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65 comments on ““I’m Famous on the Inside” – Music Video – Fame Sex Drugs and Rock & Roll (S4:MV)

  1. you are correct… strippers and hookers are definitely not the same thing… unless you pay them enough cash!

  2. yeah!!!! we don't know what is going on either, join the party!! woo hoo! AWESOMESAUCE IS COMING!!! 🙂

  3. well we are proud of her kickin' her habit… those markers are dangerous… perhaps not as dangerous as the fame dragon, but dangerous all the same….

  4. The music video is nothing but us seeing what's inside Hero Lass' head when she's all marked up. PLOT TWIST!

    If not then kicking that nasty habit is super awesome!

  5. oooh… who knows, marker hallucination or final stand?? only next week's episode will tell, or will it?

  6. Great music video; Hero Lass is going places! And holy shit Yuri you can rap!

    On a side note, I can't imagine how much more powerful the vapors are on a marker of that size lol.

    I can't wait for the new season 😀

  7. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasss! Now I want the dubstep and the New Orleans bounce Twerk remixes of this song for my pilates classes. Thank you Shelf Life, for filling up my songlist. <3

  8. I Google searched Taara Platt a couple of times in order to find characters for a Voice Collection of her, and one picture I found…well, let's just say it'd be at home in that song Seth MacFarlane sang at the Oscars.

  9. This gets me excited for season 4. I still remember the day I saw episode one and marathoned through the rest of the series (which was early in season 3, at the time).

  10. possibly… someone will have to teach Hero Lass how to work iTunes so she can become an international pop star though 😛

  11. not to disappoint, but the rapper is DJ Adickshun AKA Brendan McCreary lead singer of Young Beautiful In A Hurry….

  12. Boom! New Season coming your way TUESDAY!! (and that is Brendan McCreary of YBIAH not Yuri rapping… ;o)

  13. I'm reading through the comments and I'm over here like- Hooker? Stripper?! And then I think Pole Dancer. Fun Fact: Did you know that pole dancing originated as a competitive male sport?

  14. Oh wow, surely enough it's in the description, my apologies. I didn't recognize him AT ALL with the sunglasses and the crazy hair. I just assumed it was Yuri XD

  15. Ah… we shall now picture HM, BB and SS in a competitive pole dancing competition…. AHHHH the back of my eyes!!! Aaahhhhh

  16. That would be an epic fight! I don't know what hero lass' powers are though.. but Temari would definitely pwn with her fan!

  17. Episode 0.5? You guys really are thinking small, aren't you? Get it? 'Cause you're tiny action figures on a shelf? And the episode number is a decimal? It's a pun.

  18. Who knew that Hero Lass's introspective journey dealing with her Magic Marker addition be made in a enjoyably gaudy Lady Gaga / Ke$ha-eque music video? Downtown Julie Brown would be proud. Great work on the new video PS Take that Jem !

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