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MARC JACOBS LIQUID LIPSTICKS: Review & Swatches | Jeffree Star

MARC JACOBS LIQUID LIPSTICKS: Review & Swatches | Jeffree Star

what’s up everyone welcome back to my channel now today you see this mouth girl… i have been out all day and I came home and I’m like you know what i want to do a swatch video on a new product that I just got in the mail and then I took off my lipstick that and wearing it was like as a bright red and it left a stain on my mouth… and I was like should I still do the video i put foundation all over my mouth and covered it i will exfoliated with a lip scrub and I think it’s pretty good i don’t think it’s going to change the outcome of me doing a first impressions or trying something out so we’re just gonna dive right into it now today I’m gonna be doing a first impressions on the new marc jacobs beauty liquid lipsticks that they’re called the la marc liquid lip cream so this is marc jacobs version of a liquid lipstick of course you know by now that every brand on earth has a liquid lipstick and of course there are different formulas finishes smells there’s so many different kinds now I’m like oh my god first of all I am a huge marc jacobs fan in general I think he is a um amazing designer and when his beauty line launch I was like wow quick little information about these guys they come in a unit car that looks like this similar to all their packaging it’s all that standard black and white very iconic for them my love it’s very like I don’t know it’s a business executive cunt glamour it’s cute now this has a 0.1 18 fluid ounces in here which is 3.5 ml for all you people that like to compare brands now these is really weird because I login to support the other day and vib rouge had early access to these and i went back on the website and they vanish so I think that they are not online yet until they launch now this says a little disclaimer that they are formulated with Brazilian butter and collagen so a lot of the times will see brands put shea butter and their stuff to keep it more surprising but this one says that this is a luxurious liquid formula that glides on the tips so that they stay looking plump and full all day long that’s a bold statement so we’re obviously going to put this to the test see if they’re amazing so they come in six shades they are a range of bullet news and a delicate vanilla scent oh so they’re vanilla-scented they’re already telling me and each stroke of the velvety do foot applicator delivers unexpected full nude coverage with a subtle satin Sheen oh my god that’s a mouthful alright so i bought all six shades and of course i will thank god this brand of the names are not crazy and I can actually pronounce some holiday so I’m gonna be swatching all six of these guys and let’s dive into it now i do want to make a note that you can see the colors at the end of the component that gives you like a little window which is cute like a little circle and you can see what color you’re about to try which I love because at first i was like oh my god they’re all black like the packaging how am I going to find the color but hi it’s right in front of my face so I am going to be trying out truth or bare ok I see you I’m gonna be trying that one first and first of all the open sea even what they look like who fresh baby who I love how the one is really long I hate really short applicators kind of more hard to get in there and very vanilla smells like a yummy candle but not too strong you all know sometimes a strong one that’s like it hits you in the face and you’re like much booze but out these ones are very subtle which I love so I’m just gonna this was just pulled a fresh out there with just a little bit on the doe foot so i’m going to try that and if i have to dip in twice then i will so let’s give her a world alright so already I’m like a wow they are really full coverage which thank God because who likes a fucking a streaky lipstick and nobody alright so I’ve dipped in one more time so that first one coat of my entire bottom lip now let’s try this out hmm i really love the color i’m mike word gold I mean you guys know nude lipsticks we all love them so i think i want to give this a minute to kind of dry down now it does not fully dry down to a full Matt kiss proof liquid lip which is totally fine i just wanna put that out there in case you guys are like oh my god can remember there’s been other brands i tried before and they made that disclaimer and it never happened so this one is supposed to be full coverage but still have that kind of satin moment so i’m just going to quickly i don’t know what am I going to take a hit second day I don’t know but I’m gonna go downstairs we’re just like five minutes and see if there’s any change but she cute alright just came back from being down stairs I literally was gone for like three minutes just want to see if there’s any more drying or how it was going to look now I have no complaints that might shock you all yes the shady bitch has no t to spill so far they feel really lightweight like I think that’s the part that’s tripping me out like lips don’t stick together it feels very desk hydrating just feel moisturized and I feel like it’s doing everything that it said it was going to do thank God cause a lot of brands Earl and looking close up its full coverage it is full pigment and of course that covered that little horrible red stain that was on my mouth and when you touch it comes off a lot came off my finger but like none came off my lip do ok let’s go to the next shape of this next shade it looks to be like a soft new to brown it is called upon over me let’s give her a whirl who I think this looks so pretty with my eyeshadow I’m like I here alright so this one has the same consistency same formula the reason why I say that is because a lot of brands will have like a few colors and they’re like unreal amazing and then some of the shades are like how it happened so so far this time look I what mmm this color is so ready I’m like oh my god hi news i just love a nude lipsticks ok so we have four more to go let’s do some more the next shade is called hot cocoa it looks to be a darker shade of brown my christmas tree actually just got delivered while we’re filming his videos i am all giddy I’m the holiday spirit baby alright let’s watch alright this is hot cocoa mm I like this one a lot of my eyeshadows neutral so I try to like writing swatches you guys I want my eyes to try to leave neutral as possible so you can all see what the colors are going to look like my antique um this one’s really cute is giving me like nineties porn vibes I’m living alright let’s move on to the next one the next shade is called shush blush but the tongue twister looks to be like a warmer rose terracotta type of color she looks a little something like this and let’s put her on the mouth I don’t know what color is my favorite so far but this one is quite as I think this one with a good on literally anybody not the other ones didn’t but I’m like really gravitated towards this motherfucker so we got two more let’s give them a go all right next to it is a soft nude it looks like this on here now this shade is called yours to try that slutty but alright let’s give her a go go go ok I think I definitely like it because the last shade it was it was amazing but this one is almost like ave creamsicle if they like mesh and had sex this would be the outcome and my god you guys I’m like actually living for this one I think I’m being way too positive you guys gonna oh I really do I really love them all okay one thing that you want to say is that i noticed that the nudes I need like one more dunk into the product to get the full coverage now it’s a full coverage lipstick but it’s like the other ones that were a little darker or more pinkish had like maybe a little thicker like nothing too crazy obviously it’s fully pigmented and it worked great but that’s like the only thing i noticed this far but smell formula they’re all really consistent so we have a one more try let’s slap her on his next shade is called slow-burn i love all these names they’re cute alright six shaved my mouth is like girl give you put it all right let’s call it you know that moment when you overdraw and there’s no turning back that’s what just happened to me alright this is the final shade i love that warm like rosy tone color haha alright now that I’ve tried all six so let’s give my final thoughts so after trying out all of them I’m actually really not actually like I didn’t expect to hate them or anything i’m really pleasantly surprised with the formula now every brand has hits or misses this one is definitely an a-plus jeffree star approved of formula i love the full coverage i love how they feel em literally feels like there’s nothing on my lips which I love I don’t have to deal with it or touch up later so I’m a huge fan of these i’m excited to put them in a few tutorials and see how they wear throughout the day but I’m if there any other crazy lip products or anything new that you guys are like girl having trying to get just let me know in the comments down below and real quick before I leave I’m gonna give a little shout out to my wig master Webster wigs he is all the way in London shut up to the UK hey i’m going to link him down below because I get asked all the time about my hair and these wigs are everything i’m loving the curls and i love the length so not to sound like a QVC commercial but check them out if you are looking for a cool wait so thank you so much for watching I am going to go use a little lip scrub and lip balm and took a hit so ahead i’ll see you on the next one my guys

100 comments on “MARC JACOBS LIQUID LIPSTICKS: Review & Swatches | Jeffree Star

  1. Please please can you reply to my message on instagram @jeffreestar luv_ my_bubs_lissy p.s I love your hair in this video !!!! Amazinggggggggg😘❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜💜💖💖💖💖

  2. Jeffree Star who cares if your wig is pulled too low, you fucking slay the game with that wig b*tch, it looks fine and it still (somehow) does look kind of natural to me, my favorite shade was Truth or Bare, I would literally wear that sh*t out with a matifying lip topper to make it look more natural( I’m a closeted boi and I don’t wanna get my sh*t clocked especially by my family) (censoring everything so it doesn’t just go straight into held for review cuz I actually want this seen)

  3. Personally, I adore this wig. Who gives a fuck about a lace front or a hairline when you look this good? NO ONE SHOULD! I love Jeffree regardless. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. I don't know shit about makeup and top of that I can't even afford all of that but he is my favorite human.

  5. My favorite was "Slow Burn", I really think I would look great with that color on and you presented it very well! 💋

  6. Watching this again because you look so beautiful here but then again you always look beautiful 😭 You are amazing and I’m a huge fan! I love you ❤️

  7. Thank you! Unfortunately, I love the lip color you have on before (and in between) the swatches, which I know isn't a lipstick but the residue after a red lip you had previously. That would be the lipstick color I would want, so the swatches paled in comparison to that!

  8. My friend can u give mature woman tips. I’m a young 61, and I’m ocd about makeup. Love these colors u tried. I’m a nut for lipsticks. Anyway going 4 surgery this week so I’m going 2 be looking at all ur tutorials. Ur skin amazing!!! Wish I could get some shots and a little filler. Anyway what would be the best undereye concealer/brighter that doesn’t crease and makes older eyes pop. Also, should I use powder??? My new makeup guru, luv luv luv u😘🌹❤️

  9. I had to come back to this video because im trying to buy a new unit that looks exactly like this!! Ill be honest i come back to this video all the time because you look stunning with your hair like this!! I think its one of my favorite styles on you baby!! Anyway if you have the chance to let me know what hair dye you used for this, or if you know the color unit you ordered because I would really appreciate it! Id really like to buy a blonde unit and style it to look like this!!! okay if not i get it your a highly Wanted Busy Ass bitch haha. love you babyyyy!!

  10. I must be crazy, not picky, or just don’t care how people look in small detail; but I didn’t even notice the hair line (of course I noticed it was bold after reading the comments, but I thought nothing of it to comment on myself) of course I didn’t even feel the need to due to how STUNNING the curls are on you HENNY! You slay this wig! ❤️

  11. That last shade was my color for sure I'd love to try that out 😉 I don't have one luxury brand product! I have tried a Kylie liquid lip but it makes my lips burn!

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