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LEGO Star Wars AT-ST Raider quick review, long comparisons & thoughts & more! 75254

LEGO Star Wars AT-ST Raider quick review, long comparisons & thoughts & more! 75254

hello this is the lego star wars ATST
Raider for the new series the Mandalorian let me give you a quick look
at everything that is here with the build and also the figures then I’ll
come back focus a little bit more on some details and also give you some
comparisons and answers to viewer questions the entire walker is based on
the design first seen in Return of the Jedi but this one has some new
coloration and also some modifications the things that stick out the most
compared to regular Imperial ATS ts that Star Wars fans have been used to for
years are the legs which here are mostly rendered in brown and red the brown
color that you see is Legos regular modern reddish-brown not a dark brown so
it does have some some proper color pop to it from a distance and there is quite
a bit of reliance on stickers for some of the details on the feet to represent
panel damage and also just regular surface texture and also for the white
markings that have been applied to this one also on the sides there are some
additional physical greeting details as well which suggests some field hacks
they’ve been done in universe or some modifications and some additional small
stickers are also used in board here for some finer details littler things well
they’re also using some ingot pieces to get some additional texture in there
I’ve got some paint roller pieces used on the top of the the base of the hull
there and then as you get up to the top section the major color difference
compared to regular imperial ones is that most of the gray here is actually
dark gray normally you’re used to seeing light gray that’s something that doesn’t
doesn’t strike the eye at least to me at first when I see this it’s more than the
bright red and the brown but you look at a little bit more and yeah all of this
is actually different in its colour scheme there is some light gray but it’s
mostly dark and again you get some additional stickers apply it on there
let’s take a look at some of the functions of this first of all while
we’re on this side the grenade launcher to rotate up and down these go up and
down at the front let’s have the missile launcher pod over here which rotates
this is not attached all that well can actually pop off easily but just
something to to look out for there this also has a built-in shooting function
you see the two little red dots on the sides here those are spring-loaded
shooters that are well embedded into the base of this and you fire them by
pushing these remote actuators on the back just one at a time so they’re
fairly well hidden away you don’t see them most of the time and you can just
leave both of those out if you don’t want to see that a little bit of red at
all but that’s nicely integrated the entire hull the main top portion of it
the head will also rotate from side to side with this remote knob on the back
and the mechanism for that is also a pretty well hidden away I mean the knob
itself is is visible but it fits into the color scheme and you don’t see any
of the gear or anything so this really feels like there’s a distance there and
it helps it to feel like it’s a little bit alive just having that bit of
difference at a distance really from where you’re you’re touching it and also
the direction that it’s that it’s moving in the rate at which it moves I think is
done very nicely and it’s say it has a ratcheting mechanism in there so you’re
able to get it perfectly straight as you want as for the legs
it’s a walker right so always something that I like to see in a walker is the
ability to have some suggestion of a walking stance well this one
unfortunately disappoints once again you can’t move the legs forward you move
them back a bit that’s about the best you can do to get kind of an action type
of pose it’ll just balance right there it looks like it’s tipping forward
though but beyond that I mean that’s not gonna work not being able to move the
legs forward at all is a unfortunate and it’s something that takes away from the
potential fun of having a walker so to make it walk you just kind of do like
that that’s about all that you can do with it in total
none of these joints down here are able to move it
that’s all just simulated stuff let’s take a look at the interior though in
universe these are crewed by two people who sit side by side
no such luck in the Lego version you have just a single seat there in the
center there is a console at the front which uses a sticker and there is a spot
for the pilot our drivers weapon for more realistic access to the cabin you
just open up the top and there are a couple of bars on the sides so you can
attach a figures hands there and make it look like they are standing half inside
half out Boba Fett Boba Fett where this is not Boba Fett this is the
as-yet-unnamed Mandalorian star of the show who uses
actual Mandalorian armor like Boba Fett it was not a Mandalorian it did as well
so a lot of things here will be familiar looking too many people just with a
different color scheme very nice print I’d say for the the torso a decent print
for the hip and leg pieces but not quite as good no printing around the sides
here the helmet doesn’t have the additional attachment on the side of it
that Boba Fett did because well he’s not Boba Fett got a small new cut of cape
just using the older style of cape piece around the back the older material that
is and there’s that print on the back of the torso which also looks pretty good
I don’t know what’s going on with his weapon that looks pretty weird to me
having the hand the robot hand at the end of it and yeah there’s no face this
character does have a name this is Cara doon notice there is some pretty fine
detailing in the torso print there but the light has to hit it just right for
you to be able to to notice that because otherwise it’s basically gunmetal grey
printed against gunmetal grey or a dark silver printed against gunmetal great
but it’s nice when you do catch it also gunmetal grey for hurt is the extension
for the barrel of her weapon which is obviously a long gun sniper rifle type
of thing pretty good printing for the legs there as well and similar printing
around the back of the torso where again if the light hits it right you will see
all that fine detail otherwise it’s mostly hidden away good
strong alternate face print as well gives her a second expression here’s one
of two Klaatu Indian warriors Klaatu Indian not to be confused with
Klaatu who was actually a green-skinned nikto not to be confused with nikto
actually the Redskins nikto this is a Klaatu Indian like Bharata
if you are confused right now good you get it
back to Barada nikto you must remember those words basically is a bad guy it’s an alien
first seen in alien race first seen in Return of the Jedi
he was dog-faced there and it looks like an orc in Lego form there is no
alternate face for this one but a little bit more detailed to see on that head
which is printed up pretty nicely here’s the other Klaatu in Ian who has the same
legs but a different torso print and have reused the Ultron lower jaw piece
in gunmetal gray here to give them a little bit of armor it’ll be interesting
to see how that looks specifically in the show but I like the idea I think
that it’s it’s a good use of that piece to get in something that’s like a metal
collar I imagine this guy would be hair and
rank amongst the Raiders he also has a barrel extension his main gun is
gunmetal gray and the extension is dark brown and there’s a print around the
back of this different torso finally here are the leftover pieces for this
set including one extra bolt for the spring-loaded shooters in the 80s t the
suggested retail price for this set is $50 u.s. which I feel is too much even
though the price to part ratio suggests that it’s in a good range just the
amount of stuff that you get here is is not enough I think in if you see this
box in person in a store or something do know that the actual thing you build is
quite a bit smaller than the size in the box
suggests however the good news is that as of the day of the release of this to
the public triple force Friday in 2019 already major retailers had this on sale
or at a discounted normal street price of $40 u.s. so that’s much much more
reasonable I think for the amount of stuff that you get here it’s the same
price that we had to pay for the totally incomplete first-order 80s tea that just
didn’t have a head and also the same price as the rode one Imperial 80s tea
before that which was beautiful and actually had one less figure than this
one so I think the deal that we get with this on the street now at $40 is good 50
nope I wouldn’t pay that but 40 yes now naturally plenty of people have
asked me to compare this to the rogue 180 st and i will be happy to oblige on
screen here and some have even asked me to compare it to the overpriced
incomplete garbage that was the first order a TST I’m happy to oblige there as
well not just to further shame this horrible horrible thing such as it was
but there’s actually some good reasoning behind bringing this on screen because
there are some similarities between these two that don’t exist between these
two let’s forget about the head completely just leave that out and be
serious about it you know stop making fun of them so this sham such as it was
first let me compare these two just directly though and talk about their
similarities and differences again kind of getting back to that idea of of
converting this to an imperial one which I really don’t recommend if you want an
imperial line get this in the first place because there are so many pieces
that you’re gonna want to replace here at the bare minimum you’ve got to get
rid of the red you’ve got to do it but then you’re gonna be left with plenty of
brown as well even if you leave the stickers off still that brown stands out
and it looks at the very least it looks rusted one thing that I actually do like
here is the dark the dark grey main color I think that a dark grey itst on
the whole just sticking with a dark grey theme throughout the entire thing could
be interesting you know we’ve seen so much light gray from the Imperial stuff
but you can see plenty of similarities between these two many many pieces
forgetting about color just the the structure and the actual physical pieces
are identical between the two the main build techniques the main strategies for
assembling this are the same how the sides are attached that mean so much is
the same but the major I mean you’ll see a lot of little details that are done
differently between the two but the major difference is right down here at
the base this is actually a little bit more accurate
to the the real on screen models than this because this does bring in that
extra arm technically the real things have this arm here which is the the main
arm or the main leg to which this pivot is attached so it goes from body or base
of chassis this pivot goes out and is free swinging and then this is attached
to that which is then you know attached to all all the rest so all of this
should be able to move up and down on that arm and this just doesn’t have any
suggestion of that whatsoever and that’s where this comes into play it actually
becomes a a worthy comparison to make this has less weight on it to pull it
down so it’s kind of difficult to get them into the same pose see that angles
back maybe too much I do wish there was an in-between there
or something but anyway the base here you can see that this is really based
off this here these two sections are that are the same very little difference
there just didn’t use an ingot this does but you know for the most part this
whole section here has been copied over so that’s where you get more similarity
here just forget about all this up here the way that the legs are done it is
closer to the new one which is good you know it’s good that they they do try to
move things forward where reasonably possible but just between these two it’s
great that they are at the same price although you get one more figure with
the new Raider set I should have put this back over here anyway and they do
have the same limitations in terms of their their pose ability and everything
this one the missile launcher actually attaches to the side much better than
this new set up here I don’t think I did anything wrong because this is pushed in
as far as it’ll go but that is kind of the weakest thing I
think on this entire set it’s just that this will fall off I think even during
during just normal play it’s much more secure over on this side this part
because it goes through multiple pieces but yeah there’s your comparison
a major thing that I still don’t like here that was also one of my complaints
here the use of those dang blue axial pins I’m getting more and more tired of
those you know I I I went through a phase where I started to accept them
more I understand that they want to make things easier to build by having a color
that you can recognize that will have these pieces not look like the standard
pins because if you did them in black then they’re more difficult to pick out
from a pile of parts that’s why they do that but do them in dark gray or
something they need to switch that it’s just so annoying I’m sure that Lego
designers themselves aren’t super annoyed by that as well because you look
at this and you know they’ve got some dark tan but dark tan doesn’t stand out
like blue does a little dark tan there that’s not that bad but that blue that
is kind of bad and all that blue that is really bad really annoying you need to
change that just switch it up yeah color lock it all you want but make it dark
gray please gosh now a number of you asked me specifically about my thoughts
on this Mandalorian figure which is interesting to me because I’m not a
figure specialist whatsoever myself I’m always more into the builds but I am
interested in this question and kind of exploring it a bit more this this topic
interestingly also I don’t have a regular Jango figure only heavy santa
Jango at least that I could find complete right now but so what to bring
some more Mandalorians or Mandalorian armored folks onto the screen for the
sake of comparison first of all the helmet they’re using the same helmet
mold for all of these and I think that’s perfectly fine I don’t think they need
to change that again yeah I changed it once I think the one that they have
right now is perfectly fine one thing well two things about detail here first
of all the the printing or the relative lack thereof this is a very special
you know it’s the hero character for the entire series for the entire subset of
the franchise here so it would have been nice to get something that was detailed
up a bit more than this you know he has just a plain single paint or a print
application for the visor and just normal printing for the torso hip and
leg pieces and that’s it and that is normal you know it’s that
standard fare that’s that’s usually what they do for just figures in general but
given the prominence of this this character and adding on the fact that
they will likely do very few additional sets for the mandalorian if any I don’t
follow rumors and leaks and stuff very much myself so I don’t know if any have
been confirmed up to this time but I know that they’re not going to put a ton
of effort into supporting that show with with merchandise at least Lego is not
because they they just don’t I’m sure they don’t have a tremendous amount of
of confidence in it that it will be able to handle that much merchandise in terms
of sales volume so this may be it for Mandalorian figures unless the series
does really really well we might get another one you know for the Mandalorian
in figures and it’s too bad that we didn’t get something more special than
this but it’s not a bad figure another specific thing is the cape and more and
more Lego seems to be going back to the original style of cloth for their capes
and I hadn’t noticed it until people started pointing it out
and it does seem to be the case at least so far we haven’t seen brand new sets
coming out with more cloth capes this we at least this wave and that’s too bad
because I do like the flowy cloth capes I just like the fact that they don’t
crinkle up you can bend them out of the way you can have your figure sit down
you don’t just move it out of the way you can slide it to the side a lot of
things you need to not put the head on super hard otherwise it gets crumpled up
a little bit at top around the neck and it looks a
little bit weird and can also just do a little bit of a place a little bit of
stress on the the fabric fibers which can lead to more permanent like damage
but as long as you don’t force the head on too hard and you’re careful with it
then that material works out very well however you’re not gonna see nice crisp
prints like this on a new cloth piece so you know flowy cloth piece so for the
sake of consistency if they had to choose only one maybe it’s better for
them to go with the older style but I feel like they have the ability to to
use both and I really would have liked to see a flowy style on this guy because
it needs to flow and how how small it is how narrow it is you know you want to be
able to pose that going back you want to be able to have them sitting down and
stuff and you just can’t do that with the crinkly one so that is unfortunate
to me here’s an interesting and unexpected question or request from a
viewer named melon tuck on instagram asks can I head swap it with the last
Jedi a TST good question I thought of that and just to be complete something
something something complete right alright let’s take this out there we go
so this is like a like a hybrid it’s a as a half and half between the the light
gray and the dark grey right it kind of works it’s not bad I mean it certainly
physically works you know just the aesthetics could be questioned perhaps
but there you go thank you for asking that I wouldn’t have tried it otherwise
it’s interesting yeah of course you’re gonna see almost the same thing on you
know be going with the pirogue one one but one other thing that I want to do is
go ahead and hit swap with the road one one just a couple options there for
saying things that you can try out here’s one more question from Instagram
user whoa heesun who asks is the building process interesting does it
feel repetitive or short I’ve got to be casual and
honest about this when I built this set I was cramming because most of my state
or much of my state was about to have its power turned off because our
electrical utility company has just squandered its money away to
shareholders and managers and stuff and has maintained their lines anyway yeah I
was cramming so I had not gotten much sleep as a matter of fact oh that’s what
happened right there I hadn’t slept in over a days so I was making silly
mistakes as I was building this and I corrected them as I went along it is
built correctly now but I don’t know I I was I was low on sleep but I did feel
like I was having trouble going through the legs just I kept getting confused
certainly part of it was sleep deprivation but it wasn’t that enjoyable
to put the links together to be honest to me the center section down here the
lower part of the body lower chassis was fine and the upper part the main body up
here was also fine had no issues with that actually it felt easier maybe it’s
because I had a little bit more recent experience getting the sides on they
just slipped right into place at the ankle everything worked out just fine
for that the gaps are are correct and has expected so all this part up here
was cool very little repetition it all made sense I like the the relative
amount of large structure building versus small detail placement the number
of stickers is not very enjoyable but it wasn’t particularly annoying to me I
feel like these here aren’t that necessary these at the front aren’t that
interesting to me although I’m sure they are they’re appropriate the ones on on
the legs are the most difficult to apply the legs in and the feet to get them to
be even but overall I didn’t find this to be frustrating except for the main
structure of the legs just because I kept messing it up and that may have
been just me but overall it’s not a bad bill
at all if you want to see that build process including my mistakes and my
Corrections to those mistakes because I don’t skip steps in my build videos you
can see it in real time or you can see the speed build again in both cases no
steps are skipped I’m showing you the entire process from beginning to end I
will link to both versions of the build momentarily thank you very much for
watching the review and thoughts video hope you enjoyed this thank you for your
feedback in advance now the fact you get soon

100 comments on “LEGO Star Wars AT-ST Raider quick review, long comparisons & thoughts & more! 75254

  1. Yep $39.99 on Amazon (affiliate link, I could get a tiny commission)
    Jango & Boba Fett are canonically not Mandalorian per Lucas via Filioni, and Hidalgo, confirmed in TCW. Look it up if curious.
    Yes there were AT-STs in ESB. This is not one of those. This is the distinctly different RotJ design.
    The Mandalorian's blaster that folks are going to eager to correct me about is supposed to be the pronged one based on the SW: Holiday Special Boba Fett like so:
    I didn't even make the connection because my mind was expecting the distinctive shoulder-fork stock:
    My bad for not recognizing the barrel end. LEGO's bad for not having a solution for the stock (wrench?).

  2. Great review Jang, as always! I don't want to bring politics to your channel, however; I have a feeling there will be a huge lawsuit for the 800,000 or so people(?) that will be affected by this corporate greed. One town put out a note saying "Use your own resources" to get by..lives lost, sleep deprivation, psychological damages, property damages, need I go on?

  3. Jang, those two bars that are on the legs back shouldnt be that loose as in your case. Simply by pushing on them a little bit you ll fix them to main construction. 😉 try it and let me know, it should also look better. Michal

  4. The tough capes last a lot longer in play. I mostly do some light custom work with kitbashing figs and the necks are really wide and some have torn entirely. I have many of the harder material that have lasted for about a decade and as long as your careful with folding, they're superior.

  5. It's really a shame that LEGO use stickers these days, makes it feel and look cheap!
    I know that you get stickers in model set and that it may help to cut costs but in this day and age with Technology and LEGO manufacturing blocks for years now, wouldn't be too costly to use prints?

  6. I'm probably just gonna donate my First Order version of the AT-ST all because it doesn't have a cockpit. Pathetic if you ask me. They should've added a feature where you can take the top part off just like the movie to show BB-8 piloting it!

  7. For the loose missile launcher pod, I just took the spare grey hollow stud and put it between the circle jumper and the dish piece. It's a much more stable connection

  8. I'd love it if Lego started using that new cape cut more regularly on other figures. I don't have much of a preference between the older papery capes and the more recent cloth-like ones, but regardless, I've always hated the awkward exaggerated triangle shape they've insisted on using since the 90's

  9. Quite nice, too bad it's wildly overpriced where I live. Even at a decent discount it's still more expensive than the list price in the U.S.

  10. At first I think, my future is not as fun as my parents make it sound, then I move forward and start building LEGOs and everything gets magically better!
    Your thought?

  11. I like the Mandalorian's rifle.

    It's the rifle Boba Fett wielded in the holiday special 😀
    Or at least something very, very similar

  12. 15:51 only (maybe) two true mandalorians on this here screen. im guessing THE mandalorian is actually a mando unlike jang and bob

  13. I think the reason that Lego is not able or willing to add more articulation on the legs of AT-STs, is because the top is too heavy and there's not enough friction to keep the whole thing from falling over, I don't know if ball joints would work on such a build, customizers will probably try it at some point to add a better walking pose on AT-STs, but there's no guarantee of success, but it could work, nice review, Jang!

  14. 15:28 didn't you got the starfighter with hyperdrive with the Jango Fett minifigure? I saw that review for real :]

  15. Jango and Boba are Mandos, it's more a case of in-universe "No TRUE Mando…" narrative. Also, The Mandalorian's gun is based on the one Boba used in the Holiday Special.

  16. At least a battle pack type set is confirmed for the mandalorian, has at least the main guy and another with mandalorian armor on the torso.

  17. The mandalorians gun is actually accurate to the show as the gun has two blades on the tip of it. They just legoified it

  18. JANG – Have you ever let us know just how much your YouTube stats have been affected by your aging demographic. I was 40 when I got hooked to your Hero Factory output. Now, at 47, I'm less interested in your LEGO City stuff! (couldn't locate the emoji for it!)

  19. The AT-ST was original seen in The Empire Strikes back on Hoth.  I will give you it was "Featured" prominently in Return of the Jedi.  Either way this is a nice set.  I'm really happy with my version released a few years ago for R1.

  20. For myself personally this feels like C3PO with a gold arm, ie a pointless repaint. Happy for anyone who likes this / wants to buy it but I'm glad I picked up a walker with standard coloured legs on the last release of it.

  21. The ATST is probably a nightmare for Lego to try and make at all posable. Even the real thing in universe is a pretty ridiculous design, as evidence by just how easy a couple of teddy bears can make them topple over.

  22. I like this set and I'm holding out hope LEGO eventually gives us a proper FO AT-ST like they fixed their mistake with Kylo Ren's shuttle. Hopefully they appear in ep9 to give LEGO more opporunity to correct that mistake. Hopefully by then they redesign how they do the legs to be more accurate and better articulated and do a good job replicating the evolution of the head design. Also the FO AT-ST needs to be completely dark grey, even the joke of a set we got got the color wrong on top of not having a head.

  23. Dont apply the stickers to the head of the raider AT ST.And then place the head on the legs of the first order AT ST .Now you got a fresh AT ST walker😄

  24. I don't get why they seem to be going back on the whole cape thing…
    During the Lego Batman movie lines and some of the recent Star Wars sets I was very happy to see them including the nice new soft cloth capes, and now every caped minifigure I'm getting in all these sets seems to be using the old hard (and in my opinion far inferior) style of cape…
    I am confused and disappointed by this…. I'm going to have to place a bulk order on BrickLink of the new cloth cape in various colors to try and replace all those I can with them…. but I really shouldn't have to do that. It's most concerning to me recently on the new Kylo shuttle. I love the set, but placing the Kylo and Ren minigures into the vehicle means creasing up their capes and risking permanent damage to them if I leave them sitting in the cockpit, which is a major disappointment IMO. :- I fear the same issue in this set.

  25. i'm surprised they didn't just do angry clone under the mandelorean armored guy XD

    this set looks pretty cool, i'd rather have an OG ATST though.

  26. I actually think that The Mandalorian will have multiple LEGO sets throughout the course of the series’ run. (There’s already a battlepack coming in January).

    With the movies wrapping in December and Resistance in its final season, the main Star Wars content will be The Mandalorian and the limited run of Clone Wars. New movies are at least a couple years away, but in the meantime we can expect The Mandalorian to at least have 2 seasons worth of possible tie-in merchandise. And I can’t see Disney passing on producing content for their sole major title during that time.

  27. Hey, cool. A double commercial break in the middle of a video. That's the sort of thing that will make me stop watching a channel. I understand placing them at the beginning and the end. But disrupting a video in the middle? Nope.

  28. I always get confused when people say boba wasn't a mandalorian, he's literally just a copy of jango, who was a mandalorian.

  29. The legs were the worst part of the build. I, too, had to go back and redo them. The 28 stickers also were detrimental to the overall enjoyment of the set.

  30. Probably the most boring helmet design they could use, which doesn't help the Mandalorian look interesting. Part is the fault of the show design but they could have put some silver/gunmetal inked lines on there.

  31. It’s been years since a proper ATST. We’ve only had the option of that half complete Bb8 piloted monstrosity from The Last Jedi. And now there’s a ATST that is a weird red and brown and it doesn’t WALK or even have the illusion of walking. What a missed opportunity

  32. After your rant about blue Technic pins, I'm just imagining someone spray painting Technic pins black and selling them as "custom" pieces.

  33. Why they don't put proper ankles into these is beyond me.. again no walking pose.. cool looking model tho, I like the black cables a lot.

  34. …..boba fett is a mandalorian…..specifically hes a clone of a mandalorian as long as he was taught mandalorian culture hes a mandalorian either way. Hes from the house of fett

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