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Kitchen Gadget Testing #50 – Star Wars Special ft Ashens

Kitchen Gadget Testing #50 – Star Wars Special ft Ashens

100 comments on “Kitchen Gadget Testing #50 – Star Wars Special ft Ashens

  1. If you fancy getting the gadgets you can find them here:

    Star wars toaster

    Star wars waffle maker

    Star wars popcorn maker

    Stormtrooper / Darth vader salt and pepper pots

    Pizza slicer

    Death Star herb grinder

    Hans solo mould

    Have a Barrathon, watch the kitchen gadget testing playlist

  2. 0:11 – that low rent copy of the original theme is worse than nothing 😔😳🙄😬 (not that I think you should license the original, just saying)

  3. Please continue on. I love your gadget videos. Literally awaits for it every Sunday. It will break my heart if the gadget review videos were stopped. Love from Singapore.

  4. my Death Star grinder broke in the same way p: pretty popular item, that one, can’t possibly think of why

    my favourite Star Wars kitchen item is a bb8 ice cube thing, so cute and a perfect size if I want something on the rocks

  5. 15:19 – Er, no, that's a terrible pizza cutter. Totally unergonomic handle, hard to wash, blade radius is too small so the plastic sides are touching the toppings even on such a thin pizza, etc.. There's a reason why proper pizza cutters have larger blades, long handles and arms that curve down. That one might be a great Star Wars toy, but it's a terrible pizza cutter. And the bottom of that pizza is so charred you're not really cutting it anyway, you're just cracking it.

  6. The white is pepper because it contrasts against the white background so you can see if it is actually dispensing or not.

  7. I actually have that same grinder, let's just say: we all know it's not for garlic or the herbs they use it for lol. It works really well for the purpose it was meant for.

  8. For some reason I just had an idea for your giant food series, how about making giant versions of the chocolates called Munchies, either the biscuit or mint variety .😉

  9. Here's my feeling about the whole salt/pepper thing, because I've heard all sorts of things myself. My feeling is that if you like salt better than you like pepper, put salt in the one with more holes. If you like pepper better than you like salt, then put pepper in the one with more holes. If you have health issues that require you to cut back on your salt intake, put the salt in the one with fewer holes. Basically, however it works best for you, do it that way. The kitchen police will NOT come and kick down your door.

    Not sure about the Star Wars megafan who says "Live Long and Prosper," tho. I mean, no one says he can't like Star Trek as well, but still. He gets some side eye from me.

  10. The Chinese plug adapter is known as the " Death Dapter " as its dangerous and not BS certified. You can get electrocuted by it if you grab it in the wrong way.

  11. Other order of operations for waffle and pancake batters: start by mixing the eggs into the flour and gradually whisk the milk in. That way you can beat the clumps out when its still a thick paste. Much easier. Thin it out to the right consistency with the milk and then add the butter.

  12. At least the prequels didn't completely undo an entire character arc for the sake of girl power. Disney ruined Star Wars.

  13. We had the R2D2 Popcorn Machine and whenever we used. It would cause interference with any tv in the house eventually it went to the Dark Side & died lol

  14. Dude my sister smokes weed that metal death star was the grinder she was looking at on wish 😂😂😂😂 still love how it was all star wars themed well done! And thank merlin Stuart was there to help you with all the star wars info haha 🤣🤣

  15. They colorize the shakers to what color spice you put in it. Salt goes in the lighter colored one, pepper in the dark. Traditionally, at least in the American South, salt has more holes and pepper has less.

  16. Use the Solo in Carbonite to make a big chocolate bar. LOL. I wrote this at the beginning of the video and now just got to where you said you were making a chocolate bar.

  17. The death star is a herb grinder. 'Herb' is generally used as slang for marijuana. It's also supposed to be used on dry herbs.

  18. Congrats on making it to 50. It's crazy to think how long you've been doing this series. I started watching this series around part 8 or 9 and at the time I was so excited there were a whole 7 other videos I could watch but you;ve absolutly blown that out of the water now. I can honestly say I've loved every single episode, keep it up.

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