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How To Make a Paper Ninja Star (Shuriken) – Origami

How To Make a Paper Ninja Star (Shuriken) – Origami

THIS VIDEO SHOWS HOW TO MAKE A NINJA STAR USING ORIGAMI FIRST TAKE AN A4 SIZE WHITE SHEET AND FOLD IT TO MAKE A SQUARE PIECE AND THEN CUT THE REMAINING PART. DO THIS WITH ANOTHER SHEET fold in half and do this to both pieces of paper now fold one of the half’s to the center fold do this to the top and bottom do the same to the other piece of paper now fold in half again repeat with other paper fold along the already creased line now fold the other half down against your last fold repeat these steps with the other paper now u are going to take the top edge and fold it in half so it makes a small triangle do this to all edges on both papers fold the edges so that they kind of make a lightning bolt sort of shape re- crease those folds repeat now take both of your pieces of paper flip one over top the other fold your recreased triangles into the back part of the opposite paper it gets pretty hard with the last fold but don´t give up your almost done and… BAM! your ninja star=)

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  1. Don’t mind me I’m about to make a million of these and throw them at my classmates cause I don’t like them,

  2. eres. tonto no veré. tus vídeos. porque no lo. haces paso a paso aún que lo hagas no. veré. tú sabes. vídeos

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