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LEGO Star Wars Resistance A-Wing quick review + long thoughts, viewer Qs answered! 75248

LEGO Star Wars Resistance A-Wing quick review + long thoughts, viewer Qs answered! 75248

hello hello this is the latest lego
star wars a-wing Starfighter the resistance version at that for the rise
of Skywalker I’m gonna go through this very quickly show you all the major
features and functions and the two figures then come back to a deeper dive
look at some of the specific details tell you my thoughts about it and also
hopefully answer some viewer questions from the preview period so about this a
wing it’s intended to be an RZ 2 model so not exactly the same ones that we saw
in Return of the Jedi in all honesty though it is close enough
that if you’re not a stickler for the finest of little details this would make
a fine substitution for The Return of the Jedi 1 in my opinion the completed
build is pretty smooth on its upper and side surfaces with not too many exposed
studs I think that’s a very good thing for this particularly sleek and
aerodynamic looking craft I personally generally I’m not afraid of studded
surfaces on Lego builds you know cuz that’s the whole thing about Lego but
here I think it really helps to hide most of those away the engine pods are
angled in and that’s pretty simple how that was done with each one just being
attached with a technic pin or half axle pin into a Technic brick and they’re
fairly well located so there’s not too much room for them to wiggle about and
these fairly specialized fin pieces that were initially introduced for this type
of model but just not this particular version of it work really well with the
white color one of them has a sticker on it this does rely on stickers a fair
amount for some of its its appearance and its shaping with these that go
around the cockpit the canopy being pretty important and also these right
here these are stickers I actually had to redo those a couple of
times to get them to look right because you want them to really come right up to
the edge here to have this nice continuous green band the cockpit opens
forward just swings up and there’s plenty of space for the figure to sit in
there but he has no controls and no console interestingly the model has
retractable landing skids at the rear and the front the front one tucks away
nicely the rear ones continue to stick out just a little bit but they’re mostly
obscured from most angles by the engine pods and
and the fins there are also two spring-loaded shooters here which are
really really well integrated they’re deep in there you don’t see the tails of
the the bolt sticking out anywhere and they have this nice mechanism that they
introduced on the previous rz2 that works exceptionally well and it’s
really well hidden away also you just push right there on the little black
spot and it just has a remote firing mechanism
I like that the actual ship has its lasers out on swivels on the wingtips
and that’s what these represents they’ve got him nice and small here I think that
the last version of this was doing them a little bit too big maybe they’re a
little bit too small now but I think this is much closer to the way it should
be I just wish that that piece right there was available in a color other
than blue these days you can only get black ones from old old old sets and
they’re rather expensive on the secondary market these days the pilot
figure on the left is snap Wexley and as far as I can tell that figure is
unchanged from its first appearance in a x-wing micro Fighter set the character
on the right is Lieutenant conics who in real life is played by Billy Lord who is
the daughter of the late Carrie Fisher nice to get her in Lego form permanently
and both of these I think are very good-looking figures I really appreciate
the dual moulded helmet for the pilot there they’ve done a nice job with this
one of keeping it nice and subtle with the separate trans yellow piece there
that is not able to be brought up or anything you know you can’t you can’t
raise the visor under there but it’s nicely done the print is good and you
have no alternate piece there but you do get an alternate piece for lieutenant
conics and yeah I think that both of these are good for what they are
lastly it’s a very small set so you can’t have expected too many spare
pieces the set retails for $30.00 us and on release day triple force Friday it
was already 10 to 20% off at many major retailers I think that is a pretty fair
price for the amount of stuff that you get here
pressed part ratio is fine even with the suggested retail price but this is
already $10 u.s. less than the last a wing which did come with more had a
separate site builder a couple small sign builds but they weren’t all that
valuable and ultimately for what you get here I think that you do pay a fair
price that pretty much takes care of the overview of everything so let’s move
into my personal thoughts and also answering some of your questions
overall I very much like this I think that’s the designer did a very good job
of replicating and rz2 in a reasonable size reasonable scale
with a reasonable build that people could just follow along with with
instructions with no complications whatsoever in just basic normal parts a
lot of people ask me if I think this is the best a wing that Lego has made to
date and unfortunately I have a lot of bias and I have to say no I’m gonna vote
for the 2017 version which is not the same craft it’s not even trying to be
the same craft it’s supposed to be the RZ 1 2017 one was a Return of the Jedi
model and I am just completely biased towards that from flying it from the old
games on Windows 3.1 my shut down sound customized further for the entire
computer for quite a long time was the entire sequence from Return of the Jedi
have intensify the fourth but the forward batteries I don’t want anything
to get through it’s too late crash that whole thing that was the
sound that whole sequence would play from Return of the Jedi as I shut down
my computer because it used to take forever to shut down our computer and it
just felt appropriate so yeah I’m I’m just too biased and yeah trying to
generate model was the one but as an rz2 though this is very good and definitely
a lot cooler than the one that they did for the rebels show which was again not
intended to look exactly the same you know there’s different graphical style
that was used for that but for what it is this is very well done and yeah I
couldn’t have asked for too much to be done to have been done better this
bothers me definitely the blue right there the blue on the back not so much
this feels like it’s lacking a little bit in detail right here but looking at
reference material I don’t think it should have been too much more detailed
than that oh definitely this could have used and should have had some form of
console or some form of controls or better yet both in there just a handful
of additional pieces would really help with that because there’s plenty of
space for the figure gosh that cockpit is just so generous for such a small
ship yeah really nice I also could have had some accommodation for his blaster
hey you could attach it to the open stud right there if you want but yeah small
things would have made this better the whole thing with stickers worth this
is actually a deal like these are just regular stickers that’s regular these do
require a little bit of care to line them up properly properly because you
need a little bit of gap on either side and then you do want them to follow the
edge like this one is all the way back at the edge in order to get right up
against the green plastic back here at the green bricks to continue this green
stripe going all the way across and then this one you want to have absolutely
parallel and just follows that line the chine where you switch from this conical
shape to the cylindrical shape so you do want to definitely exercise care there
but if if you don’t get it perfect it’s okay on the other hand these I feel do
need to be perfect I’m talking about these these long ones right here which
are they may be difficult to spot for people
who aren’t specifically looking for them or aren’t recognizing exactly the shape
of this piece let me see if I can just pull this off right now – really really
drive that home just what I’m talking about and how important it is to get
those little stickers guys I really got this on there we’ll get those little
stickers those little thin ones just right see it’s right along this edge
that’s all sticker and it needs to come right up there and it needs to be all
the way on the edge so you’re not able to connect at the end here you want to
actually assemble these pieces up here first then put that on there and it just
takes more care than I think most people want to put into applying stickers you
know stickers are always an issue of contention but here I feel like you gain
a lot in terms of presentable ‘ti of the set if you do put a tremendous amount of
care into your sticker application also taking this one and having it as far
back as possible taking this one having it as far forward as possible so that
the fine black lines there line up and touch you know really really helps
having these here with the white portion all the way at the far inside edge all
that is really important I think that for most of them if you don’t get it
perfect it’s gonna be just like with any regular set but these here feel very
important to get just right a lot of people have also asked just in general
about the fact that so many of the sets in at least this wave of releases are
just rehashes of things that we’ve gotten before and they’ve asked what I
think about that you know this is an RZ – a wing but it’s pretty close to it and
our z1 in its appearance and it is an a wing and a wings have been active for a
long time in universe and that’s that’s really a tough thing because it’s not
it’s not Legos fault that this is occurring for the most part it’s mostly
because of you can blame Disney but you can also blame the fans because people
want original trilogy people say original trilogy is the
‘we original truly is the one original trilogy or bust
so people making these movies you’re like okay let’s try to do as much
original trilogy stuff as we can and then those same people are like oh
disney’s creatively bankrupt in their ruined star wars because they don’t have
any ideas anymore Lego doesn’t it nobody has any ideas anymore so you just can’t
win one way or the other it’s just not possible to to make people happy in
general but I think that for those fans who like the old things and just want to
get better and better more detailed more accurate versions of them in they go for
them even if they’re not the exact original ones I think it’s cool
it’s not like you’re forced to buy the new stuff that’s that’s one thing that’s
a major major misconception a lot of folks say that oh they’re trying to cram
rehashes down our throats all the time to get more money out of us no they’re
not trying to cram Ria’s down our throats they’re just trying to sell
stuff that people want that’s really all it comes down to it’s it’s a lot more
innocent than a lot of people think that it is so I’m fine with it if if they
make something and you already have one that’s perfectly good then don’t get the
new one if you don’t want it it’s that simple
and then just one more question that I want a directly answer from a user named
Watteau Xtreme yes would you rather dab on the haters or the alligators dude
have you ever seen an alligator this one right here is about 50 years old okay
he’d been attacked before this is what happens when you try to mess with an
alligator I’m not gonna mess with an alligator plus why would I mess with an
alligator I have much respect for alligators they’re true oh geez they’ve
been around for what millions of years now doing what surviving so I have much
respect for Gators haters absolutely not so haters get all the dabs Gators get
all the best and on that terrible disappointment it
is time to end but if you’d like to see the build for
this set it’s not very long it’s not a very complicated set and I have
published as usual the real time pure build as well as the sped up speed build
choose one if you’d like check them out in the links at the end of the video
which is right now docked again soon

100 comments on “LEGO Star Wars Resistance A-Wing quick review + long thoughts, viewer Qs answered! 75248

  1. Honestly i'd have to disagree with this one… I think it looks far too much like an RZ-1 A-Wing, it doesn't have the slimmer longer frame or subtle shape differences of the RZ-2, it just kind of looks like an ever so slightly stretched RZ-1. For an "official style" RZ-2, I think something more like bertholt's design on Rebrickable would have been much more accurate.

    Then again that's just my opinion of course, and personally I found the LEGO Rebels A-Wing to be the most accurate of LEGO's A-Wing sets, that slightly chunkier design worked out better in LEGO form. 😉

  2. I think the reason your computer took so long to shut down was because it was drawing so much memory trying to play a sequence from Star Wars!

  3. Thanks for the review! A question i didn't get to leave in the q and a video was would these sequel trilogy versions of ships fit into a original trilogy setting? Are the designs similar enough/easy enough to change for an OT display?

  4. The shaping of this A-Wing just seems all wrong. I’m not talking RZ1 vs RZ2 either. I have a Revell model of the RZ2 that looks like it was ripped right out of TLJ and this A-Wing looks nothing like it.

  5. If you take the foot rest of the cockpit and move it down one peg, it can accommodate a spartan mega bloks figure.

  6. I enjoy the new style of review you created for the Rise of Skywalker sets. I've noticed you have questioned very frequently what kind of review, concise or long form thoughts, worked best, and I think this is a wonderful answer to both. The beginning has your clear and concise thoughts as well as the most important details, after which you allow yourself to ramble (I mean that in a positive way) about the set and the smaller details about it.

  7. It has a good shape. But where are the consoles? the engine core? why ugly blue axles?
    You know what? I think the Phoenix Squadron A-Wing was the best. Why? It has all the good features + consoles, core, no blue axles.

  8. I bought this on Amazon, where it's discounted as of the time of the video:
    (That's an affiliate link, which changes nothing for you but if you buy something I could get a tiny commission to help support the channel.)
    Snap Wexley actually has a new face I didn't notice with a ridiculously subtle change that seems astonishingly unnecessary. Surely the effort that went into that redesign could have been better utilized?

  9. Greetings Jang,

    What do you wish for the next Star Wars UCS set? Personally, I do wish we can have a redo of the TIE Advanced X1 although the A-Wing does deserve the UCS treatment.

    Always an awesome job with the reviews. Looking forward to know your thoughts on 75255 Yoda. 😉

  10. I like the Red/White Rebel A-Wing a lot more. Space for weapons and the cooler blaster design. Not much different from the previous one. That being said I bought like 4 of these.

  11. My shutdown sound in those days was Obi-Wan saying: "If you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine!"

  12. What does everyone here think of Legos move on the 3d printing community? Personally I think that Legos move, and takedowns, of user created, lego compatible 3d printed bricks is a very bad move which does not encourage me to purchase Lego sets. Even though I would love getting my hands om and building one of the large scale millenium falcons.

  13. There’s nothing wrong with this kit or design.

    It’s that the movie narratives have been so completely screwed up by Abrams and Johnson, and that the Original trilogy and Clone Wars is so popular and so heavily built upon with fiction and background.

    The new stuff simply disappointed fans to the point that they stopped watching it at the theatre, buying blu-rays or merchandise.

    If this tanks, it’s not Lego’s fault.

  14. Would like to point out that the rehashes are sort of needed as well. Like I got back in to lego about a year back, my first tie fighter build was the solo one. My first Y-wing and A-wing are both from this the current releases, same goes for the new AT-ST. First one I got as well. Honestly outside of that I like them redoing old sets, both for updating the figures and for updating the builds with improved technique's.

  15. I have the rebells A Wing, the A Wing from 2017 and now this A Wing and this new A Wing is the longest version of A Wings. It is one Stud longer as the 2017 Version and two studs longer as the Rebells version.

  16. Normally I'd be one to criticize Disney for the sequels having very little in the way of original designs, but given that they've disappointed me so profoundly in other ways that I consider myself exclusively a Legends fan, their continual rehashing of OT content is the only reason I still have any merchandise to buy.

  17. Not to mention we don’t know what concept art LEGO is given or shown.
    Probably a bunch of ships that themselves are rehashes or slight upgrades from the original trilogy. It’s not LEGO fault on the sets from the movies.
    Except the ones that are just made to be remade.

  18. God Lego, isn't it about time to start making those axles in something more neutral than blue?! They're such an eyesore in so many sets.

  19. Rehash or not, what a lot of LEGO fans miss as well is that it gives new LEGO fans, young and old, an opportunity to acquire of their beloved ships without paying rediculous secondary market prices. This is good for us all….the more LEGO fans/consumers the better.

  20. 10:30 I’m really tired of the mentality that it’s the fans fault. I don’t know many fans who were actually saying that the original trilogy is the one and only way to go for Star Wars. It definitely seems at this point that most fans just want good movies. Plus, despite what the fans say, it’s still ultimately Disney’s and Lucasfilm’s decision on how to make their movies. When you went on to say “those same people also say that Disney is creatively bankrupt.” is a massive assumption to make. How do you know it’s the same people? It seems the majority of the fanbase is displeased with the new movies BECAUSE of the lack of originality and rehashing of OT material, as well as a plethora of other problems like the lack of world building, uninteresting main characters, breaking the lore, etc. With that said, I definitely don’t think it’s Lego’s fault here. They’re just making stuff from the movies like they’ve always done.

  21. I'm really enjoying these new style reviews, thanks Jang.
    As for the A wing. I thought this was a great little set, good value for the money and a fun build.

  22. A canny wait for the sith battle pack to come out I'm looking forward to that one but the A-wing set looks pretty good al need to pick one up as always great review vid jang 🤘

  23. 6:40 As someone who grew up with LEGO technic in the 80s and 90s where all we got was black and grey for these: Why are we using blue pins now?! I've noticed these out-of place coloured pieces in a number of models and find it bizarre. I'm not a strickler to strict colour schemes normally, but this is quite jarring, IMO. Sorry. Otherwise a great looking model and most of Jang's justified criticism could be improved by most builders. Which of course raises the question why it wasn't done well out of the box – cost restrictions?!

  24. What if in future vids you (as best as is reasonable) took a couple shots of the set without stickers and then put on stickers to show how much they really change the look

  25. I’ve been loving how the star fighters have landing gears built in because I was getting tired (only a tad) when they wouldn’t have them or have them always poking out, but that’s probably for price reason

  26. One thing's for sure, the original A-Wing from 1999 was not as sturdy or as good looking as the new models, I'm glad they made them much better, and this one is no exception, except for the missing console in the cockpit, that's just strange! And as for the original trilogy wieners, I mean come on! Not everything about Star War is limited to Episodes 4-5-6! 1-2-3 were not perfect, but I still enjoyed them, as for Episodes 7-8 (and 9 that's coming out soon), I also had great interest in watching those movies, same goes for Rogue One, Solo and Star Wars: The Clone Wars series, and Star Wars Rebels, geez! You really can't please everyone when it comes to this franchise, there will always be critics and there's virtually nothing you can do to silence the haters, but there's nothing wrong in expanding the Star Wars Universe, you don't have to love everything that comes out, but at least, let fans be happy about new stories that are coming out on the big and little screens! And yes, don't mess with alligators! LOL Cool review, Jang!

  27. I still love the 75003 LEGO A Wing Starfighter. I grew up with the classic A Wing having straight fins at the back and the 75003 version still implements that. As for the Rebels TV Show version, that 2017 version, and this A Wig From RoSW I cant say I’m going to get it. Rebel Builder on YouTube made his own Resistance A Wing design and that’s what I like more than the LEGO design. It’s beautifully made but I don’t care for the missile gimmicks. I’m hoping the Y Wing that came out is as good as the Rogue One Y Wing set.

  28. My only complaints on this set is the lack of controls/detail in the cockpit and the area behind the cockpit leaves a gap and looks to abrupt. Like the new review style.

  29. When we get to the stage where Star Wars advent calendar models require stickers: then I'm giving up Lego for good.

  30. Like the '17 version better, The back end looks cut off behind the cock pit on the version. Think ill wait for a price drop.

  31. A 1×2 brick with the printed console cheese slope would have been fine to complete the interior. Just 2 parts. C’mon Lego. I am also disappointed in the use of the wheels again for the engine cowlings. There are other parts that would look so much better. In all though, I’ll probably get this anyway to have an RZ-2 to go with my RZ-1. Great review as always!

    Oh, and now I have Erasure stuck in my head. Thanks for that. Lol.

  32. 20% off in Germany on release. Figures in the straegy of Lego retailers. Still don't understand how they make a profit out of this but that is not my problem.

  33. Liking the slight tweek to your review format where you give a quick review and then go into more detail and then give your more personal reflection on the set as well. Also like the humour in answering viewer questions from the preview period. ( Bit of GNAJ humour I appreciate ) Keep up the great work Jang

  34. I feel really stupid for only figuring this out now, but Wesley's helmet looks to be a modified Gentex HGU-56 Rotary-wing helmet, used by US military Helicopter pilots. The classic helmets used by original X-wing pilots were modified HGU-55/Es, also made by Gentex (might be a different model, as the 55/Es were from the 80s, while other similar style helmets were from the Vietnam war, and made for Naval Aviators).

  35. kind of wish you'd been able to compare it to the last two A-Wings. I personally love them both, except for the exhausts on the 2017 one (which they've replicated here, sadly) and the side-cannons on the 2016.

  36. THAT'S the trouble with stickers: not that they spoil the look, or that they're cheap; it's that they ruin the 'flow' of the build. It's so jarring to go from calm, relaxing, satisfying, and reversible LEGO-building to having to precision-place a sticker which if not perfectly applied first-time will never be the same again…

  37. What bothers me with the A wing and the Y wing is the fact that you cant swap put pieces to change the color. I'm certain there will be a whole bunch of other colored ships, but we cant actually build a fleet of fighters

  38. Great review as always, I am loving the new format!
    Also thanks for the mini tangent on how Disney can't win in regards to incorporating OT iconography, the haters who yell at Rian Johnson for his movie "not feeling like Star Wars" are the same who criticized Abrams for "being too derivative". Fans are never happy and all you can do is tell the story you feel is best.

  39. I'm going to say it. These new face prints suck!!! The quality is garbage, they're so fuzzy and blurry. I bought the new Kylo Ren's shuttle and his face was still blurry, I'm just do tired of these awful prints

  40. For something that's just a slightly smaller variant of the RZ-1, it looks Incredibly nice and the subtle design tweaks do make it look reasonably different in its own way. Personally I would rather have some totally new ship designs, however I can understand Disney's choice in and out of universe to maintain some traditional ship designs.

    I love the build of this thing, I think it'd look nice alongside my older RZ-1.

  41. Nearly ruined by impossible, hateful stickers. I leave all stickers off. Love the figs, landing gear and shaping, and the roomy cockpit. But 30 bucks for brain-surgery-level sticker application? Nup. Good review by the ever-thorough Jang.

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