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JoJo & Jordan on the Ups and Downs of Instant Fame

JoJo & Jordan on the Ups and Downs of Instant Fame

– I love you. Wanna talk about it? – We’re gonna get a
little more serious today. We have a lot of fun.
– Yeah. – I think there’s some things that we want to talk
about in relation to– really our relationship with you. – I think what’s so great
about us having this platform and this show is that– – And really one of the reasons
that we wanted to do it. – We wanted to have a place
we could just be ourselves. And we can talk about
what we want to talk about and we can be honest about things we want to be honest about. None of this is scripted. We come into each of of these and we’re just, “What are
we gonna talk about today?” And we just do it. – We love it. We love sharing our lives. – There’s this weird thing this weird dynamic of going
onto a show and becoming I don’t like to say famous but almost a sense of
having this instant fame just for being yourself, right? So it’s not like you’re famous for having some sort of talent or you’re a singer it’s all just on you and
who people think you are and their perception of you.
– And especially when we’re both defined
by what people know which is how we fell in love. – I am so beyond grateful for this show. To have this sort of show
where I get to talk to people that care about us it still to this day blows my mind. But there are layers to it, right? The whole discussion and
conversation that we have today kind of came from one of the comments because we’re always reading your messages and your comments. The question was from Elizabeth Cox and it says, “Do you feel like overall “your true character was portrayed well “throughout your time on the show “or did you find yourself
having to defend who you are “after certain scenes
or episodes have aired?” All the nasty stuff
people said about Jordan and it kind of made me sad because I loved him and
I wanted to defend him and they don’t get to see
how everything played out throughout that whole day or that whole time. You know, you don’t know this person. You don’t know everything about them and so to pass judgment
on certain scenarios or situations kinda stinks, right? This is actually a comment
that one of you guys wrote on one of our episodes of Engaged and it says, “Full disclosure “I thought Jordan was in
it for the wrong reasons “and you would end up heartbroken. “How wrong was I? “Y’all are by far my favorite couple “from The Bachelor, Bachelorette. “Jordan is awesome and I’m
so sorry I ever judged him.” Why did that make me–
– That’s really sweet. – That made me a little
emotional reading that. You know what’s funny guys? Kinda thought the same thing about Jordan when I met him. And it was a struggle the
whole time we were together. I knew how great we were
and how much I cared for him and I was falling in love with him but there was something this was an example of
where I totally judged him but the whole time I had this thought in the back of my head like “Dude, this guy’s gonna
leave me brokenhearted.” When it came down to Jordan and Robby I obviously my heart was with Jordan but I had this safe choice, right? In my mind this is what
I thought at the time. In my mind at the time.
(chuckles) Let’s just note that. The safe choice could’ve been Robby and then Jordan was gonna be like “I’m gonna take this risk on love.” And boy, how wrong was I too because in that moment I was like “I’m gonna follow my heart. “I love this man so much. “You know what, if I get a broken heart “or heartbroken, then whatever. “I followed my heart.” And he has been the safest thing that I have ever experienced
in my whole life. So, I was wrong too. – Mmm.
(nervous laughter) – Why do I get– I’m crazy, okay I get emotional. – I’m glad you made that decision. – Me too, but it’s so funny! Because I get it! We were on the same page. – Like you said, there’s
always question marks with whoever it is however your feelings were about me or anybody else on the show there’s always question marks. – I know that it had to have hurt you. – Yeah.
It’s hard. I feel like I have an ability
to shut certain emotions off if I need to.
– Mm-hm. – I try to turn a blind eye
to a lot of the negativity especially around the show and rumors and lies and what
people thought about me. I think that was probably why the first couple months
together were so hard. – First year, guys. – Yeah, the first year. Because we were sorting
through all these perceptions and it’s hard not to listen to people. It’s hard not to listen to all of this. I can’t blame you for having questions and me wanting to defend
myself or prove myself. I feel like I’m a very confident person but everybody has that point where something really gets to you and it can be the most trivial things. – Everyone says, “You signed up for this. “This is what comes with the territory.” And it’s like, “Okay.” I get it, I get it.
– Yeah. – But I still deserve as just a human being–
– Mm-hm. – Some level of grace and I feel like that kind of gets lost. It’s because they think that
you put yourself out there that you don’t– you’ve just offered up your rights to everything that is personal to you. No one knew me, no one
knew anything about my life to instantly people
knew everything about me or thought they knew everything about me. They knew my family, they
knew my relationships and just the attention whether it’s good or bad, it’s like it’s overwhelming at first. – Something happened just the other night that we wanted to talk about. We were–
– In New York. – Traveling for work, yeah. I had gone down and done a workout and I came back up and I
know my fiancee so well (laughs)
and she is so strong but when something’s affecting her I know. She doesn’t have to be visibly showing it. – I had had this long day at work and I had posted a photo because
I had gotten my makeup done and I thought I looked really– I loved the way my hair looked
and everything that day. So I posted a photo. I mean, my gosh guys. The comments that came from
that were just so awful. Talking about my looks
and how fake I looked and how I looked like a
plastic surgery nightmare. I deleted the photo and then after I deleted that photo I just started bawling because I was like, “I
am so mad at myself.” I’m so mad that that
affected me to the point to where I would delete
a photo that I liked. – I think what gets lost in social media (sighs) is no matter if you
have a million followers or five followers you have influence. Just by speaking those words or just by commenting
on someone’s picture. So, don’t think that ’cause
we’re sitting her as influencers that you don’t have power
and influence as well. And that was a moment that I got really angry.
– Mm-hm. – I got– because I’m seeing my fiancee
sitting there in tears. I wanted to go right away
and get on social media and post a video or we just try to ignore it. Which is really hard no
matter if it’s one comment or a hundred.
– But we do it. Because I ignore it every single day. And then there are days that it sucks. It’s not just me.
– No. – All of my girlfriends from the show people like to comment
on all of our pages. That we’ve had a nose job or a chin implant or this. First off, who cares? Whether or not they’ve
done something or not the problem here is you being
mean about someone’s looks. Outside of that what does that affect you? People also attack Jordan on his career saying he’s not good enough or that he has a career
because of this show or the stuff that they say– Then that pisses me off because
I know how hard you work. Everybody has influence in this world and I just want to encourage people to– – Use it for good.
– Yeah. Just take a step back and think about how it
may effect that person that you think you know but maybe you don’t know
everything about them. – And otherwise I will find you if you comment on her photos and–
– No, it’s fine! That’s the thing, everyone’s
entitled to their opinion. I remember texting some of
my girlfriends from the show and I’m like, “How do you deal with this?” I was talking to Kaitlyn and Becca and we’re all in the same boat. We all get it. It’s not new, but it affects all of us. Like I said, that’s part
of this whole thing. I could be wrong but I really
think that these mean comments and the trolls I feel like it all comes from a place of pain and hurt and something that you’re going through. I feel like if there’s anything
that we can talk about now it’s instead of trolling, talk about it. If you’re feeling something if you’re in pain, just
talk to someone about it. Send me a message.
– Yeah. – I don’t know if I can help but I wanna try. – Literally she responds to
almost every message she gets. – I try, don’t there’s a lot in there so I’m sorry if I haven’t responded. I try.
– I mean she’ll go through there and if there’s anything
that we can do to help you or to talk about or if there’s every any subjects whether it’s mental health or whether it’s just being positive. Whatever it is, we can talk
about those things on here and that’s something that
we wanna be able to do. We wanna be able to have an
open conversation with everybody so we can be better. – Let’s be better.
– Be positive. – If this can do anything for
anybody that’s watching this is just try to be kinder and better and more aware of the influence and power that you actually have. – In that moment when she’s broken down because of a number of comments that were just mean I think I saw not the person that you see but I saw the person
that I fell in love with because she wasn’t in tears because all of sudden she thought she wasn’t as good looking
as the picture was. She was sad because– – I couldn’t understand.
– I wonder why they’re hurting that they
need to reach out like that. She was more worried about you. Like, “I wanna be able
to help that person. “Why do they need to resort that? “They must be in so much pain.” And that’s something that I
would’ve just been pissed. I would not’ve been thinking about you. That’s why she’s better than me. – I call myself very confident. I don’t let things phase me really any. Then I think about the people who maybe aren’t as tough as me and who maybe are in a tougher situation and on top to maybe have those
comments directed toward them like, breaks my heart because not everyone is strong enough to get through the mean comments, right? It’s a much bigger thing than I think people who do it
realize it it is, you know? I’m gonna switch gears a little bit. I feel like I’ve been reading
a bunch of negative comments. This is a comment that we
got and says, “Not a question “but my favorite scene from your season “is the rose ceremony
where JoJo wore a gorgeous royal blue flowing gown.” Argentina.
– Mmm. – “Jordan got you and you walked outside “and sat on the steps. “He said he wanted to be
engaged at the end of this “and he said and I quote “I know we can get there.” – I remember that.
(laughs) That’s when I gave you that
little painting I had done– – Yes.
– Of the island in Uruguay. Also remember that dress. – You guys, I feel like loved watching our love
story unfold on the show but what is even more touching and is so much greater to me is how much you still love
watching us go through life. We’re so thankful and it’s a really cool
thing to have you guys. – We’ve got a lot more. We might be sitting here
80 years old doing this. – Oh my god, how good would that be? – Huh? What?
(laughs) Huh, are we filming still? Where’s my teeth? – You may not care about us then but we appreciate you now. – Don’t forget to subscribe. – Subscribe and you’ll see us next week. (light music)

100 comments on “JoJo & Jordan on the Ups and Downs of Instant Fame

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    I’m old enough to be your mom🤫, LOL, but you’re both an inspiration in many ways!
    A funny side note: I’m a Gator fan but during college fball season I ask my son “what game is Jordan doing?….lol

    Thanks for reading! Keep the love always! joni

  4. Jo jo I think you very real and beautiful and Jordan is hot, I think you two are awesome together and I can't wait to see you start your marriage together. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  6. I love seeing how much the two of you love each other! It really is beautiful! I can see you both holding hands on your front porch in rocking chairs in your 80's. You have what everyone would like to have. Who doesn't want the most wonderful feeling of loving someone so much and knowing that feeling is reciprocated from your significant other! So the haters and trollers are just jealous! Their life is sadly pretty pitiful! So JoJo, you are a beautiful young lady inside and out! If you ever come across a comment like that again, then feel sad for them for just a moment and say to yourself, " They must be so unhappy" and then move right on. You can't save the world. Your beautiful, and kind and sweet. It shows in all your video's. Dont ever let one of those nincompoop's get you or Jordan down again! Got it!!! I Love u guys!!!

  7. Jojo, me too. I am of Indian descent, I have to make things materialize and explain for people and myself, at the same time. Jordan yes, we are still….filming, but just changing…up the people. Jojo, thanks for doing this. I have been seriously watching the bachelor since 2015 cause I wasn't sexy enough…media is still going, not alone but with people. I think, we..are at the same place in our understanding of the world. This is my 1st Youtube comment. 👍 Can you talk about Rich Sherwood, look him up (harvard researcher).

  8. Both of you are so real in your expression of your feelings. Please don’t let the haters and those who are jealous to ruin your joy! It isn’t worth it. At the end of the day it’s you, your significant other, your friends and family. That’s it. Period. Social media has given evil a power it doesn’t deserve to have. You can’t get this time back. It’s a one-shot deal for all of us. I think people who are miserable in their own lives cannot stand to see other people happy and successful. They lack the initiative to change it. Don’t let their problem creep into what you have. Both of you seem like amazing people and so deserving of the love you have found. I hope you have many years of love and laughter ahead of you!

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    And JoJo, you're beautiful!

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  11. This is amazing. Thank you so much for opening up and sharing. I have been up and down with depression and this honestly just made my day. I can't even begin to tell you how much this show has made me believe that my "Jordan" is out there. The world needs more people like you in this world.

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  29. As a fan of the show & a HUGE fan of JoJo & Jordan, I can understand how fans can hold them to a different standards because they're now "celebrities" BUT it still doesn't give anyone the right to be nasty or judgemental. Yes, they were on a show but maybe people should consider the fact that this is only a small portion of their lives & who they are. As viewers, we're only getting a tiny look at the situation & even then it’s mostly the portions that "make good TV."

    Before you send a message, email OR comment to ANYONE, I go by one rule…If I type something out & have even one moment of thinking "Should I be saying this", I won't send it. That one question entering my mind tells me I probably should NOT because it could be hurtful to another person.

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