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Keith VS Ferret: Food Sniffing | Celebrity Juice | Series 10

Keith VS Ferret: Food Sniffing | Celebrity Juice | Series 10

woodsey mom I bet she’s Emerton
downstairs a little bit in Chaves joking if the unfree cook challenge now at all
familiar with the ball under the cup challenge but today we’re replacing the
ball with my favorite meal which is the baked potato with cheese and coleslaw
but which ferocious beast will I be taking on that ate a bit of
dead animal on some lettuce well it’s the ferocious furry fuck-faced ferrets
to do for you to decide the challenge will go inside me Holly think you can down one all off
well an animal smell is why it’s fifty five hundred five thousand times no way
that you were gonna be that for Poly students a ferret Danny me at me off
Eric’s would you approach bollocks he’s got a nose I think I reckon – yeah a
little bit of folks all right so Daly’s teams loan for me
Holly’s teams going for the fairness I’m a look at your walk killer switch around
at ball minutes in the meadows so it sound a little skunked around
right now way off Ivan looking at the cops living
bat so they wake up sir oh is touching a cop now and put this
beta code whereas well from this one I’m getting the aroma
of metal of hair here I can smell metal and metal apace I’m
again all the fairies their ferrets having a snit horrible bastard that
really the world well fidelity oh it sniffing it’s got it straight away but they’ll be love me Oh stupid fucking fairy three or do
anything cat job nothing cat your pictures here you choke on it a prick

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