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Instagram Filter Or Celebrity Baby Name? (GAME)

Instagram Filter Or Celebrity Baby Name? (GAME)

( upbeat music playing ) Now, celebrities love
to name their kids
ridiculous things. Celebrity Link Neal,
for instance, named his kid after
a tub of butter. – No, I didn’t. I named–
– Think about it. I named Lando
after Star Wars. Think about it.
Land O’Lakes. Oh, okay! I– Yeah, you did.
That’s not what it was about? Yes, I named Lando after… It’s a weird name.
You gotta own it, man. – …a tub of butter.
– It’s a cool name. I love it, I love Lando,
but it’s a weird name. – It is.
– I’m proud of it. But then I realized
that Instagram… He likes it. …a thing that
you still do not use. I’m still trying
to get on there. It has filters that sound
an awful lot like some of those kooky
celebrity names. – So we have created a game.
– Kooky. It’s time for
“Is This A Filta On Insta Or A Celebrity Kidsta?” A filter on Insta
or a celebrity kidster? Sometimes you just gotta try. Sometimes you gotta try
to make things rhyme. Celebrity child name
or Instagram filter. – Yeah, so I’m gonna–
– Keep your suggestions coming. I’m trying to get
back on Instagram. I’m gonna say something, a word, that’s either a name for a celebrity baby
or an Instagram filter. If you get three
of us these correct, you get a choice between
the B.B.B.B.B.B.B.L.T, another bacon dish,
or open up some of those Star Wars themed presents
from earlier in the show. I’m literally
still getting grease off of
the front of my glasses. Well, then you
have to make me eat
the B.B.B.B.B.B.B.L.T. – Give me one.
– Okay. Here’s your first one.
Perpetua. Is that an Instagram filter
or a celebrity baby? Perpetua? Sounds like
a Greek villainess. That’s not an option.
It’s either a– But that could be
a person’s name, too. I’m going with
Insta filter on this, because it–
you know, it perpetuates. The filter makes it look
like it’s perpetuated. Well, you’re wrong,
but you’re right, because it is–
I don’t think that’s
what it’s for. – This is my nose…
– Eww. …in the Perpetua filter, just to give you an idea
of what it looks like. Ugh. It looks greasy. Well, I almost took
the photo of my wenis with the Perpetua filter, but I didn’t wanna break
the Internet. Leave that to Nicki Minaj. Oh gosh, don’t give me
that mental picture again and again and again. Okay. Link, one for one. How ’bout Memphis? I wanna stop here.
Can I stop here? – Yeah.
– I’m one for one. I just wanna stop the game. Oh, no.
No, that’s not how it works. – You must contin–
– I wanna go out a winner,
like Seinfeld. – You must continue.
– Okay. Memphis. “Memphis”?
Or just “Memphis”? Memphis sounds
like a boring filter,
but an interesting person. It is a person. Link, you’re two for two!
That’s right! Memphis is Bono’s baby. She’s actually
all grown up now. – Good for her.
– She’s an actress. Her name is Memphis Eve
Sunny Day Hewson, but her actual full name
is Memphis Eve Sunny Day With Light Winds
Out of the Northeast And A Small
But Concerning Possibility of a North Korean
Nuclear Attack Hewson. ( laughter ) Hewson?
Is that Bono’s last name? I think it’s the name–
the last name of the mom. I don’t– hey, listen,
I don’t know Bono. If you don’t know,
just say you don’t know. I don’t know.
I shouldn’t assume. I shouldn’t assumer
he’s just a baby daddy. Okay, Dogpatch.
Did you just catch something? I caught– there’s, like– there’s hairs
that are flying in the air. Yeah, yeah. That’s me, man. You haven’t noticed
that before? – You’re like a porcupine.
– I’m like a dog. – Dogpatch…
– Dogpatch. …which is what
your question is. A dogpatch is a horrible
name for a person. Please tell me this
is an Instagram filter. Link, you’re right!
You’ve already got three. I mean, who would name
their kid Dogpatch? I mean, that was easy. Well,
it’s an Instagram filter, but if it were
a celebrity baby name, I think it would be the name
of Kid Rock’s next child and this would be the picture. You know, a baby– Me and Dogpatch
gonna go shoot our– – Crossbow…
– Crossbow– …on ATV. ♪ Bawitaba da bang
dadang diggy diggy ♪ That’s him singing. That’s him singin’, man.
Y’all heard of Kid Rock? He’s driving that thing
from the steering wheel. Like, kid’s not
sittin’ in the seat, man.
That is not safe. Get your butt in the seat… Hey, Kid Rock
doesn’t care about safety. – …Dogpatch!
– Kid Rock doesn’t care. Link, you’ve already
won the game. Now, you’re going
for a clean sweep. – Seraphina.
– Seraphina. That’s a boring person name, but a semi-interesting
Instagram filter name. I’m going with Insta filter. The streak is not alive. This is actually
the daughter of Ben Affleck
and Jennifer Garner. Her full name is Seraphina
Rose Elizabeth Affleck. That’s a lot of names. She looks as happy
as her dad does when it’s
Interview A New Nanny Day. ( laughter ) I thought you were
gonna make a Batman joke, and I was ready for it. But then you went that way.
Dang, son. Dang. There’s no justice…
in this league or whatever. Okay. I’m sorry.
I had to go there. – How about Tennyson?
– Like the poet? – Or the painter?
– Yeah. – Or the…
– Alfred Lord Tennyson. – I don’t what he was.
– What is he? What is he? A governor? Yeah, yeah. We didn’t
pay attention in school, except for the maths. Explorer, yeah.
I don’t know. This is a– this is both! – Gotcha.
– Not an option. You got to pick one. It’s both.
That is my answer. I know that
you don’t want me
to be right and right. Okay, you’re wrong, because this is
Russell Crowe’s son. His full name is
Tennyson Spencer Crowe. – Tennyson.
– There he is, clutching that kid
like a can of Foster’s. ( laughter ) Hey, Link,
if it doesn’t matter– This is how he holds
a can of Foster’s. – Yeah– rawr!
– He drinks– – and then he fights people.
– Here. Stay with me. Link, you missed
the last two,
but you know what? – You were three out of five.
– You’re a stumpy. What do they–
they call them a stumpy. I don’t know what they–
a stumpy? Yeah, they call it–
a can of Foster’s is called… I haven’t been down there.
I don’t know. – …a stumpy.
– But, Link, congratulations. You get your choice of
the B.B.B.B.B.B.B.L.T.– I know what
I’m gonna choose. Okay, thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Kelly.
– And I’m Brittany. And we’re from Ohio, and it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. Click the bottom link
to watch today’s episode
from the beginning. And click the top link
to watch me either eat
the ultimate B.L.T. or open some Star Wars
Christmas presents. Both: Hmm. – And to find out where…
– I’ll spin that. the Wheel of Mythicality
is going to land.

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  1. Link should come back to Instagram wrapped entirely in bacon, with the rest of the room covered in bacon, with his dog standing on him.

  2. Lost a bet with my bofriend fell in love with this channle and now I'm subscribed…I owe him 50 bucks though, lol.

  3. Sorry guys, big fan. Just two things you need corrected. 1, Russell Crowe was born in New Zealand not Australia and 2, even if he was born in Australia, not a single person drinks fosters in a 'stumpy' and even if they did, it would'nt be called a 'stumpy' but really a STUBBY.

    Sincerely, Australia.

  4. Your misconceptions about Australia are beyond ridiculous! No one drinks Fosters (literally never seen a can of it in my life) and Russell is from NEW ZEALAND

  5. “memphis eve sunny day with light winds out of the northeast and a small but concerning possibility of a north korean nuclear attack hewson” I CANT BREATHSHSHSAHAHA

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