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How to Leverage Celebrity MLMers

How to Leverage Celebrity MLMers

– BOOM! What’s goin’ on everyone? This is Steve Larsen from
Secret MLM Hacks Radio. Today, I’m gonna teach
you guys how to leverage the other celebrity entrepreneurs and celebrity MLMers that are out there for your downline’s sake. (intense drum beats and bass) If you’re like me, you know
MLM is an amazing opportunity to grow a real asset for yourself, but you also see that there’s huge issues starting to emerge. Like, why haven’t big
MLMs let tactics change in over 30 years? Or why have they been cutting commissions smaller and smaller, or even, how dumb is it that old MLM rules say you’ll get in trouble when you use the Internet
to grow your team? (synthesizer beats) These are some of the blaring
questions we all face today. This podcast will show you
how real MLMers like us are waging more on the old dying methods, and we aren’t cheating by only bugging uninterested family and friends. Follow this podcast while I
expose the shocking methods I’m using to build my
10,000 person downline, and get people begging
to join my team daily. Here’s to the new
tactics without all those old, rusty MLM shackles. My name is Steve Larsen, and welcome to Secret MLM Hacks Radio. What’s up guys? I have a huge stack of
books here, obviously, I think most of these are MLM books. I grabbed it from the MLM
section of my bookshelfs, but anyway, what I wanna do is I wanna teach you guys, it takes a long time to write a book, or create a product that
attracts people to you, right? And that’s why a lot of these
people will write books, and will put their
things out there, right? And it starts building you
more of an authority figure. It takes a long time to
build those things, though. I don’t want to spend
tons and tons of time creating products, right? And sometimes, it can be so overwhelming that you end up not doing anything, and you literally can halt all of you using the Internet for
online leads and automation. That’s a big mistake, and I wanna be able to remove that from you guys today. So, anyways, it takes a long time to
not only build a product, but to build a following, right? A lot of time, money, energy, a lot of your entire business can be around creating that following if that’s what you wanna do. So instead, there’s
two specific strategies that I’m gonna teach you guys here that show you guys how to leverage what is currently out there to get a lot of eyeballs
on you very, very fast. So that’s the purpose of this, let’s cut over to the Q&A
where I’m teaching it. Okay. I just grabbed a whole
bunch of books, okay? Keith and Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, right? Pre-Closing for Network Marketing, okay? Your Best Year, Mark Yarnell. Total rockstar. I have spent like a grand getting books from people so that I knew who the influencers were. If I know their publishing, then they’re an influencer, alright? Even more than if they’re
a CEO, a lot of times, of an MLM, right? Mel Robbins, she’s not exactly MLM, but she’s got those kinds of people, okay? Recruiting Up by David Ward. Grow Multi Level Marketing. This is effort of Jay Levinson, anyway, bunch of people on this one. Okay, let’s say that I wanted to write, writing books is freakin’
hard, oh my gosh it’s hard. But let’s say I really am big into “Big Al” Schreiter, right? It’s Big Al, it’s classic,
he’s a classic, okay? What’s an easy way for me to
go capture Big Al’s people? (book slaps) Use his stuff, okay? Okay, check this out. Super cool strategy, guys, really easy, and cut a whole bunch for you guys, and what I want you to
do is like (finger snap) just act, okay? So let’s close some gaps here. You guys pumped, you guys excited? I’m startin’ to sweat a
little, I’m stoked about this, are you ready? (rapid breathing) Ahh! Okay, here we are. Cool strategy. First, go figure out which person, which big influencer out there has people that you can tell you’d love to have inside your downline or buying your products, okay? Let’s say that there’s an MLMer out there that absolutely freakin’ loves
supplements stuff, right? Like, there’s that– it’s Beachbody. Beachbody has a podcast
that’s number two podcast for MLM on iTunes, it’s drivin’ me nuts, I wanna knock ’em out so bad. I wanna be number two next, and then I’m going for Simon Chan. He was number one with MLM Nation, okay? Okay, check this out. If I know that I want “Big Al” Schreiter’s, am I sayin’ his name right? Schreiter, Schreiter? Okay, anyway. If I want Big Al’s audience, one of the easiest things to go do is to call him up, “hey, can I get a hundred
copies of your book “at a discount?” Most people will say yes. Most people will say yes, right? And so you pay him the money, you’re gonna get a discount on it, and you literally use that book in your free plus shipping book, okay? Now, you drive the ads to people who like the
Big Al Facebook page. They’re very likely to
buy that, aren’t they? What you’ve done is you’ve essentially
list hacked Big Al, okay? And you have taken products
that are really, really cool, and you just delivered ’em to the audience that he has spent time, money, energy, and parts of his life to
develop (fist thumps), and now they’re coming over to you, and you’re getting them in the door with something that they’re familiar with. “Oh look, yeah, I’ve heard of this, “I just haven’t been
able to pick it up yet. “Pre-Closing.” Upsells though, your stuff, right? Now we’re gettin’ into your stuff. Upsells, downsells, that’s your stuff where they’re gonna start
gettin’ a relationship with you. That’s one really sick way to do it. Another really cool way to do it. Let’s say I still want
Big Al’s people, okay? Contests are incredible, okay? This is an amazing strategy. Russell did this once. Let’s say, you know,
let’s go with Eric Worre. Eric Worre, that dude has
a buttload of books, okay? That guy, he has tons of
books, lots of courses, one of the easiest things to go do, go get some of their
most expensive things, go get some of their most expensive things and go grab some of their products. Let’s say it’s worth like, a grand or two. You’re gonna make way more
than that doing this, okay? Let’s say it’s a grand or two, and not saying that
you need to spend that, but the more expensive it is, it doesn’t mean that you have to pay it, but let’s say you got it on Ebay, right? Go find some of their most
expensive things on Ebay for 50 bucks, right? But they sold them for
several thousand dollars. Then run a contest to that
same person’s audience. I would go to Eric Worre’s audience, and every Facebook page has
anything to do with him, and I would start a contest. And you could use things
like King Sumo, okay? King Sumo, like sumo wrestler,, that’s a great place for contests, right? So they get in, they opt in, they opt in, they opt in! And they become traffic that you own, they opt in in order to enter the contest, and then they share it with their friends in order to get the unadvertised
bonus on the second thing. That creates virality, okay? Boom. Now you’ve gotten yourself
this sweet little system, okay? There are people who have collected lists of literally hundreds
of thousands of people with that very strategy. How much money did it actually cost them to get that list, though? Right, statistically on Facebook, if you’re gonna run a webinar, usually gonna spend three to
five bucks per registrant. Three to five dollars for
someone to join your list, okay? If you’re on Google Adwords, it might be like a dollar,
something like that, sometimes the lists aren’t as hot, and that’s not always true, though, but it depends what you’re sellin’. How much did it cost you to get, I mean, frankly you get
several thousand people inside of your list, and you spend maybe 50,
100 dollars on a product that is worth a lot, right? It’s worth a lot, and it’s
worth a lot to the audience. Man, you got a ton of people
joining a list really quick. Well, what do you do next? You just go dump ’em into your paid prospecting funnel, right? You guys know on Amazon,
after you purchase and they’re like, “people who bought that “also bought this.” I love that list. Does half of my shopping for me when I wanna go pick something up, right? If I’m like, “oh, let’s go get a TV,” well, most of the time, people get a TV mount, you know? Does that make sense? “Most people bought this TV mount.” “Sweet, I don’t have to look, done.” Does that make sense? You literally can have people come in, “hey, check it out! “I’ve got Eric Worre’s course, “I’m bundling all this stuff together, “enter in and you get a chance
to win it all for free.” The enter in, they share it, “hey, by the way, did you know “that I’ve got this sick
book over here also. “you can get it right now,
it’s free plus shipping.” Or, “did you know, “check it out, I’ve got this
bundle of other interviews “from all these other experts, “it’s only $27.” So you get a whole bunch
of people in the list, massive list growing strategy. Works fantastically well, okay? Not only do you get a buttload
of people on the list, but you also can go and you can dive ’em straight into paid prospecting funnels and (fingers snap) get a whole
bunch of cash off the top without you really having
to spend hardly anything. Crazy cool strategy. Works really well when you
know who you want in your MLM, who you want to actually be
purchasing your products, right? Works for anything. Let’s say that rather than recruiting, you want it for, actually, products. To keep the ketones example going, let’s say that you’re doing ketones. What else are people and
ketones interested in? I bet there’s a buttload of books that have to do with ketones, or there’s some gurus that
have done some courses, or there’s something that has various, find something that’s
slightly valuable, right? Then go stick it out to the
people who like ketones, right? And who’s the guru? Take the guru’s stuff, give
it to that person’s audience that they took time to create for you, thank you Facebook, thank you Followings, thank you all that, right? And you get a whole bunch of those people comin’ on over, and right afterwards, there’s a viral aspect for the contest, and right afterwards,
you’re pushing them over. Again, “I don’t know, do you wanna try “this ketones supplement?” And then it’s literally the first thing inside
of the supplement funnel. Is this stuff making sense to you guys? I hope this is, because it’s usually a massive mental (fingers snap) shift that people have to go through if they haven’t done
anything with funnels before. What I’m trying to help
you see and understand is how all of this stuff ties together, and it’s liquid, okay? It’s very liquid. It’s like adult Legos, okay? You’re just taking out blocks. Especially if you can use things that’ve already been
built by other people, that’s brilliant! That’s like the best way to do it, right? It’s so powerful to do it, though. I don’t like to go film 100 hours of stuff all the time, right? I did for the course you’re all in. It is really freakin’ good, okay? But let’s say that I’m
gonna go and I’m going to, let’s say I sell for
slightly more expensive, but let’s say you don’t wanna do that, that’s fine. What content has already been created? Just be an assembler. I was playing dodgeball
with tennis balls (laughs). Any sentence that starts like that is gonna be awesome (laughs). I was playing dodgeball
with tennis balls, okay? And we would do this every Monday, and we were huckin’ these
tennis balls at each other (makes zooming noise) and we would tip over tables
in this basketball gym and we would go diving, and
that’s where our barriers were, and we’d dive from table, to
table, to table, to table, and people would get hurt sometimes, like really hurt. And we just dumped tennis
balls over the place and just huck ’em at each other. And it was sometimes like 30
people all with tennis balls. I mean, these things were
just flying all over the place and smackin’ people in
the face, and the throat, and anyway, it was a bunch of fun, we looked forward to it every week. So I looked forward to that every week. I get there one day, it’s totally weird, I
know, but we did (laughs). I get there one day, and I show up, and I’m excited, and I’m eager to play. And everyone’s just kinda standing around. Everyone’s standin’ around, and everyone’s like– “man, “I really wanna do this, “like come on, let’s go!” And I started getting all
these people together, I’m like, “come on, okay, let’s do it,” and they were like, I don’t know why, everyone was really into the
conversations they were having and they were all off on their on. I was like, “okay, come
on, we’re gonna start, “okay, come on, we’re gonna start, “yeah, we’re gonna
start, come on over here, “we’re gonna start, let’s switch teams, “let’s choose teams, come
on, we’re gonna start,” and seriously, for like 5, 10 minutes, I started to get frustrated, ’cause no one was starting. I go over, and this guy’s
like, “hey, what’s wrong man?” I said, “hey, no one is playing, “like, let’s do this!” And I kid you not, this is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen, the dude merely just
lifts his head and goes, he didn’t even raise his voice, he goes, “hey goes, we’re gonna start,” and we’re in a big gym! Everyone turned and walked to
him at the exact same time. It almost like it was planned. I mean, this was like a
flash mob kind of a thing, and I was like, “what the heck, “how did you do that?” And I was mad about it. And I remember, I don’t know
why I remember this so well, but it’s the lesson. And I remember the lesson
right there came to me, and I was like, “huh,” rather than me trying to be the guy to pull everyone together
on that audience, I just need to learn how
to be an aggregator, right? I’m just the maestro. I don’t need to know how to play every instrument
in the orchestra, right? I’m literally a chorister, guys. Someone is a better bass, someone’s a better tenor, someone’s the bettor
soprano and alto, right? That’s great! All I have to do is be the
person that organizes it, and there are millions to be made to those who understand that skill. Stop trying to create everything yourself, especially for making front end things, man, just think about
(finger snaps) the speed. Speed of it, and just get it done, okay? And understand it’s actually really
fun to do it this way, because when somebody takes
the time to go through. Maybe they came through
a contest (fist thumps) or some kind of paid (fist
thumps) prospecting thing, or they spent time going through something even publishing frequently, and you’ve created a
little bit of an audience. Guys, they are so much more
fun inside of your downlines. They’re such better buyers. They know you. It’s not a convincing game
anymore where you’re like, “look at this feature, buy this one “because the feature, feature,
feature, feature, feature.” You skip all that crap, all that garbage, and you go straight to a
relationship based thing. “Hey look, I like it.” “Cool, me too now (laugh).” You’re like wow, right? And it’s because of the way, it’s the preframe that comes in. (intense drum beats and bass) Aw yeah, that was a good one. Hey, remember to leave
feedback for me on iTunes. Part of today’s challenge in MLM is knowing how to teach your downline all of the stuff, right? Would you like me to help you teach your own downline five simple recruiting tips for free? If so, go download the
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