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How To Style A Concept Saree | Style FAQs Decoded | Celebrity Style Expert Eshaa Amiin | MissMalini

How To Style A Concept Saree | Style FAQs Decoded | Celebrity Style Expert Eshaa Amiin | MissMalini

Hi guys, this is Rashmi from Team MissMalini. Welcome back to our fashion series, Style FAQs Decoded, where we answer your style queries with the help of an expert. Sarees, nowadays, come in so many different forms, right? Especially, the concept sarees are tricky ones. But today, we are going to decode them for you. Our expert for today is celebrity stylist, Eshaa Amiin. She styles B-town beauties like Karisma Kapoor, Janhvi Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, and many more. With such a wide range of clientele, she has experimented with concept sarees a lot. Hi Eshaa! Thank you so much for coming in today. First of all you look fabulous, tell us what you’re wearing. So, I am wearing one of my favourite designers, Shruti Sancheti. I’m someone who’s always on the go. Something like this, palazzos and crop top with the shirt, kind of allows me to do that. And what’s really cool is, its got this fun, boho-chic vibe to it. I’m a little overdressed today with this trench coat on me. But that is because I want to show you guys how something as effortless as this could be amped up into a very cool saree style statement. And I bet you have more style tips for us to ace that concept saree look. So, shall we get to it? Please, let’s start! Let’s go! So, this look that you’re wearing is the trench saree. So, if you’re someone who loves wearing sarees to work, and you are bored of your usual saree style, then here’s something very easy that you could do. All you’ve got to do is throw on a summer trench or a jacket. Just make sure that the fabric’s really light. What I really like about this is that it’s a classic linen saree by Prreeti Jaiin, which is just teamed with a neutral trench. Just try and keep your colour very neutral that complements your saree. So, it could be a beige, tan, it could be ivory or a black. So, these are colours in jackets and trenches that most of us tend to have in our wardrobe. You just got to put it together. Two things that you could easily do to variate this look would be, one your pallu you could be inside the jacket or outside. If your jacket or trench does not come with a belt, then you could choose to you know, team it up with a leather belt of the complementing colour of the jacket. So, this one’s a concept saree and concepts sarees are really big this wedding season. And one of the coolest ways of doing that would be a dhoti saree. This one’s by Nikasha. Three things that you need to create this look is, one, an embellished blouse, a dupatta or a saree which has a complementing embroidery and a pair of dhotis or palazzo pants, which has the same undertone as the rest of your outfit. Just be careful about the length of your dupatta or your saree. So, for example, if it is really long then try and do a couple of pleats on one side and then move on to creating the saree drape. And if you want to avoid pleats on your leg, then what you should do is either drape the extended pallo around your arm or drape it around your neck. When it comes to accessories, go for big maang tikka because that instantly kind of elevates this look, and then probably go really minimal on the rest of them. But if you’re not a maang tikka person then maybe just a pair of big earrings and maybe a big ring, and just make sure that it’s got some colours that complements your blouse. When it comes to footwear, with this look, I personally prefer strappy heels with a bit of embellishments. Yeah! And then I think you’re good to go. So, I call it the cocktail concept saree, and this one’s by Bhaavya Bhatnagar. There are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind. One, is because this is something that you would wear in the evening to someone’s cocktail, and it has a slight glamorous, red carpet feel to it. So, look for a blouse which is a very classic cut in a very evening embellishment. Okay. And look for a saree which is absolutely plain, you don’t need much going on there. And cigarette pants or palazzos which complement the saree. And try and get a belt which is very much like your blouse, because you don’t need too many different textures breaking your silhouette. The minute you cinch a belt, it automatically kind of amps the look of your saree. It’s one of the easiest ways of making your saree a little more edgy. If you want to be hands-free, you could simply just put it on your shoulder. So, for something like this, I would totally go with the colour of the embellishment. Like for example, yours has a little bit of diamonds to it, so, that’s why we’ve chosen to give you like big diamond earrings and a big ring. Thank you so much, Eshaa! My pleasure! For showing me three different variants of concept sarees. I would have never imagined I would learn so much from you. You’ve carried all these looks so beautifully that I had great fun doing this for you guys! And showing you how the right saree and the right styling could actually make a statement too. And if you guys are going to try out these three looks do tag us in them. And if you have any other style queries, do send them to us and we will get them answered by experts like Eshaa here. And if you like this video, you know the drill. Like, share and subscribe to MissMalini. See you next time. Bye!

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