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Josh Brolin’s Deadpool 2 Workout | Train Like a Celebrity | Men’s Health

Josh Brolin’s Deadpool 2 Workout | Train Like a Celebrity | Men’s Health

What Josh was doing was training three hours
a day. He took it super serious, shaping that muscle, making it eye candy
for the big-screen TV. A typical day for Josh Brolin is that
he would show up early in the morning, we put him through some
mobility work, a high circuit level of training, and then he would come back
later in the afternoon. We put him through a bodybuilding type of
training – he would do this six days a week. First thing’s first, we’re gonna be
starting off with mobility work. This is super important for everyone out
there – it keeps you young, keeps you youthful, and especially with
Josh being fifty years old, this is something we really focused on. For me, a side lateral shuffle is very
important – great for the knees. So after the side shuffle, we’re gonna do a
high skip jump – exploding off of one leg. Next mobility movement is a backpedal
followed by an explosive sprint. Just right off the bat, and then you slow up,
pull up a little bit. Again this is great for those knees. Next mobility movement is a foot speed drill –
it’s pretty much just a shuffle. Next movement is a defensive shuffle.
Again, we’re really targeting. I’m pivoting on that knee, pushing off, being
explosive, and yet safe. So let’s go run through this a few times – three times
three to be exact – let’s have some fun. Next is a walking lunge. We’re really focusing on
driving through, landing on that heel, driving through that glute, powering
through – and landing quite evenly. A lot of people tend to be on the toes, on the
tips of their feet – you don’t want to be there. Drive evenly, be on the flat foot, drive up. Drive for that hammy-glute hamstring. Last move for mobility work – I call
them frog hop. It’s pretty much we’re exploding with both legs, using that
momentum to carry into the next jump, all the way down, all the way back,
three times through. Now we’re gonna go on to
this really great circuit – We’re gonna start off with twenty
hammer curls, followed by twenty push-ups, followed by a 120-yard sledge foot, there-back–there-back twice, followed by
sixty rope battle hits simultaneously. We’re gonna run through this five times
as fast as he can with little to no breaks as
possible – really push ourselves, work on that muscle
endurance – it’s time for pain! Now we’re gonna finish some stretching,
and then he hits up a treadmill, 15 incline, 3.0 miles an hour, no holding on.
You’re not allowed to hold on – too many people are holding on – takes the whole
purpose away from the treadmill. I did an incline, so he’s gonna finish
that for 30 minutes. Boom!
Alright, so technically four to five hours later, Josh is coming back
to the gym for a back session. And we’re opening up with deadlifts, rep
range’s gonna be 12 to 15, 5 sets here, 2 minute breaks – and be sure to deload each rep.
Don’t be bouncing off the ground. Reset, pull through – this will bring out a
lot of density and strengthen the back – zero momentum.
So let’s run that through! I’m gonna have him bring his feet in — and this will allow to be a little bit more explosive, a little bit more powerful, drive through
that upper mid-back. Now we’re gonna be onto a shoulder-width
neutral-grip lat pulldown. I’m gonna be adding a full second part at the top, a
solid two-second contraction. We’re gonna start off with the original weight for
12 reps – we’re gonna drop set the weight by about 30 percent for 15 reps, and then
we go back up to the original weight for 6 reps, and then back down to that
drop set weight for 8 reps. And that’s one set, and then we’ll take a two-minute
break, and we’ll hit it again. Alright, so the next movement is going to
be a cable row, and it’s gonna be a high row, using a straight bar pulling to the
upper chest, targeting upper back. And once you get good, you can
move a little bit more fluid. My biggest thing is trying to really
help people connect to the muscle, that muscle-mind connection, and the best
way to do is really slow down that tempo, add these pauses in these two sets of
contractions – it really takes away any of that type of momentum that most
people are doing in the gym. Again – keep the elbows a little pitched
forward, pull down just the chin, second at the top, two-second
squeeze at the bottom. So our last movement for back guys is gonna be
a bent-over pendlay row in the Smith rack – I like doing it in the Smith rack, allows us to keep full control. With this guys, we’re totally deloading the weight, and then driving through. And when we
deload the weight, we’re really gonna have to really tap into that muscle, power
through. This creates a lot of density, a lot of strength, and again it removes zero
momentum, which is what we’re all about here.

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  1. Been working out at 34 for 10 months, mostly lifting weights. protein shakes eggs and chickens mostly every day ….put about 6 pounds of muscle on plus more fat. I know I dont have great genetics but when u see cases like this makes me laugh. Older guys getting shredded or bulked jacked in 3-4 months …yeh ok lol

  2. Come on, man. Brolin and Lovato are both juiced to the gills. Unless you admit that up front, then don't show and effectively lie to people about the training.

  3. at the very beginning of this video I didnt think the trainer was all that buffed…about 1 min in…This CAT is actually massive. Who has legs like that lol.

  4. Should you always exhale when you are doing the hard per of an exercise , like when you press away when doing a push up or it doesn't matter ?

  5. I respect the regime, however the window of time Josh had and the intensity, he couldn't have done it without testosterone therapy to say the least. You cannot recover naturally from something like this. Progressive overload will be non existent.

  6. NOT holding on to a treadmill when on an steep incline of 15 and at speed 3 is SUICIDE and UNSAFE. This guy is an amateur. I'm so tired of these "trainers" on Youtube and Instagram telling people to do the absolute wrong thing in Physiology.

  7. why even post these kind of bs videos? you cannot train 6 times aweek with our test, you should atleast admit they on.

  8. Love how the guy with the cap is doing his footwork. Looks like S. Stallone in Expendables 3. Just fast enough to not get hit by bullets and safe enough to not hurt himself.

  9. Anavar, Primobolan and Winstrol for breakfast lunch and dinner between 3 hours in the gym and most 40 year olds look like that.

  10. You have to let your muscles relax couple day before train again. If you train your body 6 days a week we need something special to grow and make mass and muscles.

  11. and this is one reason why Deadpool will never join the MCU, this guy cant be in 2 marvel films as 2 totally different bad guys lol

  12. At 50? The power of TestC, Eromasin, and more than likely HGH under an endocrinologists supervision ! Go Josh go! Looking awesome old man!

  13. I expected the first comment to say roids. Close it was the third. Its sad that anyone who gets in shape immediately roids. He was in good shape but not rouds shape.

  14. no sugar. change your life.
    Brolin nailed it. joint pain goes bye bye, weight loss is steady.
    sleep well, eat enough so you're not hungry.

  15. In these type of "hype this guy's Spartan training regimen", they never talk about the steroid supplementation. Our fake society where only image counts and superficiality prevails. Fake this, take this, BS that…THAT GUY IS HUGE!

  16. That many workouts a week for that amount of hours requires STEROIDS so that your muscles can recover enough to keep building and not fatigue/damage..   You can't gain masses if you don't have sufficient down time for repair and growth and this is a FACT..  6 Days a week is not possible and have those kind of gains.. If you do not give your body the much-needed rest after a long series of intense workouts, then your body will not produce the lean muscle mass you want. It will actually do the opposite by burning off muscle. This is called muscle glycogen depletion. STEROIDS mitigate this..  ALSO, Steriods are known to be used in Hollywood for these kind of quick gains.  FACTS

  17. 2:19 Might just be me, but it looks like the dude in the background needs to be doing more leg exercises than hitting the bag o.o

  18. You guys are steroid woosies !!!  Steroids keep you from doing real work !1 You get fit through lifting heavy , light and often !! NO ROIDS and a high  protein diet , that's a pic of me at 65 ! I still lift no ROIDS !!

  19. I believe he went through this training but as he's an actor I also believe he used steroids. As far as I'm concerned they use steroids if the role demands that look.
    – When they're not doing a movie they look normal or soft again.
    – They have a short period of time to obtain that appearance.
    – Many of these actors are in their mid 30s and older. Great diet and hard exercise might not be enough to obtain that look.

  20. I wonder about how sore he was when he was first working out and how he got through the pain. Doing that kind of work would be excruciating for the first few weeks.

  21. I don't think that garter belt is supposed to be on your calf lol, why people do work but ink their bodies up I'll never understand.

  22. Stop fagging your life away in the gym in tight tshirts, just do some pull ups and push ups at home, eat a can of tuna and live your life.

  23. Great content with the demonstrators being actors which is great since that’s what everyday people idealize, however these exercises the way they are formatted are not going to help everyday people out since it shows only one muscle group. In the future it would be nice to walk through a weeks type of training with specific exercises that build muscle for everyone to follow!

  24. Yeah he might have the money and access to top trainers but damn. The thing I wish I had the most isn't his fame or fortune…its his intestinal fortitude/self-discipline and patience to keep going to the gym everyday for 3 hours. If I had that, I could be built like a brick shit house too. He looks way more shredded than Daniel Craig did with his intense workout he had done for his first James Bond role. My old section/squad in the army did the JB workout in Iraq and we all got pretty huge. I would have loved to have done this workout with the guys if this was around back than.

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