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Neymar Jr on Money Heist, Fortnite & Dealing with Fame | Half Time | NJR x Jaime Lorente

Neymar Jr on Money Heist, Fortnite & Dealing with Fame | Half Time | NJR x Jaime Lorente

-I haven’t taken a holiday in a long time.
-Right? Brazil is… -Beaches, sun…
-Oh, beaches, friends… Food… everything! Everything you can’t do now, right? You’re there with the gun, like… They’ve killed me already. -The gun doesn’t do anything.
-Nothing. It’s a bit ridiculous, really. I met him once in Barcelona,
but very briefly, so let’s see if he has time today
to talk to us. What’s it like… …now that you’re famous
and everyone recognises you? I am still in the process of… -Adapting, right?
-Adapting, man. I didn’t know that the change
would be so tough. Yes, it’s very tough. Nobody teaches you that. No, you have to learn that by yourself. People don’t know what you did
to get there. No, nothing. Since the age of 13,
when I came to Madrid, I’ve always felt a lot of pressure. I turned professional when I was 16. I couldn’t go to school anymore,
I had to focus on playing. In 2010 or 2011, I went to a shopping centre
to buy an iPod. I was paying for it
when all the girls that worked there started running around
and closing all the doors. I’m like, “What’s going on?”
I look over… …the door was closed,
and there were so many people outside. Really? I had to go out the back door,
because I was alone and I had no security. I went out through the staff entrance. That’s when I realized
that, wow, I’m famous. When I’m angry or sad, I don’t go outside because if someone comes up to you
and asks for a photo… Being mean to somebody isn’t very nice. So, when I feel like that, I stay at home,
it’s better that way. You, in particular,
have been shouted at a lot. -Everywhere you go.
-Yes. What’s it like playing with that? Are you able to ignore it
or are you always aware of it? No. There are times
when you forget about it. I forget about everything
when I’m on the pitch. I ignore it… I’m only thinking about football. I have to make the plays, score the goals. And I block everything else out. -Did you play football?
-I used to play. What’s more,
I was a referee for nine years. -Referee?
-Yeah. -Really?
-For young kids. -Oh!
-Yes. -That’s different.
-Very. You know that everyone hates the ref! -No, but…
-How different! Yeah, but I really like playing. I like watching series
because I travel a lot. -Sure.
-You’re always so focused. And I always look for new series to watch, and when I’m watching it,
I’m focused only on that. You’re there with all the guns… I would love to do
a day of filming, like… What you don’t know is,
it’s a bit embarrassing -because the gun doesn’t do anything.
-Nothing. You do that,
but it doesn’t even fire blanks. It’s completely fake. You’re there with the gun… -…and nothing happens.
-Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It’s a bit ridiculous, really. -I thought it would make a noise.
-Nothing. Not a single click. -No!
-No, no, no. You’re all like… You shoot all these guys. And nobody realises. It’s completely fake. This is my games room. Do you play? I’m terrible. -Try it!
-They’ll kill me. How does this work? They’ve killed me already. Another one. And another. That’s it. From behind. -Another one.
-Damn. Money Heist should call me up
to be a sniper. You’re right. You got three in a row. And you said that you normally lose? I don’t play by myself. Do you miss Brazil? -Yes.
-Yeah, right? Yeah, my family and friends are all there. -Have you been to Brazil?
-No, I’ve never been. -No? You have to go.
-Yeah, I really want to go. But prepare yourself,
because you’ll be swarmed by people there! Brazil is very beautiful. The majority of people
that follow me online are from Brazil. -Brazil, right?
-Brazil. Because the last time I was there,
Money Heist was… -It’s been hugely popular.
-Yes. You’d really like Brazil. I would like to know what has been,
for you, the most difficult moment while filming Money Heist. -The most difficult?
-Most difficult. For me, I think it was when my dad died. As an actor, you get into the character and you’re acting
just as if it happened in real life. You have your own personality, and then you enter into another character, and you become that character. -Completely.
-Everything changes. I was thinking, “My dad’s dead.” -Yes.
-So, in a way, while we were filming that scene,
I had a very bad time. How do you improvise? Do you go home and talk to the wall? I don’t know if it’s the same in football,
maybe it is, but I think that the technique, anybody can learn how to do it. But then each person
has their own special stamp, which has something to do with craziness, and that is talent, and that’s what makes the difference. But if tomorrow I try and do
everything that you do in training, I’ll never be able to play like you. In football, they give me the ball, and I think about
what I have to do in this play, but if the defender comes in
and does something else, that’s when I have to improvise
with a different move. You have to be a bit crazy
to be an artist. -To be an artist?
-Yes. I think you do, yes. I think
you have to be a bit crazy because… …you have to do things differently
from everybody else. And I think that applies to football
as well as to the arts. We have to do this job,
but in our own way. -With your own stamp.
-Yes. Above all, when people think
that you’re doing very well, -and that everything in life is easy…
-Yes. I find it really hard
to make decisions about work. To choose one thing or another thing,
or you’re so scared that you think… “I might never work again.” Yeah. “They might not call me again.” I might do a terrible job, -and that’s it, it’s all over.
-Yes. There’s this constant tension… -I suffer a lot with that.
-Yeah. I’ve been through times in my career
when I’ve really suffered. -Yes.
-I suffered a lot… …but it made me grow as a person
and improve myself in many areas. Of course, I’m still only 27 years old, there are things
I still need to improve on, I have to improve a lot, but I’ve learned a lot, through my defeats,
through my mistakes, you know? And you’re constantly learning. We might lose sometimes,
sometimes by not very much, but we gain a lot. Choosing is difficult, but… …in life, you have to choose, -otherwise you’ll never be happy.
-Completely. -Thanks, man.
-Thanks for coming. It was an amazing surprise. -I really enjoyed it.
-Yeah. -Thank you very much.
-Thanks, man.

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  4. I'm from Brazil and I don't speak spanish and its funny to watch this Interview because I'm leasining spanish don't understand amost nothing but instead reading the subs in inglish!
    Damn this word is crazy!

  5. Neymar’s Spanish has improved a lot! I remember he didn’t speak it well. He still pronounces some words wrong but it’s still good and has a slight accent. But its good.

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