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Introducing Li Ziqi, China’s Most Mysterious Internet Celebrity

Introducing Li Ziqi, China’s Most Mysterious Internet Celebrity

You might have seen her videos online, but this internet celebrity is still a mystery to many. In China, Li Ziqi’s massive fan base stands at 50 million. And as her international fans approach the 8 million mark, we knew we had to find out more. Li Ziqi’s trademark is being able to make seemingly everything from scratch in the scenic countryside. From exquisite meals… to paper… and even make-up. We got an exclusive interview with her to talk about her life. But before that, we want to show you one of her most popular videos. Next week, we’ve got exclusive access to a brand new Li Ziqi video that has never been aired before. Stay tuned, subscribe to @Goldthread2, and don’t forget to turn on notifications here so you won’t miss the video when it comes out.

100 comments on “Introducing Li Ziqi, China’s Most Mysterious Internet Celebrity

  1. Hey folks, some of you are asking where the interview is. Don't worry, it's coming! In Part II next week, we'll air an episode from her that she's releasing only to us first. Then Part III will be the exclusive interview. Stay tuned. 🙂

  2. Keep on liziqi. Just keep doing what makes you happy that make us smile 😊 too. Don’t bother yourself to those disrespectful person that don’t even know anything except hurting other people life because they don’t have that ability that you have right now. Don’t let them ruin your amazing, peaceful life. I m enjoying 😉, in love and jealous…yes jealous every video that you share with us💖🥰🎥

  3. Yeah, for sure she has some type of help(instructions) when doing some things…😏the cooking?? Well anybody can be a cook😀… after all, shes dies good in her videos, only need to be a sweet with the little dogs… thats all!.

  4. Li Ziqi is a shitting model everything thing was prepare for to just play she is doing all that ,with so much hard like cutting bamboo and her hands is still looking well manicured,her claim to fame is on you tube ,that is just to get millions to view ,she to perfect for someone living in the mountain ,I must be dreaming,but I saw enough documentary with people living away from the real and trust me they look any way like her this hold is just a scam!!!!

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  6. dislike & Spam for the three disrespectful stolen videos! bc you don’t deserve to take profits from her work and not even show her credit but instead making fun of her!

  7. I can guarantee you this woman have learned everything she learned from a black woman or man and now she's out here being a celebrity and given no credit for what she got it from as usual

  8. I'm working as a carpenter for over 25 years and deeply appreciate her skills and spirit, there is many things to learn from this girl knowledge, focus, concentration, self discipline, natural sense of art, no wasting time for nonsense , joy of small things

  9. Desde 🇵🇦🇵🇦. Me encatan sus videos, lo sencilla y original q es en cada uno de sus videos. Me traslado a esos lugares q relajan y dan placer verla como ella hace todo es gratificante. NO ROBE SUS IDEAS, NO ROBE SU TRABAJO, NO DAÑE LO Q ELLA A LEVANTADO CON TANTO TRABAJO Y ESFUERZO. 😖😖

  10. How about you link to her video instead of stealing it for views. Also, this is supposed to be an interview video, not plagiarism.

  11. I am sure it wont be long before your in a Chinese action movie, but until then I really need tips for my garden im growing very little right now I would love to have just half of your Garden secrets its amazing!!! I did the sun flowers iv already have my first bunch of seeds from the plant, thank you ! I watched you collect the seeds on your video any garden ideas for me?

  12. Why was a whole video of her's put up? Like it doesn't even make sense! If you are running a channel you should know what kind of content you are putting up online.

  13. This is completely stealing a video. How come liziqi approved this. Tsk tsk please stop this Goldthread. And believe me You will not reach 100k subs bcoz of this . 😏😪😒

  14. I can't believe this. A short and disrespectful interview when she trusted your channel. And you used her name in three videos to get viewers. This is her video. Stop cheating and stealing. What a shame on you. What kind of low standard channel is this?

  15. Go follow Liziqi and not this shitty channel PLEASE. They just reupload her videos and bait with an interview and then when they actually have the interview they act uninterested and focus on their interviewer instead of Li ziqi. To top it of they make fun of her in the end of the interview video. Complete assholes.

  16. She does not speak because she needs to concentrate while working with sharp knives and heavy bamboo. Besides without speaking she can stay in mediation while working. I do that sometimes in the same way.

  17. As a Chinese, I need to tell you a truth!Hong Kong people are the stupidest people in China, they don't understand Chinese culture at all!That's why the interview was so rude!Liziqi comes from sichuan, China, where there are pandas!

  18. Is anything have work … that u not do mam …. ur fab mam I love u… ALLAH AP KO HAR KAMIYABI ATTA FARMAI … AMEEN

  19. Womenfolk in countryside of my country work this much hardwork too so please do not criticise her hardwork guys. But appreciating things is that she is very skillful and has artistic knowledge about everything.

  20. I think Li is the most fascinating woman I have ever seen. I wish I could spend some time living with Li and her Beloved Grandmother at their mountain home. There is no other person on earth that is as dedicated and willing as Li is. Li you have another American Fan.

  21. Maybe this video can teach everyone how we can use natural materials instead of plastic. # the world needs to stop making plastic

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