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Meghan Markle’s father Thomas Markle acting in ‘DISGUSTING’ way – ‘only after ONE THING’

Meghan Markle’s father Thomas Markle acting in ‘DISGUSTING’ way – ‘only after ONE THING’

 Meghan Markle’s and her father have been known to have a complicated relationship since Mr Markle begun giving interviews on American TV about his private relationship with the Duchess of Sussex This week the American actress, now married to Prince Harry, sent a letter to her dad to explain her feelings about his behaviour since she officially joined the Royal Family which he subsequently leaked to the press  Speaking to Sky News, businesswoman Michelle Dewberry claimed Mr Markle’s behaviour is “disgusting” Comparing the situation with her own experience she warned Mr Markle will regret his actions closer to his death   She said: “I just think this guy is absolutely disgusting. “I just think it’s disgusting I look at him and I think why are you – well I know why, it’s called money, isn’t it – but why would you do this as a decent person to your daughter? “What is the matter with you? “When I was on reality TV I had an uncle who was slightly dodgy shall we say and he sold very private stories about my family and I and I will never forget – he’s dead now – and I never forgave him for doing it  “Just before he died he wrote me this really long letter about how he really was in turmoil with what he had done  “And right until his dying days, he fell uncomfortable. “So there will be a time when you betray trust for the sake of a few pence or pounds, it will weight in your conscience It will.” After releasing the five-page letter Meghan wrote to him, Mr Markle has threatened to leak out more of the letter which has been published across the world  But according to the Daily Telegraph, Meghan Markle might try to stop him by taking formal action against him – with Kensington Palace aides reportedly seeking legal advice on behalf of the Duchess  Meghan owns the copyright of the handwritten letter under UK law which was brought to light after five of her friends spoke about it for the first time in an interview with US magazine People  A family friend of the Duchess suggested the Queen is aware of the rift between Meghan and her father and is reported to be “very concerned” by the situation  An alleged friend of Meghan’s told Vanity Fair the monarch had urged grandson Prince Harry to work with his wife on finding a resolution to the public family fallout  They said: “She told them both that the whole thing was becoming a nightmare, and that they should try and sort things out ” Buckingham Palace, however, refused to comment to the publication on the claim. In the letter to her father, Meghan had begged Mr Markle to stop “victimising her”  She said: “Dad, I’m so heartbroken, I love you. “I have one father. Please stop victimizing me through the media so we can repair our relationship ‘”

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