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– Significantly advanced Internet’s growth in Asia through extensive initiatives, research and development. Congratulations to Kilnam Chon. [APPLAUSE] I… my interests, I explain this way: When you move out of this room, you cannot use the internet anymore. What would you do? Today we have two billion people including us who can access the Internet. It’s simple maths. There’s five billion who don’t have access to the Internet. That’s my concern. 10, 15 years ago I said “the other million”, today we say “the other billions”. And 20 years ago I said “the other thousand”. OK, until about five years ago it was so difficult to provide a computer. We couldn’t even think about the Internet. How can we provide computers to the other billions. Five billion people. Whose income is typically $100 per month, so they could spend about $10 or less. But the whole thing changed about five years ago. Because of… we all have it… smartphone. All of a sudden, almost everybody can have a smartphone. First for us, and in the coming years almost anybody in the developing countries. So the forecasting goes this way. Today we have two billion people with Internet access, and five billion people without. In ten years it will be the other way round. Five billion with internet access two billion people without. This means practically anybody who needs to access the Internet could access it. In ten years. Then what do we have to do now? We have to develop infrastructure. Communication infrastructure and the institutional infrastructure, otherwise we cannot use the Internet properly. In the USA and Europe, Japan and Korea, we spent so many years to develop this infrastructure. And now the rest of the world, they have only five, ten, 15 years to develop the infrastructure, including security, which I’m working on in Africa, or the training, human resource development, everything you do, the first problem is not the money. We just don’t have the people who can train, who can lead. So the human resources, the security, all kinds of things. So I hope you can join to develop a good global infrastructure in such a way we have to give it together. Thank you.

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