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Lamar Odom Really Loves Cocaine

You’re watching The Hollywood Gossip, I’m
Brooke Burgstahler. Let’s see what we’ve got for you today, OH!
Lamar Odom is still doing crack. Did you already see that one coming? This guy is working hard to blow through an
enormous amount of funds and cocaine. And he’s doing a really fine job at it! According to TMZ, Lamar is binging like mad
on drugs these days, reportedly spending $90,000 in cocaine during one exchange, and then freebasing
the substance. But despite his addiction to nose candy, he
still believes he’ll play in the NBA this season.
I mean… good luck? Odom is determined to squash all the doubters,
saying “everyone wants to see me fail, but I’m not gonna let that happen.” Maybe he won’t fail at basketball. But you’re
pretty close to doing just that with your marriage Lamar. Insiders have said that Odom was often high
during the seasons he played for the Lakers and Mavericks, while he was only recently
back on the wagon prior to joining the Clippers last season. He seems pretty confident that his skills
will pull through but I don’t know… do you guys think he has enough natural basketball
ability to play through the abuse? Or does crack like…. have negative side
effects…. I feel like I’ve read somewhere that it does. Thanks for watching The Hollywood Gossip with
me, I’m Brooke Burgstahler.

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