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Koreans Try Guessing Male Asian Celebrities’ Nationalities

Koreans Try Guessing Male Asian Celebrities’ Nationalities

Nichkhun Buck.. – Hor…
– Horvejkul… Here’s cool Horvejkul~ – We are in trouble
– I know…I love Nichkhun! AHMAD AL GHAZALI
DJ, ACTOR & SINGER Ahmad… I don’t think I can pronounce his name properly (Laugh)
Ahmad Al Ghazali Ahmad Al Ghazali Ahmad?
His name is telling us his origin – That sounds like someone from Middle East…Maybe?
– Yes ( KK : Countries in the Middle East are not an option today… ) Then where? – Oh! Indonesia? or…maybe?
– I think Indonesia Indonesians and Malaysians do look similar That’s why we can’t guess easily I am going to go with Malaysia Thailand? – He’s a pop star…
– I think he’s a pop star too Looks like an idol…Maybe an actor I think he’s a singer ( KK : He’s a professional DJ ) – Ah…
– ( KK : He did release his own album recently ) ( KK : And he’s from Indonesia ) DANIEL PADILLA
ACTOR Daniel Padilla… Daniel Padilla… – Maybe it’s (pronounced) Daniel Padia…Padilla
– Padia – Padilla? It sounds like quesadilla…
– I think this is definitely (pronounced as) padia – Padia? Padia?!
– Daniel Padia Professional actor! Maybe he’s from Singapore I think so too – There’s Daniel in his name
– Ah, Daniel People speak English in Singapore, right? – Hmm…
– I’m so confused… – I’m confused…
– I’m gonna go with Philippines India? Singer… – And he’s a singer
– and he’s 20… – ( KK : Nope, 26 )
– Oh~
– Oppa~ – ( KK : He’s from the Philippines )
– Wow – ( KK : People there also speak English, remember? )
– That’s right – I totally forgot about the Philippines
– Yeah – ( KK : He’s an actor )
– (Gasp)
– Oh – WHAT?! Maybe he’s an actor who wants to be a singer
– Oh (Laugh) PIERRE PNG
– Pierre Png – P.N.G is his name?
– His name is P.N.G…right? – I thought it was the file…
– Pierre Png – gif…
– Or… – It’s (pronounced) Pierre Ping
– Pierre Pueng (Trying to pronounce “Png”) He’s from Thailand…and a comedian? Nope
He looks really handsome here He must be an actor Ballerino of Singapore – He is from Vietnam…
– Vietnam..yeah He was a dancer… – and then he became an actor…
– He got discovered… – He’s a musical singer!
– (Surprised) He’s 30 – 31…?
– 33 Okay ( Kk : In fact, he’s 43 years old ) – (Surprised)
– OMG He looks so young ( KK : You were so close! ) – ( KK : He’s a comedian )
– Ah, really? – ( KK : From? )
– Thailand! Singapore! ( KK: Singapore is the correct answer ) – Singapore?
– ( KK : Yes ) – Ah!
– I forgot there’s Singapore! NOO PHUOC THINH
SINGER – Noo Phouc Thinh
– Noo Phuoc Thinh Noo Phouc…It’s really hard to pronounce his name He is an actor… or maybe a singer – In a music video?
– Yeah! I thought he was like a… His fashion style is pretty neat He looks like a very famous show host I think he is a singer Host! He looks like a TV host! I think he is a singer I think he is a reality show host ( KK : He is a singer) – Yes!
– Oh~Man~ I’m sorry I underestimated him I think he’s from Vietnam Me too I like his smile…
I think he’s from Vietnam – ( KK: Vietnam is the correct answer )
MODEL – Kugimiya Nadech
– Kugimiya Nadech – Nadech?
– Nadech I thought he was wearing a black shirt…
but I it was just his chest hair I think he’s a person who is really proud of his chest hair – All that matters is I like his eyebrows…
– Oh! Look at his chest hair! I thought he was a model but then this picture makes him look like he’s an actor – An actor
– Yes He’s from Singapore – He poses like a professional model
– Full of confidence and determination – I think he’s a model too
– Yeah Malaysian or Indonesian – Indonesia!
– Malaysia! ( KK : He’s from Thailand) (Shocked) – Thailand?
– ( KK : Yeah ) He’s from Thailand! ( KK : You two guessed him as a model…He’s a model ) – I knew it! Kugimiya!
– I knew it! Models usually have a very thin and slim body style
and he’s rather bulky I think people there like different body types AWAL ASHAARI
MODEL & ACTOR – Awal Ashaari
– Awal Ashaari – Ashaari
– Ashaari He also looks like a Malaysian… But his outfit makes me wanna change my guess to Vietnam There’s also this Malaysian feeling… – He’s very…yeah! I like him
– He has this goat beard – Maybe…Is he a chef?
– Oh! Is he as chef? – Oh, there’s a picture of him singing a song
– Singing a song~ He looks like Jo-han Kim (Korean Singer)
with that goat beard I think this is a clip from a music video I’m gonna go with singer Really? Yeah…because he was singing He is from… He’s from Indonesia and he is a singer… Jo-Han Kim of Malaysia A Malaysian singer ( KK : He’s a model ) – Huh?
– Model? – ( KK : Yeah)
– Really? A model… – ( KK : He’s a Malaysian model )
– Oh… – Ah~
CRICKETER – Sachin Tendulkar
– Tendulkar Tendulkar – Sachin Tendulkar
– Sachin Tendulkar I wonder where this picture was used – Oh! My comedy show!
– He’s like… – Maybe he’s not a comedian after all
– I think he looks like an actor…a movie actor! – From India
– He has so many facial expressions – Isn’t this a picture of Diego Maradona?
– (Laugh) (Laugh) – I think he’s the president…
– This guy… Isn’t he the president? This is what? Crocket? (WRONG!) Crocket? (WRONG!) – Yes
– Is that what it is? What Alice in Wonderland…The Queen plays? He’s an actor – He’s definitely not a politician
– This picture… He looks like the ones in the entertainment business…
Actor? Comedian? – India
– Indonesia He’s an Indian actor ( KK : India is correct ) – Yeahoo
– Ahahaha ( KK : He’s a professional Cricket player ) – Wow!
– Oh! Maradona…
SINGER – Xue Zhiqian
– Xue Zhiqian – Qian? – Xue Zhiqian?
– Zhiqian He’s Chinese Just by his name? I don’t know but he looks like…
he’s about to sing like
(DANCING & SINGING) He poses like an idol or a singer – Boy band!
– Yeah! Boy band~ He’s a good dancer Yeah, I feel he’s in charge of the dance – He’s from China, he’s a singer…
– He’s a boy band member I think he’s one of those Chinese idol singers ( KK : China is correct ) Chinese names are very unique ( KK : and he is a singer ) – Yeah!
– Is he a solo or a group? ( KK : I think he’s a solo not a group ) NICHKHUN BUCK HORVEJKUL
SINGER – Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul
– Horve… It is…wooh! What? That’s his name? Nichkhun Buck… (Together)
Horvejkul… You’re so cool
Horvejkul~ – We are in trouble
– I know…I love Nichkhun! He’s from Thailand He’s one of those real Asian celebrities A singer…Idol singer… (Singing 2PM – Again & Again) So he’s from Thailand He’s 2PM ( KK : He is of mixed race ) ( KK : Let’s guess where his parents are from ) Thailand and Singapore (Singapore Again) I am going to go with Thailand and Malaysia Is he Korean? No~ Half Chinese…Half Thailand… Half Thailand…Half Singapore… ( KK : He’s a singer…) ( KK: and his father is from Thailand ) ( KK : his mother is from China ) So I was right?
Yeah~ ( KK : Which country was the easiest to guess correctly? ) India China and India were a bit easier than the others ( KK : Did the names help you a lot?
Or did the pictures help you a lot? ) – Names…
– It’s the name Names were more helpful And I wanna meet Pierre Png – Pn…
– Png! ( KK : Which do you think will be harder to pronounce? Names in Korean? Or names in other languages? Korean They would probably pronounce my name in a weird manner – You spell it with P.A.R.K
– Park Sometimes it’s hard, but once you get it right,
you’re right – but Korean is much harder
– That’s true, it’s not directly…

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  1. awal ashaari from malaysia was not a model..he was an actor and a host..he appear as an actor first and now he more appear as a host.

  2. Lol you can easily guess their nationality based on their names lol… These korean people needs more exposure to other culture lol

  3. for quick comment: Malaysian singaporean indonesian look different ok 😊 as much as you can differentiate Japanese and korean.

  4. People often judge nationality by name..for Instance,Daniel isn't name of English.Its Christian name…wake up.low IQ

  5. It's easy if you look at last name. Padilla is a spanish last name and since he's asian the only option is Philippines since they often have spanish last name. And there, it's easy now 🙂

  6. is it me or the younger face skin are way too pale , paler then her hand skin lol using too much face lotion maybe ?

  7. Like duh! Daniel Padilla is 21 years old not 26 ! What a —- tsssss. Then he's a singer also 😌 I'm so shocked.


  8. i have no frends in this world. – shy quiet man polite .nevver had a grillfriend
    facebook ; william tran bui

  9. The black haired girl is so cute, An Oui its her name? did she delete her instagram? cause it said page not found.

  10. Most celebrities are not representing how the people in their country looks. Because only the good looking can be celebrities while most the people are a bit ugly

  11. Malaysians and Indonesians look similiar face.. they are like nort korea and South Korea.. maybe

  12. 韩国人说中国名字特别??😄看看你们韩国人的身份证上那几个汉字,你们的名字和中国人一摸一样

  13. actually it's not that hard Chinese surname are mostly found in Singapore Malaysia excluding Malaysian chinese korea and china

  14. They shouldn't have let them know the names while guessing 'cause that made it easier to figure out. It's no real challenge there.

  15. Damn didn’t expect Pierre Png to appear in the list at all lol but yes 🇸🇬

  16. Daniel's surname is actually pronounced as PADIYA/PADIA .. but in the Philippines we pronounced it as PADILYA. ☺

  17. I think u should put English teks because they talk a lot Korean then English, which is we dont understand lol

  18. How to tell Filipino from the rest of the south east Asian countries? Easy. Look for Americanized and Spaniard influenced first names like Michelle, Christiana, Pedro, Kevin, and more, and normally comes with spanish sounding last names like De la Cruz, Santos, Saavedra, Padilla, Gomez, and such.

  19. Y'all could just basically think like this,

    Black Haired, Brown-skinned Asians that has Middle Eastern Names: Indonesians/Malaysians/Bruneians

    Black Haired, Brown-skinned Asians that has European Names: Filipinos

  20. Awal ashaari is known to be an actor an a tv host he might did some modelling but that’s not his main job

  21. That's why mostly filipino they're got a hazel brown ,brown eyes and they got a blue eyes because of the strongly Blood of the spanish since american-spanish colonial in 18th hundreds and most filipino are mix side's.

  22. why didn't you include celebrities in Central Asia? They are also Asians. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan

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