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Marlee Matlin gets her Walk of Fame star!

Marlee Matlin gets her Walk of Fame star!

[street noise] [motorcycles racing down the street] [crowd chatter] [accapella singing] [announcer] We will be placing the 2383rd star on the Hollywod Walk of Fame, for Oscar Winner, Marlee Matlin!
[cheers and applause] Let me tell you a little bit about our recipient. Born and raised … [Anne] …it also makes her new book, a great read. But it wasn’t until she stepped on the floor, of Dancing with the Stars, that I fully understood just how beautiful and…. [applause] [Henry Winkler]
So, Marlee is twelve years old, and we are invited, Stacy and I are invited, to her school, to watch a talent contest. and music comes on, and the curtains part, and Marlee comes out, and does a dance. ♪…why can’t I ♪ ♪If happy little bluebirds fly, ♪ ♪ beyond the rainbow, why can’t I?♪ MM>I need to thank, and without them I would not be standing here today. First, as I said, I have to thank the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for this honor, It was a long time coming, and thank you for holding my spot. Please make sure no one spits gum on my star. My family flew in from Chicago for this occasion, Eric, Gloria, Mark, Jay, and Zach. It means the world to me that you are here. to witness this amazing day, and special time with me. I love you. My parents, Libby and Don, who unfortunately could not be here with me, thank you from the bottom of my heart. For planting this Marlee seed, and who so badly wanted to be an actress, you allowed me to realize my dreams. To my extended family, in Los Angeles and San Diego, you’re all amazing and I love you. To Dr. Pat Scherer, without the International Center on Deafness and the Arts, Deaf children like me would not have the chance to do theatre, and have their dreams come true. Thank you. [cheers, applause] To [edited] for letting me stay in your beautiful home, when I first moved to California. It was really a turning point in my life. Thank you so very much. [light applause]

3 comments on “Marlee Matlin gets her Walk of Fame star!

  1. Congratulations Marlee Matlin to have seeded your name on Walk of Fame star!
    for the Best Actress. I used to watch Movies Called Children of a Lesser God and Reasonable Doubts in Australia. I think it’s a wonderful experience Actress in those many years that you have been involved the Film with. Great Honour Regards Marcus ( Australia )

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