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Joe Giudice Spotted with Mystery Date: Who is She?!?

Joe Giudice Spotted with Mystery Date: Who is She?!?

Thanks for tuning in to the Hollywood Gossip,
I’m Brooke Burgstahler! Things are not going so well for Teresa Guidice
right now. She’s facing decades in prison and a very
hefty fine as a result of the 41 federal fraud charges she and hubby Joe so readily racked
up. But it appears as though she may now be adding
her marriage to the long list of things not really working out for her at the moment…
As Radaronline has reported that Joe Guidice was seen having coffee at a diner in New Jersey
with someone who was definitely not his wife. Radar recounted that the rendezvous went down
about 30 minutes away from the Guidice’s home, with the mystery woman behaving SO inconspicuously
by covering herself in a large hat and sunglasses. An onlooker captured this bit of black mail,
and confirmed that this woman was most certainly not Teresa, adding
“She was completely disguising herself with a hat and huge sunglasses that she wouldn’t
take off inside. They were sitting over coffee and occasionally
Joe would reach over and touch her hand while talking.
They were there for a while.” Yes, but did they order breakfast??
Did he get the french toast or the turkey bacon??
SO MANY QUESTIONS!!! And by the by, this isn’t the first time Joe
has been accused of cheating on T. Or the second.
Its the third we know about, and hopefully not the last! Thanks for watching The Hollywood Gossip,
I’m Brooke Burgstahler.

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