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Jump Up, Super Star! Remix- Super Mario Odyssey- The Living Tombstone

Jump Up, Super Star! Remix- Super Mario Odyssey- The Living Tombstone

Here we go, off the rails
Don’t you know it’s time to raise our sails?
It’s freedom like you never knew Don’t need bags, or a pass,
Say the word, I’ll be there in a flash
You could say my hat is off to you Oh, we can zoom all the way to the moon,
From this great wide wacky world,
Jump with me, grab coins with me, oh yeah! It’s time to jump up in the air, (Jump up in the air),
Jump up, don’t be scared, (Jump up, don’t be scared),
Just jump up and your cares will soar away, (oohoohooh),
And if the dark clouds start to swirl, (Dark clouds start to swirl),
Don’t fear, don’t shed a tear, ’cause
I’ll be your 1-Up Girl So let’s all jump up super high, (Jump up super high),
High up in the sky, (High up in the sky),
There’s no power-up like dancing,
You know that you’re my Super Star, (You’re my Super Star)
No one else can take me this far
I’m flipping the switch,
Get ready for this, oh
Let’s do the Odyssey! Spin the wheel, take a chance
Every journey starts a new romance
A new world’s calling out to you

Take a turn, off the path
Find a new addition to the cast,
You know that any captain needs a crew Take it in stride as you move, side to side,
They’re just different points of view
Jump with me, grab coins with me, Oh yeah!

Come on and jump up in the air, (Jump up in the air),
Jump without a care, (Jump without a care),
Jump up ’cause you know that I’ll be there
And if you find you’re short on joy, (Find you’re short on joy),
Don’t fret, just don’t forget that
You’re still our 1-Up Boy So go on, straighten up your cap, (Straighten up your cap),
Let your toes begin to tap, (Toes begin to tap),
This rhythm is a power ‘shroom (oohoohooh)
Don’t forget you’re the Super Star (You’re the Super Star)
No one else can make it this far
Put a comb through that stache,
Now you’ve got panache, oh
Let’s do the Odyssey!

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  2. Pauline: Lo siento Mario, pero aun sigues siendo pobre… y como alcandesa de la Gran Ciudad tengo una gran responsabilidad, asi que no creo que debamos…

    Super agente aparece

    Agente: Jefe Mario… Necesitamos su ayuda en el Multiverso, otra vez el Master Hand ataca… Ademas su Armada esta lista para proteger la Galaxia de Bowser… de nuevo.

    Mario: ok yo…

    Agente: interrumpe por cierto. la Princesa de las estrellas Rosaline, le quiere otorgar el titulo del Campeon Galactico por salvar la Galaxia la vez pasada..

    Mario: ow entonces…

    Agente: vuelve a interrumpir tambien debemos asegurar que sus 3 Fortress de Oro esten seguras… ya que van a llegar un cargamento masivo de Oro en una semana del Planeta Magma.

    Pauline pasmada por la situacion

    Mario: jejeje oki pero…

    Agente: ejem… lo siento, pero no tenemos tiempo, debenmos retirarnos, ya que su ejercito lo necesita en estos momentos…

    Mario: Y por que me necesitan!?… espera, cual ejercito!?

    Agente: cual!? pues las Tropas Toad, que ahora libres del maleficio de Bowser, juraron lealtad a usted…

    suena la alerta en el brazalete del agente

    Agente: No hay tiempo, debemos irnos…

    Mario: ok vamos… adios Pauline.

    (despues de que se retira mario a prisa)

    Pauline: con cara de que rayos paso aqui a-a-adios!?.

    (Resumen: Mario tiene muchas mas responsabilidades que la Alcandesa, ya que el mantiene a salvo ese y otros mundos… n.n)

  3. I love this animation!
    Btw she was Mario’s first romance,she was the girl in jump man

    (Edit) 3:40 wait,did Mario give her the finger friends style?

  4. Mario you fucking cheater you cheat on pauline with peach then go back to her yo does she know that you have a side chick damn if you think sbout it marios mest up

  5. Bruh I actually started crying when she said “don’t fear, don’t even shed a tear cause, I’ll be your 1-up girl!”

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