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‘Nick Cannon vs. Wilmer Valderrama’ Official Clip | Celebrity Deathmatch | #TBTMTV

‘Nick Cannon vs. Wilmer Valderrama’ Official Clip | Celebrity Deathmatch | #TBTMTV

[girls screaming] That deafening scream can
mean only one thing Nick. We’ve achieved peace
in the middle east? Even better. Wilmer Valderrama has
just entered the arena. Hey there beautiful woman,
would you do me a favor and hold something for
me while I fight? NICK:
I can’t believe it. Wilmer’s hi-jinx have
already hit the tabloids. That guy gets more ink
than Travis Barker. Now let’s get it on! Valderrama, I’m about to get
wild ‘n out upside your head. I think not. Let’s see how you handle
my C.hi.P.S night stick. I do not understand. How is this possible? You’re not the only one who’s
played a cop in the movies. I was in Underclassmen. I never heard of it. I don’t even have that
movie in my notes. My netflicks cue
keeps rejecting it. Time to roll bounce. Disco attack! You fool, I was
on That 70s show. I eat Disco
for breakfast. One and two and
three and four, gonna drop these faster
than Mandy Moore. Five and six and
seven and eight, you’re about as
talented as Nick Lache. Okay Cannon, think. I’ve got to improv
my way out of this. I’m Rocky Balboa going
the distance with Apollo Creed. Blye me, guv’nor,
have you any eggs? Okay, that didn’t work. I’m a robot escaping from
a futuristic laser prison. Blye me, guv’nor,
have you any eggs? Okay, I’m a mediocre actor
getting his ass handed to him. Ta da… Oh he’s good. Very believable. WILMER: Aha,
everything I do
makes headlines. The world cannot get enough
of Wilmer Valderrama. I’m famous. How come the tabloids
don’t write about me? Because you are a boring,
but dependable lead for low to medium budget,
youth oriented films; while I am a
smoldering Latino hunk who has made a
name for himself, ushering young starlets
into womanhood. What about Christina
Milian, I hit that. Please! You two timed the star
of the Disney Channel. Not even the weekly world
news will cover that. Damn you Valderrama. You crossed the line; The drum line! [snare roll] Very macho my friend, but you
should have finished me off when you had the chance. You have forced me to
unleash my ultimate power. I will kill you with my
oozing, sultry sex appeal. This is impossible. You’re not falling
for my charm. Okay, okay. We shall have to do
this the hard way. [gasp] How is your stripping
butt naked gonna kill me? Wait for it. No! Stop!! It burns, it burns! It burns you . While I have had so many
pictures taken of me, I am immune to it. Never underestimate the
power of the paparazzi. Okay, that should
do it, I think. And the winner is
Wilmer Valderrama! What the hell kind
of name is that? It’s the name of a winner
and I should know Johnny, because I’m one of them.

100 comments on “‘Nick Cannon vs. Wilmer Valderrama’ Official Clip | Celebrity Deathmatch | #TBTMTV

  1. Anyone else notice the commentator said his Netflix que rejected this? When did this episode come out and how long has Netflix been around? God damn

  2. Just imagine how iconic these would be:
    Iggy Azalea vs Azealia Banks
    The kids from Stranger Things vs the kids from It (with some pun on the kid who appeared in both)
    Zayn Malik vs Naughty Boy
    Connor McGregor vs Mayweather
    Taylow Swift vs Katy Perry

  3. The only reason this show won't come back is because the world is too soft for this show. Parents who hate TV. But hurt celebrities. Or even just the Gore of the show. Won't survive this era.

  4. Does anybody enjoyed Nike Cannon movies… or rapping? In matter of fact How did Nike Cannon become famous in the first place?

  5. Tbh this show should be able to exist as long as celebrities are a thing… hint hint cough bring the show back MTV. I can almost 100% guarantee a ratings increase ff4

  6. The paparazzi sucks these vultures attack many with cameras for lots of money. As of now Access Hollywood is of no interest to me anymore. it's the same thing Celebrities spending money so boring. as watching paint dry they always put who is in the spot light. the most important thing in the eighties is that you always heard about Jacky Kennedy Onassis Jesus fucking Christ on a Cardboard stick. also I am sick of seeing Celebrities in the big mansion with the shandeler spending money these reality shows are stupid on MTV I will not watch ever again. oh and you fans support The Bad Girls club yet somehow the SJWs are not attacking that reality show. curious well I don't care the SJWs need to go away leave us alone!!

  7. At first I thought Wilmer was going to kill Nick with his penis, but then Tommy Lee already did that to Ron Jeremy in a previous episode.

  8. One of my favorite shows on Mtv during the 90s. I miss this show so much!!! Bring it back please!!!

  9. Was Wilder Valderrama ever as popular as this fight portrayed him to be? Even when Yo Mama was a thing it was like a C-tier comedy show, way behind (ironically) Wild n Out

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