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Pawn Stars: Original Donkey Kong Game | History

Pawn Stars: Original Donkey Kong Game | History

100 comments on “Pawn Stars: Original Donkey Kong Game | History

  1. I was really expecting him to say 2500-3000. Yeah they made a lot of them, but they are also one of the most sought after cabinets. The condition is quite good all things considered, that price just makes no sense.

  2. I was playing Donkey Kong, when most of you were still soiling your diapers. Now you play with yourselves at home. Lazy bums.

  3. the moment the expert said people want 60 to 400 games in one cabinet i lost it.
    i guess no one wants the original game, and ONLY that game

  4. My buddy has 1 he paid 350 Canadian dollars for his they are actually really easy to find in mint condition these are one of the most made arcade games unless you had the first one ever made or something they really wouldn't be worth much now if you found a arcade game they made only like 100 wit only 10 left of that would make them rare and expensive for there is still 100s of these donkey in mint condition around just becuase it's old and popular don't make it expensive

  5. 800 dollar is a joke lol. i really am starting to think that those so called experts have no clue what they are talking about. i see them online for sale between 1000 and 3000 dollars lol.this guy is a pure scam artist. i know that much

  6. knowing how these people are. i wouldnt even give them the offer. just as for the expert to come in.. without knowing how much u want how can they get the expert to lowball u

  7. not an original joystick or buttons but ok
    also you can tell if its a bootleg or not literally by just looking if the game says Nintendo or not

  8. Dude wth, so I just went on ebay looked for one of these and the lowest one is like $1500 USD.. so my question exactly is.. why do people bring their stuff to these scammers? Just sell online

  9. 600 to 800…. what!! This dude doesn't know a thing about video games. This so call professionals should show their credentials before giving a price. What a scam

  10. it's kinda cringey how they pretend to know all this information about everything when it's obvious they are reading scripts beforehand

  11. It’s not a big deal that company produced loads i have played on them it arcades before there not rare

  12. “They’re not that rare to find”, and I’m guessing this “expert” either buys too many bootlegs or plays too much on either MAME/home console ports.

  13. When I was ball'n I brought a mint Astroids machine when I was a kid I loved that game I always wanted to have one in my game room (My wife didn't it sits outside in the California hot weather) for that price I rather let it rot

  14. Who hired these experts? 6-800$ for an original donkey kong?? Try doubling that and still not accurate.

  15. Kind of odd how their “buddies” always come in and low-ball everything! Lesson to be learned here….do t ever take your stuff to a pawn shop!

  16. There are two types of DK Original, the blue and the Red. Each is a different version of DK Original,Red Older less technical, more rare "1,000 to $2,000". Blue, more updated (compared to the red) Not as rare (available any where not just ebay), "600 to 800". This is a Blue Cabinet Original, the expert is right about the pricing for this particular version of DK Original.
    Information based on two national database pricing tables for all know arcade games and their current prices being purchased for. Updated 2019.

  17. So here is how the pawn stars scam works=They get the price the customer is asking then they tell there so called expert what the customer is asking then the so called expert drops the price by over half sometimes. and then the so called expert gets his hands greased and thus is the famous saying "I KNOW A GUY WHO KNOWS ABOUT THIS"

  18. Not only does that expert not know the value of an original DK arcade in that condition… he doesn’t even know how to pronounce Miyamoto’s last name

  19. – Joystick is not an original TKG-23-50. Should have a black ball top, smaller in diameter, and a clear dust cover, not a black one. What's shown is an aftermarket stick, bolted in from the top (which means that the control panel overlay has four holes drilled into it that shouldn't be there).
    – Buttons not original: Jump button is yellow, should be orange. 1 and 2 player buttons are blue, but should be a darker navy shade.
    – Coin mechs (the face plates at least) are not the original Asahi Seiko mechs.
    – Coin box is painted blue, should be unpainted.
    – Missing instruction sticker (should be on the black block under the bezel)
    – Missing "Insert Coin" sticker (should be to the right of the speaker grill)
    – He is correct to be looking for a "TKG" serial number on the PCB. Since it's the 2-board stack, should be "TKG-4-xx." That, however, only confirms that it's an original DK PCB. What he fails to do is check the serial plate on the back of the cabinet, which he would need to do in order to verify whether the cabinet itself was originally a DK or something else. (Could be a DK Junior or Popeye cabinet that was repainted.)

    Overall, cab is in superb shape. T-molding and artwork look great. The monitor (the most important thing) looks like it may need some adjusting, but has no serious issues (foldover, jailbars, etc.) that would require new capacitors. Can't determine whether the sound amp needs work since the game audio can't be heard here. Joystick, control panel overlay, and instruction/coin stickers will need to be replaced with originals or reproductions, but those are easy to source.

    The $600-$800 retail price given is very low even for when this was shot/aired, let alone at current prices, and the $300 offer from the shop is robbery. For a cabinet in this condition, the shop could have offered $1,000-$1,200 to this seller and more than doubled their money on a resale. To say that there's "really not much of a market" for video arcade games in original condition, particularly this one, is a bizarre statement. Original games are extremely valuable to collectors. While multi-cades sell to casual buyers, there is no substitute for original hardware, and collectors will pay for it. It's true that Nintendo made a ton of DKs, and they're not scarce, but it's also the case that out of all arcade games ever produced, DK is at the very top for the most sought-after. Supply is (relatively) high, but so is demand.

    I give this segment a C+!

  20. I've owned 4 Donkey Kongs. The most I ever paid for one was $800. Joystick and buttons aren't even original. What a scam.

  21. I question the professional's knowledge. I'm not a pro, but I can see some big things like it's not the original joystick and the jump button was replaced. It also looks like it's one of the later particle board cabinets. Even still, that was a complete low-ball price. $1000-$1500 is about where this would be in working condition.

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