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Neil deGrasse Tyson & Steve discuss Uranus | Celebrity Family Feud

Neil deGrasse Tyson & Steve discuss Uranus | Celebrity Family Feud

[ Cheers and applause ] Neil, how you doing?
How you doing, man? I finally meet you.
Come on. I — Uh, long overdue,
I think. I’ve seen you on Discovery
or stuff. You be always
talking about stuff I don’t know
a damn thing about. [ Laughs ] It’s just —
I’m just trying to bring the universe down
to Earth. I’ve been going,
“Man, this brother brilliant.” Miranda?
Yes. How are you, darling?
I’m good. And your relation
to Neil? Daughter. You’re his daughter?
Yes. Now, okay, Neil named her after one of the moons
of Ur-anus. Ur-Uranus I think is how we —
how we pronounce it. Ur– Oh. No, Ur-anus is the thing
in the middle. I’m sorry about that. Two different areas
totally. Uranus is up there. Ur-anus is…right… No one’s seen that. [ Laughter ] You could say Ur-anus until
you’re like eight, you know? And then you’re — [ Laughs ] Hey!
Then you’re mo– Hey! Hey!
No, I’m just — [ Laughter ]
Hey! Hey! I’m — I’m getting tired
of your ass, man! You — You ain’t g–
You ain’t gonna come on here and keep talking to me
like I’m stupid! [ Laughter ] No, it’s Ur-anus! [ Laughter ] “You can say Ur-anus
until you eight!”
No, I’m — Children — I’m 60! And thought I nailed it! Let me just —
Hold up —
Like you said, it doesn’t matter
in this game. No, it doesn’t. Right.
Oh, I’m gonna get you up — Oh, please know. Oh, the moment
you miss one… [ Laughter ]
Oh. [ Laughing ]
Oh. Oh. Ho-ho-ho. Oh.

100 comments on “Neil deGrasse Tyson & Steve discuss Uranus | Celebrity Family Feud

  1. You can actually see that Neil is actually annoyed by Steve differentiating "Ur Anus" & "Uranus" 😀

  2. Both pronunciations are acceptable and correct. I love Neil, but he was definitely being a bit of a snobby ass there.

  3. I wish Steve started talking about god like he always does so that a brother he respects could put him in his place and tell him to stop believing in made up fairy tales

  4. Family Feud is more about the survey sample than facts though, so Neil has about the same chance to miss as anyone else even if he knows the answer.
    "We surveyed 100 flat earthers…"

  5. LOL XD funny how uranus has always been the planet known to be the butt of a cosmic joke X)) well in name that is XDDD. I mean when the could have just went with George instead LMAO.

  6. Cpg grey offered the pronounciation oo-ra-nos
    Rather than your-a-nus or your-in-us which i like better

  7. I feel like when I watch Neil in videos my iq instantly goes up and then when the video over it goes back to normal

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  9. Both pronunciations of Uranus are funny as one sounds like you're saying "Your anus" and the other sounds like "Urine us" so it's either shit or piss which do you want?

  10. I thought Steve Harvey wouldn't even speak to an atheist cause they are just idiots and have no moral baromiter well even if that was true which it isn't always they aren't liars

  11. I gotta see the entire episode to see if Neil gets a wrong answer. It's all for Steve's reaction. Not to mention it wouldn't hurt to see more of Miranda. She a straight ⬆️🦊😂

  12. Although I don't agree with his views on religion or philosophy, Tyson has no business appearing on a silly show of this nature. He's become too much of a celebrity scientist. Just my opinion.

  13. I watched this whole episode & it became apparent that Neil was a "fish out of water" both when it came to dealing with Steve and the game show. It was as if he was unfamiliar with both. The only person in his family who seemed to mesh was the older lady next to Alice. She was smooth all the way through.

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