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Huntington Beach Theater Showing ‘Joker’ Closes Following Credible Threat | THR News

A Southern California theater that was screening Todd Phillips’ ‘Joker’ closed its venue on Thursday night after receiving what police believed to be a credible threat. The Huntington Beach Police Department responded to a possible threat in response to the opening of the R-rated film starring Joaquin Phoenix at the Century Theater in the Bella Terra shopping center. The threat was deemed credible enough that as a precaution, the theater canceled the final two showings of the movie.After an investigation, police determined the theater could safely reopen and resume normal operations on Friday, however, the Huntington Beach Police Department will provide patrols at Century Theater for the remainder of the opening weekend. The FBI also spoke to ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ saying they, too, are monitoring the situation. Theaters across the country have been on high alert ahead of Joker’s opening weekend in the wake of public unease surrounding the dark Warner Bros. film and it’s display of violence at times gun violence which some have called brutal and jarring. That, in conjunction with the film’s indirect connection to the Aurora mass shooting that took place seven years ago during a midnight showing of ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ have raised concerns for many. Police and Law enforcement, including the LAPD and NYPD have been taking extra precautions for the film’s release by deploying officers to theaters around their respective cities. Certain venues themselves have even put new rules in place, such as no costumes and bag checks. ‘Joker’ dropped at the U.S. box office on Thursday night, debuting to $13.3 million. For more updates to this story head to and until next time for The Hollywood Reporter News I’m Neha Joy.

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