O ! Good thing they threw out an entire ship over
it then- But yeah, Jackie is completely written out
of the show at this point, it’s almost as if they only kept her around for shipping
drama with another character. HMMM Jackie eventually shows up in the late-season-4
episode Britta’s Tacos. The writers attempt to add some closure to
the tragic end of the Jarco ship, by A. Having Marco realize he was a terrible boyfriend
and confirming that Jackie broke up with him because she thought he was in love with Star.
(which was true) And B. Having Jackie be implied bi.
Now, I feel like this was an “okay” way to pick it back up, but I can’t help but feel that
they’re only doing it for the fan reactions and for the sake of being inclusive- But yeah, that’s the end of Jackie’s story. Next. Okay, so this ship technically started
out since Season 1, as Tom had already dated Star in the past at this point.
But when the ship actually becomes healthy is in Club Snubbed, where Tom had accepted
that Star isn’t interested in him, and he gave her space. Star eventually gets back together with Tom
by her own want. She is now over Marco. Like I said before, Tom went through an amazing character arc, he betters himself for the sake of Star. Tomstar actually was being integrated into
what the show’s plot at the time was: the racism plot. And that honestly gave it more
charm and made the relationship feel legitimately important.
It even had probably one of the best lines at the time, “I’m a monster, you’re a mewman. If we can make it work, then there’s hope for everyone.” Usually this would be sweet, if this ship
wasn’t used only as a ploy to eventually make Marco jealous. Tomstar seemed doomed from the start, considering
the blood moon and the loud majority of the fans and people working on the show wanted Starco. Throughout its course, it demonstrated what seemed to be a semi-toxic relationship, but the show never committed to this path, so it’s a strange, in between situation
where neither partners are fully in the wrong or right. And speaking of that:
Star was a terrible girlfriend to Tom. Here’s why: Star uses Marco (someone she KNOWS has a crush
on her) as eye-candy in “Ransomgram” as well as “Gone Baby Gone” Star never told Tom about the kiss, Marco
did. And when Tom confronts her about that, she
gets mad and tries to leave Star commonly mistreats him and nags him about little things Throwing the lava suit on his face in “Lake House Fever” Angrily asking him to translate in “Curse of the Blood Moon” Blowing on his face after Tom wanted to kiss her in “Monster Bash” Tom went through this whole arc of changing
himself for the better, all for her. He literally rebuilt his entire character from the ground
up for her. Shown in the Lake House Fever episode, Tom
went through SO MUCH for Star, and Star never returns the favors in any way Star and Tom had so much history
Knew each other and had romantic history since they were little
Star’s horns were a GIFT from Tom, and yet she forgets about him in the magic dimension.
Tom was at her going away party to Earth, she never noticed him there. Tom even let her know his mom is afraid she’ll hurt him again. Star uses the excuse “Everybody breaks up!
That’s what teenagers do! Teenagers are dumb” Tom didn’t really have any other friends.
He even said this in Friendenemies. He started hanging out with Janna in its own episode,
and only because Janna wanted to blast the bird. He considers Marco his best friend, but doesn’t help that he’s about to get cucked. What great friends! Tom literally had no-one before they started
dating again, and Star has the audacity to treat him like shit and then run to Marco’s
dick after turning down his plan of a romantic vacation. Moving on. Kellco had started out in Season 3, and it
surprisingly had a lot more buildup and establishment than I had initially thought. Kelly x Marco is first introduced in Lava
Lake Beach when they have a heart-to-heart. They bond over the fact that they’re both
having relationship troubles. Tad and Kelly broke up again. And Marco has
feelings for Star that he can’t get rid of, or act upon.
Marco doesn’t WANT to be in love with Star And Kelly doesn’t WANT to be in love with
Tad There was actual real chemistry between them.
And their relationship was shown to be getting better and better since then.
Kelly asks Marco to dance in “Monster Bash” Kelly and Marco are seen hanging out together
in “Booth Buddies” Kelly and Marco try doing a cooking segment
on Ponyhead’s show, and when it falls through, Kelly invites Marco to cook at her house. In Kelly’s World, Marco and Kelly officially
get together as “breakup buddies” They were able to do a dual-move. Which was
said to require “perfect synchronization between partners”. I feel like this would’ve
implied they’re pretty good partners Kelly and Marco are only seen as a couple
in “Cornball”. This is after the Blood Moon Curse was broken.
Marco didn’t even wanna hang out with Star at all this episode. They didn’t even talk!
Marco himself even further confirms that breaking the curse worked And Kelly is actually HAPPY. Compared to how she was in “Kelly’s
World”, this is a miracle. She was dealing with borderline depression– if not, ACTUAL
depression, and the fact that being with Marco flipped that around for the better is amazing.
But it all gets ripped away. After all of this, Kelly and Marco’s relationship
ends… with an off screen breakup Now… I don’t care who you are… I don’t care what your show is. NEVER E V E R BREAK UP A RELATIONSHIP OFF SCREEN Why would you ever think that’s an okay
thing to do?? That is just disrespectful to not only the
characters you created but your viewers as well! If you’re gonna go out of your way to
have a whole episode dedicated to these two getting together, at least give them the respect of an on screen breakup! This off screen breakup also made
Marco look like an even worse character considering Kelly never really got over her hardships
with Tad. She finally found happiness with Marco, and then he goes and breaks it off
for no explained reason. And it’s completely glossed over in five seconds that the breakup– or the ship in general happened at all. This ship literally served no purpose to anything, not to emotionally develop other characters, advance the plot, cause jealousy, nothing,
actually pointless. And Marco didn’t give a single shit about Kelly after the fact. You dick! I don’t care what you ship. Breaking up
a relationship off screen is a horrible writing decision. Especially when you REFUSE to give reasoning after the fact! But why… why would all these perfectly healthy
relationships just be killed off like that. Unless. (deep breath)
Okay, now, before I say anything. Let me just restate that I used to ship Starco. Marco and Star were both very likable characters
and they would have worked very well in a relationship. And had things been done differently,
I would’ve been all for a Starco endgame. But things weren’t done differently. If
you’re a starco shipper who’s listening to this currently, I ask that you please at
least listen to what I have to say before you kill me in the comments Now let me carefully explain to you all how
the writers managed to completely fuck up what is probably the easiest ship they could’ve done. In Season 1, Marco and Star were really close. They quickly became best friends (albeit, a bit too quickly), and although there weren’t
too many moments that suggested romantic interest, it didn’t seem too far off of an idea for
them to actually get together But then the blood moon happened. This one thing was able to completely turn
me off from this ship. And I’ll explain why. Blood Moon Disqualifier
Remember earlier when I mentioned something I like to call the “Blood Moon Disqualifier” Well, like I said before, the “disqualification”
factor means that the Starco moments from when the curse was placed, to when it was
broken, do not count as actual starco moments because we’re unable to tell
whether or not the moment was caused by the moon’s manipulation. They are “disqualified”
as actual, natural establishment to the ship. Here is a list of “starco moments” And in case you need a refresher, a “starco
moment” counts as either party feeling some romantic interest towards the other. These moments were all during the blood moon’s
active period. We are unable to tell whether or not the moon had a part to play in this. Therefore, we can’t determine them as consensual and natural In Blood Moon Curse, the curse is broken, and Star still shows signs of fully liking Tom. and showed no signs of liking Marco afterward. Star confirms this by still being with Tom and doing romantic shit. And Marco confirms this by staying with Kelly and doing romantic shit as well. And regarding Booth Buddies, not only were they canonically HELD HOSTAGE until they kissed,
the Blood Moon shows up at the end, signifying that it had a hand to play in this.
Seriously, the fact that a FORCED KISS both through manipulation and hostage is included
in Disney’s official “Best Starco Moments! Compilation” says something. So the moon ruined his relationship with Jackie
Shows up when they kiss and MAKES him think of Star.
Makes him “obsessed” with Star and causes the breakup
Got in the way of his relationship with Kelly Marco literally said this himself. And I know what you’re about to say: they
“deconfirmed” the blood moon during the later episodes. Well, I wouldn’t be so quick
to trust the things that were said in that last batch of episodes. Right now, we’re
gonna label those moments under “The Wendy Disqualification” I’ll explain who Wendy even is after this,
but she plays a large role in this next section. For now though, let me steer back towards
the problems with how Starco was done. Along with the whole Blood Moon Curse forcing
them to have feelings for each other, the writers also had a habit of having the characters
themselves talk about how they DIDN’T want to be together. In Season 2, Star had trouble with her feelings
for Marco. On the one hand, she was incredibly happy for him because she knew how long he
wanted to be with Jackie for, but on the other hand, she has feelings for him that are interfering
with that. In “Sophomore Slump” Marco’s feelings
for Star and Mewni cause Jackie to break up with him, he didn’t want this. He wanted
to be with Jackie since he was a toddler! In “Lint Catcher” Star wants nothing to
do with Marco romantically, and tells him off. And in “Lava Lake Beach” Tad, of all people,
tell Marco that he has a crush on Star. Marco replies to this with an ACTUAL CRISIS AND
DENIAL. Like, he is CLEARLY not happy about this And, even the music in this scene suggests he doesn’t want this. In Booth Buddies both parties react negatively
to the forced kiss. And then there’s times where they flat out
SAY they don’t want to have feelings for each other! “I mean, I don’t WANT to have feelings for Star” “Every time I think I’m over her and I like someone else, I get marshmallows…” “Do you have a spell to make my feelings go away?” “But they hurt.” “I just DON’T WANT TO HAVE FEELINGS FOR HER ANYMORE.” “This kills me.” “Let’s go destroy our feelings!” Like, if this was the planned ship from the
start, you’d think they’d try making the characters at least even a little on-board
with it. And even after both Marco and Star are single,
the writers still take up several episodes without them getting together. Marco doesn’t
actually show any real signs of being romantically interested in Star until the episode “Mama
Star” when he confesses to her while under the influence of the magic dimension.
And even then, they waste more time and throw them together in the second to last episode.
Then they try and make their relationship a major emotional factor in the finale. Honestly, this moment would’ve been so much
more powerful if they had gotten together much beforehand, or even if they just stayed
friends. The fact that they’re willing to die over a relationship that just started
within the same exact day is a bit weird and forced. But yeah. Starco didn’t have very many NATURAL
establishing moments. All because of this one writing decision. So, really, this whole shipping thing was
supposed to be a subplot. And instead it turned into something that completely sacrificed
the pacing, and quality of the story. Oh, and by the way, I called it. I called that the ship wouldn’t work in the “Curse of the Blood Moon” episode. “Doing that would literally sacrafice the whole pacing and quality of the story.” “Cause by the way, this show is ending really soon There’s not enough time to naturally progress things in a way that Star and Marco are gonna get together. Unless they do some (w a c k y – t i m e s) at the end. Which is DEFINITELY gonna feel forced!” Fuckin’ called it. But this kind of behavior is completely justified
right? After all, THEY’RE JUST TEENS! Daron Nefcy commonly tries justifying the
shitty relationship drama in the show with the explanation that “They’re teenagers. And
teenager relationships are messy!” She claims that having relationships jump
all over the place like that is“realistic” But just because something is “realistic”
doesn’t mean it’s good. This still doesn’t justify the completely wack pacing and how
several ships and characters got screwed over in a matter of days. And y’know what, Daron, I think you’re
giving yourself a little too much credit there. What about this is realistic?? I don’t know about you, but I certainly
haven’t seen any teenagers do this shit. All of these characters were perfectly level
headed individuals, breakups like these don’t normally happen like that. And breaking up with your boyfriend, forgetting
about him completely, getting together with someone else the day after, and suddenly determining
it’s worth dying for isn’t called being a “teenager” That’s called being a sociopathic megalomaniac! From what I’ve seen the primary audience
of this show ranges from Tweens to young adults, teenagers being right in the middle there. By pulling this shit and then turning around
and saying “That’s what teenagers do! Teenagers are dumb!” you’re completely
failing to cater towards your demographic. And I can imagine that I’m gonna get a lot
of comments ignoring what I said, and just saying “you’re just mad that your ship didn’t
happen!!” And while that’s not true, let’s say for a second– For one second that I am upset that “my ship” didn’t happen. So is everyone else. You have to understand one thing about this
show, there were a LOT of ships. And this divided the fandom into many little
groups, One thing’s for sure, Starco was
the most vocal. But the problem is, by the end of Season 4,
the writers had managed to piss off every single group except Starco Pissed off Jarco shippers by breaking up a
relationship with 2 Seasons buildup due to a Mewni obsession that was established and
“resolved” all within the same episode. Pissed off Kellco shippers by ending a relationship with 2 seasons buildup OFF-SCREEN for no explained reason Pissed off TomStar shippers by dropping a
break-up bomb nobody would have been able to predict from the show (I say specifically
“from the show” because I was able to predict it by taking in consideration the
writers’ bias towards Starco) Pissed off Markapoo shippers by damaging / ending
their relationship through Marco’s selfishness Pissed off Tomco shippers by teasing the ship
(carrot on a stick style) even though there’s no canon probability of the ship anyway. The entire Friendenemies episode, and it’s promo art. “If I kissed Marco, wouldn’t you be mad?” Tom sacrificed himself for Marco. This little quip after Kellco breakup. “Hey everybody!” “OoOOo. The lovebirds finally show up!” (also wtf is quirky doin there lmao) “Hey careful, Tom! Bein’ ‘breakup buddies’ isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.” [high five for no reason And their performance in Cornonation. In the end, the writers only catered towards the Starco shippers And they didn’t even do a good job of that.
Various Starco shippers are upset about how terribly the ship was done. The large majority of the fans are upset.
It’s just that the Starco shippers that are happy are far more vocal about it. And jesus christ some of you guys get way
into this. Like seriously, telling someone to kill themselves,
calling fan works trashy, calling people dumbasses over some dumb ship? Calm the fuck down- Oh and this isn’t even mentioning the fact
that she shipping game was fucked from the start. Did it ever occur to you that Marco is actually a 30 year old man dating a 15 year old girl? [ILLEGAL] Now, they’ve offered explanations [after
the fact] that the neverzone works kind of like a dream. They claimed Marco doesn’t
really remember much besides skills and muscle memory stuff. At least until he encounters
something that does make him remember. But regardless, the show canonically recognizes
Marco as over 30 years old, and by the concept of time through human perception, Marco has
been alive and growing for 30+ years. This wouldn’t just screw up Starco, it would
screw up every single other ship he’s been in. Besides maybe Markapoo. This one would at least be legal- Honestly that whole thing is a creepy moral
gray area that I don’t want to touch with a ten foot barge pole. So let’s move on. Now that the shipping category is done, I
want to take the time to look at each of these ending episodes. One by one. This
is what I call the “Post Wendy Era.” Now again, I’m gonna explain who Wendy is in a little bit, But just remember that these next episodes– these final episodes, SOMETHING’S WRONG WITH THEM. PRODUCTION WISE, SOMEHING IS WRONG WITH THEM. So again, let’s go through each one. Marco officially moves back to Earth, which was hinted in “Knight Shift”
Eclipsa’s father is shown briefly, under the name “Alphonse” But nothing is ever
done with this. Again, no explanation as to why he had Marco go to the ball. Star and Tom travel to visit various characters
before they head off for their trip, but Star is shown to be stalling for time. Tom even says “I love you so much in this
episode” Buff Frog specifically warns Tom to watch
out for her, yet Star is the one who ends up hurting Tom in the end. Buff frog should have gave that warning to her! Moon says more things that directly contradict the upcoming plot twist. Star showed no signs of not wanting to go
until Doop Doop is brought up, like 3/4ths into the episode when Doop Doop is first brought up.
Again, NOTHING would’ve suggested she’d back out. And the whole Doop Doop encounter was downright
uncomfortable- The encounter is funny in the context that
it’s Justin Roiland voicing Doop Doop. This type of humor is right up his alley. But in
the context of Star Vs the Forces of Evil, not so much. Eventually, she hits Tom with “I think I
need time to figure things out” [DISAPPOINTMENT] Nothing about their relationship would’ve
suggested this would happen. She was 100% for a trip in the last episode, and even in this
episode. After Tom leaves, clearly upset, she IMMEDIATELY GOES TO THE DIAZ’S HOUSE. Marco Jr. is changed to a girl for like no reason?? (and they tried covering up the clearly random change with this little joke by Mr. Diaz. All just so they can go “OOoo lOook. Mariposa and MeteorA as TeEns!!” “OOOoo LooK, thEY’rE LikE SiStERS!!
TheY’RE aLL GroWn Up!!” “OOOAOo LoOk how StrOnG and InDEpeNDenT theY ArE!” In Britta’s Tacos, we get to catch up with all of the Earth characters that the writers
abandoned. Honestly, watching this, I really enjoyed
seeing everyone again. But I couldn’t help feel like this was a hollow shell of what
the show used to be. Not to mention they kept bringing up relationship shit, which happens to be this show’s worst feature right now. Y’know what this felt like?
Okay, imagine the fuckin nuke drops on your city. The fallout of 1983 actually happened
and everyone is dead. You survive, and you wander the wasteland
for 2 years, life constantly getting worse. Eventually, you find that some of your old
friends survived the nuke and you rekindle with them. –Only to find out they’re also dying because
of radiation poisoning– That’s what this feels like.
It’s nice seeing all of these wonderful characters again for the first time in years,
but I can’t help but feel a sense of emptiness because of the hell we just experienced. In the episode, everyone makes jokes about
Star and Marco having a baby, even though STAR 15 YEARS OLD. FUCKIN GROSS, AND NOT
LEGAL Literally so many people brought this up in the episode! But wait, if we combine this again with the
moral gray area of Marco technically being 30 years old- [CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY] Then that makes it even worse! Jackie ends up having a chat with Marco and gives her blessing to date Star – Which kinda completely takes you out of the moment to remind you that the writers are pushing their own personal wants/desires into the show. For those of you who are still accepting this
as canon, Marco even confirms they broke up because Jackie thought he was in love with
Star (HMMM) From the very start, the whole premise of
“Beach Day” directly interrupts Toffee plot given by Glossaryck. Which is more interesting?
The hint that the main antagonist was actually good? Or a Starco fanbait beach episode? Regardless Beach day is a large premise throughout Season 4. Star is seen preparing for it constantly,
And Tom is told “he’ll be the one taking the photo” This poor lad. At it’s core, Beach Day is unneeded Starco
fanbait. They didn’t even start the ship in this episode. This was the last possible
time for them to start the ship and make it work in the slightest.
We sit through this very uninteresting episode where Star whines about the fucking beach
And this moment right here really made me stop and think about the images that were being projected into
my retinas. “Seagulls go to the beach I guess…” “You’re just gonna run after this frickin seagull.” “WHAT AN IMPORTANT EPISODE.” At the end of the episode Father Time said “Too bad the hardest times are still ahead” This makes no sense, step 1
Star evidently got the photo towards the beginning of the series, so how could Mina possibly
be worse than Toffee, Ludo, Meteora, and all the racism shit? Spoiler alert: She’s not. She’s not worse than all that the writers just did nothing with that line. In “Gone Baby Gone” Hekapoo comes into Marco’s house while he’s babysitting Meteora and Mariposa and warns
him to stay on Earth, do not go to Mewni Doesn’t end up making sense in the end because he HAD to go to Mewni to even return Meteora in the first place. It’s not like Meteora never returned after the whole babysitting thing. Then we get this unnecessary plot point where
Meteora and Mariposa crawl into the portal that Hekapoo left open, and enter the neverzone. I can’t help but feel that the writers
changed Marco Jr. to be a girl and had this whole episode to serve as a timeskip
Again, “WOW LOOK aT TheM AS as TeEns!!
ThEyRe Sos–, SiStURRS!! This episode doesn’t amount to anything. It’s a complete waste of an episode slot Tom returns and immediately breaks up with Star For one, I think it’s definitely better that Tom was the one to break off the relationship.
But he had said it’s because “they’re going in different directions”, not because
she was a terrible girlfriend to him. This is–again, another vague excuse. Tom even takes the time to give a vague blessing to everyone’s favorite ship!! Again, takes you out of a nonexistent moment
at this point. Marco claims it took “months to get over
Jackie” HMMMMMMM REALLY? I THINK THOSE 7 SECONDS SUGGEST OTHERWISE- Even Tom calls him out on this! “I get it. It took me months to get over Jackie.” [X Doubt] “Did it though?” “Yeah but did it REALLY?” “Seems like you were pretty quick to leave…” Star recognizes something is actually wrong
on Mewni, decides to go there In Jannanigans, Tom gives Marco his blessing to date Star. Literally the next day after he broke up with her.
So that moment is just fuckin bullshit. So even after they’ve established that some serious stuff is going down, the writers don’t forget to shoehorn some more relationship shit in. Star and the gang chuck Oskar’s car into the well and have the firstborn take them
through the magic dimension to the Mewni well. The majority of it is a filler episode, filled
with the characters acting like dumbasses due to the effects of the magic.
Marco had this weird (Split 2017) moment, which would’ve suggested Evil Marco, but let’s
face it, there’s no way the writers would tie up any loose ends at this point in the
downward spiral. Instead, he spouts some shit about being in
Star’s pocket (??), technically confessing his love for her That apparently spawned out of nowhere because, may I remind you, Marco showed no interest in dating Star up until this point. Corruption from Moon’s shit in the S3 finale
has spread in the magic dimension, and it’s corrupted the unicorns there. The small unicorn
from the finale shows up as a big horse, and attacks the first-born. Later revealed that
she’s dead. And Tom gets left there. Star never realizes or considers this, despite the fact that they were still dating just 2 days ago. More Starco shit with them “raising” a
unicorn Directly interrupts the tension and everything
Also, if cheekmarks are caused by magic exposure, why doesn’t Janna have cheekmarks? Or why
doesn’t Marco’s appear? Janna puts a small corrupted unicorn in her hat, and it seems like its gonna come up afterwards, but it never is. It’s never brought up again. Marco discovers that Mina is on her way to
attack Mewni, and the MHC is apparently in on it.
MHC was also apparently in on the Cornonation tragedy. (Bullshit)
Marco leaves to warn Star Star meets up with Moon, and yet again, more evidence is given that contradicts the plot twist. She said she’s staying there to defend the
yurt people, as she’s the only powerful one there. For what it’s worth, this episode did do
a good job as painting “Mina” to be a decent endgame villain, definitely upped the “dangerous”
meter. But this is short lived, because the following week they would release some of the worst shit I have ever seen in television. Star arrives just in time to save Eclipsa from being killed She also brought here friends! She assembled people from
A. Different Dimensions And B. On complete different sides of Mewni She did that when there’s no phone lines, Or portals. WHAT HAPPENED. That’s literally established the episode before this How could you POSSIBLY forget that- Ponyhead is an annoying asshole here. Says some dumb shit when actual people have fatal wounds. Also, they didn’t even keep Seahorse consistent,
he shows emotion and care here. He doesn’t normally do that. You had one job! Typical “inspirational speech sparks some
big powerup” cliche Ponyhead is the one to give this speech for
some reason. Would’ve been more powerful from literally anyone else
Also, her powerup is a random literal sense of plot armor. Really, where did this come
from? Oh and look at this! This is the WORST offender… Eclipsa’s holding a box of explosives in this scene, then in the next frame she’s not. [I KNOW EVERY CONTINUITY MISTAKE EVER MADE-] Eclipsa uses her insta-kill spell– which again is different than the raptor killing spell Star interrupts Marco bringing crucial news to the kingdom and the livelihoods of all the citizens just for a cheap Starco moment. Next is the beginning of the shit plot twist.
Mina actually comes in after “Doug-Doug” is killed, and she has a whole army of solarian warriors in solarian armor First of all I had asked “where did she
get all these people from” “What the frick is this??” “Who the hell was in there then?” “Where the frick did she get all these people?” And again, where did she get all this armor from?
It was difficult enough to get her own set. How did she get literally
hundreds? (And no, they are not created by magic. If they were magic, they would’ve disintegrated during the finale. But they didn’t) In “Here to Help.” Moon and River fly in through River’s eagle wife. She claims they’re here to help.
Now, River is actually there to help. He’s a good lad. I love him. Moon, however. Speaking of River, he delivers the best line
in this episode “I’m going to get that man some meat,
he’s a king for corn’s sake!” “He’s a vegetarian-” “Fine, I’ll get him some chicken!” Can’t get over that line. Moon sees for herself the effects of her “betrayal”.
People are wounded. Quirky fuckin DIES. Eclipsa and Star are hellbent on not using
the spell again, even though mostly everyone in the village is either dead or hiding in
the castle with them, so it wouldn’t be much of an issue
Also, if they just chuck it at Mina and insta-gib her, it’ll likely scatter the troops.
Eclipsa even suggests this, and it was a good idea. but no its too dangerous dont do it MM and get this: While everyone’s going off to do important
shit, Star takes Marco away to go “take care of
the pig goats” And now we get the worst fucking scene in
this entire godforsaken show. So right off the bat, I’m already saying
“Why does this matter? Why are we doing this rather than anything else.”
Marco even points out that this seems “a little random. Shouldn’t we help out with
the evacuation?” Y’know, the thing that actually matters?
Then Star replies with some whiny excuse about how “overwhelmed she is”
Brings up how her friends came to help, but got wounded, and it’s all her fault. OH! SO I DON’T KNOW, HOW ABOUT GETTING THEM TO THE SANCTUARY SO THEY DON’T FUCKING DIE?
Star even confirms she’s a bad person in this moment, but Marco goes through with it. THEN WE GET THIS REALLY LONG, UNNEEDED, AWKWARD AS FUCK SCENE OF THE TWO OF THEM SLAPPING AND FINGERING GOATS’ ASSES
But hehehehe MArco’s so Quirky lOOkathim hEHEH relationship goals (he doesn’t like
their eeeeyeees HE’S SO WEIRD!) Also, the goats canonically have assholes,
so Marco literally was fingering a fucking goat. Oh and lOOok- the pig goats are conveniently helping them with getting together Then, it happens.
Star tells Marco that he confessed his love to her while under magic influence.
Marco “confirms” despite not showing any signs of liking her prior.
Literally no actual signs until “Mama Star” Now, for the most insulting line “Y’know the whole Blood Moon Curse? That ordeal? Well, it’s bologna. I’ve felt like this since the beginning” This line, EVERYTHING about it is wrong.
Marco canonically didn’t show any romantic interest in Star until Season 3. And this
line is just the final confirmation that the writers have 0% interest in quality storytelling,
and the images being projected into my retinas and the sounds I’m hearing is just a hollow
and shallow shell of what was once a fantastic show. That happened to be created by writers who will sacrifice any quality they had for the sake of the desires
/ship of themselves and a rabid fanbase. Then, they kiss. Eventually, they finally get the fuck back
to the important stuff, and we find out that Moon betrayed everyone. Now I’ve already said why that makes literally no sense, so we’re just gonna move on. Starts out with a flashback of how Mina was recruited into the Solarian army. We finally
get to see/hear Solaria. One episode before the finale.
The flashback is short lived (about 2 minutes), and establishes Mina was once a sane peasant
girl who joined the army out of ignorance. But they never do anything with this, Mina
never returns to sanity. Nor is this ever used to induce sympathy from the audience. Again, nothing. We cut back to reality to see Star fighting
with Moon about the twist. Moon claims she “stopped Mina from doing
far worse” Which, again doesn’t make any fucking sense. And she claims she doesn’t like Eclipsa
because she was trapped in the magic dimension because of her. Which–AGAIN, bullshit she was ignorant to the whole thing. And Eclipsa says “I tried my best, but it appears my best
wasn’t enough” But… she was literally doing fine. The majority ended up supporting her in the end. The only reason why this happened is because Moon kept these people from dealing with the reality like everyone else. Moon also claims she never intended for the
soldiers to attack monsters, even though she literally knew that all of the townspeople
were racist and would attack monsters if given the power
And she acts like this isn’t a big deal. THEY’RE LITERALLY ABOUT TO CAUSE A GENOCIDE,
AND THEY ALREADY WOUNDED VARIOUS CIVILLIANS. We get a scene of the MHC, Rhombulous is now
100% irredeemable, so is Omni. Even Shaun, who’s supposed to just be neutral to everything. Hekapoo is the only sane one. Eclipsa surrenders the throne, and Moon tries
to call off the warriors BIG SURPRISE, THEY DON’T DO IT. Also, the oath excuse for the power spell
makes no sense- “This wasn’t supposed to happen”
W O W, G O O D J O B! Star is the better character for calling Moon
out for her bullshit. And on top of this, we get a halfhearted “this
is sparta” reference. But then Hekapoo rescues them just in time, thank you. Meanwhile River is actually just the best character. He helps Globgor escape Mina and is taking him to the sanctuary. Thank you River being one of the only characters to stay consistent throughout the whole show. Then in Tavern at the End of the Multiverse, it starts out with a really dumb Marco line that has no business being there in the first place. “Hekapoo, we were kinda in the middle of something” I’m sorry? You were literally about to die Marco? Shut your mouth?? Hekapoo decides a better solution is to hide out in the Tavern. Eclipsa eventually tries going back to help her husband “Globgor needs my help!” “Yes, but it’s too dangerous!” [N O B O D Y – L I K E S – Y O U , B I T C H !] Star is actually the good character here for calling out Moon. I’ve already shown to you that there was literally no reason for this plot twist. Star even goes as far to say she should stand in the void, where she doesn’t exist. Writers try justifying the plot twist by shoehorning
in some fabricated flashbacks of Moon asking Rhombulous to release Globgor, and also shows her creating the solarian warriors. Quirky DIES due to the solarian wound, again, it’s Star’s fault for not helping with the evacuation Also no evacuation actually occurred, what
happened to everyone else helping with this part? Why are they still in this room?? Star throws a temper tantrum and suddenly
declares that she hates magic, and wants to destroy it. She also somehow comes up with the idea that using the whispering spell in the realm of magic would work. In the grandma room, the past queens are seen.
Although for some reason, Moon’s cutout is seen here. even though she’s still alive and out there- She’s not seen in the grandma room. Star’s tapestry is finished, showing her
destroying the magic. But then Star starts whining about how Marco isn’t in the tapestry, despite the fact they only started dating within the same day. Star lists off her, Janna, and Marco when
explaining where the magic put them, somehow completely forgot and left out Tom. Glossaryck also confirms that destroying the
magic would destroy him, and by extension, all magical beings. Star says the line, confirming Toffee was
right all along. “So I have to destroy the magic… I guess this means Toffee was right…” “YES!” [AGGRESSIVE CLAPPING] “S U R P R I S E !” [R E A L – H A P P I N E S S] This is the last moment I felt actually happiness with this show. And it’s also the last sighting, and mention of Toffee. But we’re not done yet, we have one more… So here we are, the series finale. For starters, the intro isn’t even changed,
just shortened with a very sloppy edit. Both Eclipsa and Moon seem to be apprehensive
about Star’s plan. Star explains her plan to Hekapoo, and she
just nonchalauntly agrees to help her by opening the portals.
When Marco asks her if she’ll die from it, Hekapoo only replies with “I always had
the feeling this stuff did more harm than good”
She’s apparently just okay with dying. Marco just says “aw I’m gonna miss her”
I FEEL LIKE YOU’D BE MORE UPSET ABOUT THIS- Marco takes the wand and we see it transform
back to the wand we saw in S3. Eclipsa says “Are they (dating)? Aww”
Even though the last time Eclipsa saw Star, she was just about to go on a perfectly fine
romantic getaway with Tom. Now, she suddenly comes back and she’s with Marco. Also the firstborn is dead. It got ganked. Then the writers pull a trick out of their magic hat, and now pudding is apparently the secret
to not losing your mind in the magic dimension. And conveniently, Marco happened to get a bunch
of them. Then she says… “Yeah magic’s weird” (which is another beat around the bush statement) We see the corrupted horse and Tom riding
it. Star seems surprised that he was still in
here She forgot about him despite the fact they
broke up 2 days ago. Speaking of the horse, it’s really fucking loud and annoying. Like, shut up- Mina and the rest of the warriors happen to
find Eddie, River, and Globgor near the sanctuary. They pull the thing up and conveniently hear
Star saying the whispering spell Y’know something funny about this, not only
is Star considerably far away from the Mewni well, she’s also saying the “whispering
spell” Y’know, you’re supposed to w h i s p e r? Also, the whispering spell is completely different than the time’s we’ve seen it before? Again, before you’re still able to hear she’s saying. They made up actual words
for it. Why did they forget this? It’s really not
that hard- The spell is only used 2 other times in the show. You can literally look up the
clips on YouTube if you’re too lazy to watch the episode back. Moon comes by and says “please stop” which
confirms she’s still against this idea Also, how did they even get here?
And in literally 5 seconds, she changes her mind and agrees with Star. Even Eclipsa. With that being said, Moon is forgiven way
too quickly, especially since the fact that she’s the sole reason the magic needs to be destroyed
in the first place. Marco learns how to do magic in a very short time, considering that magic is usually something that requires years of training. Also, his cheekmarks don’t show up while
he’s doing spells. One of the only good parts of this episode is when my wish is fulfilled, and the unicorn gets kicked. “yEaH DoeSn’T ThAt SouND GReAt??” “No, I’m gonna kick you across the room.” “He’S OnE WiTH MAgiC NoW!” “Kick him!” [JOY] Marco feeds Tom the pudding, but gets PHYSICALLY STABBED ALL THE WAY THROUGH by the unicorn’s horn. PHYSICAL, MIND YOU, NOT A “MAGIC WOUND” The stab wound is hinted to be a serious thing, but is later scrapped in its entirety with no explanation. Meteora also uses her butterfly form, again–
despite never going through Mewberty or becoming anything more than a fuckin baby.
And also starts using the whispering spell???? And if she’s not saying the spell, then what
is the point of this part??? Corrupted magic is the same Goo as Toffee
was made out of in Battle for Mewni, yet no mention of him is even made in this episode.
The antagonist for 2 whole seasons, forgotten. Past queens show up in ghost form. And now
all the queens are apparently happy they’re destroying it??? Even though they were upset and angry about it in the last episode. They even help out??? It did lead to some of the only good parts of this episode: Moon seeing her mother again,. Solaria rejecting Mina and seeing Meteora Finally gives some closure to their complete
opposite views. This was much needed, but it only lasts for 8 seconds. Mina enters the realm of magic and gets trampled
by the loud horse. Not sure why the horse conveniently went for Mina and not the people trying to destroy him. Marco celebrates about flipping an average
sized horse, even though he’s been shown to do much stronger things in the series.
And again him being so strong in the first place makes no sense because he’s “still a human and not a mewman” Magic gets corrupted fully, and the same stormy
environment we saw in BFM is seen And the queens start to disappear . The next conflict is Star leaving Marco behind,
they have to go separate ways. Marco needs to go to the Earth well, and Star needs to
go to the Mewni well. But then Star randomly decides that she’d rather
abandon everything and everyone to be with Marco, and she jumps back into the well, except
the Earth well has already closed. And Marco evidently decided to do the same. Also, the Earth well just so happens to be pretty close now, and it doesn’t add up to the long time it took
to get there in Mama Star. Glossaryck’s final line is kinda ruined
here. His last words are “but the kid’s still here” Which is a pretty big downgrade from this “Well, A good captain always goes down with his ship” Little details like that add up and make this
a really bad episode. Marco’s cheekmarks show up again in this
next part, but nothing ever comes of it. Again, I think this plot point has been scrapped
by now- Star and Marco then do something through the
power of love. And create a link between the dimensions And this really only implies that only “relationship love” can do this Again, it really would’ve been more impactful if they were just best friends, because that at least
had 4 seasons build up. Their romantic relationship had 2 episodes. They teleport to “where they belong” Star, Moon, Eclipsa, and Meteora no longer
have cheekmarks, confirming to us that it was caused by magic exposure. You already
heard me say why this is a plothole, so I’m not gonna waste your time more. Solarian soldiers turn back to regular people,
and most of them just go “wow that was real scary, I’m reformed now” or “Haha we’re
free!” No actual punishment for their actions Mina is still insane, just without any powers
now. Moon tries to help her, but she declines and then this random monster girl tries killing
her. You missed a little Then Mina spouts some ominous shit about how
she’ll never really be gone, and walks off with Manfred.
No punishment for Mina. At all. At this point, everyone is off the hook. Meteora is off the hook, Mina is off the hook, all the townspeople are off the hook, Moon is off the hook Toffee was the only one who wasn’t off the
hook. And he was the only to be confirmed to be in the right. It would have been so simple to give Toffee
a proper farewell, they didn’t even need his voice actor for this! This would have been something, and it was
so easy. But they didn’t do it. Also, Globgor, someone who was hyped up for a full season, didn’t have a single line in the series finale. Ponyhead is apparently still able to float,
even though that makes 0 sense. Although it probably wouldn’t leave the best feeling
if Star knew she crippled her friend’s entire species. Star starts to feel guilt and sorrow because
she’ll never see her friends again Marco, Kelly, and Talon are all from different
dimensions. Then the writers give a sad attempt of like an epilogue of sorts for those characters that aren’t on Mewni. Kelly is apparently so happy on some adventure right now (despite the fact she will never
see Marco, Star, or ANYONE again) Talon is bragging at a bar. Which– honestly is the most likely thing out of all this. Theses aren’t even real, this is through the fucked up mind of Ponyhead. We don’t actually ever see these characters again. Ponyhead asks what happened to the MHC, we
see that Rhombulous and Omni are dead. This is played off as a joke, despite them
being really important characters. Here’s what isn’t a joke Hekapoo is dead, she was actually a good person
that had multiple episodes dedicated to building her personality and relationship with Marco Reynaldo is dead. He died without ever getting his father’s love or approval. Glossaryck is dead. The most important being
in the multiverse is gone. All of those spells we had multiple episodes
dedicated to? Yeah, those spells that all had families, friends, complete sentience,
thoughts, and aspirations? Dead. All of them Father time is dead.
Those animals that helped turn his wheel are dead. In that case, TIME IS DEAD TOO.
No one’s pushing that fuckin’ wheel! Doop Doop is dead dead. And the laser puppies… are apparently not
dead. At first, we were very skeptical at this,
as it really doesn’t make much sense. The puppies were made from magic, they poofed
into existence through Star’s wand. How do they survive but not the Magic High Commission? But later on, we were given an explanation
that makes sense a little. There’s still problems with this, but I’ll cover that
in a sec. Star destroyed magic with only Mewni in mind, she never considered the dire consequences.
Countless dimensions with societies that rely on magic to function are going to collapse.
She didn’t care that she would never see friends like Kelly again. She didn’t care
that it would cripple the ponyheads’ entire species, because again, the fact that they
can float without any magic makes no sense. And she didn’t care that she would cause full-genocide
of magical beings. And she never considered that destroying magic
would render them powerless against any remaining Septarians who still hold grudges against
the mewmans and Butterfly family. Like, oh I don’t know, SETH?? Because, hey! By the way! HE’S STILL ALIVE CANONICALLY! W H E R E – I S – H E ? All she cared about was not being able to
be with her boyfriend that she only started dating within that same day. TV Tropes has summed this up pretty well –
Any other civilizations in the multiverse that relied on magic for one reason or another
will (at best) face significant societal upheaval and chaos, and at worst collapse entirely
(if they don’t outright die with magic). The actions of the four Butterflies were meant
to avert potential genocide of the monsters, but they ultimately caused a genocide in the
process. (TVTropes 2019) Marco’s physical wound just disappears.
Why did they even take the time to have that happen in the first place? Janna gives the best last line she could ever
give. “I know how to drop my pulse to 0, but only for 60 seconds.” “RUN!” [DEAD] A portal appears on both sides, suggesting
it’s not gonna be as simple as “no magic, so they’re separated” Now we get this running sequence where the
writers desperately try to make this seem more like a finale by chucking in a bunch
of background characters and references. But similar to Britta’s Tacos, it only feels
empty. The music is good though, that’s one thing
that never changed about the show. Brian H. Kim is a good lad.
His Jeremy is Awesome joke is god tier. I love this man. Ludo, an extremely crucial part to the show’s
story, gets 4 seconds in the series finale. The portals explode, and somehow combines
Mewni and Earth This still doesn’t help the fact that Kelly, another
big character that was friends with both Star and Marco will never see any of them again. The writers then paint this as a happy ending. Oh Nice! The worlds are combined so TheY CANBE TOGETHeR! LoOk AT THEESe niCE COLoRFULL BacKGRounDS OoOO Despite the fact this would cause mass chaos
on a universal scale. Not only did Star and Marco uproot 2 (or more) dimensions for the sake of being together They likely caused the racism to get worse
Caused governmental panic and chaos by merging a monarchy and democracy (US Government)
Cause mass panic to both sides, citizens are not used to this and they are LITERALLY SCREAMING- I DON’T SEE VERY MUCH HAPPY ABOUT THIS SITUATION But don’t worry, because they can be together
now. And that’s what we’ve always wanted. Right? So fans were pretty mixed about this finale. Out of every episode this is the one people were
most critical of. Daron had stated that she thought the ending
would be “satisfying” to everyone, “Lot’s of fun, adventures, a lot of Eclipsa, a lot of surprises!-” “I think everyone’s gonna really enjoy it. [ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT?] Evidently that wasn’t the case. Daron would continue answering non
important/random questions on her twitter up until 3 months later, an AMA was held on
the official Star Vs. the Forces of Evil subreddit. It was held by Daron Nefcy (Creator), Dominic
Bisignano (Supervising Producer), Aaron Hammersley (Writer), and Adam McArthur (Marco’s VA) …It was kind of a disaster!
They mainly only answered the simple questions, while dancing around the important ones. They
would also take the time to respond to things that were clearly answered in the
show. And some of the answers they did give to the
important questions were downright confusing. “Was there a planned Season 4 intro? It felt weird to still have to go through the Season 3 intro cause it was so outdated, still seeing Ludo taken over by Toffee and all.” “A G R E E D” [THIS IS ALL VERY NICE, BUT IT DOESN’T SOLVE THE MYSTERY] Or this one. This one’s a classic! “Uh, does Toffee have a backstory or was he just included for the plot?” [random moaning emoji] “Y E S !” “May I see it?” “n o.” Like what even was that?! Also apparently Toffee was a historian?? And that’s
how he knew about the whispering spell? I’m not so sure about that one chief. I highly
doubt the spell that can delete an entire element of the universe is included in any
book at your fuckin’ local library. Also that still doesn’t explain how he knew that it was the first spell her mother taught her For all we know the first spell she taught here was fUCKIN DOOP-DOOP! And apparently now Toffee’s only motive
was to get his finger back?? Even though they literally confirmed in Season 4 that he was at war with
magic? And that was his motive. Tom can apparently still make portals even
though it was shown that was controlled by Hekapoo’s magic. (AND HEKAPOO/MAGIC IS NOW
GONE) Any question that even remotely suggested
anything bad about starco or its arc either got downvoted into oblivion, or removed by
the subreddit’s mods. Oh but nothing takes the cake like this right
here. Evidently quite a few people were asking about
Seth. Y’know the giant overlord of the series? So… let’s see what they responded with. According to Dominic, Seth is still alive. Evidently he WAS included as a “fun fact”
in the book. But he would be the antagonist if the show had another season. Alright. That “fun fact” part is kinda
wack, y’know, that’s kinda a big thing to be have as just a “fun fact” but oh well. Good
answer. Good job. Let’s see what Daron said. “Seth has been dead for a long time.” “We only get so many episodes per season so he’ll need to just be in the book for now.” Okay, so according to Dominic, Seth is Alive, but less than 15 minutes later Daron comes in and says he’s been dead for a long time… Did– Did you guys just contradict each other… whEN YOU’RE IN THE SAME FUCKING ROOM?? [HOW DID THIS HAPPEN.MP4] Did you guys like talk to each other during
this? Did you guys make eye contact? Were you even in the same room or was this photo taken 3 days prior during your lunch break?? Like what happened here?? Also I find it interesting how Daron’s favorite
episode of the show is the episode where the main characters are held hostage and forced
to kiss. The other one is fine though, Into the Wand was a fantastic episode and I agree with her decision there And I also find it interesting how Daron
didn’t understand the cliche of “boy protagonist and girl protagonist get together at the end” So yeah. The AMA was kinda a disaster. But it doesn’t
stop there. Part of me wish it did stop there… but it went further. After the AMA ended, one of the people on
my discord, Inazuma, had taken to Twitter to voice their disappointment Evidently, Marco’s VA, Adam, saw this and
decided to retweet it and call them out. Like, he didn’t even know why we were upset
or anything, he just– yoink! Post it right there. Call ’em out. Now before I continue with this part, let
me say that Adam is a good person. I don’t have anything against Adam.
Adam, on the very rare case that you’re watching this, I respect the work that you do, you were the perfect casting for Marco Diaz. Now, him retweeting that had gotten a few
others from the discord– myself included involved. We eventually had asked him some questionsabout the show, and for the most part, the answers he gave lined up with that of Daron’s. Common answers like “that’s how it is,”
or– sorry, “that’s how they BEEEEEEEEE” However, a few things actually did end up
getting answered. We got some insight on the magic genocide. So essentially, there’s two outcomes to
the effects of Cleaved on magical creatures. Magic is used to create actual organic material
(i.e puppies). Magic is further used to give them laser capabilities. When magic is destroyed,
the laser power goes away, and they remain as regular puppies made from organic material. So
Daron’s explanation of the puppies being alive actually makes [kinda] a bit of sense. However, there’s no telling who dies and
who gets to live then. The warnicorn from Battle for Mewni died,
they didn’t just turn into a regular horse or anything, By that logic, the sentient spells would still
be dead. And the fact that magic could create organic material like that is something they really should’ve said in the show. That’s kind of a big thing. Like again all these “answers” are coming after the fact, they were not put in the actual show like they should’ve. We’re reaching some J.K Rowling type shit here. I had snuck in one last question to Adam,
but he was unable to respond. Regardless, thank you for your time Adam. Again, I respect your work So overall, looking back at this show, it was kinda a mess. So… what happened? What went wrong? In 2018, Dominic Bisignano replied to an anonymous
ask on his tumblr account. In the reply, he had confirmed that Star Vs. the Forces of
Evil was being written as production went along And you’re able to see this in action right
here. Daron tweeted out after the finale of Star finished production, 1 month before it
aired. Now, that writing method works if you’re writing for a fun cartoon like Spongebob or something. But if you’re writing like that for a story-filled
show like SVtFoE, THAT’S A BIG PROBLEM. Writing without a set plan is dangerous, you’re more susceptible to forgetting plot points you established. And sure enough, there are a multitude of
plot points they set up in previous seasons, but didn’t do anything with. I really don’t understand how Dominic flaunts
this like it’s a good thing. Every person I’ve asked about this have agreed this is a terrible idea. And if you scroll down, you’ll find a post
of him contradicting himself when he was accused of “pandering” to starco fans. And I love how he suggests that the fans have
no influence on the show in that way, yet if you scroll up for two seconds you’ll find this shit Also, Daron had said in this interview that
suggests otherwise By writing as they go along, they’re able
to “see what works” for people. So yeah, they alter stuff based on fan reception. Also, Daron in the AMA had said that she started working on Star since 2007. Even though the premise that she pitched in 2007 is like completely different than what we have today. She had originally wanted Star to be a 4th grader who only THOUGHT she was magic. I’m not sure what kind of story could’ve come out of that. And in the same interview, she says this: “When I started pitching Star in 2007, no one wanted to make a show with a female lead character.” hmm im n o t – s o – s u r e – a b o u t – t h a t – o n e . . . Alright, getting away from the interview, I’m not done yet. While rewatching the show, I decided to pay a bit more attention to the credits. And I discovered something. Throughout the show, there was a role called “Continuity Coordinator” held by Wendy Jacobsmeyer. As the (role) name suggests, she is in charge of continuity, and mainly making sure they don’t
break it. Wendy stayed with this role for the entire
show up until “Cornonation” Where she’s suddenly placed as “Animation Checker”
for two episodes. And then… gone. Wendy is completely taken off of production,
and no one held the role of Continuity Coordinator. The role was gone in its entirety. …Why? No, literally why? Why would you remove a role that’s sole purpose is to make sure you don’t break continuity in a show that HAS A LOT OF STORY AND CONTINUITY???! No matter what way you look at this, this
is a problem. Writing without a plan, and then taking away the one thing that prevents you from making mistakes is a flaw. No way around it. “BUT BUT BUT WAIT–” “DISNEY RUSHED THEM!! DISNEY BAD!! ” Okay, let’s say for a second that Disney
did rush them, I get it, it happens. But the problem is they prioritized shipping drama over the story almost entirely. Even if they were told “hey, by the way, this is the last season” midway through production, they still made the wrong choice by choosing to ignore so many loose ends in favor of shipping. But HEY WAIT A MINUTE-
WHAT’S THIS? Daron confirmed herself that she knew she
was only getting 4 seasons prior to all this?? So what the hell happened then??! “THEN WHAT WAS THE POINT OF ANY OF THIS??” Okay… now, again I want to restate. I don’t
have anything against you guys as people. I’m sure you’re both very sweet and nice people. And if we talked over lunch, we would have a good time. I’m sure you’re all great people. But as showwriters, you guys got some stuff you got to work on. And that’s what it boils down to. This was
Daron Nefcy’s first show. Most writer’s first shows don’t even get this far. She had a show that had the potential of going down as something amazing, but in the end, they dropped the ball. In case you don’t know, Gravity Falls is pretty much unanimously held on a high pedestal.
You should WANT your cartoon to be a Gravity Falls. This show had the potential to go out as a Gravity Falls. The problem is, it went on for longer than
it needed to, and left way too many loose ends open. The most loose ends were established
in the earlier seasons (or the book, in Seth’s case) And it primarily deals with Toffee / Raptor plot in general / Star’s Family What was the whole in between from the BFM
flashback to when we saw Toffee in Episode 8 Where is Seth? Or ANYTHING about him, really Does he even exist at this point? Because he was a thing created after Battle for Mewni)
Where was Toffee going to go after he “succeeded” How did Toffee really know about the Whispering
Spell? What’s the deal with Toffee’s hinted connection with Marco? What’s the deal with Celena, or anything about her in general? What are her secrets she apparently had?
What is Marco’s connection to Celena? Where’s Marco’s monster arm? What’s up with Marco’s cheekmarks– and again, “magic exposure” is not a reasonable excuse.
It could’ve been easy connecting it back to the Butterfly family considering Eclipsa’s dad’s little cameo here. Though it still wouldn’t explain why non-Butterfly family people (Moon/Star) still have them. So really, Marco’s cheekmarks should’ve never
happened. It only caused confusion. Ludo’s redemption arc was horribly underdone
(2 episodes ain’t enough) They never elaborated on Toffee’s ties with Eclipsa
How did Toffee even corrupt magic in the first place (did he use the whispering spell? Like
this could’ve been answered in one second) What was the deal with Marco being hinted to be evil so many times? There were SO many opportunities to explain
all of these, but they missed them, and instead favored filler and random shipping
drama. And with them continuing it for longer than
it needed, it opened up for lazy writing, which caused the various problems I stated before. So… How could it have been done better? I had mentioned before how this series had
the potential to go down as a “Gravity Falls” The thing about Gravity Falls, Alex Hirsch
knew EXACTLY when to end it. He understood that a story has a beginning,
a middle, and an end. And he took it upon himself to end the show.
That’s right, Gravity Falls was ENDED (by his own will), not cancelled not rushed, no bullshit. He ended it. That being said, Daron Nefcy should’ve known when the perfect time to end this show would’ve been. And that time is riiiight about *here* Battle for Mewni This event was the conclusion of the overarching
story that was being set up over the first two seasons. Also, if you’d notice. It’s
actually the only “special event” of the entire series. Even the series finale wasn’t
considered a “special event” And any large writing issues happened after this event. Ending it here would’ve left it off at a
high note. But, admittedly, Battle for Mewni isn’t
perfect, not at all actually. But I believe with a few tweaks, this could’ve
been a fuckin awesome series finale. Toffee’s death in the original BFM was rushed, and never really explained. How on Earth did
Star even revive ALL OF MAGIC from a tiny little nugget of uncorrupted magic?
And his death doesn’t even make sense. The raptor killing spell was specifically designed
to kill Septarians that can regenerate. And it took time, and effort to develop, enough
time was taken that Solaria had originally started developing the spell, but then was
killed by Toffee in the process, so Eclipsa had to finish it And Star just comes in and does this mindless anime blast, that doesn’t even 1-shot him!
The final blow is a pillar falling on him. Like what is realistically stopping him from
regenerating from any of that goop? Or this eye, that’s perfectly intact? If a random magic blast could kill Septarians, then the rebellion wouldn’t have been a problem in the first place. They’d be
just like any other monster attack. I feel like cleaning up this ending a bit
so it isn’t as rushed and anticlimactic would help make this a really good finale. For the main antagonist of 2 whole seasons, we sure don’t know a lot about Toffee. His plan was to destroy all magic and get
his finger back. And he immediately left everyone alone once he achieved that. And again, we don’t know about any of the
in-between of the BFM flashback and when he first appears. What was he doing this whole
time? How did he plan ALL of this out? Time spent on episodes like “Marco and the
King” and “Puddle Defender” could’ve been better used adding more closure to these
types of endgame-plot points. Especially since the events of these two episodes
can easily be told in short. Marco arrives at Mewni, Ludo finally attacks
the kingdom Done. Moon begins to be less racist, Star heads
to Butterfly Castle. Done. That’s *22 minutes that was just kinda wasted. So yeah utilizing that time to cover endgame plot points is a must. Unfortunately, having this be the finale would get rid of the few things that made the last two seasons enjoyable. The Eclipsa arc was by far the most interesting, but it doesn’t live up to the hype and mystery that the whole overarching Toffee story had. So unfortunately, we’d need to take a lot
of the Eclipsa stuff out, if we want this to be the ending. All of the hyping of her
being evil (which didn’t actually do anything in the end), the encounter in Battle for Mewni,
the contract, etc. The Into the Wand stuff can stay.
That was a frickin awesome episode. But all of the foreshadowing of her chapter would probably need to be changed a bit. Eclipsa was the main continuing factor from
BFM into Season 3. So taking her out leaves no other reason to continue the story.
It sucks, yes, but this is for the sake of having a better ending. Because obviously the one that we got was pretty shit. Remember that some of these foreshadowing
moments can stay. A series finale should wrap up the main story, while leaving a bit of
mystery to the imagination. Adventure Time and Gravity Falls do this very well. This also means that Tom would never have
his redemption arc. Which also megalodon sucks, but to be fair, I don’t think Daron really cared for his character to begin with, seeing that she based him off
of “all her ex boyfriends” …yikes If Battle for Mewni were the ending, “Into
the Wand” would lose a lot of it’s far-foreshadowing factors. We do end up learning about Moon in BFM, so the only ones that wouldn’t be covered from the episode would be Eclipsa, Solaria, and Celena. This may make the episode lose just a bit of meaning,
but overall, the episode is still fantastic. Seriously I can’t get over this moment: “But I didn’t fix my wand!” [DANGER] “IT DOESN’T MATTER.” ‘YOU’RE GOING TO DIE.” “Y O U – A R E – G O I N G – T O – D I E .” And again, little loose ends like this that aren’t too big leaves stuff to think about after the finale. A montage at the end of Battle for Mewni could cover a lot of ground. We could see things
like: people rebuilding the kingdom It could handle the racism plot instantly by simply showing Star/Moon signing
some sort of law into effect where Monsters and Mewmans are equal. Really, it didn’t need to be a 2 season arc- Could have Marco and (Whoever) still together,
and could show various moments of everyone still hanging out again. Again, Battle for Mewni would’ve been a
good ending. Especially with these little tweaks here. The story really didn’t need to continue
that much. But wait, I’m forgetting something again… “BLUE, WHAT ABOUT THE SHIPS????” “THE SHIPS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!” Ahh yeah, we gotta give the people what they
want, right? So it’s no surprise from this video that
shipping is one of this show’s main flaws. It overpowered nearly any logic or quality
to the story. And evidently it’s what people care about the most for some reason.
Even though if all you wanted was teen romance drama you could go watch literally any other
show- So with this vision of a Battle for Mewni
ending in mind, what do we do with the ships? Keep in mind, this is assuming that the Blood
Moon incident never happened, because I feel like this writing decision only caused trouble
for the show. Again, the writers kinda dug themselves a rabbit hole that they would
need to dig themselves before they establish Starco. Otherwise it would be established
through manipulation, and that would be wack for everyone. There are two paths that could be realistically here: Jarco and Starco. I’m gonna go through what the finale would look like with each ship. Again, like it or not, this ship makes the most sense in context. And it wouldn’t require any
changes throughout S2, as they were doing perfectly fine as a relationship for a full half of a season.
So nothing needs changing on the Jarco side, but there would need to be a resolution to
Star’s feelings for Marco. Probably the best way to do this is during
“Just Friends”. Instead of Star being secretly dying inside, we could have a moment
where she realizes Marco is genuinely happy like this, and she naturally gets over her
feelings for him. Thus, resolving the jealousy situation, and diffusing Starco. Marco can then be with Jackie after BFM, and still hang out with Star. Now let’s look at the Starco ending
This one is also surprisingly easy to fix. But it would
sacrifice the Jarco relationship in its entirety. I wouldn’t have Marco break up with Jackie, because again that doesn’t really make sense in context of the past 2 seasons. Instead, I would have them not get together in the first place. In “Sleepover” S2E9A, Jackie is over at
Star’s house, this is the first time Marco has been this close to Jackie. The most natural
way to diffuse the ship at this point is having Marco realize that maybe Jackie isn’t
as good as he thinks. This would be done by having Jackie doing, or saying something that would lower Marco’s interest in her. Not something shallow like “Oh she likes this random thing? That’s weird, I don’t like you anymore”. Something that actually says something about
her core personality. Something Marco as a character wouldn’t feel right with. After Marco gets over Jackie, Star will eventually notice that Marco is
feeling down about this, and they can talk about it. Star being there for Marco’s time of
need establishes a canon interest for their relationship. The rest of the season can be spent SUBTLY
making them closer and closer together (Same way that Jarco was done). Eventually leading to Star leaving during
“Starcrushed” because of Toffee returning, and Marco follows her into Mewni during “Battle
for Mewni” and then they can get together in a way that doesn’t completely interrupt the story. Or better yet, they could get together in
the “Just Friends’” episode, cause since Jarco doesn’t exist now, that episode slot is kinda just empty. This way, it would have no chance of interrupting the story during the finale. So there’s how I would’ve done it different.
I’m no show writer, but I can guarantee that having a better ending would’ve made this show more memorable. Shaffrillas Productions summed this up pretty
well “And then Blue Order asked:” “Any opinions on Star vs. the Forces of Forces of Evil’s final season? Are you aware of the writing issues it had?” “Y’know what?” “It was- I really liked it at first, and then it just collapsed into such a mediocre finale that did not answer any questions “I think endings really make something, like, stick out a lot more in my mind.” “But that’s how I feel about Star now, with the last season. It felt like such a non-climax that I just like– “The whole thing just kinda fell apart for me, so…” A show’s finale is what leaves the lasting
impact. That’s part of the reason why we all love
Adventure Time, and Gravity Falls so much. They both had very good endings. But that’s all for this giant video. I’m
sorry this took so long to make. This was over like *6 months in the making. I used to absolutely love this show. But it’s a shame that everything happened the way it did. Good news is, if you’re ever looking for
a rewrite of the series, TBlofeld’s got you covered. He’s doing this whole rewrite after Battle for Mewni and I haven’t caught up all the way
yet, but so far it’s really good! I just wanted to thank everyone who participated
in the project, and participated in the Star discussion chat, or any discussion in the comments or anything. This video would simply not exist without you. And I also want to thank my community in general for accepting how I feel about this show. From what I’ve seen in some other communities, if you bad-mouth this show you’re gonna get killed. So yeah, thank you guys for not killing me– up until this point at least. And now, I can rest easy, finally putting
this show behind me for good. Headband Guy: “HELP I’M EDITING THIS WITH NO PAY” “THIS IS ILLEGAL” “I’M A SLAAVE?!”

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  1. I used to put Star Vs. the Forces of Evil on a very high pedestal. After all, it was the show that became my # 1 favorite within its first season. But throughout Season 3 and Season 4, I noticed a decline in its writing quality. Plot points were dropped or ignored, huge things would come out of seemingly nowhere, and the story seemed become more and more neglected by the writers (who seemed to have favored shipping-drama more).

    In this video, I go through what exactly made this show fantastic, and how it declined in quality.

    (Credit to Headband Guy / Blier for getting the timestamps)

    00:00 – Introduction


    00:55 – Overarching Story/Plot
    03:31 – Side Note: Bon Bon the Birthday Clown

    05:23 – Antagonist/Toffee

    08:39 – Continuity

    11:20 – Characters

    14:43 – Shipping
    15:42 – Shipping: Jarco
    17:42 – Shipping: Starco
    18:08 – Side Note: Blood Moon Disqualifier

    19:18 – Positive Overview


    19:45 – Seasonal Story/Plot

    28:47 – Antagonists
    31:59 – Antagonists – Meteora Butterfly
    33:08 – Antagonists – Mina Loveberry
    34:05 – Antagonists – Moon Butterfly

    37:34 – Continuity 2
    56:27 – Side Note: Marco's Cheekmarks (and cheekmarks in general)
    57:50 – Side Note: Beating Around the Bush
    58:55 – Side Note: The Magic Book of Spells
    1:00:50 – Side Note: Eclipsa's "Darkest Spell"

    1:01:32 – Characters 2
    1:04:17 – Side Note: Marco and Star become terrible people

    1:10:10 – Shipping 2
    1:10:30 – Shipping 2: Jarco
    1:14:08 – Shipping 2: Tomstar
    1:16:24 – Shipping 2: Kellco
    1:18:46 – Shipping 2: Starco

    1:23:53 – Side Note: Teenagers are Dumb

    1:27:30 – Post Wendy Era
    1:27:50 – Post Wendy Era: Doop Doop/Britta's Tacos
    1:30:39 – Post Wendy Era – Beach Day/Gone Baby Gone
    1:32:23 – Post Wendy Era – Sad Teen Hotline/Jannanigans
    1:33:34 – Post Wendy Era – Mama Star/Read Aim Fire
    1:35:11 – Post Wendy Era – The Right Way/Here to Help
    1:39:31 – Post Wendy Era – Pizza Party/The Tavern At The End Of The Multiverse
    1:43:11 – Post Wendy Era – Cleaved

    1:53:10 – Post Finale Disaster

    1:58:19 – What Went Wrong

    2:01:45 – The Potential
    2:04:15 – The Potential: 1. Toffee's Death
    2:05:03 – The Potential: 2. Toffee's Backstory/motives
    2:05:49 – The Potential: 3. Little to No Loose Ends
    2:07:23 – The Potential: 4. Good Old Fashioned Montage
    2:08:01 – The Potential: 5. Shipping
    2:08:44 – The Potential: Shipping – Ending A. Jarco
    2:09:17 – The Potential: Shipping – Ending B. Starco

    2:10:38 – Ending

    Antagonist 1 – TBlofeld
    Shipping 1 – Matthew

    Antagonist 2 – Tblofeld
    – Moon section (More Soup)
    – Edited by Matthew

    Continuity 2
    – Edited by Headband Guy

    Characters 2 – Rainbow
    – Tom section (Rainbow)
    – Eclipsa/Globgor Section (Rainbow)
    – Edited by Matthew

    Shipping 2 – Helped by Matthew
    – Star was a terrible girlfriend (World of Meli)
    – Star selfish genocide (sloppyjeaux)
    – Edited by Matthew

    Post Wendy Era
    – Edited by Headband Guy

    The Potential
    – Edited by Headband Guy

    And I just want to give another megalodon thank you to Headband Guy (Blier) and Matthew for editing/adding the visuals to the large majority of this video.
    Seriously, this video would not be releasing ANYWHERE near today if they had not helped out.

    Matthew / Matthematical Reactions –

    Blier / Headband Guy –

    TBlofeld's Rewrite:


    – Mark Sparling – Day 10

    Overarching Story 1
    – Louie Zong – The Lost Library
    – Potsu – Take me there

    Antagonist / Toffee 1
    – Brian H Kim – Toffee Vs Marco
    – Louie Zong – Floating Fortress

    Continuity 1
    – Aimless – yours truly
    – Louie Zong – The Town Library

    Characters 1
    – Pandrezz – Takin’ You For a Ride
    – Louie Zong – The Jazz Club

    Shipping 1
    – Potsu + Land – breakfast
    – Louie Zong – on the move

    Title + Seasonal Story (2)
    – Jinsang – Island
    – Louie Zong – backpack heavy, mind light
    – Louie Zong – half asleep
    – Kudasai – dream of her

    Antagonist 2
    – Potsu – gogo
    – Cloudchord – Sunlit
    – Louie Zong – Orion
    – Crinkles – chronos

    Continuity 2
    – Potsu – food court
    – Ibrahim – Bullet Train Fantasy
    – Potsu – have you heard
    – Louie Zong – Florida
    – Louie Zong – images
    – Louie Zong – racing theme
    – Louie Zong – struttin’
    – Idealism – phosphenes
    – Louie Zong – here he comes
    – Louie Zong – Charlie brown’s day off

    Characters 2
    – Potsu – I’m in space
    – Potsu – fall apart
    – Louie Zong – curly

    Shipping 2
    – Brian H Kim – I Don’t Wanna Know
    – Potsu – Turtleneck
    – Louie Zong – steaks
    – Louie Zong – comforter
    – Crinkles – Gravity
    – Potsu – lovesick
    – Louie Zong – Allison
    – Potsu – Moments Notice
    – Louie Zong – Gretchen
    – Crinkles – Hydrangea
    – Mark Sparling – Mystery

    Post Wendy Era
    – 90s Flav – call me
    – The Deli – Vibes
    – Louie Zong – rain
    – Leaf Beach – Keef
    – The Deli – Flowers
    – Potsu – bird

    Post-Finale Disaster
    – Aso – Ultra Violet
    What Went Wrong
    – Mark Sparling – Day 10
    – Crinkles – Countess

    The Potential
    – Kudasai – the girl I haven’t met
    – Louie Zong – ice pond
    – Louie Zong – The Big Wave
    – The Deli – Sleepy Vibes
    – Louie Zong – Matter over Mind
    – The Deli – Water

    – Louie Zong – End of the Show
    – Dunderpatrullen – Face Against The Gardin

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    This is a direct content review/criticism of the original show, this directly falls under Fair Use Law. I am not claiming that I own the material shown in any way, this is simply a review.

  2. Can we just stop to appreciate the music in this video, like damn. Whoever edited the music in this needs some proper respect.

  3. Do wanna watch a (sort of) light hearted show (anime) with cute mecha designs and cute girls having powers with a protagonist who wants to stop magic from the very beginning?
    I recommend Granbelm. It has it's heavy moments but is overal pretty friendly and if after 3 epsiodes you still don't like it, drop it. I really enjoyed it though, my brain liked watching a 'light', easy digestible show for once.

  4. I won’t lie, I definitely got some “Steven Universe is Garbage” vibes when I saw the two hour length, but simply by starting with the positives and what made it good automatically puts this above Lily Orchard’s video. Good job dude!

  5. Spoke too much, spoke too good

    Great work with this video Blue, if it wasn't from you, i wouldn't know that writing a show in one-on-one episode could end up in a disaster

    Now i'm warned and prepared to work on mine projects, thank you! 😀

  6. That was truly a in depth analysis worth of all the praise it can get. I witnessed the months it took to stick all together on the Discord, and it was truly a megalodon work. I mean, I think you could already tell from the lenght, but still. So yes, good job and let's hope something like this happens the less possible in any other tv shows.

  7. Moral of the story: always consider your priorities when making a show. Don’t change shit on a whim just to accommodate a ship and throw out everything your story built up to.

  8. Finally, we can all move on from this show and the disappointment that was season 4. I hope people really watch the whole video because you guys put so much time and effort into this and it's very well made.

  9. Let’s be honest. Killing off Toffee so quick was one of the worst decisions in any Disney show. He truly was my favorite Disney villain, rivaling others like Bill Cipher.

  10. I've said this before. I'm no cosmologist, but it seems to me that making all dimensions one dimension is inherently unstable. I give the whole thing 8 picoseconds before we have a new big bang. So, my takeaway is that Star managed to destroy the entire multiverse. But, y'know, STARCO ÜBER ALLES! Ye gods, how the show made me loathe Starco. Now, I like fanfiction. I read it, I even write it (maybe I'm a masochist). That being said, the best Gravity Falls and Rick and Morty fanfics almost live up to the shows. The best Star vs. fanfics far surpass it. So, kudos to Daron and her team for making such a lore-rich, wonderful sandbox for others to play in. And shame on them for not living up to the potential that was there.

  11. Me: *gets home from school*
    *sees that Blue made a video*
    *sees that is the video of what went
    wrong in Star vs the Forces of Evil*

  12. This show actually Good if it only had 2 seasons and a half. The rest of the show just like TRASH ngl but it is one of the best cartoon i ever see so

  13. Holy shit, he finished it. He actually finished it. You madman.
    Can’t watch it rn bc it’s long and I gotta work but I can’t wait to see what you’ve been working so hard on.

    congrats dude and congrats to everyone who worked in this, it's amazing
    one thing I disagree tho is that in a Starco BFM ending I wouldn't like if Marco stopped liking Jackie so quickly. because for him to reconsider his feelings for someone he had a crush on for so long after their first time super close it would have to be something really big that he dislikes about her and I wouldn't like them giving Jackie some huge flaw so quickly since so many people already hated her (for no reason other than "SHE'S IN THE MIDDLE OF STARCO"), so that would probably drive people more away of her character and I really like her. maybe they could have her more on the show and on the course of episodes Marco starts liking her more as a friend than a love interest, he looses his adoration for her and starts seeing her in a same level manner of close friends 🙂

    ~~(would you do a s5 star reaction if it actually happened lol)~~

  15. I've been excited for this video to come out ever since it started production and oh my god this is absolutely amazing. I'm so proud of you guys who worked on the video together, if its just gathering notes or editing a big chunk of the video. You guys did a fantastic fucking job at this.

  16. Personally the reason I used to (not after season 3) ship starco wasn't due to any canonical romantic scenes, it was because Star and Marco were mutually beneficial in the relationship they had, whereas with Jackie and Marco only one person is really benefiting from the relationship, that being Marco. To elaborate on what I mean by this, by being friends with Marco, Star starts to mature and gain responsibility, season 1 Star is far more reckless and care free than season 2 and Marco has a big part in comforting Star as she comes to terms with things like her (thought to be) inevitable role as Queen of Mewni. By being friends with Star, Marco gets to experience the excitement he lacked in his own life and learns to relax, I would even say that it was Stars influence on Marco that gave him the confidence to interact more with Jackie as the seasons progressed. With Jackie and Marco's relationship while it also has chemistry, Jackie doesn't really gain anything constructive from Marco, sure Marco gains confidence by finally dating his childhood crush but for the most part Jackie doesn't really have any reason or need to rely on Marco like Star does, and so the relationship isn't mutually beneficial. I'm interested in hearing any arguments against this, like if I missed any development that Marco provided to Jackie's character or if anyone thinks that a mutually beneficial relationship is even the best one for romance in the first place, it has been awhile since I've revisited the show.

  17. I just want to say that ending a show is never easy. There are so many elements needed to make a 'perfect' finale. In a year we lost Star and Adventure Time it is clear why one is so much better. Star completely blew up in the last few episodes, a show I really liked and even loved felt like a completely different show in the last 2 seasons. Adventure Time's finale wasn't perfect but the show was consistent, the people working on Adventure Time clearly built up to final moments and deserved them. Star finale felt like a garbage fire and they tried to put it out with gasoline. Great video btw.

  18. Mad good video. It's great to see my thoughts be shared by others. Used to be so hype for this show, but mid season 3 and onwards it felt like I was watching new eps just for the sake of completion. They really cared way too much about relationships/shipping or at least put that stuff in focus at the worst times. And it's not like I don't like shipping, I was super into tomco at one point, but it just seemed like bait as the show went on. Welp, I hope other current cartoons possibly going for a more serious story transition in the future will learn from star vs. Again great review of the series!

  19. This video was super interesting and very well thought out and executed! I strayed away from svtfoe somewhere after season three and this video was really satisfying in terms of closure, and easy to follow.
    Also the Fallout reference completely won my heart

  20. finishes video …. Well Heckin Said. You got it all. I still remember the first time I got legit upset with the show was Toffee's death. Man it pissed me off hard.. And while I did enjoy parts of Season 3 and did enjoy Meteora as a threat, I see now the issues it had more clearly and agree more could've been done for her. Glad to see this beast now completed, and now I can move on. New season, movie or whatever, I'll just wait for the breakdowns of it out of morbid curiosity.

  21. Me since the start of the video: tom is litteraly the only good charactore in this show
    1:06:54 YEEEEEEEES!!!!!!! SOMEONE FINALLY NOTICED!!!!😂😂😂😂😢😢😢😢😂😂😂😂😂😂

  22. This is probably your best video yet. This was super well done and had great editing. I also agree with all of the points you made about Star. I'm still upset that it ended the way it did, but sadly, we can't do anything to fix it. Also, if you're looking for more shows to react to, I highly recommend Mao Mao Heroes of Pure Heart. It's a pretty good show and has amazing characters and all that good stuff. You should check it out. This video was truly epic. 😎👍

  23. Blue this video was amazing, and definitely worth the wait. It was an honor to help you with this video, but lets hope you don't have to make this kind of video again for any other shows. This entire video was an experience, and I'm glad to have been part of it. Now you can finally get to watching good shows.

  24. Alright, now that I've slowly gotten through this during the course of my day, here's my hot take:

    If you end at Battle For Mewni and have Jarco intact, here's what should happen:

    In "Just Friends" the first time I watched it I was convinced that (since it was obviously going to be Star being a third wheel) someone would be there for her in the end if she felt sad about Marco. Hmm I wonder who else in this Canon was an established fan of the band?

    (Same Tom joke Blue used for good characters)

    They could've started his transition to a better person and have them initially not want to get involved again, until Star genuinely sees that Tom's a different person and they get together while/before/after working together with Marco and everyone to save Mewni.

    Also God No Please don't grab more gasoline for the garbage fire.

  25. While I see your points I feel it would of gotten stale if toffee was kept for 2 more seasons. I do think he should of come back somehow at the very end when the magic was being destroyed, but I think just focusing on him as a central antagonist for 4 seasons would have been tiring. I think the changes in 3 were refreshing, but they could have transitioned more smoothly. As for the societal issue plot change lasting 2 seasons, I think that was fine as the toffee plot also lasted 2 seasons.

  26. I don't know if you talked about this in the review because I'm only a half hour in, but imma just question this-

    How tf is Tom supposed to get back to his home? Earth and Mewni merged, so that would mean the underground would just be inside the earth. But without being able to teleport through the Fire plume thingy, he legit can't get back-

    Also: How would the underground appearing out of no were affect the earth? Surly some dangerous things would happen if a clump of the earths crust (mantle?) legit just disappeared, and then replaced with an entire friking kingdom-

    Edit: Nevermind about the Tom getting home stuff. However, I'm still wondering the conciquences about a literal chunk of the earths core getting obliterated-

  27. I gotta say, this was really worth the wait. I'm glad someone was finally able to put it into words. Great job, Blue!

  28. I watched this entire review and I loved every second of it. This is the most effort on a review I have ever seen. Every point on this review was well thought out. It was worth waiting. 10/10!

  29. Man you bring up some really good points! I shipped starco before this video but.. now I'm not so sure anymore. You seem to have spent so much time on everything. Good job putting this great video together!😁

  30. First of all I´m just want to say that you put work on this video and is indeed appreciated, and while I agree in some of your points that the show took some bad decisions at times, I still feel that at the end of the day saying the first two seasons were good and the rest suck is wrong, because that depends on the individual themselves.

    Personally, I would say that the first season wasn´t that good and the rest were great, but I know that at the end of the day that mentally is based on what I personally enjoyed about the show and what attracted me to it in the first place.

    In the end, I guess what I´m trying to say is that everyone can express what they like and dislike of the show and is 100% valid to them why is start falling apart for them as time when on, but it doesn´t mean that 100% to all viewers of the show (some of them of course, but not everyone as a whole)

    Again good video, I can see you put a lot of time and effort in analyzing the show as a whole, I just feel that type of mentally is not correct.

  31. I kinda want to give an idea for something that could've happened in Season 4:

    So, you know how we have the whole "Marco having the same cheekmarks as Celena" thing? Well, also consider that Celena is implied to have demon DNA. The Blood Moon is a curse that binds peoples' souls together, something demons use.

    So, picture this: We have Eclipsa, who was implied to be evil but turned out to be good. Well, what if we have Celena implied to be good but turned out cunning and mischievous? What if Celena read up on what happened to Solaria with Toffee and recognized that he was still out there along with Seth? What if Celena manipulated the Blood Moon Curse to instead not bind two peoples' souls together under the light… but her soul with someone under the light? She would possess that person under the light and, if Toffee was still alive, she would use the host to kill him using Eclipsa's darkest spell, assuming Eclipsa recorded it in the book. This would explain Marco's cheekmarks being the same as Celena's, it would explain why he seemed to be able to do magic easily… and you know what? Let's take it one step further:

    Let's use the Celena Possession idea to fulfill the Evil Marco foreshadowing. What if Celena finds that Toffee or Seth is not dead, and wages a war against him and his monster companions unaware of the progress Eclipsa and Star have made to mending the tension between the two? And y'know what? Possessed Marco could wear the Princess Turdina outfit! It would give that outfit a bit more purpose beyond being an alter ego for Marco. And Celena could even use the monster arm to her advantage in Marco's body! She could have more control over it, maybe use a spell to make it complacent to her desires.

    This would also make the ending a lot more tragic! Star having to fight her best friend who's essentially gone from existence and his mind replaced by one of her old grandmothers whom she thought was purely just a shy queen!

    Of course there's a lot of kinks to work out with my idea, but I think it could've been a good way to not only bring more light to another queen, answer some unresolved questions, and make a more tragic and heart-wrenching bittersweet ending.

  32. I took me forever to actually watch this because I was busy but this is an incredible examination of SvtFoE. Just so much good going to a completely 180 and becoming bad. I was on board with starco but… not like this, not like this. I am super greatful for the amount of effort you have put into this and taking the time to go into every detail of the show and what went wrong so quickly. I do hope I can see more examinations of shows similar to this format but not the way it took you so long to make. Something that's more reasonable and probably talks about the other spectrum of things like how well a show is done (similarly to that game review you did a while back). Anyways, thank you so much for giving us such a involved video and your feelings towards the show.

  33. WHAT!? Blue had slightly different feelings about svtfoe than me?! Well, now that I have sat through this 2 hour video I am going to immediately overlook every single valid and credible point you made in order to not sacrifice my previous conviction. I am afraid that this means you have to die. (In all seriousness FREE BLIER!)

  34. About the dream of Marco seeing his friends leave, I did an educated guess long ago that maybe it was a foreshadowing of him leaving earth and all his friends behind to go back to Star (because of the Blood Moon connecting them, the why they "float" to it as a way to imply that he left earth and they all keep on with their lives without putting too much mind into it cause they know he is safe with Star, but that is just my educated guess) and you forgot to mention Star became a horrible friend neglecting Kelly on the Beach episode when Kelly was visibly sad and she just leaved her abandoned to spend time with her boyfriend. It wouldn't have been bad if she at least for mere education would have faked some interest on knowing what was wrong with her friend. She didn't even mentioned about Marco's birthday being soon. I think I mentioned before but I believe somewhere in tumblr one of the boardist of that episode said that he was sorry he had to cut that ship too roughtly but that it was because "they were running out of time". Dunno how true this statement is… but if it was true then it would be even worse for the story and development. Sadly I don't know if I could find the post anymore but oh well. And the Kellco break up was really shitty and sorry for the word but it really pissed me up cause they were good together, they were happy and all that was thrown thrown out of the window by starco's sake which is pretty pathetic. When Shipping takes over a show that is the wrost thing that can happen and I am so grateful and glad you pointed out all this facts cause really… someone needed to set feet on this whole fandom and really adress the situation and all those mistakes that downgraded the show.

  35. Oh I’ve been waiting for this! I might have to watch this in chunks though. Wow 2+ hours of a review, that is an impressive about of work for a video! Good job!

    but jokes aside, i appreciate you made this video. Star Vs will always be one my top favorite series of all time but I agree on how whole last season fell through and could of had alot of potential plots and better ways to end the series. And let me just clarify. I'm a big time shipper. I loved the shipping drama. I loved TomStar, TomCo, And Jarco. and I am all for the starco train, I will DIE for starco!!!! but god their relationship seemed rushed last minute and needed more time to expand and just made me feel bad for Tom. And TOFFEE. GOOD LORD YOU DONT GIVE US THE BIGGEST BADDEST ANTAGONIST EVER AND THEN JUST KILL HIM OFF AND NEVER MENTIONED AGAIN. AND NO SETH BOI. Ludo didn't get much justice and needed a better arc. And Mina was just a eh villian compared to toffee. and when they moved the whole series to just mewni, just made me miss the charm of the first two seasons. Eclipsa was a great character and loved her plot and development but so sad we didnt get much detail or more flashbacks regarding the other queens of mewni. The finale of the series wasnt the best imo and could of been so much more and left us with a bang. But 🤷 oh well. Do I hate the series because it fell flat? No. I still love it dearly. The main plot was amazingly written, the characters are unforgettable and my shipping heart went nuts over all the drama. I kinda wish they can work on a special, release an alternate ending or a spin off series to make up for that rush finale. Star vs will still always have a good place in my heart, at least for all the reasons what made it so great in the first place. Thanks for making this video blue order, glad I finally got to vent my feelings on my favorite show. ❤️ Keep up the great work! 💞

  37. "the writers had managed to piss off every single group except starco"

    that's not true. I really want starco to happen, but with this kind of pacing and halfass relationship they do makes me feels NOTHING. I'm so upset about it even now

  38. Moon creates an army that was specifically designed for the singular purpose of genocide and thinks that's ok.
    The show ends with Star, Moon, Eclipsa and the other queens actually going through with mass genocide.

  39. This was a very good use of two hours. You bring up a lot of good points and honestly I have better closure to star versus the forces of evil than the finale. Also I used to ship everything because I just wanted everyone to be happy but now

    The only good ship is Tomco Honestly

    It was kind of rude how they totally hinted towards it and nothing really came out of it it was way more healthy of a relationship then star and Marco or star and Tom but yet again what can I really expect

  40. I really wanted to love seasons 3 and 4 as I did 2. I tried to do that, but I just never felt the same magic as the first 2 seasons.

  41. Ok so I just now got to the point about getting rid of the magic and holy shit you’re right this series really did straight up end with Star basically committing a whole ass genocide to prevent another.

  42. What if Seth was actually in the show but he when found out that Toffee was Dead he decided to do it himself but unlike toffee he could not be killed By Magic but but instead of moon going with eclipsa she try to find Meteora alone before Seth could get to her and trick her into thinking that he is her father and Eclipsa is not her mother he later reveals Meteora the he was lying and kills her eclipsa fumed with rage she imprisoned him with magic so he could be tortured for eternity and since queen moon was not involved in any of this she did not go to the magic realm and So the first 4 episodes Of season 4 is about Star trying to get eclipsa to accept that Meteora isn’t coming back the next 16 episodes were the same but The season finale Moon was not forgiven for betraying star but after Mina destroyed the magic it set Seth free and he killed eclipsa vowing to destroy the entire mewni race the next mewni war has just begins leaving a giant cliffhanger

  43. Marco: "the bloodmoon curse is baloney, I liked you since the beginning"
    Luke: "Amazing. Every word of what you just said… was wrong."

  44. It's finally done. Your magnum opus. I'd expected it to be long but over two hours is absolutely bonkers. I can't imagine how long the unedited content was. I gotta give a big round of applause for all the effort that you, your editors, and your discord all brought for this long masterpiece of a video. You better believe that I watched the whole entire thing and I found myself agreeing with a lot of your points. Star Vs. deserved better and the writers got in over their head. Some things were done well in Season 3&4 but a lot, and I mean a lot of it had major flaws.

    And if it's any solace, it doesn't seem like the petition is going anywhere

    (I hope)

  45. Rewrite idea for the last two seasons: after Battle For Mewni, throw out all existing characters except for Tom, Kelly, Nachos, Hekapoo, River and Eddie.

  46. Fuck man…nice catch on the whole Wendy fiasco…I haven’t seen anybody talk about this so this is the first time I’ve heard anything about it…

  47. I think they didn't know how to handle their characters, as you said they could have done a lot with the theme of Marco being evil. but well, at least if we didn't have that I wanted to see a growth in the characters but instead we see them getting worse and worse and what star had become more mature is rubbish! I just want you to compare how those characters have been handled compared to those of Steven Universe THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE! season 1 : – Marco is a careful boy, a perfectionist but with a big heart to help people (Marco makes star see that her battle with the monsters was not fair and makes her change her mind) – Star was a girl who didn't care about anything, just having fun and doing things her own way, she cares about others in her own way season 3 – 4: -marked a character that left his girlfriend and his whole family to be with star just because he is "in love" with her, does bad things and only does it thinking about what he is going to have fun and not in others -Being a character who had a demon boyfriend who never wanted (all the time she was in love with Marco) helps eclipse why she literally has nothing to do, she gets mad at his "boyfriend" for meaningless things season 1 : -steven was a child who did not know how to control his powers, he had fun without caring for others, he got what he wanted thanks to the gems, it was something irritating season 2-5 -steven, a child who has existential problems but then learns from his own power and moves forward, gets what he wants thanks to himself and no longer needs the help of the gems he cares about other people (even much more than the same) he always put his problems first and after that he had fun I want you to see that difference, maybe it would have been better which frame and star had those personalities of the last season in the first, and thus be able to improve them instead of making them worse! but hey, you have to accept that each writer and team is different, the crewuniverse does a wonderful job creating stories and characters (the song "happily ever after" you can see the great growth of ALL those characters) making those two a couple was a big mistake, I would have been happier if the characters had learned or matured but hey it doesn't matter anymore

  48. Dude what the heck I’m supposed to be doing a bunch of homework tonight and you post your masterpiece review right heckin now???

  49. Looking back on it the blood moon could've been a good way at showing how dangerous unhealthy obbesssions can be. Like Star could obbess over Marco so much she forgets about the monster and mewman subplot, and Marco could spend too much time on mewni and miss growing up with his baby sister, or something like that. Instead it was just a plot device telling us "starco isn't a curse or destiny they're totally in control of their feelings!" and then pulling the "love at first sight" bullshit cliche. But thank you for making this video and tearing this garbage show to shreds, hopefully newer shows can live up to their hype and deliver in a satisfying way.

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