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100 comments on “NASA | Animation: NASA’s Swift Satellite Spots Black Hole Devouring A Star

  1. c'est pas une animation de la NASA cette animation est pourrie, le soleil continue plutot a s'étiré en formant un cercle autoure du trou noir

  2. It's an animation guys! Get off of the topic of the animation and go think about how black holes are created– or just read the freakin' description!
    Who knew 12 year olds and under (or just dumbass teenagers) couldn't even read a simple paragraph or click a description button.

  3. Ok this is cool but not real. And why are there two sides of the black hole? Isn't what goes in a black doesn't come out?

  4. @KBirk83 A black hole is not a hole in space, that's a worm hole. A black hole still has mass like a planet or a star, but the gravity doesn't allow light to escape from it, so goes the theory.

  5. 90 percent of these comments are from missinformed people, 5 percent adds, 3 percent bad chuck noris jokes, and 2 percent good ones.

  6. @KBirk83 The "sides" aren't sides as such; they're the "poles" of the rotating black hole. Imagine a beam of light coming out the earth's north and south poles; that's what's being demonstrated here. Black holes spin, and when they "eat" matter, they emit energy out both directions of the rotational axis.

  7. If you feel the need to comment about how this is fake, that means part of you believes it might be real. Which means you're an idiot because it's definitely fake. Peace.

  8. You fucking unintelligent idiots. Those who are saying "fake" no shit sherlock. It's an animation. Your brain is a size of a pea.

  9. Meme si le trou noir est grand et a une forte gravité pour attire il est bien trop loin pour pouvoir aspirer cette est etoile donc ceci est totalement faux !

  10. problem with the video is that the particle jet you see there is pointed up and away from you but in reality that X-ray particle jet is pointed directly at earth..from above in the constellation Draco.

  11. Well a black hole is really just a star that has collapsed upon itself instead of going supernova and is now infinitely dense. If you want to learn a lot about black holes I suggest you read some of Steven Hawkings books.

  12. I would say a black hole is filled with compressed dust and matter from stars and planets.
    or maybe pure energy because of the strong gravity, maybe every particles from neutrons to quarks are crushed to pure energy. (just a theory)

  13. the particle jets seen in the video are not accurate as they are shown to be pointed away from us , in actuality the one particle jet is pointed directly at us however it is precessional so its on a on target and off target wobble first discovered shortly after the march 11 2011 japan tsunami, unfortunately it is still becoming stronger unleashing x-rays and particles on us from the north, nasa predicts around dec 21 2012 it will peak or later in 2013

  14. Would be hard to video tape that since it's several quadrillion quadrillion quadrillion miles away, and the whole event would take place over many years.

  15. It's incomprahensibly far away, all the information we've got is not visual. Plus this thing takes several thousands of years to happen, it's simply an animation

  16. Without an opposite force, a yin would not yang, and a yang would not yin.
    If the yin and yang spin enough, a void is created in the center and a channel is started that will funnel energy and matter in a new direction.
    Does the hole or void truly feed or just excite what comes near?

    Without them the universe might be a boring and dead place IMO.

  17. If you could somehow go faster than the speed of light and go into a lack hole, could you go through it?

  18. Just like the world the universe is not flat, and the shape which maintains the best volume to surface area is a sphere. The matter "coming" out underneath was never inside of the black hole, it is in fact ejection matter which through the riptides in gravity near a black hole has been forced back out into space.

  19. The more I hear about Justin Bieber or his music, the more I want this planet to end up the same way as that star. 

  20. Ahem, this isn't realistic. In the slightest. it would take an infinite amount of time to watch something fall into a black hole, yet it's over anywhere within one nanosecond to one second. Gone, faded out of existence. Not to mention, based on this, shouldn't the quasar jets and, oh, I don't know, everything, just disappear along with the star? I'm sorry, but this doesn't seem real. I thought I was learning about astrophysics and quantum mechanics, but, it turns out the knowledge I have is, well, metaphorically a black hole.

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