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Joey Essex & Charlotte Crosby Take On Carol Vorderman | Celebrity Juice | Series 10

Joey Essex & Charlotte Crosby Take On Carol Vorderman | Celebrity Juice | Series 10

hello and welcome to are you smarter
than a Carol Vorderman Carol Vorderman is sat here you’re very smart so what
we’re gonna do is challenge how smart you are by setting a series of
challenges against the panelists okay so let’s see we take on the first challenge
it’s our Geordi genius Charlotte Crosby shallots so how do you gonna be against
Carol Vorderman it was the most intelligent person in England I can
seach Carol a thing or two okay let’s see what the first challenge is sebacean
I’m gonna show you a VT it’s a classic clip from countdown
keep your eyes and your ears peeled because I’ll be asking you questions
observational special round yeah okay hit the clip okay who spins what would
you like confident our power can’t the known to please Carol very much today
like a vowel very much please start out after you turn confident come the J give
me a vowel e that like a vowel hey Constance thank you very much
come let’s see bow thank you please very much I like it
that’s for you continent come okay I think carefully here coz fender what
would you like constant novel think very carefully give me continent very much
thank you consonants let’s run countdown here are the
questions Opie was watching okay what was the contestants then Charlotte
shallot god save our Giselle right no I can tell you the answer was cush vendor what was the third letter Carol put up
on the board Carol Carol @g that’s correct
well that’s great Carl got an easy question question how many strides Ron
Carol’s Jakara some luck three that’s correct next to take on Carol Vorderman its Gino
D’Acampo okay Gino let’s see what challenging this game what you’ve got to do is
skillfully maneuver and reconfigure this descendants are again this this this
what you’ve got to do is a jigsaw puzzle quickest person to finish the jigsaw
puzzle you’re gone the klaxon you in a point for your team Oh carrot powers them getting equipment
denotes confused very Carol’s neligan chicago-based ago what is it on the other side it’s a
picture yes now Carroll is now time for the final
challenge you’ve beaten everyone tonight you can beat me later in the dressing
room but we we didn’t think was anyone on the panel that could beat you you
you’re more intelligent than anyone on the panel so we scoured the whole of
England to find the most intelligent person
they’ve been described as the greatest mind of their generation okay a mystery
challenger can you please reveal yourself and turn around okay let’s see what Kagura doesn’t do
well you say intelligence course Coruscant made the first category is
history in what year was Joey Essex bomb Joey
Marnie Marnie next category business affairs who owns
the sugar hot nightclub in Essex Joey Joey
Mickey Norcross that’s correct English language which catchphrase
popularized by The Only Way Is Essex rhymes with babe
Carol really Calgary is geography name three towns in Essex Joey Joey chickened
out and Brentwood religion Hui thesis Joe it’s a made-up
Jesus’s mom’s name I can now reveal that the winner of the
intelligence category and officially smarter than Carol Vorderman is joy

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  1. Charlotte Crosby is one ugly bitch, she is lucky there are enough retards out there who enjoy watching that stupid show she is on

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