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Kim Kardashian Must Be Confident In Her Double-Sided Tape: Goes Shirtless At LACMA Gala

Kim Kardashian Must Be Confident In Her Double-Sided Tape: Goes Shirtless At LACMA Gala

Kim Kardashian Must Be Confident In Her Double-Sided Tape: Goes Shirtless At LACMA Gala Science and fashion came together at the LACAMA gala and it never looked more gorgeous. Kim Kardashian risked a massive wardrobe malfunction, but pulled off a shirtless look while on the red carpet!. No shirt? No problem. Kim Kardashian, 37, didn’t need anything underneath her suit coat when she walked the carpet at the Las Angeles County Museum of Art’s Art+Film Gala in Los Angeles on Nov. The Keeping Up with the Kardashian seemed to defy gravity – and dress codes – as she left her shirt in the car. Whoever designed her double-sided tape probably deserves an award, because Kim managed to get through the event without a nip slip or another embarrassing malfunction. Technically, does she have cleavage if she’s not wearing a bra or a shirt?. This year’s event honored Star Wars creator George Lucas and artist Mark Bradford, according to Daily Mail. The event was also presented by Gucci. Kim famously met future hubby Kanye West while dressed as Princess Leia. Plus, she’s also a fashionista and a patron of the arts. That explains why she and her mother, Kris Jenner, were attending this LACMA Fundraiser – and turning heads with Kim’s braless, shirtless fashion choice. Kim’s bold fashion choices don’t always pay off. While she was posing in one of her sexy Halloween costumes, her nipple made a surprise cameo. While flaunting her Aaliyah-inspired outfit, she seemed to be in need of some double-sided tape, as her jewel-studded bra slipped a bit and – out popped the nip! Considering that Kim spends most of her time half-naked (and proud of it!) this was one of her more minor “malfunctions.” It certainly didn’t stop her from enjoying Halloween!. Speaking of that Aaliyah tribute, Kim actually came under fire for people who accused her of being in “poor taste.” Some fans accused Kim of culture appropriation, since Aaliyah was an African American woman and Kim is not. “The look was inspired by what she wore in her “Try Again” music video,” Kim said when she was explaining her choice (while clapping back at those accusing her costume of being racist.) “I play every kind of genre of music in my home and I like for my kids to be exposed to many different artists. For me, it’s always about love and respect.”. What do you think of Kim’s LACMA gala outfit, HollywoodLifers? Do you think it was stunning? Or do you think it’s a pass?.

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