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INTER HALL OF FAME 2018 | Toldo – Pagliuca – Zenga

INTER HALL OF FAME 2018 | Toldo – Pagliuca – Zenga

Goalkeepers really suffer as a result of defeats and goals conceded because it’s like they make a bet with themselves. Even if the team is winning 4-0, they’re really angry if they concede. He was a complete goalkeeper. I don’t think he had any weaknesses. It’s no wonder he was the No.1 goalkeeper for his country. Great goalkeepers who play for big clubs like Inter are only able to represent a club like this because they are ready mentally, technically and tactically. The way you have to deal with your emotions and prepare for games… it’s all very personal. Physically he was statuesque – even in training it was like the ball was glued to his gloves. He had fantastic base technique. He was able to instill all the positive aspects of his character into his team-mates. He was a wonderful guy. He was professional… he was absolutely exceptional. He was a great keeper too. You could see how much he wanted to make it. He wanted to earn a place in the team. We had that in common – we both wanted to get into the team and stay there for as long as possible. We had a chance to make history for Inter – and so it proved. Zenga was a great player. That’s how I remember him. I’m grateful for everything he did for Inter – the rest doesn’t matter. Pagliuca was Pagliuca. He spoke with real charisma, so I always found what he had to say important. He was a player that deserved success. Pagliuca earned that and he deserved more but he is remembered by all as one of the greatest goalkeepers Inter has ever produced. He was a beast at two metres tall. He was a very good, quick goalie. He was calm but was very hard on himself and his team-mates. If he made a mistake he was the first to admit his error. I’m being too nice about Francesco, but I love him! As well as being a top keeper who played at a very high level in Italy even when he wasn’t playing he was able to instil all the positive aspects of his character into his team-mates which brought a sense of calm to the whole group.

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