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Lena Dunham Accused of ‘Hipster Racism’ | Daily Celebrity News | Splash TV

Lena Dunham Accused of ‘Hipster Racism’ | Daily Celebrity News | Splash TV

Lena Dunham has just been called out… and
she won’t be happy about this one. Her name is Zinzi Clemmons, and she actually
writes for the Lenny newsletter – which Lena runs with Jenni Konner… and Clemmons
has just accused Lena of racism. Or as she puts it, “hipster racism”. She’s even said it’s time for women of
color – particularly black women – to divest from Lena… after the actress and
Girls co-show runner defended Murray Miller of sexual assault accusations. In a lengthy post, Clemmons said she ran in
the same circle as Lena when they all attended Brown University in the mid-2000s and she
says Lena and her friends were notorious at the time for the well-known racism. And they typically used sarcasm as a cover. She also said there was a girl in the group
that often used the N-word. Clemmons has left Lenny and has called for
others to show their dissatisfaction for Dunham by not supporting her in any way. Dunham has since apologized for her public
defense of Miller.

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  2. When rich sheltered brats used to leave their sheltered lives to go to college, people mostly tolerated these sheltered naive kids 'slumming it' in the inner city. It was no big deal. Just a rich brat slumming it and living in a fantasy that they are urbane.

    This changed with gentrification of places like Brooklyn and Harlem. The fantasy of 'slumming it' turned into a reality of displacement for minorities and working classes that made places like Brooklyn generators of culture.

    No one even scratches their heads questioning the utter stupidity of mostly white hipsters populating Black Lives Matter marches in inner cities where blacks have largely been displaced by gentrification from the same hipsters.

    FINALLY, this cultural fraud is coming apart at the seams!

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