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I Got Botched… Fixing My Deformed Lips

I Got Botched… Fixing My Deformed Lips

okay good morning everybody.. hello
welcome back to my channel. hi how are ya? I’m good nervous I don’t know I’m
not really sure how to start this video but I’ve wanted to come into my beauty
room alone and just turn on the camera with no one here and just talk to you
guys for a few minutes about something that I’ve been dealing with for a third
of my life.. before I go and get the surgery today I just kind of wanted to
have a moment by myself clear my head I was gonna do this last night and I
didn’t I don’t know why my gut was like just do it in the morning just free talk
and just get it out this is something I don’t really share with people and a lot
of you may think it’s not a big deal a lot of you may be able to relate to it
if you’ve had a shitty experience of what I’m about to talk about but ten
years ago I was botched so you guys have been staring at me for years now on
YouTube and you may have noticed something wrong with my face you may not
I’m just gonna dive into it and tell you this what happened to me is and I’m
gonna throw up some pictures throughout this video we’re gonna kind of go
through a little history before we hop in the car and go to the doctors but
about ten years ago I discovered fillers I know
insert Halloween music here and I had a smaller mouth I’m gonna show you guys
some pictures right now I really wanted fuller bigger lips
I wasn’t insecure about having smaller lips but I used to work at MAC Cosmetics
a long time ago when I was about 18 or 19 and one of the girls there had huge I
call him pornstar lips and she had so much filler and I was like I was
mesmerized girl I was like wow I want bigger lips she gave me the number to a
doctor down the street and I don’t regret much I regret ever meeting that
doctor I regret ever going into his office and I regret ever letting him
touch my face now if you guys are not up to date on what fillers are there’s a
million videos on filler but basically it is something that you inject to of
course change your appearance add volume and it is not permanent that’s the
that’s the main problem here is it’s really not permanent over time does it
kind of build up a little bit a hundred percent but here’s where it gets really
dark so I went to this doctor and I asked for Juvederm no if you guys don’t
know what Juvederm is I’m gonna have dr. Kirby explain it a little more later in
the video but it is a filler and it is supposed to go away over time but it
does add volume to things you have seen a lot of influencers celebrities normal
people so many people have gotten filler whether it’s in their cheeks their lips
their nose the boat like everything right and it is different from Botox
some people that really aren’t into this stuff get it confused but Juvederm is
not permanent so here’s where it gets really really shitty is I go to this
person he allegedly used about two syringes for my bottom and top lips
total okay now I didn’t notice anything was wrong until about a year later and I
discovered a few years after that that this doctor had mixed in silicon with
Juvederm I never asked for that I never knew he was doing this so I really don’t
know why this person did this it’s crazy because there is a statue of limitation
of how you can sue or legally pursue someone and years later when I finally
found this person again because I didn’t know their name and it had been years
and years it was too late so here I am on camera just being honest with you
guys about my experience so I hope that this story can help other people I hope
that if you’re watching this you do your research about the doctors before you go
anywhere whether it’s even a hairdresser a tattoo artist a plastic surgeon
someone that just does fillers please do your research so you may be looking at
me and you’re like Geoffrey there’s not really that much wrong with you if you
have looked at me on camera seen my mouth move you probably have noticed
bumps you may have noticed weird things like when I smile and I’m gonna come in
a cock my head look when I smile you see that
underneath my lips for years and years now has been silicone that has made me
insecure it has embarrassed me it has made me feel weird when I’m doing photo
shoots it is something that I have to airbrush and some pictures when I’m in
different angles and it’s something that has haunted me for a long time now the
reason why it is not the most prominent throughout the years is because we’ve
been masking it so the doctor today the amazing doctor Kirby you guys have
seen him on my channel before he’s actually done lip injections on me a few
years ago he’s done Botox on Nathan’s armpits
y’all gotta watch that video but I went to him and I discovered him because he
fixes people that have been botched okay and I wasn’t ready for surgery or
cutting anything out back then so I asked him to mask it with more fillers
was that the smartest I don’t know but that’s what I chose to do at the time
so the bumps were worse a few years ago and he would put filler over it which
was my request to mask it and it did work but as I get older I think it’s
getting worse and showing more so today it’s time for the removal today I don’t
know what’s gonna happen dr. Kirby is gonna explain a few things obviously he
doesn’t know fully what he’s getting into
he might puncture it and it may come out you may have to actually cut the whole
underside of my lip and remove all of the silicone and suture me up I have
been preview to all of these maybes and I’m okay with it because I just want it
gone so if you are someone out there that has been botched by a doctor
whether it’s breast implants face nose job I’m so sorry that you have to go
through this because I it’s it’s hurt me in a way that I didn’t know it could and
I’m someone that just kind of like keeps it going and it’s been living on my body
for so long I get a lot of questions when I do tell people like does it hurt
there’s zero pain I don’t eat like I know it’s there because you feel it like
when you like this see that I can literally like
pull on it with my tongue and my teeth that’s how weird it feels and like it’s
very prominent so as I look through old pictures of myself I didn’t hate my
mouth I just felt that it was just proportioned for my face personally no
one ever told me this no one ever made me insecure no man ever told me I wasn’t
good enough I just personally wanted this done and as we look through these
photos if you look and see you can see bumps all the way back then and I kept
masking it and masking it so those bumps are now hopefully going to be removed
now I don’t know what else is going on up here so when the doctor removes this
how is this going to look he said it may look a little weird he said I may um not
have to get filler but if I want to which I’m sure he’ll explain later I can
so it’s it’s been a battle in my head but I’m ready to share this story so I
think it’s time to remove something that I’ve been insecure about something that
has been haunting me and I’m gonna take you guys on this little journey now if
you are not into graphic content there may be blood there scalpels it’s in a
doctor setting if you do not want to see that stop the video right now and turn
it off and head to the comment section and I’m sure someone will let you know
what’s going on but if you’re not squeamish then please continue watching
and thank you for just being here for my journey I’m gonna pray for myself please
say a thought and a prayer for me and I will see you guys in a little bit all right so we are almost there we’ve
just been playing music and haven’t been talking because bitch anxious but hey at
least we could disturb the nice calm oh shit
but now I’m ready are we feeling Matty I’m excited for you
Matty just have lip injections good morning everybody
good to see you lady yeah you know who are you morning Oh me before I just got
reacquainted how are you swear the laser hair removal
again Oh Micah Zion it’s time I’m so helping my hair won’t stop growing
today’s the day what so tell me what we’re discussing today Jeffrey we’re
finally ready to do what we think is still a comb and remove and try to fix
this crazy I’m calling it you watched my last journey so I did a whole we talked
about everything this morning about what I think is happening but of course you
can go into more detail what you think can I take a look for like yeah it
leaves only take a closer look so tell me if I’m incorrect but as I recall
before I ever met you which is a long time you ten years you had some lip
injections and we believe that they used so to the young man and silicone is a
permanent substance I don’t you still kind of never used
silicone because it’s permanent and as a scent theme suggests you can’t get out
of there yeah you love it you may love it temporarily but if you ever want it
gone you’re stuck with it yeah so cool it’s stuck so I’ve actually never shown
the full reveal in camera I know we’re not to today that we’re getting rid of
it so yeah so and I don’t just an interest of full disclosure I don’t know
how bad it’s gonna be so I don’t want to mislead you or the followers let’s let’s
see we’re capable of a movie right I’m not even sure so we are all right let’s
show people the first time okay great all the way back to the form that you
would and we’re gonna lift up yeah so how bad is that
well it’s very apparent is the thing so I can clearly see this this line point
I can clearly see a line of demarcation where thank you very much where you know
we almost call it rooster coming so if you look right there you can you can
actually see where the injector went injection injection injection ah and I
have every reason to believe that that is pure silicon right there because you
had it for at least a decade and and and it just appears to be sort of a clear
gelatinous sort of hardest substance on the skin so I think this injector went
boom boom boom three injections there may be a little drop right there and
then did the exact same thing on that side so let’s go for one second Cory
we’re gonna let it hang that you can see it right there uh so we’re gonna smile
now you can see it in pictures it’s just it’s really awful so I’m just going to
palpate the good news is it appears to be very superficial which means that
that injector didn’t know what they’re doing thank God you know if it was deep
into your lip and intertwined with the vessels of the nerve then a different
story right you have to be knocked out and that’s a lip revision that’s
extremely difficult so this would be I always treat people the same way I would
want to be treated I’m gonna treat you as though you’re myself I would go ahead
have that excised I would send some to the lab to confirm what you mean yeah
well I would love to do that so we’re gonna send it off and we can actually
see what it is they will give us something different of answer with a
about and those of you pictures too but that will take a week or two weeks and
they will tell you definitively what it is no more hiding let’s fix it let’s do
it do there anything what questions do you have for me I think the only thing
I’m worried about is after how painful is it gonna be like I don’t want to be
bruised and bleeding and swollen that’s fine we know I’m used to all that
but how painful I got that question because I depend of the extent did the
healing may take a while and I’m confident we’re gonna get it resolved
one way or another but you’re a high-profile person and it may
alter your social schedule and your your obligations because you may look a
little just different for a little while okay I’m ready I’ve been thinking about
this for weeks now and I’m fully prepared so let’s do it today’s a day
all right yay I’m going to color you just a little bit
with a pen okay Louise you’re not it’s an old-fashioned sharpie and what we
color we’re going to remove Thank You coordinates perfect so we’re
gonna go we’re getting high off the marker so I’m
gonna give you a couple little pinches here okay okay
little tiny pinch are you know just oh he’s a gem to read a little bit of
cutting a little traction there I don’t know what this says this was
just so fascinating to me like I would watch this if I wasn’t doing it so
interesting and you’re being a trooper so thank you you shouldn’t feel anything
you should feel a pain if you do you tell me they’re gonna see the gates down
so I’m doing a couple little pinches I’ll put him yeah that’s it
we’ve got a very fucked up angle very hardcore one second I heard Oh Garf here
you doing great Oh Wow I did Stockholm and I look so cool
that right there so jeopardy but in a couple stitches Oh ever seen it before today I’ve never
seen it yeah I’m not showing on you guys look at dark speaker hi
so now we’re gonna put in a couple stitches okay thank so the dilemma we
have here too is that this suture is clear and it’s a hair oh you think you
got a good enough on that time I love confidence that we got what I can see
now that doesn’t mean there’s not more in there than is what I can see thank
you for your assistance so we’re just approximating the edges
and there there’s a lot of laxity in a good way because the silicone is gone
you know you’re gonna look way worse before you look better I’m already super
swollen but you’re gonna do no card or anything I don’t think we’re gonna need
to the call everything went great for that one okay Wow
I felt nothing if anyone at home wants to know I felt nothing so far so you’re
having a ton swell which is 100 okay unfortunately oh really so he
really can’t tell I haven’t looked at myself yeah I heard a peak in the
reflection of my phone but it feel really swollen I’m crazy so this is the
first piece we excised this is a piece of your normally you cosa live it’s a
breeze that they are infused with permanent silicone and probably a
granuloma so I would recommend if it was me I would send that to the lab because
I want to know and so I would have Shelley it’s so fucked up more if you’ve
done it of course you want to put that in a biopsy bottle in there yeah and
then we’re gonna send it out to the lab right away so what is that liquid in the
biopsy things to keep it oh yeah that’s and it prevents necrosis
of dead tissue all right guys going to the yes I we did
one side it’s very swollen but the suturing looks if I say so myself
beautiful the sides are approximated great we have the exact same tissue over
here you can see it it decides not what he’s getting so much swelling that it’s
harder to see so I kind of happen to hurry but yeah I’m battling the clock
here but you can see it it go for one second course you can see it right there
that is ectopic tissue that is foreign and so we want to remove that and that’s
how we’re gonna so yeah krome to cut gonna start on this side whichever you
shouldn’t feel anything if you do you tell me okay great so now we’re gonna take that off hey yo
Geoffrey right you look great it’s somebody I can feel that these is a lot
bigger piece this one side I’d like a nice big hunk looking at see it’s so
blue I walk on the great question because a lot there for me there’s
something called the Tyndall effect and when have you ever this is an analogy of
me but like if you ever see something that’s to whitey it almost looks like it
has a bluish hue mm the and if so there’s an optics level where it where
the things going block that are real clear and superficial in the skin will
often have a very say that would come out in pieces which is totally fine but
so blot there for me real quick Courtney it’s called a table effect and it it
occurs when clear is its curse in this context when is something a clear
substance like a hyaluronic acid on your case silicon is really a surface but
another hybrid you’re doing wonderful we’re almost done clock please last piece there is that right there so
he’s not having much bleeding and now it’s really just sort of a mechanical
function of approximating these edges this side was bigger did you know that
you know Geoffrey you want to take a look at me I’m on alone and scared crime
over there we’re gonna if you lift when I lift up
you can see Oh cut the entire area so the procedure is called a lip revision
and cut out an entire strip of silicon and granuloma as well and I know it
looks terrible now I know it does yeah you have to trust on this all this crazy
I know it’s I’m I look good in a couple days oh can I show you the biopsy and
you can say goodbye to a lot of water I’ve always felt the left side was
bigger yeah yeah take a look wow that’s a while yeah that one don’t bug me more
than this side yeah or evoi thank you for your time thank you for ten years in
there yes yeah whatsoever Martin the overarching
concept here is always get a product that you know what you’re getting you
know Amy don’t get a current filler I don’t care how skilled the injector is
you may not like it everyone and I know I look fucking crazy right now but I
want to say this for everyone watching this video
dr. Kareena the close friend of mine and he did this because I didn’t trust
anyone else he is not the doctor to go to to fixed botched things personal
dermatologist not your person just on record I know a lot of people are gonna
be watching this he’s not the one to go to there are people out there that so we
do gooey lips oh yeah the coracoid has beautiful lip
injections mm-hmm are you guys check my ring off I want to fill this since i
can’t why not I’m down it’s been on my mouth for so long and the fact it’s gone
is crazy okay hello let’s go for it anything this one
yeah Wow it’s kind of like an earthworm to me what do you think what how would
you describe that consistency it’s very warm and I hate that word oh my god
that’s nuts yeah it feels almost like I don’t know
yeah it’s hard it’s very you know it’s like a city owe me your stay homecoming
bear yeah that’s not all right see yeah yeah that one’s crazy cuz it’s
really it’s really bloody and mark Devon and this one’s nuts oh yeah Lord insane
all right guys whoo all right already since we’ve
stopped the swelling has gone down a little bit it’s less white obviously I
look a little crazy we all know that but I feel great it went as well as I could
have hoped more Ian Cory thank you so much for the assistance it is it’s
called a lip revision it’s not something I’d like to do but you have to do what
we do it and you’re gonna your English so please it is gonna take a week but
you’re gonna you’re gonna look back and be like I’m glad I did it um I’m already
so thankful for you guys for being here and thank you for doing it I feel like
something’s already lifted even though I could look swollen and crazy I just feel
like I’m ready to quits the next chapter we want to be part of this tour so
thanks for having me thank you so much alright guys well and you guys will be
back soon to show what the healing process so this video is not done alright everybody good morning it has
been officially 24 hours of bitch I’m feeling a little rough I’m not in a lot
of pain which is great I just feel very like worn down I slept on the couch
goodnight and all the dogs last night so sleeping was a little tricky but I’m
doing all right I don’t have a mirror in front of me I’m gonna use my phone
reflection but Oh for how much trauma I had done I’ll
say this it’s not a swollen as it probably could be right it’s definitely
double the size of the bottom but um and as you can see the stitches are like
very prominent uh-huh but um it’s not really bothering me so dr. Kirby we’ve
been talking this morning I sent him some pictures oh yeah I sent him some
pictures and he said that I’m doing really good for the first day and
hopefully every day 10% of the swelling will go down i have the morphe reveal
video going up in a few days and then I have this launch party next week so
let’s pray that I loved a semi-decent all right you guys I will check in in
the next few days and let’s see how I look okay guys so we are on day 5 since
the surgery this is the first time I have worn full makeup today we just did
an Instagram live and a twitch live and it was so fun lipstick nicked and my
makeup but it is the first time I’ve worn makeup since Monday so we’re on day
five no healing I know I have lipstick on so it’s kind of annoying but the
swelling is really drastically it’s gone down but I’m still very swollen here
obviously I think I need a week or two more but the stitches have started to
unravel they have started to dissolve under here so I am wearing lipstick of
course it’s kind of hiding it I have a lot of dry skin right in here but the
stitches you guys are ready for this I’ll show you don’t tug the stitches are
healing I mean for Chris how’s it look it’s okay wild on yeah definitely in
there the stitches have started to come out which is great I’m healing very
quickly all right so I’ll do another check it out for the weekend and
hopefully I am pretty much healed up I feel great
but how small will my real lips look we’ll see yeah hello everybody today
will be the final check-in before this video is over it has been a crazy week
so currently it is 5:00 p.m. on Thursday February 7 since having the surgery we
are now on day ten I’m feeling really good there is literally one little
stitch that is like left in here now I’m gonna tell you guys 100%
I feel so much better already because I looked in the mirror this morning again
and I smiled and I could actually see hi could actually see full tee like before
it was always like like that hanging craziness blocked my real smile I felt
like it made me insecure and a lot of people would be like when you laugh a
lot why do you go like this or like why do you cover and your teeth are so great
and I’m like if you all knew what was going on so I feel really good about it
now dr. Kirby did say I was gonna be a little disproportioned until everything
kind of calmed down so what I’m seeing now on day 10 is this really worked
almost 99% over here with removal there’s a little something there but
it’s only day ten we still need to give it another week and then over here it’s
a little more thick I think there’s still a tiny bit of that hard filler
silicon ish whatever the fuck is in there right and dr. Kirby said he could
give it a little zap like a little needle of the trace which will help
remove that and like and dissolve it which is crazy so in a minute I’m about
to head on a jet and go off to Miami and do a morphe grand opening they have a
huge store opening up in Miami Mall and girl it’s gonna be crazy so as soon as
I’m back from that trip I’m gonna go get the little and then I do have the option
to get more filler leave my mouth alone I’ve been catching myself looking in the
mirror and like glancing in the reflection of my phone just to check the
swelling and just like I’ve been smiling a lot more I will say this I am so
grateful for dr. Kirby he did such an amazing job and I’m also really happy
that I did this it’s been something that was very long overdue and I’m just on
cloud nine right now so I’m gonna go off to celebrate this amazing morphe jeffree
star collab a can’t believe we sold out we had months of stock and the fact that
it was gone in hours sometimes it’s like I want to pinch myself because this all
feels like a crazy dream so thank you guys so much for
chicness and coming along this crazy gory journey I will see you on the next
one mwah

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    I never noticed the lip thing with JS but i never really watched a lot of his videos or was a fan at all really until as of late with the collab w/ shane dawson, who i was a fan of. I didnt know the first thing about him really, but i have gained a lot of respect for him after seeing the shane dawson series and watching some videos like this on his channel. any way long story short, after the doctor removed whatever it was that was injected in his lips and the swelling went down its quite a change from before, it looks a lot better. hopefully its all still good and he found out whatever it was if it was silicone or something else.

    also the doctor was right, that really was some impressive stitching, he also had great hair.

  18. Do you like if I was you like, still feel really bad for you that you got stitches in your lip by the way when they were cutting that piece of your lip off I was like oh my God how is he not feeling pain

  19. you would think rich people have the pain tolerance of a 3 month old child because the majority are raised spoilt. jeffery wasn't raised like that, he has crazy high pain tolerance

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