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I Want To Be A Child Star – feat. Luca Padovan – “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

I Want To Be A Child Star – feat. Luca Padovan – “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

Hello there, and you are? My name is Tucker Bunch I hail from Santa Fe, New Mexico And I’m here for one thing only. Hit i! Every night I lie awake Dreaming of my big break I just gotta to act and dance and sing ‘Cause I only ever wanted one thing I want to be a preteen Hollywood trainwreck A cautionary tale I want the kind of fame that’ll warp my brain And eventually land me in jail I want to sue my parents for emancipation After they get caught stealing from me I want to be on the set of The Walking Dead When I lose my virginity I want to be a child star It’s gonna be bad Child star It’s gonna be sad, oh yeah Childhood is overrated I’m ready for mine to end I want to have agents and assistants Instead of actual friends I’ll be abusive and emotionally stunted But everyone will tolerate me They’ll have no choice because my face and my voice Make them all so much money I want to have a teenage Hollywood meltdown Be a pop culture casualty I want a bunch of addictions to illegal prescriptions And completely lose touch with reality I want to squander everything I’ve worked for And spiral out of control I want to wake up in Van Nuys with a bunch of sketchy guys I’ve never even met before I want to be a Child star Who are you guys? Child star Can I have some more money? Oh baby, I’ve hit rock bottom. I can’t live like this! It’s time to get my act together Refocus on my passion! I want to be a desperate Hollywood has-been A classic “where are they now?” I’ll try to clean up my act and get my agent back And salvage my reputation somehow I’ll do a lot of community service And apologize to Meryl Streep I want to be that former child star That you’ll see in bars And say, “Hey!” “There’s that bloated bankrupt creep!” Child star!

100 comments on “I Want To Be A Child Star – feat. Luca Padovan – “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

  1. The most savage take-down of child stars, ie the whole idea that we allow this to actually happen to kids, that I've ever seen. Every line was ruthless, that was a read

  2. honestly the most unrealistic thing about this was the director viewed this as warped and crazy (which it is), instead of 'subversive' and 'mature'.

  3. I know it's probably just because I'm getting to the age where anyone below the age of, I dunno, 13, looks like a baby to me, but half the lines in this song just make me go, "Hoo boy, I hope the actor didn't understand THAT joke…"

  4. It could be an act (he is afterall an actor lol) but every time I see a performance of his or an interview or audition, he seems like he genuinely loves performance and theater and has a really good head on his shoulders. I'd be proud if he was my child. He seems adorable (in his mannerisms) and really down to Earth. He has an amazing stage presence! No wonder he's been so successful on Broadway!

  5. I love this!! It is hilarious! Luca Padovan is amazing and the WA-HEY! looks on the backup dancers as they dance to this crack me up!

  6. Can we all appreciate the fan girl he talks to in the song… she looked at him how I assume someone would look at God. She deserves more credit.

  7. I love this, but once you notice how badly the audio doesn’t sync up to his lips, it gets really distracting

  8. i know we have all the reasons to praise rachel but if you look in the description we have jack and adam to thank for these amazing lyrics

  9. okay i'm actually in love with him (which is fine im 13 lol) but yeah ive watched this video over and over so many times i love it

  10. ok i just realised after watching for the tenth time.
    luca was in newsies
    jack ( from newsies ) dreams of going to santa fe
    and where is this kiddo from… NO OTHER THAN SANTA FE

  11. Those days are over where child stars like Mc cualey Kalkin destroyed their life with pedophiles and drug over doses.
    Now a days people are more self conscious and talented…like Milie Bobby Brown…and Jacob Trembley…they have their childhood and also career.

  12. A moment of appreciation for the choreographer of CXG! This dancing in this number, and so many others, is fantastic. Hard to believe it’s all just one person! Versatile and so talented.

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