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Jared Veldheer – Athletics Hall of Fame Class of 2016 | Hillsdale College

Jared Veldheer – Athletics Hall of Fame Class of 2016 | Hillsdale College

Jared Veldheer:
Jared Veldheer, class of 2010. I’m a professional football player for the Arizona Cardinals. My brother played basketball at Hillsdale
College. I was familiar with the school. I had been there, you know, watched him play
games, visited campus. I knew what the school stood for and the kind of values it had, and
knew it was a very good school. When they offered me a scholarship, it didn’t take me
long to accept. I think that’s really where my love for football
took off, is when I got to Hillsdale. Having those great coaches was excellent. They taught
me a lot about the game of football and just growing up and becoming a better person. Really,
I think, played a big part of who I am right now, and what I’ve been able to do, in the
NFL and off the field in the off-season. On the core principles of hard work and integrity.
If you live your life by those, you’re making yourself the best person, not only to yourself
but to those around you. It’s special being part of that college football team. Great
group of people that I was able to play with. We made each other better; we pushed each
other. Pretty much my best friends are guys that I played with on that team. You’ll never
have that same camaraderie, that same bond again. Hillsdale prepared me to play in the NFL.
Being a guy from Division 2 going to the NFL, it was going to be a big leap, and taking
it one day at a time and one practice at a time, not worry about what was going to happen
but just worry about getting better. The core curriculum at Hillsdale has influenced
me in a lot of ways. I studied Biology, and I still use that degree now, during the season,
during the off-season. Tweak my diet where it’s the best it can possibly be for recovery
and performance, and it’s something that I continue to use and will always use. It’s a tremendous honor to be inducted into
Hillsdale’s Hall of Fame. Prestigious thing that’s hard to do, and to be a part of those
athletes that have made the Hall of Fame there, it’s a tremendous honor and I’m excited for

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