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Internet Hall of Fame 2017 – Jaap Akkerhuis

Internet Hall of Fame 2017 – Jaap Akkerhuis

Our first inductee is someone
who has been instrumental in the development of the
Internet in the Netherlands and Europe since the early 1980s. Jaap Akkerhuis. (applause) – It’s kind of exciting to be here… and being the first
but that’s what you get when your name starts with an A, I guess. What I’m pretty happy with is being inducted in the Hall of Fame I also take it not only for my own personal activities but also for — there are more people like
me, who not really are well known and doing a lot of work in the limelight, but are expanding the Internet
by just doing hard work and just having fun at side. And so, with that in mind, I want to
thank ISOC for this honor. Thank you. (applause)

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