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100 comments on “Lady Gaga – LoveGame (Official Music Video)

  1. So nice song! Why before did not upload any son? labour life is so difficult life, so we can't continue nice behavior always with others. I think you will better understand . thanks

  2. I first listened to this song is this year, I know I'm so outdated, this song is not as good as bad romance, but you won't get bored listening to this, because this beat is sick

  3. This melody is still stuck on my head even after years 😂 I remember when I was younger I was putting poster of gaga all over my room.. I have literally lots of lady gaga albums and books and the shirt and parfum and even the body wash😂 even the pillow 😂

  4. I am a Little Monster since Just Dance and I have to admit that she's music became a little boring since 2013. Cheek To Cheek, Joanne and A Star Is Born soundtrack (I love the soundtrack btw its beautiful and she is talented af) but I need a POP ALBUM with the huge music videos and excitement again Gaga and Britney have to come back and make pop music exciting again.

  5. you want to know why i was dressed up the day we met? i had just let a woman off the death penalty for setting her husband on fire – would have been huge news if we'd convicted and I literally swayed 12 women and the only other man in the room..

    it was his idea

    but this isn't a scam

    this isn't a scheme

    this is real like

    i love you

    i don't fame you



    and i fucking need you

    where are you


    on fire

    do you even


    this isn't a fire you can't put out

    how can you regret Z and continue doing it for five six just another

    put your fucking pussy where your mouth is at the god damned least

    or learn what your lyrics mean

  6. Me: Reading all the comments about what age were people singing this song. I don't want to be like them commenting the same thing.
    Also me: Yes, i used to sing this song as a kid.

  7. Hmm see ive loved this song for years and its still one of my faves, but I'm confused, cos I'm strait I love ERM disco sticks lol but this vid makes me really want her bad lol 😍😍😍

  8. I miss Lady GaGa is the pop/rap artist she was 10 years ago, Shallow is a pretty boring song in my opinion! A Star Is Born is a pretty good movie but I miss her sassy beats! Like if your here in 2019n

  9. I love this song eving tho I'm only 11 but I've lisened to this more than 10 times in one day!!!love you.💘 lady gaga.💘

  10. I remember being in 5th grade sitting at lunch, and I was discussing the true "dirty" meaning behind these lyrics to my friends singing it 😂

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