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Mean Tweets – NBA Edition 2019

Mean Tweets – NBA Edition 2019

follow me here, you’re a weak ass, [BLEEP]
candy ass, flopping [BLEEP].. You need vaginal reconstructive
surgery, twig boy. You can eat a big bag of [BLEEP]
like your butt buddy Curry. Go [BLEEP] yourself
you cheap [BLEEP].”.” [CROWD LAUGHING] That’s a lot. [CROWD LAUGHING] BRADLEY BEAL: “Bradley Beal
looks like if Usher had someone sit on his head while
he was a baby–” [BRADLEY CHUCKLING] [CROWD LAUGHING] Thank you. DIRK NOWITZKI: “Dirk Nowitzki
looks like his sweat smells like mop water and chihuahua.” [CROWD LAUGHING] I don’t think I’ve heard that
one before, so props to my guy. That was good. STEVE BALLMER: “Steve
Ballmer and the entire LA Clippers organization can
all go suck on a fat one.” [CROWD LAUGHING] JOEL EMBIID: “I can’t listen
to Joel Embiid interviews. Two seconds in, I want
to glue my ears shut.” Well, let me know when
you are able to speak four languages, dumbass. [CROWD LAUGHING] CHARLES BARKLEY: “Charles
Barkley is so fat he put his belt on with a boomerang.” That’s not funny at all. [CROWD LAUGHING] BEN SIMMONS: “Ben Simmons looks
like he’s holding in a fart every time he passes the ball.” [CROWD CHUCKLING] Maybe I am. [CROWD LAUGHING] JRUE HOLIDAY: “Jrue
Holiday is [BLEEP] nuts.” [MAN LAUGHS] OK. [CROWD LAUGHING] PAUL GEORGE: “Before I go
to sleep I just want to say, [BLEEP] Paul George. [BLEEP] your good sleep,
[BLEEP] your dreams, [BLEEP] your job
when you wake up.” [CROWD LAUGHING] CHRIS BOSH: “Chris Bosh talks
like a white guy named Dennis.” [CHRIS BOSH LAUGHING] [CROWD LAUGHING] KYLE LOWRY: “Toronto needs to
get rid of Kyle Lowry ASAP. If I have to watch that fat
[BLEEP] attempt to take a 3 one more time, I’m jumping
off a building.” Oh, wow. KEMBA WALKER: “Kemba
Walker has the name of a post player in the
“Karl-Anthony Towns look like he’s yawning when he yells.” Yeah, because I’m tired of
dealing with your [BLEEP].. [CROWD LAUGHING] DANNY GREEN: “Danny Green
and I have a lot in common. Namely, that we both
“Khris Middleton just got hit in the head so
hard his eyes got un-googly.” No they didn’t. [CROWD LAUGHING] BROOKE LOPEZ: “If Brooke
and Robin Lopez are twins, then why is Robin the
only one that sucks ass.” ROBIN LOPEZ: Because I’m
adventurous in the bedroom. BROOKE LOPEZ: Wow. [CROWD LAUGHING] [CROWD CHEERING]

100 comments on “Mean Tweets – NBA Edition 2019

  1. KD: Warriors to Nets
    Dirk: Mavs to the Couch
    PG13: Thunder to Clippers
    Kemba: Hornets to Celtics
    Danny Green: Raptors to Lakers
    Robin Lopez: Bulls to Bucks
    The NBA man

  2. All these dam couch potatoes rippin on athletes, boy shut up you can’t even get your own damn beer Without bitching about it.

  3. y do they keep the laughter thing in the background. this isnt supposed to be encouraged and nice and all! wt kind of message r u conveying!

  4. Speak 4 different languages; English, Spanish, Japanese, German. 4 different languages. NOT 4 different "dialects", from 4 different "side by side" African "countries". NOT THE SAME THING b4 you injure yourself patting the old back too much !!!!

  5. Haha, I like Steve Ballmer’s enthusiasm and the way he read the mean tweet! I also like Charles Barkley’s reaction!

  6. Now I feel like Robin Lopez is the type of guy who brags about who he takes home every night when he gets roasted by his friends.

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