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Musicians Who Predicted Their Own Deaths

Musicians often live the craziest lives, and
far too many have lost their lives before even hitting 30. Mortality is a scary subject, and many artists
have written songs about it, pondering that eternal question of what’s waiting on the
“other side.” However, some musicians have predicted their
own passings in a way that’s weirdly accurate. Tupac There’s no denying that Tupac Shakur will
go down in history as one of the greatest rappers of all time. Part of what made him such an iconic figure
was his intelligent understanding of society and culture. “I believe strongly that my audience empathize
with me because I show that side, I show that emotion, raw, uncut, good and bad.” The man who made “Thug Life” into a household
phrase also had a strong feeling early on in his life that he’d never make it to old
age. Back in 1994 an interviewer asked him where
he thought he’d see himself in 15 years. “Best case, in a cemetery. Maybe not a cemetary. Sprinkled in ashes, smoked up by my homies.” He quickly corrected this to say that was
a worst case scenario, and he’d rather be a multimillionaire than dead. But that wasn’t the only time Tupac expressed
such certainty about an early passing. In 1995, Tupac told Vibe magazine that he
was giving them what he called his final interview, expressing a desire to have his story told
accurately before he died. Then, in 1996, he filmed the music video “I
Ain’t Mad at Cha,” which depicted him in the afterlife, communicating with his loved ones. Just a few weeks later, Tupac’s life ended
in a drive-by in Las Vegas. He was only 25 years old. Left Eye Lisa Lopes, best known as “Left Eye” of TLC,
was only 30 years old in 2002, but her life had already become an explosive cocktail of
controversial headlines, domestic troubles, and public fallouts. That year Lopes flew to Honduras for a recovery
sabbatical and to film a documentary about her life. Throughout the documentary, her belief in
premonitions was a focal point. “Which is funny, because whatever your fear
is, it seems to manifest here, like that.” Sadly, things took a dark turn. A van she was riding in collided with a young
boy, who didn’t survive his injuries. Though Left Eye had only been a passenger
in the van, she still paid for all of the boy’s hospital and funeral costs. According to documentary footage from the
time, she was noticeably chilled by the fact that she and the boy shared a surname. “These are the shoes that belonged to the
little boy. And his last name was Lopez.” According to the documentary footage, she
became convinced that some sort of malevolent spirit was following her, meaning to take
her instead of the boy. Later, while still in Honduras, the car Left
Eye was driving swerved off the side of the road. The chilling moment was caught on film. She did not survive the crash. John Lennon The world recoiled in shock when John Lennon
was attacked, but Lennon himself might’ve been less surprised than everyone else. Freda Kelly, who worked as a secretary for
the Beatles when she was a teenager, told The Guardian: “The first thing that came into my mind [when
he passed] was that he used to say: ‘I won’t be here when I’m 40. I won’t make 40’.” However, Kelly’s story isn’t the first time
that someone has talked about Lennon’s cynical expectations for his future. Newsweek revealed that all the way back in
1965, Lennon told a reporter his expectations for himself and his fellow bandmates, sharing: “We’ll either go in a plane crash or we’ll
be popped off by some loony.” He was right. “Lennon was shot and killed at about 11 o’clock
last night outside his apartment building.” He was 40. Michael Jackson The public generally accepts that Michael
Jackson passed from an OD, but who was responsible? According to the courts, the answer was Jackson’s
doctor, Conrad Murray, who was found guilty of involuntary actions. However, not everyone buys the notion that
Jackson’s death was an accident. The singer’s daughter, Paris Jackson, told
Rolling Stone she believes the truth is a lot more sinister and says everyone in her
family agrees with her on this. She said: “He would drop hints about people being out
to get him. And at some point he was like, ‘They’re gonna
off me one day.'” In his last weeks alive, Michael Jackson wrote
letters to one of his closest friends claiming he was going to be offed and was terrified
for his life. Jackson’s ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley once
told a similar anecdote to Oprah regarding the singer’s belief that someone wanted him
gone, allegedly in order to seize the money from his music publishing catalog. What really happened? Was Jackson scared of a real threat, or was
it just paranoia? XXXTentacion Rapper Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, known by his
stage name XXXTentacion, rose to prominence after dropping his first track on SoundCloud
in 2014 and releasing his first studio album in August 2017. But his musical success wasn’t the only thing
that came to define him. In 2016 his girlfriend accused him of assault
and abuse, which she said was a frequent occurrence. In October that year, he allegedly strangled
her, severely mess with her, and locked her up for two days because she was pregnant. She went to the police, and X was detained. The trial kept getting pushed back, all the
way into 2018. At some point in early 2018, X posted a video
to Instagram speaking straight to the camera: “Worst thing comes to worst, I f—ing pass
a tragic passing or something, and I’m not able to see out my dreams.” The court case never happened. On June 18th, 2018, X was shot in
Florida in what police believe was a drive-by shooting. He was 20 years old.

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