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Kim Kardashian FaceTimes Kris Jenner From the White House

Kim Kardashian FaceTimes Kris Jenner From the White House

politics as usual Kim Kardashian jetted
to Washington DC to join President Donald Trump in a press conference that
paired prison reform solutions with the private rideshare company lived on the
Sunday October 27th episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Kim was clearly nervous to speak of the White House event so much so that the
k’kaw beauty founder and aspiring attorney left her note cards in her
purse of her involvement in prison reform Kim explained I work with cut 50
they write so much amazing policy Kim added getting people back on their feet
is really important to me and I’m so proud to be a part of this initiative to
make people’s reentry back into society easier during the press conference
Kim sat in between Jared Kushner and his wife Ivanka Trump as the president
introduced her the former host of The Apprentice referred to him as a very
special guest as well as a very good person he added jokingly since she’ll be
one of the most successful lawyers I hate to tell all my lawyers back there
after announcing the first-step Act an initiative aimed at easing the
transition back into society for formerly incarcerated individuals Kim
celebrated her successful televised speech by hugging a Matthew Charles the
first individual released with the first step back Kim then called momager Kris
Jenner from her holding area in Kushner’s office to update around the
successful press conference after arriving back in Calabasas California
Kim urged her sister khlo Kardashian to come back with her to the White House
Khloe peered to throw shade on the current administration saying girl I’ve
been when a different president was in office the episode also followed close
she dealt with the aftermath of ex-husband Lamar Odom’s book release the
memoir darkness delight detailed the pair’s marriage and subsequent divorce
after watching Lamar’s Good Morning America interview where he admitted to
and khlo and apology she commented it’s true it’s nice while Khloe peered to get
closure from the public apology Kris was sent into a tailspin after discovering
that Lamar added Kris in the book as having orchestrated a problematic
SoulCycle ambush on Khloe Kris explained in Lamar’s book he’s accused me of
setting up the whole SoulCycle thing Lamar popped up at one of close classes
and it caused a huge commotion that never happened
khlo clearly wasn’t buying Chris’s Danai invented to Kim Seine mom is lying to me
in the book he’s saying how my mom did tell him where to go it’s exactly what I
thought happened which she denied forever how would he know that I’m at
cell-cycle in Beverly Hills at 6:00 a.m. Clos then at it it doesn’t bother me but
why lie about it Kris avoided her daughter for the next
day and a half while khlo bombarded her mother with calls about the incident
eventually Khloe and Kris talked and Chris maintained insisted that she did
not orchestrate the highly publicized run-in Kris added with a devilish grin
denied till we die khlo also revealed that she’s been in communication with
Lamar who told her he’s been dying to see her in person after contemplating a
meet-up with her ex chloe ventually decided against it saying i see that he
has a girlfriend and i just don’t want to be disrespectful a read chat he seems
really happy and that chapter is closed between he and I

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