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‘I reckon Michael Fassbender pees fast’: How well do the cast of ‘Dark Phoenix’ know each other?

‘I reckon Michael Fassbender pees fast’: How well do the cast of ‘Dark Phoenix’ know each other?

I read some michael fassbender just guys
oh my god so I would say a bit of a game on how are your classmates yeah so these
are facts about people in the film bearing in mind I got it off the
internet so whether they’re true is you can check it so these are facts about
all of the cast or most of the class you have to guess who it is
okay okay she’s got a leg up on this one who in the cast says the animal they’re
most like is a doctor feels like a selfie answer yes absolutely it’s maybe
you know we’re wrong we’re all right James James McAvoy everybody oh it’s
true nice good job he’s a seed reminds me of an otter so I really like that
it’s accurate James is a hot rod he he identifies as a modern specific I’m who
is scattered drains drains yes James McAvoy no trains I mean I just gotta Jam
drinks drinks yeah rings yeah she’s real fun in it how many physics workout it is
never sleep in it it jinx it yeah you forget that you’re not very
good I’m not scared of them but I’m very superstitious I hate looking over drains
and you have to say onions to reverse the curse if you walk over it right do
you mean like a drain like on the street like a sewer oh then you are gonna have
fun that’s why I thought James MacAvoy
because of it and who is described themselves as the world’s fastest pier
Oh you pee like pie please so my name is I’m drinking so much water world’s fast
at the pier not me it’s fast I’ve spent here Michael Fassbender just guys oh my
god I have a visual that I don’t know that so weird
Jen yeah yeah she’s really good at it Jennifer Lawrence Oh
who says that guilty-pleasure movie is Crazy Stupid Love Thai Thai James seriously it’s like your Photoshop Jessica Chastain I don’t even know what
a Mac height is you don’t know how to Mike no I love – what is it – Mike poise
poise is a good luck Michael wait I gave to you who tried to be good at knitting
but found it Walt and unsociable met Colt
know what you did but maybe he was dead but maybe he was good at it
just tasting difficult I’d say Michael Fassbender no I’d say Gemara yeah
um who else is in the movie I heard it was here oh yeah that I guess that was
me yeah I watched the movie demolition man check how’s he doing so I thought
I’d shake it up but it’s really difficult to do out and about I get a
lot of I may not have nailed missing but you did know the phone impression so Oh
ever oh did you forget heaven was in this no I didn’t but have you ever seen
him knit I’ve never seen him net he just doesn’t strike me as as a knitting type
I mean I guess he gave it up so who has been known in the past to break into
their own version of Warren jeez regulate what’s up how’s it going back
up back up cuz its own na te and me the woman said she is it fixed Nick James
Michael yes was a big warranty key perhaps a lot he sings a lot in between
takes he’s like a jukebox well I think you
guys did pretty well and that’s the congratulations

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  1. I guess Sophie hasn't watched the film where Fassbender pees on screen. Naked. After roaming the apartment nude. With the camera only focused on his bottom parts.

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