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Oprah’s Most Embarrassing Moment With A Celebrity | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

Oprah’s Most Embarrassing Moment With A Celebrity | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

– Now let me ask you all this. Have you ever made
a complete fool of yourself over a celebrity? [APPLAUSE] I have. I’ve never shared
this story with you, but today I feel I
have to let it out. It was 1973 or 4. I was 19 or 20, I
can’t quite remember, but I was working in Nashville. And I had this obsession, I mean
obsession, with Neil Diamond. [APPLAUSE] I would wake up in the morning
playing songs all, [INAUDIBLE].. And I would go to bed to
“Cracklin Rosie,” which is not an easy thing to
do in high school because I could have lost
my Negro membership card. There were not a lot of Negros
singing “Cracklin Rosie.” But, OK, so I’m
working in television at this television station. And there was some
kind of benefit and Neil Diamond
was there because he was performing in town. And so I’m in the green room
and I am, by the time, 1973, I’m already an
anchor woman on TV. And so, I walk into the
green room and there he is. And so I say, Mr. Diamond,
would you like some shrimp? [LAUGHTER] And he says, yes, yes,
I’ll take a shrimp. And he took a shrimp. And I was like, OK. [LAUGHTER] And then he moved
across the room. And then I followed
him across the room. That’s a big mistake. That’s the big
mistake people make. So I follow him across the room. And so I’m like, would
you like another shrimp? [LAUGHTER] And he said, yeah,
I’ll take a shrimp. He did. And then I followed him again. I’m just staring at
him across the room. And finally, I walked up
and he goes, enough already. [LAUGHTER] Enough already. OK, so that was my
Neil Diamond moment. [APPLAUSE] And there is always that thing
that when you are celebrity obsessed you think, if I had not
just said it that last time he probably would have said,
oh, Oprah, you are what I’ve been waiting for all my life. [LAUGHTER] Well, that didn’t happen. And this is my first time ever
seeing him since that moment. Yes. Neil Diamond has a new
CD that’s all the buzz and it is 53rd album. He’s sold over 120
million records and he sells out stadiums
around the world. Neil Diamond songs are the
soundtracks to our lives. And for the first time on
this show, Neil Diamond, would you like some shrimp? [APPLAUSE] You we’re saying to me
when I came over you’ve never heard my shrimp story. I said, you never heard it
because I never told it. It’s one of those embarrassing,
embarrassing things. And I know you must– you have fans walking around
googling over you all the time. Right. Yeah. Yeah. [APPLAUSE] I must say, you were
very nice for me for the first and second time. But by the third time, I knew
you meant enough already. Yes. You know, for years
I’ve been telling that story about a
girl who followed me around with a bag of shrimp. [LAUGHTER] I had no idea it was you.

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  1. Yes, I have! Then I wised up after I got to know him. I need some help getting out of this situation, Oprah. I need a job and a way out of here!

  2. They have done everything they could to strip me of my dignity! The last straw was cameras in my bathroom!!!!!! I need HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have got so much respect for this woman never seen such a strong individual I only put 1 woman above her and that’s my nan so inspirational

  4. I have a request can you guys post when Oprah got Layla , Luke and Grace also when she had to call Caesar for Sophie

  5. look real nice for your age, I am
    amused how Africans age so
    well, there's nothing wrong w/
    my kidneys, God(EYE) is busy

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