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Part 2 Type1 diabetic Celebrity and Miss Kerala Indu Thampy opens up about her life as a t1d

Part 2 Type1 diabetic Celebrity and Miss Kerala Indu Thampy opens up about her life as a t1d

Hello again everybody!So, as i said in my earlier video, i got type1 diabetes at the age of 7. at tht time i was living in a place called Irinjalakuda in the Thrissur district of Kerala. my father worked in the Gulf. suddenly, one fine morning, i started becoming thinner and thirstier tireder and listless. when this started my momknew something was wrong. took me to the hospital. but it took a little extra time to find out it was type 1 diabetes. they even thought it was cancer! in the end they found out the problem- Type 1 Diabetes. The Beta cells in my body, that is, the hormaone that creates insulin in the body, have been destroyed completely. i will have to take insulin hormone injections all through my life. this was something a child of 7 cannot easily register..its seriousness cannot be understood at that time. i literally cannot even remember the things that ran through my mind at the time. i was in shock. i had tension..stress ..the feeling of not getting it completely.. elders started being a bit too protective and caring.. kept telling me.. dont eat sugar…you have to take your injections. but in my mind, this thought was prominent.. all the other disease go away with tablets..or an injection maybe… maximum the whole thing lasts for a month..max..but i was told you have to take it tomorrow too..again..tomorrow too more and more injections!! then my parents sat me down and told me. you will have to take injections all through your life. To tell you the truth i couldn’t digest that at the time… because the most difficult thing for me was these injection pricks and telling me not to eat what i liked to eat- sweets. I was a kid and like any other kid i used to run around and play before.. but now, at times, i felt tired for no reason!! i cant run suddenly!! i started fainting..and only if i eat or have something sweet would i become normal again.. it took a long time to understand what is going on with me… but during this time, my father, my mother and elder sister stood strongly with me… they never kept it hidden that i had diabetes. they disnt even act as if its something that should be hushed down..or hidden.. if they had done that little mind would think i had something i should be ashamed of.. the confidence in me would have ebbed and died.. but they never did that. they treated me as they treated a normal kid..stood with me and encouraged in everything and made me understand ..they got me little books on type1 diabetes with lots of pictures and meant for kids. they got that to me and showed me ..helped me learn. showed me others who had the same disease. they always gave me a positive environment to grow in. then i too started feeling.. its ok.. i can live with this.. this is not such a big deal. slowly slowly i got into living with type 1 diabetes. i participated in everything…i followed my sisters lead and became an all rounder. i was backed through all this with encouragement and support alone so what i wanted to say is this if your child.. or any little child has type 1 diabetes.. please dont keep it hidden be ashamed of it or act as so in front of that child… it is not a light disease, i know.. its not simple nor easy to deal with it either…but im not asking you to take it easy and ignore it either the seriousness of it should definetly be understood. But if you act positive, that child will start thinking.. i can do this. its ok that i got it.. life is not all about needles and injections pain and testing.. there is much more to life. i can do this.. in my case, i never had the comfort of knowing other type 1s. i was alone in my school and college days. i thought i alone was given this burden of a disease… why did god do this to me- i kept thinking all this and more.but its not like that now but nowadays, so many people are openly speaking about their disease. internationally and many people from all fields and walks of life..celebrities normal people living their lives happily inspite of their disease. when showing these people to the child, the child feels stronger.. the parents feels relieved and hopeful after speaking and knowing about experiences of other similar parents. My parents never got that … But for this to work, you should speak openly about it. when you do so, newly diagnosed patients can get help from you.. you can give them a little peace of mind What do you gain from keeping it hidden? so, you should tell the world- these kids are super men and women. parents, society ..everybody should support them. because they NEED it. its been 23 years im living as a type 1 diabetic i still feel pain when i prick for testing or take my dose.. it hurts every single time. even now, at times, i feel like eating whatever sweet i want dont want to exercise or be so controlled all the time… dont want to take so much tension Every type 1 feels like that at times. its quite natural. At least i got it when i was 7. there are kids who get it at a much younger age.. even a few months.. this pain we type 1s cannot avoid that comes with being a diabetic. but the pain that we feel in our hearts.. that can be reduced a lot by all of you.. so never, make us feel that its a burden that it should be hidden that we wont amount to much this is my life.. here ends my life.. never make us ever think like that.. when we are small children- father, mother, siblings family, teachers friends, all of them can support . when im bigger, the society can support me should understand me. even now, at times, i have bad days even now at times i feel depressed even now my father mother, sister and now my husband support me. will tell me its ok…. this not indu this is not all theres to life.. that strength i get from their support.. every type 1..all around the world should get. i pray that they get it. thankyou.

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