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Jeffree Star | The Rich Life | FORBES Net worth 2019 ( Cars, Mansion, Cosmetics & more )

Jeffree Star | The Rich Life | FORBES Net worth 2019 ( Cars, Mansion, Cosmetics & more )

Jeffree Star has been able to create a beauty
empire that’s resulted in some incredible purchasing power. If you take a quick look through Jeffree’s
Instagram, it’s pretty easy to tell that the make-up star loves cars! Especially ones that are painted pink He has a pink BMW i8 Coupe worth around $150k And while the car unfortunately got wrecked
in an accident, it was no problem because Jeffree went and picked up a pink Lamborghini
Huracan worth $200k Is it Huracan? Huricane? Hurica… I’m gonna roll with Huracan. A BMW Z4 worth around $70 thousand A pink Rolls Royce Wraith which go for more
than $300k And a pink Tesla Model X worth more than $82
thousand dollars But not all of the pink cars he takes pictures
with are his own… The Dipset legend, Camron, called Jefree out
for posting a picture with his Pink Audi His Instagram caption read:
“Damn @jefreestar u coulda left my plates out da pick bro #BowWowChallenge Lol. Congrats on ya success. But one thing that Jefree definitely does
own, is his 7,000 square foot Calabasas home reportedly worth 3.6 million dollars. According to Jeffree Star
is worth $50 million, estimates he is worth closer to $70 million after taxes,
while celebrity net worth pegs Jeffree Star at around $75 mill. Through a highly successful YouTube channel
with more than 14 million subscribers and over a billion views, a cosmetic line, brand
partnerships and according to Jeffree, about ten other businesses that he’s currently running
besides the cosmetics company, to call Jeffree successful is an understatement. But most recently, Jeffree’s net worth might
have dropped by a couple million dollars after his store was robbed! Stating: “One of my stock and shipping facility warehouses
was broken into and over 2.5 million dollars of product was stolen from me.” After pictures leaked online of Jeffree Star’s
new make-up products being sold prior to the official release, people began to suspect
that there were some samples stolen. Although details are still being revealed
by the police, and the FBI is even investigating the case, according to Star, the burglars
came in through the roof of their facility at 1 am on Friday March 15th and had a truck
waiting outside. Jeffree believes that it was an inside job
done by someone who temporarily worked at the facility. “They took thousands of Northern Lights, they
took thousands of lip liners, and they took an entire shade of f***ing concealer … Shade
C5 … I have a few hundred left.” But hey, the video Star posted explaining
the robbery has over 10 million views on YouTube, so at least he made some of that money back! the last month of my life has been an insane rollercoaster of emotions. What’s going on good people in the comment
section? I hope you’re having one Hecht of a day,
my name is Jeremy Hecht and today we’ll be going through the rich life of Jeffree
Star. If you’re new here, I’m the LA host for
this channel and I’ve covered other people like Billie Eilish and Liza Koshy so be sure
to check those out after you’re finished watching this video and let me know what you
thought and who to cover next in the comments down below! And if nobody’s told you yet today, I love
you! As always with our rich life videos, I’ve
got a question for you. Today’s question is: What is so different about Jeffree Star’s
inhaler? Stick around until the end to find out! Alright, let’s get into it. Jefree star was born Jefreey Lynn Steininger
Jr. on November 15, 1985 in Orange County, California. His dad passed away when Jefree was only 6
years old. But it was his mother, who provided inspiration
for a young Jeffree through her modeling career. He would tag along with his mom to her photoshoots
and began to experiment with make up at the age of 12. And by middle school, he would wear full make
up to school. After high school, Jeffree got a fake ID and
made connections in the industry, eventually landing a gig as a makeup artist for bands,
through the company Hustler. But it was when Myspace launched in 2003 that
Jeffree really made his online presence known. He ended up having over 1 million friends on the site. I only had 4 Myspace friends, and one of them
was Tom. Anyways… Jeffree ended up dabbling in the music world
and somehow, he gained a huge audience. And while his music career didn’t exactly
have too much longevity, he found his true calling in the world of makeup. And it was actually when he started his own
YouTube channel, that his career that blew up But if you’ve heard the name Jeffree Star,
it hasn’t always been in a positive light. Jeffree has been notoriously known for controversy. In fact, he’s had beef with multiple members
of the Kardashian Jenner family, Laura Lee, random fans, Kat Von Dee and many more. But it was former collaborator Kat Von Dee
who released footage of Jeffree back in the day where he was spewing insulant racism that
was beyond ignorant. Kim Kardashian originally defended Jeffree,
but then took back the comments later on. And honestly, while he has since apologized
for the remarks stating that’s he’s grown a lot, in my opinion, the comments were made
when he was still old enough to know better, but chose not to do better. I believe in growth and I’m open to change,
but some of the things said were just flat out racist and hard to get over, so I still
feel a way about it Jeffree. Not to mention the more recent comments. But maybe I’m just mad because he came for
Paris Hilton at one point. Apparently he said: “In the beginning, I was just a makeup artist
and I never really pictured myself doing anything else. I kind of want to be that indie rock Paris
Hilton, but with actual intelligence, she’s just stupid”… Hey, First of all, Stars Are Blind is an absolutely
classic song, and second of all, Paris created a business empire for herself, so she is definitely
not stupid. Okay? Plus, you tweeted this in 2009, so I know
you’re a fan I know the stans are gonna get at me for that
take but I’m okay with that. Alright, now that you know my thoughts and
Jeffrey’s come up, let’s get on with the video. So how does Jeffree make so much money? Well YouTube views will bring in a good amount
of revenue, especially since he has over 1 billion of them. But his biggest revenue stream comes through
his cosmetics brand. For each product launch, Jeffree reportedly
makes $7.2 million dollars. He owns his own shipment and fulfillment center,
a merchandise company and prints and manufactures all of his own stuff. I guess they just need to make sure they have
a more secure roof… Jeffree also invests in properties around the
world as well as marijuana businesses. And, he’s got a very successful clothing
line: All of that, brings in millions of dollars
for the beauty star. And a lot of spending power. So what does Jeffree spend his money on? It seems like Jeffree’s biggest purchases
are his cars. He bought a BMWi8 worth $150 grand, and with
West Coast Customs hitting him with the custom pink interior, that price tag definitely went
up. But since that one got a little banged up though,
it looks like he got a new one, this time with a light blue finish: His pink Lambo has a 5.2-liter V10 engine,
600 horsepower and can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.4 seconds. That’s almost as fast as I’ll run to the
door if you tell me you have poptarts. When he posted a picture of his pink lambo
to Instagram, Jeffree said this: Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would
ever buy a Lamborghini… Sometimes my life feels like a crazy dream
but then I pinch myself and remind myself of all the struggles, hard times, sleeping
on friends couches to get to work when I couldn’t afford my own place.. I remember my first car was a 1991 Nissan
and it would break down all the time when I was a freelance makeup artist and worked
at MAC. What am I getting at? That ANYTHING is possible. Long way from a ’91 Nissan. On the BMW Z4, he has custom pink exterior
of course but rocks black rims and dark tints on the windows. He has a Tesla with the license plate misery,
although I think driving that car would be anything but miserable. A yellow Lambo SUV and posing in front of
it, he’s repping the red Balenciaga’s on his feet with Fendi trackpants. That’s an expensive Instagram pic. Here he’s posted with Louboutin shoes and
Givenchy sunglasses again in front of the Lambo. You can’t just be rocking a Hanes white
tee if you’re going to be posing in front of a car that’s worth an entire Target store
combined Seems like Jeffree also likes to hit Taco
Bell, but I have a feeling they’re paying him some good money to eat their food. Here Jeffree is also seen in front of a Jeep
Wrangler And I have to mention the Black Badge Edition
of the 2018 Rolls Royce Wraith that has a V12 engine and 624 horsepower. The grill and the hood are painted black with
the exterior barbie pink and white leather seats on the interior. This was a dream of mine to own when I was a little girl growing up playing with makeup and watching music videos and MTV Cribs and seeing all this crazy s*** to have it translate into your driveway Is a little f***ing crazy. Plus who can forget the stars on the roof: you can adjust how bright they are, you can dim them down at night when you’re driving they’re so stunning and probably my favourite thing about the car. But when Jeffree is travelling, he always makes
sure to fly in style wearing Louis Vuitton pajamas and slippers on a private jet And he makes sure his dogs are comfortable
during the flights. Damn, when I paws to think about it, those
dogs are flying way more luxuriously than I ever have… Jeffree’s also has taken private helicopter
rides. And always makes sure that no matter where
he’s going, there is no shortage of designer brands on the outfits. Here Jeffree’s got a Balmain matching outfit
and a red tom ford jacket Gucci purses galore. A lot… and I say a lot…of Hermes purses,
which can run anywhere between 3 and 90 grand online. He even gives away Gucci backpacks to his
fans during contests… That’s an expensive giveaway… Jefree likes to stay pretty icy in terms of
jewelry. From the custom diamond grills made by Johnny
Dang who has made grills for Travis Scott, Quavo, Big Sean, Lil John and even Beyonce. The price of custom grills isn’t even listed
on his site, but I’m guessing they are worth a lot… To whatever this iced out Balmain outfit is: These iced out Dolce and Gabana glasses And of course, this chain that reads a word
that I will never be caught saying out loud… But Jeffree’s not too big to shop at TJ Maxx And I respect that, TJ Maxx is legendary. He’s got gold beats and even his earbuds are expensive… And they aren’t just airpods… They’re Louis Vuitton headphones… And who can forget, Jeffree’s Louis Vuitton
inhaler. Yeah, I said that right. On the caption he asks, who else here has
asthma? Well, I do, but I have the regular blue one
and not one made by one of the most expensive brands in the world. But there’s the answer to your question and anyways, that’s it for this video! Let me know who to cover next in the comments
down below and I’ll see you in the next one Dream Good, Live Better and I hope you have
one Hecht of a day.

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  4. This host tho’ !! Please don’t come for Jefree sweety, coz u will be cancelled. Not to mention U r quite boring so…💅🏼

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