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Learn English – FAME – English words for fame and being a celebrity  – English Lesson with Duncan

Learn English – FAME – English words for fame and being a celebrity – English Lesson with Duncan

Hi everybody this is Misterduncan in England.
How are you today? Are you okay? I hope so. Are you happy? I hope so. In today’s lesson
we are going to take a look at something that seems to take up so much of our attention
these days. In this lesson we are going to take a look at fame and being a celebrity. The word famous is an adjective that means
‘publicly known’…’easily recognisable…’prominent’…’well-known’…’celebrated’…’eminent’…’in the public eye’. We use the word ‘fame’ to
state that a thing is famous. So fame is a noun and famous is an adjective. We can also
describe a person as a star. The word is often prefixed with the thing they are famous for
doing or the field that they are in. ‘Music Star’ , ‘Football Star’ , ‘TV Star’, ‘Movie
Star’, ‘Pop Star’. A famous person can be described as a ‘Star’ ‘Personality’ or as
a ‘Celebrity’. More often than not, the word ‘celebrity’ is used, especially when describing
an event where many famous people will be seen. A celebrity dinner, or a celebrity gala.
The word ‘glitzy’ can also be used, which describes an even where many stars will be. It is possible to be famous for anything.
fame is often achieved for doing something positive. Normally a famous person will have
some sort of outstanding talent or ability. Of course it is also possible to be famous
for a negative reason. Being well-known for doing something bad is a kind of fame, but
in this case we will often describe them as ‘infamous’. Someone who has gone down in history
for doing something despicable and barbaric will more often than not be described as being
infamous. There are many reasons why a person wants
to be famous. Maybe they want the recognition. Perhaps they are attracted to the attention
they will receive from that recognition…and of course there’s the large amount of money
that can be earned from being famous. You will want to ‘cash in’ on your fame. That
is to say, you will want to make as much money from your star status as possible. Who is your favourite celebrity? Is there
a famous person who you admire. To like or follow a celebrity is very easy to do these
days. many well-known celebrities have their own Instagram, Facebook or Twitter page. Some
celebrities administer their page personally, while others might have a PR company to do
it for them. The initials PR mean ‘public relations’. Most well-known people will have
a manager, agent, or PR company working with them, their job is to make sure that their
client always looks and behaves their best in front of the general public. Just like
marketing a product, image is everything. The industry that produces celebrities and
helps to keep them in the public eye is called ‘Show business’ or for short we say ‘Show
Biz’. The world of show business is often seen as a glamorous and exciting one. But
it is worth remembering that for every George Clooney or Justin Beiber, Emma Stone or Rihanna,
there are thousands of hopefuls eagerly waiting for their big break. To get your big break
means to be noticed by someone for your talent. To perform in front of someone who can help
you become famous, is to get your big break. You have been discovered, your journey to
fame and fortune begins with that big break. Of course there are many drawbacks and disadvantages
of being famous. One of the biggest problems comes with the loss of privacy. Many celebrities
find that their privacy is often invaded, which can create a lot of stress and anxiety
for those on the receiving end. Newspaper journalists and photographers will often try
to interview and photograph as many celebrities as possible. The people doing this are often
referred to as ‘paparazzi’. The paparazzi will follow and sometimes chase celebrities
for that exclusive picture. So being a celebrity is not always glamorous or fun or pleasurable
there are many downside to being famous. Do you want to be famous? Would you enjoy
being a well-known celebrity? It would appear that being famous can be a double edged sword,
in that it can bring you both happiness and heartache, quite often at the same time. The
pressure to be at the top can take its toll on a person. The hardest part of being famous
is not the attention or the invasion of privacy…oh no. The hardest part of being famous is staying
famous. To stay in the public eye for as long as possible is what most celebrities aim for.
The dizzying highs of being in the limelight can be addictive and for those who have fallen
under its spell, they will do anything to prevent that light from fading away. that
as they say…is the price of fame. Some people believe that come too obsessed
with those who are famous. Every day we hear on the news or read in the paper the latest
trivial events concerning those in the public eye. It would appear that no story is too
large or for that matter too small. Trivial moments of small insignificant events are
blown up out of all proportion, quite often for financial gain. Some celebrities are talking
about all the time. Film stars, musicians, singers, glamour models, are all discussed
at great length for our entertainment and amusement. Even the occasional YouTube creator
might break through into the mainstream and become a minor star. Some celebrities are
well known for doing very little. We often rate celebrities depending on how popular
or in demand they are. For example Tom Cruise is an A-list celebrity. This means he is very
famous. Then there are B-list celebrities, for example actress Hilary Swank is a B-list
celebrity. She is known, but not a huge star. Then there is the D-list celebrity. Those
in this category are people who want to be famous but don’t quite break into the mainstream.
Many of them appear or have appeared in reality TV shows. They tend to have no discernible
talent but still want to be famous. Rarely a day goes by without some tittle-tattle about
a celebrity being talked about on the TV and internet. Especially so nowadays as the (current)
president of the USA is both a reality TV star and a celebrity, which begs the question,
have we become too obsessed with famous people? Do we put too much emphasis and importance
on being famous? What do you think? It would appear that nowadays everyone wants
to become famous. Everywhere you look there are opportunities being offered to those who
want to hit the big time and become famous in their own right. Of course in reality,
most people would rather stay out of the public gaze. They would rather stay anonymous and
unknown. The pressure that comes with being famous is not easy to handle. There are many
cases where a person suffers because of their fame. They cannot handle the pressure. They
feel overwhelmed by the attention they get. Unfortunately once you’ve become famous, if
often takes a long time to adjust to the new lifestyle. Some enjoy being in the limelight
and handle the attention well, while others crack up under the pressure, leading them
to take drastic measures to keep going. The pressure to perform well, or to keep that
energy going can lead a person to find ways in which to stay on top. Drink and drugs tend
to be the quick fix solutions to these fame-related problems. Have you ever met anyone famous? There is
nothing more exciting than meeting a famous person. Quite often we will get that person
to write their name on a piece of paper or some other item. This is called an ‘autograph’.
The famous person signs autographs for their fans. What? You want my autograph? Oh no…I’m
not famous…well not yet anyway. I hope you have enjoyed this lesson and for those who
wish to be famous, I have this piece of advice…keep your eyes on the stars, but keep your feet
firmly on the ground. This is Misterduncan in England saying…thanks for watching me,
teaching you and of course… ta ta for now. 😎

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  1. Misterduncan's well known in certain circles for sure 😎 but I'm not sure if it's underground or mainstream… but i like him so much 😉

  2. Excellent lesson Mr. Duncan. Thank you. I heard a lot of useful vocabulary. My English teacher adviced me this channel. Now I see why he likes it.

  3. What an awesome lesson we've got from our great teacher! Thanks!!
    Those celebrities are just people, after all. And what they do, create is much more significant than their pics in magazines.

  4. Very very nice to come back once again Misterduncan I like your teaching
    English it's very useful for me 🙂 And I will watch your next live
    teaching English on next Friday 🙂 thanks a bundle Misterduncan 🙂 ta-ta
    for now 🙂

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