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Michael Jordan’s Speech at Hall of Fame Induction

Michael Jordan’s Speech at Hall of Fame Induction

about michael jordan a given this uh…
halting speech on friday uh… that’s this is create a lot of
conversely because you’re supposed to be gracious you’re the best of all time
useless because your gracious missiles thank everybody left and right that’s
not the direction jordan decided to go let’s listen to put number seven here
uh… as he talks laser crafts in the chicago management a little bit and then now will see a four on his side
or against them the bulls holborn whose organization
they do of great just let me and for almost two
years bleeding hello teenaged boys fourteen user a place for the bulls and
yaar respected each and every one of my just want to win you know about how you look at it and enveloping doesn’t collins who was
carnival mixes jerry kraus and and uh… jerry reinsdorf in at the same time did you know what i was
trying to play with some of them he said well you know your part of me the organization devoted organizations
that you can play with some sour civilian relief and frankly my concept emerge contract if i had to love the
game club that means i can’t blame tomorrow what anyplace else hehe and uh… look at the c_i_a_ here at you
like and that’s how we became you know a little closer in terms of dot com to
myself and knows your cross is right here and there is not here obviously
have no i don’t know who died and i didn’t go
to uh… i hope you understand albion says it goes a long way in using
very concerned that your personality refrigerated frozen he still has a solution to choose ascendancy of musicians playing with the
flu in utah unsealed playing with deal with the bank however graham and i think organization put
together a team within the innovative finger grumbling you know so in essence i think the players win the championship
an organization have something to do and don’t get me wrong but don’t try to put the organization
for the players because at the end of the day before is still very broad
principle yourself it is breasts are very proud what that’s as submitting good reaction from
the crowd they laugh in their appliance satara but some people receiving and then that cause a lot of contras
here at least lead not kind words for the balls organization there are jerry
kraus but now might think he’s wrong actually because the organization has to build a team
including picking you abruptly so if you don’t go the writer but i mean do organizations win uh… championships alan focal off choruses this news organization that
boat that t right it’s all about the organization and that’s what we’ll definitely apply
players and on the court at the same time so it becomes more players here right up but the real question is should
he have gone after these people in the speech were exposed to gracious now let’s give you one more way goes up
somebody else and then will uh… discuss the controversy you know him for someone like me would she be allowed animal with from
our career beautifully any kind of messages that
people may say would do to get you motivate pretty impressed
with the highest level because that that is what i feel like i’ve still at that my best and my last exam for that in the last week you guys produce scene but i could do it so important he’s such a nice guy time first met brian ross done enough that it calls memphis i was in and in chicago in nineteen eighty four
wheels working out for baseball there came down for work as you know i came
all the sale of images are in all sorts of about
complaining about school and relatively more than a c u on
alleged quickly logically you aren’t going to hit by a
bosnian officials fear that they’re missing official news john that and making you know they’ve five minute
break the strawberries committee semicircular group of infant
brian ross is amazing and other groups of racism is promises you made in
nineteen ninety-four per we use which i think i can go if you are
conservative arab world leaders used for you but you should change the and believe me services that day if you get is james sellouts receiving
the world’s but uh… i think he had his chance in blvd i read it from that point
and from this day forward but it was the initials and permitted k not only just like an insurance the bill of late he enjoyed that stock
and also your very classy speech at his whole face will from what i read i
didn’t see j isn’t induction but now opening his muscles atrophy started eg we already know you people crap out of
the bibles which they will start it up their mind straight and we all know you don’t like to crap
so that’s probably not the best time for now having said that isolated even et cetera utilising it is all things this is a boring
inaccurate have to be gracious like this is the standard that set by
society let’s say what he wants to say it is down speech that’s right because they have speech dot any buyer is russell stores kinda
cute and i know it’s a big on him but he got a little bit but they said well that’s an area that is at
school by jordan that’s the story and joins career it it didn’t cover it and he’s not really giving u_s_ career
this that’s what he did he do logs he’d get competitive like that he love
to be other people i got a couple susanna but first i want
is the problem people get sick of that you know politically correct answered
athletes it it was a great deal it would be tomorrow they will be posted to my limits we’re
just like you to come either with a victory and had no idea of course you see that when they don’t do that you get mad yeah
would you want to do what the truth or do you want the goals of the g_q_
complaining about i’d like to treat yeah i love it dot someone who complains
about that same you know cesar millan had said and i
always get whereby uh… brian russell he he uh… he responded to see to see a
club decided to take some phone calls example is that’s right now don’t call
out for him to come and play he can come here is private jet cumplea he’s got
millions of dollars he can pay for the ticket he can get the recreation center in
calabasas risperidone all lower with our at we get our market actually
commentating permits respond to the fish eating we can put on t_v_ and steve
michael stone options now he says that bad the problem is
jordan today bob on that off yeah editelago pay-per-view negative net
and here you sit on top of the civilians are multiplicative proceed by money unhappy being selfish speaks it was
actually made the same but it does is about the private life is that sales is that i keep my
basketball shorts quotes sea bass and that’s what i can response
that i like himself too seriously like on the hell
down don’t i don’t find his speech controversial out all but now i have for
random photos as well i think the reason why advice about not thereby but the person is a bit of flipping out and
madison is a chart the whole theme of his speech he told ten stories the whole famous speech he said i had a
fire in the the whole time since i was a kid my brothers and my little sister
they all we’re competing at state it just pushes you to do but he said so
he said there was this thing happened when i first came legally when mark this
court in little rock the guy who i got cut for high school i
want to prove in this is an absolute you know we just got rid of he said that’s
where my competitors came from which is why i’ve accomplished level compasses
told story after story after story all he was saying was that motivated me
they could have it to him but come look at it from my perspective it was very
clear about what is coming from loses what he said that motivated this
muddy brand of the game and cinema grudge that motivate me look what
happened yet you know what he’s right that what and that as i said that’s the
story was correct i think you might even brought his if i
read if i remember the strike brought his the coach would not start of or
something and and and what about was that what happened that assassin o
cannot noite ideal that’s personality and or get maggie here’s one of them
i’ve heard stories there’s a million expense uh… when he is a with the bulls horace
grant has been pocketbook in his basement or wherever and that they are both looking around
and and major’s ever played ping pong before so he plays with horace grant worst practices that this towards ever by the cart before the boom
and babies jordan gets so angry he goes up by
something quite able putting on that day he sets it up a practice practice
practice until he comes back vbs every single one of the bulls
including or spread until they don’t want to play with a
minute i love him not i wasn’t i love him down under it talk about how you look strong people
leg in my pinion he’s strong like i love that competitive nature you know i resent it you know okay listen but i think that’s that’s not laugh
because right now i’m liking and back there it looked are that the bottom line on
this is obviously there’s an enormous upside to
it that’s part of the reason why he was the biggest winner in basketball history
made that don’t give me the russell stuff
okay when they had eight people in the lead three teams in the early right uh… and the down side is yanking the entire and
then and then and nobody wants to play ping pong with you look at me cuz you’re made it to mental but they do need to crazy sorry no sorry epa but you know what uh… some upside downside bottom line he made that n_b_a_ he made that speech
he made everything more interesting never that you gotta give it to uh… young turks are in favor of the
speech whether you like it or you don’t but up alright we’re at a time i’ll get so many
more of a woman same for tomorrow but when we come back in the post game show are behind the scenes look at the young
turks and our photoshoot and and i will uh… commented on watch more clips at the interest dot com

100 comments on “Michael Jordan’s Speech at Hall of Fame Induction

  1. It's not even the fact of winning 6 championships, His Skill, Determination, And Hard work Is Amazing by Itself.

  2. The speech was short and breif, at least this guy should be given some credibility for sacrifices he and team mates did for America, you remember the dream team, the will be no other team like that, and Jordan was on the full front.

  3. You can't compare football and basketball.  That's like comparing Nascar and Curling – not at all the same thing!   MJ was being real in this speech, and it was locker-room talk, so it was more for the players.

    Also @2:18 — MJ praised the organization (in his way) for building teams and having something to do with success, but it's ultimately the players that perform to the point that the organization can even be recognized. It's a two-way street. How many organizations build teams every year and how many actually win? Last man standing, and these failed organizations simply justify their existence every season by picking new players and new coaches. In the past 20 years in the NBA, there have been what, 10 different teams win a title? That means almost 2/3 of the ORGANIZATIONS are either incompetent or obsolete.

  4. Where's the harshness?  He's Michael Jordan.  He's entitled to feel and believe anything he wants.  Some people are above reproach. 

  5. Krause had NOTHING to do with picking Jordan in the draft. Krause is the most  hated man in Chicago sports.

  6. I guess people aren't able to comprehend what separates legends and gods.  It takes the fire.  It takes being tough, being mean, being unrelenting.  You have to live and breathe the competition and you crave a challenge.  It gives you a mental and physiological high.  After all, the game of basketball, and every other sport, is a competition.  It's a battle. A war even.  You have to love competition so much that it becomes a part of who you are.  You don't play for money, or popularity, or women, or status.  To say Michael Jordan is a jerk is not even relevant and it's incorrect.  If anything, Michael Jordan was showing respect to these people by calling them out and challenging them one last time.  It was poetic. 

  7. I fail to see what he did wrong. Krause, the fat bastard wanted as much credit as the man out there putting the ball in the hoop.

  8. i hate you guys so much. At least put News, or Young Turks or whatever in your title.

    And it's MJ. He can do whatever the hell he wants. This is what made a 6x champ. Like many REAL sports media members said, the HOF speech was not surprising to people who truly know him and didn't expect anything else. First you say it was cringe worthy to you. Then you are all for it. I'm listening to this while I'm typing this comment (had to point that out because when I usually accidently click your vids I click the back button right away). Fck your channel

  9. Michael knows where he stands, that's why he saying all this. He, along with everyone else, knows he put the work in. During practices, it wasn't the organization or Jerry putting the work in, it was the Bulls Players. All the organization do is sit and pick players. Now they did chose the right players, but the players are the ones who deserve all the credit. If the organization wins championships I want to see them play a season in the NBA, he'll even a game.

  10. What the hell is wrong with the translation in the sub-titles! That's not french at all!!!!!!
    I you don't know French, then don't translate to French!

  11. Wrong. Don't put the players above the organization including Michael Jordan. Every player including Michael Jordan is on limited time in the NBA. The organization will be around much longer than any single player.

  12. Talking heads and self styled experts who speculate and gossip , need a punch in the middle of the face.
    You spend your lives cutting other people down, exploiting them etc..all to prop yourselves up.

    Grow up.

  13. Turk is wrong on this one. IT is one thing to assemble a team, it is another to play a full NBA Season and Post season and win 6 championships

  14. He does not have to be gracious, he just resumed where his motivation came from. Competitiveness is the key to succeed in this business, and MJ was the best no doubt.

  15. "Why does he have to be gracious in his speech? That's just a standard set by society."

    Such a stupid statement. Standards in society exist for reasons, graciousness in victory is important. It's like winning a war and then our leader gives a speech to the conquered people, what kind of speech should he give? One where he mocks what pussies all their dead soldiers were? Or one where he honors the people now conquered?

    Honestly Jordan comes across as a self absorbed asshat.

  16. Maybe he's entitled to say some words about those who doubted him, and how he proved all of them wrong and everything, I guess you can't truly know what a person has experienced unless you've won six titles and so many MVP awards and I get that. But at the same time, why not acknowledge those who helped him succeed.

    This guy thinks he was solely responsible for everything great that happened with the Bulls. I've watched many videos of other players and their own HOF speeches and they've acknowledged and thanked those for helping them be so great. Look at how unselfish and humble somebody like LeBron James can be. Many people including I, thought he was a dick the way he announced his departure for Miami. But did his time there make him better? When he brought the Cavs their first title he was very humble and also again when he scored 61 points. The guy can just show some class that I think Jordan always lacked.

  17. Yes the organization builds the team but without players you have no team, no game, no sport. The players are doing the work not just delegating!!!!

  18. Imagine in this clip if it was donald trump instead of MJ. Not supporting either. But IMAGINE THE OUTRAGE ON SAYING YOUR AWESOME! Its eye opening on the bias of anyone on a camera

  19. in 2018 LeBron James is doing this right now right now LeBron James I repeat is doing this right now and everybody praise him for it Michael Jordan is a revolutionary he kicked open the door that LeBron James ran through it just sucks that the first man to do it always got to die

  20. TYT is trash. They lie. If you watch them on a day to day basis and believe what they say, i feel sorry for you being so blind.

  21. You sound so sensitive!!! its sickening to listen to… let the man say his piece, everything that Mj said, that you deem to be bitter and controversial, was just his reply to the action of others. If you know the bulls history, you'd understand why Jordan didnt want Jerry Krause to be there… Krause saying "organisations win championships" is ridiculous and for you to agree is idiotic… Jordan has every right to respond to it even after all these years, his value as a player is validated in both retirements, bulls win 3 with him, he retires, bulls miss out on their 4th ring without him, he returns they win 3 more with him, and no more without him.Theres evidence in the fact that without Jordan the bulls and Jerry Krause dont win finals. If theres any truth to what Krause believes they should have won more championships without their key players….
    …And his comments on Russell thats just competitive bragging, who cares. What elite competitor wouldn't want a doubter to eat their words?

  22. Translation "after I socially castrated Doug Collins and he knew how to tow the line… We were cool" lol… Damn Mike. Did anyone really expect anything other than this from the most mentally savage carbon chemical structure to play basketball.
    Mike was a sadomasicist.

  23. Lol mj could of walked in the stage, dropped trow and took a massive constipated shit on the podium and mic dropped… Because that's what he did lol. Love this

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