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Making a Clay Luminary : Clay Pulling Tips

Making a Clay Luminary : Clay Pulling Tips

So now that we’ve got it opened, we’re ready
to go ahead and pull up the walls. The way we’re going to do that is take your right
thumb, give yourself a good undercut so that you have a lump of clay to pull up. And then
take your left hand, get your thumb underneath that lump and your index finger on the inside.
Your right hand is just going to serve as a stabilizer and to squeeze the sponge if
you need water. Now you want to push in with that left thumb as you go up. Otherwise, the
clay is just naturally going to go outwards, and for a cylinder, you need to do this. If
it’s not in as much as you need, a really easy way to fix that is to get your hands
very wet and cup the piece on both sides and gently but firmly push it in. It’s good to
start with a cone. That way, you can pull that out into a cylinder easier than you can
take a cone that goes this way and push it back in. So again, just put your right thumb
under there to give yourself an undercut and give it another pull up. And now we’re ready to give it some shape.

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