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Makeup Miracles – Celebrities Without Makeup (66 Stars Before After No Makeup)

Makeup Miracles – Celebrities Without Makeup (66 Stars Before After No Makeup)

Makeup Miracles

100 comments on “Makeup Miracles – Celebrities Without Makeup (66 Stars Before After No Makeup)

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  2. No, those are the creatures (the bitches of Isis and servants of Ra) who stole from and killed the Green Man (Osiris, Indra, Jolly Green Giant, Johnny Appleseed, Derg Corra, Green George, Jack in the green, John Barleycorn, Robin Goodfellow, Puck, and the Green Knight all share aspects of the Green Man, so does God!). The Green Man gives life to the planet. Those evil people murdered the Green Men and use his life force to make them more beautiful for a time. No Green Man, no life. Those selfish creatures are going to cause life to end on the planet.

  3. How many times have you woken up with a different woman than the one you had picked up the night before? 9 of 10 right? Celebrities are no different. It is a illusion..Few are actually pretty girls. But personally, I appreciate a funny girl with a sense of humor ..with a nice ass and natural tits without silicon like the kardashians family.. a girl with sense of humor and good in bed is more than enough…

  4. Most women look like shit without makeup, hell i broke up with 3 girls in summer cuz i saw them getting out of water without any makeup on

  5. I think you guys in the comments must be blind…you think thryre beautiful? most of them are ugly as shit except rihanna,selena,demi and lana del rey

  6. Sure makes you rethink why one relishes the celebrity when they look as normal and average as the rest of us. Some even worse than most of us.

  7. i love miley, miley so beautiful with or without makep smilrit forever miley is amazing. 💞💞💞👏💞❤❤💖

  8. Some of them look fine, but whatever…If the fence needs painting then paint it. Now do one with what the guys look like without make up

  9. I can't believe all these comments saying how beautiful these women look wearing little or no makeup. Are you kidding? The less makeup they wear, the more hideous they look. Only one or two of them looked okay.
    On a side note, I never knew Kate Upton was hiding pimples underneath her makeup.

  10. I think most people look good without makeup. and some need a little help. But all in all absorb everyone should get some slack especially the people that are running around doing errands and just trying to get stuff done because they are people… They do have lives.

  11. The list of people that looks great without makeup in my opinion:
    JeJennifer Lawrence looks the same. Just younger.❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Mikey cryrus looks great!❤
    Ke$ha looks pretty! ❤
    Anne Hathaway so cute! ❤
    Ashle Greene! ❤❤
    Demi Lovato!❤❤
    Cameron Diaz looks the same! ❤❤
    Chelsie Hightower!! ❤❤
    Courtney Stodden! ❤❤
    Elisabetta Canalis! ❤❤❤❤
    Elle Fanning❤❤
    Gemma Arteton❤❤
    Hayden Panettiere is gorgeous without makeup! Why put a off guard photo?😒❤❤❤
    January Jones❤
    Jennifer Aniston❤
    Jennifer Hudson❤❤❤
    Jessica Biel looks better without makeup! ❤❤❤
    Jessica Simpson❤❤
    Julianne Hough❤❤❤
    Kate Upton! ❤❤
    Katherine Heigl❤❤
    Katie Holmes❤❤
    Katie Perry❤❤
    Kelly Brook❤
    Kelly Ripa❤❤❤❤
    Kim Kardashian❤❤ Stop with the off guard photos😂😒
    Kristen Dunst looks so much younger! ❤❤😮
    Kourtney Kardashian❤❤
    Kristen Bell❤
    Kylie Jenner❤
    Lana Del Rey looks younger! ❤❤❤
    Leighton Meester❤
    Mila Kunis❤

  12. I think it's extremely interesting how others idolize these PEOPLE…! In these clips I saw nothing out of the ordinary! You are just happening to see them as what they are; regular people just like you or myself without makeup & a lot of money, to indoctrinate masses so ALL little girls, teens & women by trying to immulat an IMAGE of these ordinary people that are being paid millions of dollars to trick the whole population into an intangible idea of beauty! Or in the case of men an intangible IMAGE of handsomeness! That is the sole purpose of them to decieve…. To make people idolize rich people that are not real…..! And by doing that you will always be upset with yourself & your body, thinking this is what "I" should look like….! It is indeed a huge deception! There were only 2 celebs in there that I said to myself "damn that don't look right / human!" Only 2 out of them all….!!!

  13. Demi Lovato, Cameron Diaz, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Milla Kunnis, Anne Hathaway, Tyra Banks, Jessica Biel, Halle Barry, Natalie Portman, Jennifer Aniston, Mila Jovovich, Sharon Stone, Jennifer Lawrence….
    But, where is the most beautiful woman in Hollywood?
    Angelina Jolie is a Beauty Queen!

  14. Manche sind auch in Natura wunderschön. Aber andere wiederum kannst ohne Make Up nicht mal mit dem Hinterteil anschauen!

  15. 40 seconds in and so far I have only noticed maybe… 1 or 2 people who don't have makeup on. And it's super obvious that they have makeup on too…It's the more 'natural' approach to makeup, nothing flashy, so it's not as easy to tell(still easy tho..)

  16. Most of these chicks are horrible whores and ruined their beauty, so they gotta hide behind truck loads of makeup, but few of them actually look better without makeup, like Demi Lavato

  17. Molly is just as beautiful without makeup is she is with makeup she is one of the sexiest women on earth yes I'm a little old for her yes she's a little young but I can tell you one thing I would make love to her for ever she is a hot hot sexual sensual woman and yes she is a fine ass woman

  18. 👌 🆙 load's thanks much :(before &after) fabulous darlings just fabulous god bless 💘 🙏 💋 👪 &friends near &far 🌹

  19. All the Caucasian women look like they're dying without make up on. What's up with that? Only saying this out of scientific observation, not trying to insult anyone. Very intriguing, maybe it's the sun. But then again earth is home so why does sun do so much damage to them? 🤔

  20. Thank God none of my girl friends ever relied heavily on makeup. I want to see them the morning after without wanting to commit suicide.

  21. I never understood the facial piercings and short haircuts. Grow up little girls. Most of you are average looking at best. So why lie about it.

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