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100 comments on “KISS members livid at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

  1. this turned me against KISS…well gene and paul….and i have loved kiss since the beginning.. no more.

  2. get over yourself Paul…you just may cost the band to be banned from the hall of thankful…

  3. THE ORIGINAL no-talent band who dressed up in wacky costumes and had lots of stage gimmicks to distract from the fact that they are shit musicians.

  4. paul is a man who could punch me out but! it really seems like he and gene have a husband wife thing going like keith and mick or all the other great theater rocks groups!

  5. Like nyone kares wat sum oooold rockband thinks. They need put Limp Biz or ICP in their but they two good to go.

  6. Over rated, the theatrics is what KISS was all about. Half a dozen decent songs. The rest is filler material.

  7. "That's arrogance that I don't have to put up with… hence I went up there and accepted the induction"

  8. Not a Super Fan, more of just an average Fan. Though, they have had a few that, in my own "Top 100 of all time" that I can see making it into the 20's. That aside, it always sucks when someone whose artistic offerings have taken on a personal meaning, or a song that that reminds you of a time and place in your Life, ends up being a frigging butthole IRL. I still like quite a few of their songs, personas aside.

  9. Rock & Roll Hall of Shame! Who's ass do you have to kiss to be inducted into Hall of Shame? Because I know Todd Rundgren is beyond giving a shit about being inducted but I think if anyone deserves being inducted it's Todd.Roll & Roll Hall Of Shame is a disgrace!

  10. 100% agree with the HOF. Fake Ace and pretend Peter wouldn't even exist with out the real Peter Criss and Ace Frehley. To argue something different is nonsense. In fact I'll go as far as saying without Ace Frehley no one would have ever even heard of KISS. There would be no such entity for these other people to have existed in.

  11. part of me can see what paul means. But honestly its the 4 original members that are the ky to kiss. I will say that I think Eric and Bruce should have gotten in as much. Not with eric singer and tommy thayer but definitly Bruce and Eric ( RIP) along with the core 4. Now vinnie and mark did play on albums and tour, but they really were not in the group long enough to say so and tommy and eric singer are both talented ( eric more so) but they more got into playing characters invented by ace and peter.

  12. Paul is wrong the new members of Kiss wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for Ace Freeley and Peter Criss. Kiss would of been a fart in the wind.

  13. Mark Don and MEL would blow most of the band's in the 70s of the stage. If you don't know who I am taking about ask someone who knows.

  14. Whiny fag… you can't play dressup and invite all the other girls to the party and have you all in the R&R hall of fame.
    And yeah, it's been 14 years since you were eligible, that doesn't mean you should be inducted.
    You have never been taken seriously by anyone of any consequence in the business and we all know why.
    You're a novelty act and not even that much of a novelty. You should be outside circus tents for an hour before the show starts. Maybe even in the freaks tent.
    Fuckin' joke.
    Anyone worth their salt wouldn't be whining like an offended drag queen. They wouldn't care.

  15. You dont need any say from the Rock N Roll Hall of fame KISS is the Fame in the Rock N Roll atmosphere past, current and future. When the apocalypse comes a couple things will stand test of times. Kiss music and materials built on their sweat and blood when the human race vanished and the new tenants from outer space gets a hold of World history they find a Kiss tapes, records and CDs them MOFOS will be jamming to there songs so Kiss Lives on.

  16. Paul,                                                                                                                     October 28, 2018     Amigo, you are right.  You should  recognize  and announce that this Hall of Fame is just a marketing tool, nothing more.  KISS being announced way late is clearly marketing – it sells more albums to those born in the seventies and eighties – which is the point.  But, hey man, if it gets conservative wonks to use their credit cards on-line, to  be victims of the future, your old band still rocks.                    Again, if you want to lie to a retired lawyer please head up to Portland.  Worry not, you can still tell the truth.  [email protected]      As Ever Paralyzed, Dr. Jim McHugh

  17. I am with the Rock and Roll hall of fame. Kiss is just a gimmick band they only have one big hit. They do not deserve that honor.

  18. It’s always funny when bands say they don’t care about the rock hall, but when they get left out, oh no! Poor me!!!!

  19. Kiss has been ungrateful for everything they have been given. Listen people kiss have never gave a damn about anything but getting your money

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  21. Well they have a choice to make end of the road tour no they will be touring in the future ace gene Peter Paul I think Tommy and Eric days are numbered it's the end of the road for Tommy and eric

  22. Paul is standing up for musicians that have contributed to the success of KISS, as is his right of course, as founding member and front man. But I do get the Hall’s need to keep it simple, and relatable to the fans. The band Kiss is being inducted, and these 4 guys are the face and founding members of Kiss when they skyrocketed.

  23. I think Paul Stanley is wrong. It's what made the band exist in the first moments of their creation/ success.
    Those first members. He's putting personal issues first.
    He needs to give credit or share credit. Him & Gene Simmons didn't do it all on their own. They had help in the beginning.
    I was a fan but this is too petty for me to care anymore.

  24. Kiss are hacks- when youre a kid you like em because of the makeup, but once you realize that they dont even really play their instruments very well and that even on the albums members like Ace were actually absent.

  25. FUCK the r&r hall of fame, fuck the Grammys, and fuck the VMAs up the ass with a telephone pole. Rock is about the music and the fans. Period.

  26. Back in the early seventies I was in a big fan of Kiss the only song you ever liked was Beth but I like them know and I respect as men made it to the top they're just like regular people but problems beautiful families Long Live kiss

  27. I agree with him what he saying about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame it's kind of a joke there's so much great bands out there they never will make it to the hall lot of 60s bands 50s bands 70s they're starting to scrape the barrel now to get people in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

  28. Ffs. Get over yourself Paul. Are you using the excuse that you are only now voted in to the RRHOF because of your bands line up changes??? Ace and Peter were originals and deserve credit too. If you feel that strongly why don't the tribe of you all walk out together??

  29. One funny thing? Paul said Peter would never be John Bonham. But Paul will never be Jimmy Page either. I like Paul but sometimes he's boring as hell.

  30. Paul Stanley should have declined his induction. Imagine getting inducted and you complain about it and say "I don't have to take that nonsense", he should've been banned from the induction. Ingrate, without Ace & Peter there would be no induction and they didn't perform so not like they were voted the best.

  31. Kiss is the original four band members. After that Kiss was nothing more than a circus act. Seems this dick has as ego almost as big as Gene's.

  32. Two things here.

    1. KISS has always been trash.

    2. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a farce. Rock and roll is about rebelling, not conforming to some board that picks and chooses what's worthy and what's not.

    "Rock and Roll don't come from your brains. It comes from your crotch"

  33. Huge kiss fan here… However Paul needs to stop being a whiny little Jewish bitch.Just be happy that you're inducted in the Hall of Fame and shut the fuck up please.

  34. Bruce and Eric were in kiss longer than Ace and Peter, kiss musically was better with Bruce and Eric. Bruce and Eric should be in too.

  35. The fact that LL Cool J and Ice Cube are in the hall and not KISS is actually sickening .. Rock n Rollhall of fame not hip hop hall of fame

  36. keep this s ***t real ppl, kiss was and still is paul , peter ace, gene..end of the story….these are the guys that made it kiss..the rest is just fill in here and their, now i love eric carr and bruce kulick and vinnie vincent, i cant stand eric singer, and especially tommy thayer…this guy looks like joe perry n ace make and stands like a goof

  37. Eric Carr Vinnie Vincent & Bruce Kulick deserved that honor as well ! Paul was correct to not allow kiss to not perform

  38. I think the words "influence" and "novelty" are skewed.I see artists like Elvis,Queen,and Led Zeppelin among others that are influences and I see a long list of others that got in that are novelty or "shock" acts.

  39. Paul is so cool! I understand what he is saying as I read that Bruce Bruce Springsteen's band (About 20 members ) each spoke at the ceremony and took up a shit load of time doing it! How much more popular and influential have Kiss been than the E-Street Band?

  40. I do believe that all the Eagles were inducted, somebody correct me if I am wrong, so why do former members of Kiss get excluded? I don't normally care for Paul Stanley, but he is right on this one ! I would like to see somebody tell the hall to stick it and not show up !

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