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Pawn Stars: Rick Loses Out on One of a Kind Beach Boys Surfboard | History

Pawn Stars: Rick Loses Out on One of a Kind Beach Boys Surfboard | History

100 comments on “Pawn Stars: Rick Loses Out on One of a Kind Beach Boys Surfboard | History

  1. Rick: "I can do a bleach blonde flat top hair cut and a pair of flip flops, and I'm taking all the risks here."

  2. Rick: I'll tell you what, I can do 100,000 dollars in CHIPS, a diet pepsi, and some hot wings! And I'm taking a big risk here.

  3. Me: I have a working time machine that I invented. It literally goes back and forth through time.

    Rick: Uhh…Ya! I don’t know much about time machines. Let me call a buddy of mine, he knows about time machines.

    Me: okay

    Buddy: Yup! We just went back through time, and visited Julius Caesar. He gave me several Roman coins. This machine is worth literally a quadrillion dollars.

    Rick: Thanks!

    Me: You hear that!

    Rick: Ya! Sooo, I’ll give you $50 for it?

    Me: What!?!

    Rick: It’s just no one is buying time machines these days, and it will probably be sitting in my shop for a long time.

    Me: But you can literally change history, and make your money back several times over.

    Rick: Thats the best I can do! Take it or leave?

    Me: I’ll take it

  4. He doesn't see the connection!!! The "expert" gives a price. Then tells Rick to call him!!???? The "experts" low-ball it. Hoping the seller will take the bait. Then Rick sells it to the expert. DUH!!!!!

  5. Good. He kept it. It's unique. Also will never understand selling to a pawn shop. You're just asking for a 2/3 cut minimum.

  6. Surely it's not going to be long now before a generation grows up not knowing who the Beach Boys were, and the board will drop in value. Cp. Antiques Roadshow, the "raspberry" sound when they estimate that things have lost value. Yes, it could be worth up to a hundred grand now, but in 20 years? I'm not saying there won't be fans out there then, but surely fewer and maybe unlikely to walk into a pawn shop in Vegas. Harrison offered $65,000; apparently it sold on ebay for $75,000. PS: yes, I'm a Beach Boys fan, even wrote a long boring academic article about them once.

  7. It must be so annoying when the "expert" comes in and spews the exact same trivia that you just mentioned like 10 minutes ago. lol

  8. I figured this show out. The experts do what ever they can to seriously devalue the object so Rick can lowball the seller.

  9. Respect to Brian, this man won the negotiation even if he didnt make a deal. The Beach Boys are a legendary group. This is an insane piece of cultural history.

  10. Rule #1 if is not sign they ask for it to be with autograph. If they have sign the item they say NO serious collector will want it with autograph written.

  11. That pawn store such a joke Rick is totally trying rip this guy off Rick must be smoking crack or doing some kind of drugs if that was me I look right at rick and ask are you on crack or something because I can walk outside right now break this board in half and get the 200,000 off the insurance. I understand it is a pawn shop but all Rick has to do is give him the hundred thousand for it and when Chumlee comes in tell him check this out and hand it to him and then boom instantly he makes 200,000 because I know that Chumlee will end up messing that board up

  12. Sell on ebay!!!! Glad he walked……Rick at times is way too greedy…..he could have given the $75,000 and still sold for $85,000 – $90,000… board does NOT take up much space.

  13. it was actually a decent offer considering how few and far between people are who would be willing (and able) to part with enough money to buy it and how hard it would be to ship to someone who purchased it from you online

  14. “I’m the guy you get quick money from”
    All you commenters constantly claiming he’s ripping people off. Rick is honest, you want quick money sell it to him, you want top retail you’re welcome to find the end buyer and sell it yourself.

  15. Imagine if his dad had lied the whole time about everything and the expert says it as well that would be awkward!

  16. Seller: I want 20 dollars for this

    Expert: the value of this is is actually worth 10 dollars

    Rick: I'll give you 2 dollars. I need to get it checked, I gotta make money off this

  17. if you want a hundred thousand for it I would definitely go out of my way to get signatures of the remaining beach boys that are still alive

  18. Like the expert said, if you want quick money, go to a pawn shop. Otherwise, you'll have to work to get your $100,000.

  19. Why doesn't dude just set fire to the thing and collect the insurance payout? I've done the same with three wives and a house too. It's surprisingly easy. Most insurance investigators are open to bribery. Typically 15 – 20%. But that doesn't really even play a factor as long as you do everything right. The key thing to remember in all of this is, "it's an accident" .
    Have a new car you wanna make some money on? Let's pretend we're going to a BBQ and you have the grill in your backseat. You stop by a fueling station. When fueling up, "accidentally" spray fuel all over the car (be sure to have the windows down).
    Pay for the fuel, buy a pack of smokes and a pack of matches.

    Then, light a match to smoke a cig, throw the match in to the grill and boom. You got yourself an insurance payout.

    Cameras at the station with show you accidentally dousing your vehicle with fuel. And foolishly lighting up next to the car. You can plead ignorance.

  20. 65k is a pretty good offer for something he can expect to sell for 70k. That seller wants insurance value? He should torch his garage with it inside then.

  21. Glad to see someone not back down. I know how pawnshops work but Rick hardly seems to do anything but lowball sellers. I’d pay to see a seller laugh in his face at his first offer.

  22. WTF would having it autographed make any difference?.That's like having the 1960's Batmobile and having someone tell you "well if u had it signed by Burt Ward than we would have something.But as it is.."..Hammerhead!!..

  23. No one walks into a pawn shop with something like this. Pawn shops always pay at best half the value of anything. All of these segments are staged for the show. The producers look for people who have interesting things to sell and ask them to come on the show. The pawn shop guys never buy any of it.

  24. Desperate people making disparate decisions.sad very sad that people basically give special and expensive memorabilia for almost nothing.

  25. If the expert is saying it's worth $70G's, I was expecting Rick to start at $50G's. $65G is even a little steep. I'm sure he could sell at auction and make more even with the commission fee.

  26. Id b leary of this, that surf board company prob made a bunch of these exact same boards when they made them, its the same board the beach boys had and thats cool but i doubt its the exact one. Anyone can come up with a story.

  27. It always bothers me when Rick asks if the seller minds that he call an expert, and they almost always respond with an affirmative lol

  28. No, the original Superman (movie) was in the late 1940's and started Kirk Alyn. There was another Superman before that but it was on radio.

  29. there is absolutely no way to prove that is the surfboard used on those albums, if it can be proven it is probably worth $100,000+, but there is no way to prove it so I am not sure why anyone would spend anymore than $1,000 on that thing, I am sure there are others that look exactly like that surfboard sitting around peoples basements

  30. Rick made him a pretty legit offer. Expert said you could sell it all day for 70k. I was actually thinking if I was Rick i would pay 65k if that was the truth. 75k is probably all the money on it on a good day. It would be dumb for him to pay that.

  31. im almost impressed that he somehow brought up the beatles in a conversation that had a nothing to do with the beatles

  32. I love how generic music is always used instead of the actual songs because the production company and History Channel were to cheap to pay for expensive music rights.

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