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New Look At Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Island | TODAY

New Look At Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Island | TODAY

100 comments on “New Look At Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Island | TODAY

  1. I do NOT trust the FBI! The FBI (from top to bottom) now has a sordid investigations track record. I got real suspectious whith the Obama birth cerificate.
    Any HS kid with basic skills in PhotoShop can discover numerous artifacts in the document. Sheriff Joe Arpiao and his associates published explicit documentation of the artifacts but the MSM in collusion with powerful others skillfully used their smoke and mirrors "journalism) propaganda to make the story go away. Then we have the recent Russia collusion fiasco…followed by the Epstein (so called) suicide that gets very powerful pedophiles off the hook.
    People, would you want the FBI going anywhere near this case?
    Not me!


  2. STT is easily persuaded to shut up for the right amount of money. It's the corrupted culture of those "in charge". Many many folks knew he was a creep. More non locals than locals who migrated to STT from the mainland…and they worked and served on his many boards. Investigate Antilies school.

  3. a butler went to the police with info and he ended up in jail That is what POWER does Check out Stephane Molyneux youtube

  4. Wow! That’s some hard hitting journalism! You don’t show the satanic symbols, the tunnels, the air vents, the temple. Unbelievable.

  5. Give the island to the victims that came foward so they can atleast walk once prison grounds with a free mind. Let them sell it for as much as possible and make bank off his entire estate.

    Epsiens entire worth and all of his property ought to be sold to split between the pooryoung girls who were traumatized by this creature.

  6. *don't CROSS The Clinton's… You'll END UP DEAD! LOOK UP ALL CLINTON'S ex friends who've died!*
    SCARY yet NO ONE cares!?!?

  7. Where did all that funding come from, multiple rich people are involved like celebrities and government employees

  8. The little temple is where he and other prominent jews would join together to sacrifice Christian children on passover

  9. So many men kept quiet about this. Groundskeepers and others left Epstein and refuse to work with him again over what they had seen. Why did none of these people go to the police? How sick are we? I would have gone straight to the police but then I'm a woman and I know what men sometimes are capable of. Am I supposed to believe these men are that weak or stupid? Think of their nieces and their daughters what would they want someone to do?

  10. Epstein was pronounced dead, as to throw off the hunters. So the white hats devised a plan feeding the Fake News that it finally took place . The biggest most wanted dead human was dead. They announced and showed his body being hauled off to the morgue and from there awaiting to let the chips fall where they may. Now the security and ebstien can relax live somewhat safer not having to look behind his back…

  11. Anybody notice on Ellen de generes set has alot of similarity to the island take a look .the stripes of the buildings the colours…

  12. Hue Hephner playboys magazines was fine because his females were beauties and glamours. But this little guy has boy is inside trapped.

  13. Skirt chasing bill will die of old age before they come after him. Hillary will only smile and thank the liberal media while she plays innocent .

  14. Why people in this country don’t apply the rule see something tell something ! If everyone was suspicious of Epstein and his infamous Island told authorities back then probably they would saved many young girls from these old rich monsters

  15. Where are the people of color involved???? Anyone else notice that ? Just dirty old white rich men I guess partied there

  16. What a lovely home. Epstein seemed like quite a nice fella. A regular neighborhood chap. type a guy you could go fishing with.

  17. These people run the world that’s why they’re trying to bring down Trump! He’s a normal rich guy. Not some lizard freak like the rest.

  18. I don't know why the news is protecting his friends n interesting his island was destroyed thanks to Dorian. It's done by design for the who think it's just happening.

  19. Where was TODAY yesterday when we really needed journalists to report what's going on with this pedophile ring?… Making a movie on youtube when we all already know the news is not journalism.

  20. Salomon´s temple like Golden roof was removed (by hurracaine??) secret pasages sealed. Virgin orgies human sacrifice illuminate visitations, satanical rites, Mossad involvement and Israel political blackmail. Epstein was silenced while in suicide watch in a Federal prison showing the power and control of these individuals. His autopsy showing broken bones in the neck was wrongly conviniently interpreted to be a suicide. Passive hanging does not break hyoid etc neck bones !! The first prosecutor whitewash agreement in Florida was rewarded by a Trump´s presidential cabinet position !! I expect all this and damage to associated individuals to just slowly disappear. Just like the Twin tower demolitions scandal disappeared.

  21. September 14, 2019. As I write today, Epstein is dead. Suicide? Looks that way. But..maybe not. Celebrity necrophilia. Ugh.

  22. A tiny clue to the horrible truth behind Epstein was overlooked by the media – the fact that the people who lived close to Jeffrey's private island had for years called it PEDOPHILE ISLAND. Which is exactly the sort of thing people would do if no pedophilia was going on on that island.


  24. Jeffrey is doing well and would like to thank his supporters, he sends his best wishes and love to you all from Israel.

  25. I think it’s clear..this “thing” masterminded the largest pedaphile scandal in history! The horror is that parents seemed absent or unaware of where their daughters were and the wealthy and powerful saw NOTHING wrong with any of it..after all “they got paid” they had their pleasure..soooo. What’s the problem. Did they ask themselves is this how I would want my daughter treated?

  26. Prince Andrew needs to be arrested interviewed like any one else reason it's no happened simple he's got HRH in front off his name no one should be above the law no matter who the person is !

  27. Unfortunately the Super Rich and Politically connected have whored around Lady Justice for a long time. I doubt anyone will go to jail. When good people do nothing Evil prevails!

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